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With a huge program like the Prototype, there's bound to be some weird bugs and oddities every now and then. Instead of making a thread for every bug, I am collecting them all in a single thread. This thread briefly mentions all kinds of unusual experiences I've encountered, and any way I can think of to reproduce it. Some oddities are so unusual that it came down to luck, and may not even be encountered again...maybe. This thread will get updated every once in a while. My most recent bugs are reported first, and any bugs that I had reported previously are removed if I feel they no longer affect the Prototype. That's all for the notes, enjoy a thread full of bugs in it.

Special Bug Notes

6/3: One Mystery Solved Behind the Robot Clones

I would have reported this earlier, but I needed someone to confirm my "fix" works. So a few people on here reported, after either the server being slow to respond or their connection suddenly being unstable, that they end up with an extra copy of one of their robots on their file, and both robots get glitched up (aka they stay at the same level no matter how much you train them), basically making them unusable. It is still unknown how exactly this bug occurs, but there is an easy fix for it (though it was too late for one particular person...). Follow these steps to resolve the bug:

1. Move the duplicate robot onto the same Doctor that has the "real" robot (I would just make sure it is the same Doctor that unlocked the original robot). You'll know which one is the duplicate if the robot just has the Buster Shot ability on the list.
2. Exit the robot menu (to another menu), then return.
3. Might be optional, but move the (should be) lone robot to another Doctor, then back.

This should remove the duplicate and allow your robot to work again. If necessary do some grinding to get your restored robot back to what it was before, but otherwise your robot should be just like the other robots now.

Bonus Battles, Bonus Bugs

This is just a collection of some of the strangest encounters I had doing the Bonus Field battles. I do not know how any of these occur, but I only have encountered these one time at the most, so it could just have been a hiccup in the code.

Two Mag Flies teaming up... ...Double the attack, I think? Ring Man's Mecha is...Bomb Man?! Double the Bomb Men, double the splash... Wait, what? Ring Man claimed victory even though he was already defeated?

New Bugs

10/16/2016: Field Booster Broken

The item works fine in story battles, but it does not work properly in Player Battles or in the Bonus Battles. The item goes through the effect like usual, but when an attack takes place or the user switches robots, the modifier is set back to the original and thus no boost in attacks occurs.

Showing off that the element gets boosted like intended The very frame after I select an attack, the Water element is back at the stage's level of x1.4.

5/5/2016: Core Mishaps

Two notes I should make regarding the use of Cores to disable robots. The first one is that if a Core is used to finish off the last robot, it still counts as the current turn, so for a one turn run of a match, it is possible to use an item, attack, then use another item and still have it count as one turn. Might not have been intentional, though I will admit this bug does more help than harm for the player. The other note is why I'm reporting this bug, though. If the above scenario happens, there is no disable routine for the disabled robot, instead the battle log goes straight to the end of the match routine, meaning no possible item drops for any robot disabled in this fashion, and I would even bet no stat points or experience for the disable either. What is untested is if this can also occur when this is NOT the last disable of the battle. I shall edit this report when I find out more.

EDIT: Ok, this is a really weird bug. I think the pictures will speak for themselves, but a benched robot will NOT switch to the active position until the player actually makes a move after a robot is disabled by a thrown Core. Oddly, though, the disabled robot will finally do its disable routine, and the turns afterwards are back to normal.

Fairly odd this happens, but my goal was to beat the battle in one turn anyway... Umm...aren't you going to fight me, other Time Man? Now Time Man wants to fight after I attacked a disabled Flash Man. :/

Possible Still Existing Bugs (this'll remind me to test to see if these bugs still exist)

6/3: No Stat Points after Crash Bomber disable

If a Crash Bomber goes off on its own and disables a robot at the end of the turn, the one who fired the Crash Bomber does not get credit for the disable, and thus, Crash Man did not get the stats from the disabled robot. On a side note, Magnet Missile triggers the bomb early for some strange reason. It happens every time.

Crash Man does not get credit for the disable from his own bomb going off. :/

5/25: No WE Regen with Crash Bomber:

While training Crash Man's Defense, I decided I would let the Crash Bombers go off to destroy the bench as I kept launching the bombs. However, something wasn't adding up: My WE would not regenerate on some turns. As it turns out, no WE is regained on a turn the Crash Bomber goes off and disables an enemy robot. I suspect it has to do with how the ability is you have to use up 1 WE just to activate a bomb early too. The road back to a fully powered-up army continues to hit a few bumpy spots...

All right, so note these two things: I have 1 WE at this turn, and note that Hard Man has a Crash Bomb on him (I activate Pharaoh Man's bomb this turn, so you can disregard that one) Hard Man's bomb exploded, disabling him, got the stat points...but no end of turn WE regen like there should be. On a side note, the enemy robots didn't attack this turn due to the explosions...weird.

5/14: Disabled Robot, Stay Disabled!:

Wow, Adrian, this is yet ANOTHER thing your changes to Rain Flush broke. I just now had a robot target a robot that was alive prior to Rain Flush being used, but before the enemy robot was able to make a move, the target robot was disabled by friendly fire Rain Flush...yet the AI goes with it anyway and attacks the disabled robot...thus the target robot getting disabled again. Maybe the change to Rain Flush needs to be reconsidered...? Btw, this was against Phantom Man in Player Battles.

Dust Man sucks so much he gets disabled twice...bad pun, I know.

4/15: Friendly Fire on the Enemy Team:

No screenshots for this one, but this is easy to reproduce. When a robot gets disabled by an ally's attack on the opposite side (aka Rain Flush), the game goes through the messages of your robot downloading data, and even dropping items, but you do not actually get these benefits. This one I PMed Adrian about since I figure this is an easy bug to fix. This is all a graphical bug.

4/12-13ish: Toad Man Versus Rain Flush:

This happened during a fight against n30n. Nothing out of the usual happened prior to this. I decided to use Rain Flush while n30n's Toad Man was the active robot, trying to take out Dive Man on the bench. Instead, the stuff in the screenshots happened... (to sum it up, the enemy Toad Man somehow took damage but not Dive Man, but the game acted like my Toad Man was actually taken out, and I was forced to switch to Bubble Man even though my Toad Man survived. When Bubble Man got disabled, I was able to switch back to my Toad Man).

Pretty much what Air Man was thinking... I...have no idea what happened here.

3/23: Field Support negating Starforce?:

Well, this is certainly unexpected. So for those curious, this is against Copycat in Player Battles that I encountered this glitch. Roll's Field Support removes all benefits and restrictions from the elements in the field, much like the other support robots and also the copy bots. However, this was unusual: my attacks on her dealt damage like they were not influenced by Starforce. The other robots took damage normally. Her case is special because I've dealt damage to other robots who used Field Support on the same turn and nothing out of the usual happens. I used a single target move just in case it only happened with aoe attacks like Rain Flush (and I repeated trying to get Roll with Rain Flush on the same turn she used Field Support, same effect). Bizarre...but I can see why this glitch was easily missed...very special conditions this was found in! So yeah, have some pictures of this strange glitch.

Update (5/15): When Rain Flush is used, the robots on the attacker's side of the field take normal Starforce-boosted damage, but not the enemy team. This makes the support robots very annoying to fight when you need to finish a battle quickly.

Rain Flush barely affects Roll, but the other robots got hurt pretty badly. Normally does like 65,000 damage...well, at least having 100% defense reduction is normal with max Starforce.

10/7: Mecha Support Buginess:

Well, to keep this short, Mecha Support in Player Battles sometimes causes a glitch where your attacks actually end up being redirected to hurt your team instead of the other team. This last report in 2014 was against ThatGuyNamedMikey in Player Battles.

The bug happens when my Gemini Man attacks. Notice where the destroyed Met is in the action log...btw, I checked my Energy, I DID NOT take any damage from my attack.Wait, when was Rhythm on my team?And Bubble Man attacks from the Light side...that damage is normal, btw. That's how crazy the battles get when you have max Starforce. It's WHERE Bubble Man attacked me was a result of the Mecha Support bug...
TailsMK4's Bug Report Collection (Last Updated 10/16)
Posted by TailsMK4Omega on March 23rd, 2015 at 11:04pm
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Posted on March 23rd, 2015 at 11:35pm Edited on 2015/03/23 at 11:37pm
Posted 2015/03/23 at 11:35pm Edited 2015/03/23 at 11:37pm
Same thing happened multiple times with me against Rhythm if that helps validate the circumstances.
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Posted on March 27th, 2015 at 2:58pm Edited on 2015/03/27 at 3:00pm
Posted 2015/03/27 at 2:58pm Edited 2015/03/27 at 3:00pm

gemini-man ...This glitch doesn't occur with Rhythm for some strange reason. It's the same user too (CopyCat), and same ability (Rain Flush) with same robot (Toad Man). This is a strange bug... ring-ring
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Posted on April 15th, 2015 at 10:21pm
Posted 2015/04/15 at 10:21pm

gemini-man ...Decided to maintain a Bug Report thread instead of creating more threads for every bug or weird occurrence I find in this game. Three new reports added, only one of which is easily reproducible...the others I think are a freak accident at best. ring-ring
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Posted on May 14th, 2015 at 11:20pm
Posted 2015/05/14 at 11:20pm

gemini-man ...Haven't posted on here in a little while, so I think the double post can be excused. So yeah, I found yet ANOTHER bug that resulted from Rain Flush getting changed. This is now the third bug related to Rain Flush. Rain Flush's change was literally a game changer... ring-ring
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Posted on May 16th, 2015 at 5:39am
Posted 2015/05/16 at 5:39am
I suggested in previous SNC's that Rain Flush's Attack power should've ust been weakened significantly instead of doing what it now does. An RF with an Attack of *1* would seriously be better than this. =(
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Posted on May 16th, 2015 at 9:13am
Posted 2015/05/16 at 9:13am
...I See. I'm probably gonna make a bugs thread like this.The Bugs are Still... Here, But hopefully some of them will Be Fixed in the Update.
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Posted on June 3rd, 2015 at 5:30pm Edited on 2015/06/03 at 5:35pm
Posted 2015/06/03 at 5:30pm Edited 2015/06/03 at 5:35pm

gemini-man ...Some good news for those that find themselves with two or more copies of the same robot. There is a fix for it! Just follow the steps in this thread should you ever come across this strange bug, and your robot will be back to normal. If you want to avoid it in the first place, it only seems to occur either if your connection or Adrian's server is unstable at the time you are in a battle. Otherwise, this is just a general update with a couple new bugs regarding Crash Bomber and Magnet Missile, and a crazy battle encountered on Bonus Field II. Yay for more bugs? ring-ring
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Posted on April 17th, 2016 at 11:47pm Edited on 2016/04/18 at 7:44pm
Posted 2016/04/17 at 11:47pm Edited 2016/04/18 at 7:44pm

gemini-man ...With a new update comes more bugs, sadly. Thread bumped to draw attention to a bug regarding Bubble Bomb. There are other possible abilities affected by this too, but I have not tested any other abilities. ring-ring

EDIT: I thought Bubble Bomb was bugged, but my Bomb Man's Attack stat might actually be bugged, since the Attack stat constantly changes while downloading stats (though not in a scenario where stats weren't downloaded). Shouldn't be an issue after I fully max out his stats, though.

EDIT2: Ok, this is a warning to the community...DO NOT USE SWAPS OR SHUFFLES if you intend to stat train. They do not actually give you extra points for defeating robots and may in fact actually DECREASE your overall stats! Avoid using them except in battles where you will not be getting any extra stat points, such as in Player Battles.

EDIT2: Seems stat points are just broken in general. I can't train my Oil Man anymore since his Attack stat is maxed out, and his Defense and Speed do not go up any more as a result.
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