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Official Typos and Misprints Thread

January 14th, 2014 at 10:48pm
Adrian Marceau
Adrian Marceau
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Rather than creating individual topics for text-related and spelling errors, please add them all to this thread instead.

Let me know if a robot quote is spelled wrong, is there's a grammar error in an ability description, or any other typos etc.

Easy fixes like these are easier do to in bulk, so it's better that they're all collected in one place. Thank you!
Official Typos and Misprints Thread
Posted by Adrian Marceau on January 14th, 2014 at 10:48pm
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Posted on August 12th, 2018 at 11:25pm Edited on 2018/08/15 at 10:56pm
Posted 2018/08/12 at 11:25pm Edited 2018/08/15 at 10:56pm
Visual bug/typo i guess: Tengu Man's defeat sprite (tengu-man ) doesn't have that grey shading that all the other defeat sprites have.
Edit: To some extent Junk Man's ( junk-man ) does not as well
Edit 2: Shade Man doesn't have any as well (shade-man )
Edit 3: Centaur Man's does not have any as well... ( centaur-man )
Edit 4: Cut Man's, Guts Man's, Ice Man's, and Fire Man's all don't have any as well. (cut-man guts-man ice-man fire-man)

Edit 5: Apparently, the last time Mega Man RPG Prototype was updated was "20180/08/02", instead of "2018/08/02". I guess the game is 18,162 years ahead, that or that 0 at the end of the year should be removed.

Edit 6: The contact page still has the feedback forum, even though it doesn't work as a contact option anymore, and the description of the contact page doesn't mention even the existence of the feedback forum. On that note, making the contact page easier to find would also be nice after deleting the feedback forum from it.

Alright so at this point I'm just going to go through all the abilities and put them in a grammar/spelling checker because intense boredom mixed with wanting to help this game be good yes

Roll Buster: Instead of "sytems!" it should be "systems!"
Disco Buster: Same as the above.
Disco Fever: "This causes the target deal half damage from attacks for the next six turns." Should be "This causes the target to deal half damage from attacks for the next six turns." Prepositions are important and without the word to this is an incorrect sentence.
Rhythm Buster: Same issue as Disco and Roll Busters, its "systems" not "sytems".
Needle Cannon (hey good job on not having any typos or grammar mistakes for every single MM1 and MM2 wep, y'all.): "piece" should be "pierce".
Gemini Laser: "battle field" should be "battlefield". "battlefield" is one word, not two.
Search Snake: "far away" should be "faraway". "faraway" is one word, not two.
Spark Shock: "looses" should be "loses". "Looses" is an adjective meaning not night, "loses" means to be without, which properly fits this context more.
Dust Crusher: "vaccuum" should be "vacuum".
Jewel Satellite: "Water type" should be "Water-type", because hyphen grammar rules are dumb.
Magic Card: "The user throws pair of magical cards" Should be "The user throws apair of magical cards"
Omega Wave: "The users taps into their hidden power to generate a wave of elemental energy." should be "The user taps into their hidden power to generate a wave of elemental energy." because grammar rules with verb forms and all that.
Energy Break: "direct life enery damage" "enery" should be "energy". Also, "The user bypasses the target's shields to deal direct life energy damage" in this sentence, after "deal" the words "with the" should be added directly afterward because propositions are dumb. That, and making this improvement makes the sentence just sound better. Sentence fluency and all that, man.

Also because eh, I'm already at it...
Mecha typos:

Flea: "reprograming" should be "reprogramming".
Bombomb doesn't even have a description lmao
Snapper: "The Snapper series were designed" should be "The Snapper series was designed" because verb form nonsense.
Spring Head: "programing" should be "programming" (same issue as the Flea, just without the re...)
Needle Ned: "Their conical projectiles can pierce through up to ten feet of stone, and are especially effective against crystalline structures." The comma in this sentence should be removed, as it is a unnecessary comma in a compound predicate
Lady Blader (would recommend a better name, "Blader" is a real word but is used quite incorrectly, unless this is the actual official name of this mecha, then oh well, I guess): "with the Lady Bladder’s jet holding it aloft until another can be installed." "Lady Bladder" should be the proper name of the mecha, "Lady Blader".

Item typos, while we are at it.
Yashichi: "restore" should be "restores". Verb form and all that.
Weapon/Defense/Speed/Super Capsules: "that that". Remove the second "that".
Fusion Star: See Gemini Laser.
possible typo with Cossack Program: "starforce" may should be capitalized to be "Starforce", though I'm not sure about that entirely. Correct me if I'm wrong.
possible typo for Ability and Weapon Codes: isn't Reggae canonically a male robot, not just an non gendered robot that would be referred to as a "it"?
Field Codes: See Fusion Star.

In the paragraph about what the General Discussion forum is, "family friendly" should be "family-friendly"
[Continued in next post, character limit reached, sorry!]
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Posted on August 15th, 2018 at 9:33pm Edited on 2018/08/15 at 11:21pm
Posted 2018/08/15 at 9:33pm Edited 2018/08/15 at 11:21pm
In the paragraph about what the Strategy Discussion forum is, starforce may should be "Starforce" (see Cossack Program)
In the paragraph about what the Game Mechanics forum is, you may want to consider changing "catalogue" to "catalog". "catalogue" is the British spelling of catalog that is inconsistent with how "catalog" is spelled in American English*. Second, you may want to change the phrase "and other technical aspects of the game that require thorough explanation." to "and other technical aspects of the game that require athorough explanation." Third, you may want to remove the comma after "cores" in "Helpful guides on field multipliers, weaknesses, robot cores, and more can be found here and discussed freely." because how the comma used here is an incorrect use of a comma, since this is a compound predicate.
Finally, in the paragraph that explains what the bug reports forum is, in the sentence "By submitting a bug report to this discussion board, others have the opportunity to help or contribute in a way that will making fixing it that much easier on the developers.", "making" should be "make".

On the credits page, in the sentence, "You'll be credited appropriately on this page, with a link back to your home page and a custom description if you want them." "home page" should probably be "homepage"**

*Though of course that isn't to say catalogue is wrong, it really is just a matter of opinion, but still should be considered to be fixed.
**Both are technically correct, however, but it has become more agreed upon that home page should be homepage, like how web site usually is stated as website.

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Posted on August 15th, 2018 at 11:45pm
Posted 2018/08/15 at 11:45pm
@ThatOneEnder : Holy crap, way to go out of your way to spell-check all of that! Even for parts of the site that have essentially gone defunct in recent years, the amount of initiative is admitably somewhat astounding. None of the other regulars would probably care nearly as much, but it's great that we've gotten a lot of mistakes noted -- specifically a lot, not all, for there's certainly plenty more left >_>

A few things I wanted to note:
* You're completely spot-on about the multiple instances of British-English spelling, especially when the site is primarily utilizing the American-English spelling mores throughout most of its writings.
* While I'm unsure of the original line intention as I hadn't written these lines per se, technically, you can make a case that some of the comma issues you've singled out are using the Harvard, or serial, comma, which while not necessarily the standard has been endorsed to be instated a part of professional writing. Personally I've tried to form it into a part of my grammar, hence why I defend the issues mentioned here.
* Lastly, and primarily the reason I made my reply, Ice Man's defeat sprite is actually already darkened; the prefatory colors were reused from his existing sprite palette from the rest of the sheet, so you can see that the white is much more grey than the white on every other instance. You are right about the lack of darkening on each of the other sheets, though.

Besides that, thanks! I won't be able to edit most of the spellings myself, but now that you've at least shined a light on what needs fixing, Adrian can fix those in due time.
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Posted on August 18th, 2018 at 9:52pm Edited on 2018/08/20 at 7:35pm
Posted 2018/08/18 at 9:52pm Edited 2018/08/20 at 7:35pm
The bosses database states that Doc Robot is from MMMRPG instead of Mega Man 3. Dark Man 1-4 are also described as MMMRPG2 characters.

Also Super Capsules state the effect is permanent but they aren't. I lose the stats after battle.

RotomSlashBlast who is 14th on the leaderboard's section states he has 39 robots, but his profile says 38.
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Posted on August 22nd, 2018 at 8:52pm
Posted 2018/08/22 at 8:52pm
In Blade Man's description in the Robot Database, it reads "When Sword Man caught ill of Roboenza" rather than "When Blade Man caught ill of Roboenza"
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Posted on September 17th, 2018 at 6:31pm Edited on 2018/09/22 at 9:14pm
Posted 2018/09/17 at 6:31pm Edited 2018/09/22 at 9:14pm
Clicking on a user's profile results in it states that all stars are field stars.

EDIT: Photon Laboratory (Flash x Quick) shows that it has a 1.0x laser multiplier, unlike anywhere else where it won't state that.

EDIT2: Final Destination III says you download the powered-up robot copies, when you don't download their data.
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Posted on February 1st, 2019 at 4:09pm Edited on 2019/02/01 at 4:11pm
Posted 2019/02/01 at 4:09pm Edited 2019/02/01 at 4:11pm
Every time any robot uses Fire Storm, the text reads "Robot name throws an Fire Storm!" instead of "Robot name throws a Fire Storm!" It just kinda bothers me, as part of the Grammar Police Force.
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