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Miscellaneous Findings I Lost My Pictures For

January 18th, 2014 at 10:34pm
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Just a couple bugs I ran into while playing.

Who is "Player?"
I was engaging Bubble-Man with my team of four Wily Robots, and he had just about finished off Bass with his Bubble Spray. He taunted, saying, and I quote, "I'll prove that I'm Player's greatest Robot!" Not "Doctor's greatest Robot." Player's greatest Robot.
This is likely caused by the fact that Bubble-Man, in his stage, has no player character to guide him. Perhaps it could be remedied by writing a script to change the word in question to "the" if he has no player character (So it reads "I'll prove that I'm the greatest Robot!").

Spirits of the Fallen
I was at the Cossack rival team battle, with Bass & Disco against Proto & Rhythm. I finished Proto Man off with a Crash Bomber from Bass, and Rhythm stepped out to the front line, but from that moment until the end of the round, every time attacks were exchanged, I could see the phantom image of Proto Man still standing behind her, playing the death animation. He vanished once the attack phase ended and reappeared when the next one began. While this would be excellent for a Creepypasta of sorts, it's not good for this game.
I, quite frankly, have no clue what could have caused this.
Miscellaneous Findings I Lost My Pictures For
Posted by CHAOS_FANTAZY on January 18th, 2014 at 10:34pm
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Adrian Marceau
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Posted on January 19th, 2014 at 11:18pm
Posted 2014/01/19 at 11:18pm
Yes, the first thing is a logic bug where Bubble Man's quote has the {this_player} variable in it which is supposed to be replaced by the current user's name. It doesn't work so well when they're fighting on their own so I generally to avoid using the variable in quotes, but there are a few... >_> I will try to add some kind of context-sensitive logic to the quotes in the future or maybe have it say "master" instead. Might imply something storyline-related. ;)

The second thing... happens sometimes. I'm still investigating the cause but it tends to happen when disabling a robot on the bench of disabling multiple at the same time. It's not game-breaking but can be a bit annoying and creepy. :| I'm working on it though! >_>
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