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Hey MM players,MMX100 here (late but here) back once again. If you're not sure what these posts are about here's a little recap: They're about what goes through my mind while I'm making these sprites for the Prototype, and show original sheets made exclusively for the MMRPG with sprites that made it into the game and some secret ones that didn't. Also, to give out little tips here and there for anyone who makes sprites for fun.

Here's a link if you missed the first one:
Spark Man - link

Here's today's main bot: Snake Man

Snake Man Sheet V.2

Now this is way less confusing than the final Spark sheet was, but the sprites are a little too close to each other. Thanks to labels and losing two rows of sprites make this sheet much more easier to understand. Halfway through this sheet Adrian and I decided to leave out modified sprites for now which were the two extra bottom rows that were removed. Not much explaining needed here like the last post but I'll talk about the special ones.

- Base 1-2: Specifically 2, since modified sprites were off the table for a bit, I thought the snake helmet's eyes would be white by default. So maybe Base 2 Snake Man & snake helmet should have eyes that glow to differentiate from Base 1. Included a tongue sticking out as well, like real snakes are always doing and raised the snake helmet's tail a bit more, getting poised to strike!

- Victory: An extra happy Snake Man sticking out an even longer tongue than Base 2. This was not just influenced by real snakes but by the manga works of Hitoshi Ariga. Snakey also has his arm raised showing a small glimpse of the rarely (if ever) seen underside of his shoulder pads. That raised arm may look a bit skinny but for the sake of it not getting confused for being too fat for it would combine with the dotwork of the shoulder pad, I went with skinny instead.

- Defeat: An extra sad Snake Man with tail hanging down lifeless and with grey eyes indicating no power at all to even light up those helmet's eyes.

- Slide: I'll be honest with guys and (maybe) gals, with Robot Masters who had humanoid bodies, I wanted to cheat and just paste their heads over Mega Man's body and just recolor it. But you guessed it, Rock is way smaller than most of his enemies, included Snake Man of course. The only parts of Mega Man I could use to my advantage were the feet and lower hand. However, minor adjustments are usually needed, size and shape wise. I put these separate pieces close to the head and then draw the torso in the middle and ta-da. "Some Imagination & assembly required, imagination not sometimes included"

- Damage: Snake Man's somewhat banana shaped face make that: "Ooo" shaped mouth fit his face a bit more than other Robot Masters' faces.

- :3 (Special): What is this? These sprites take up all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors in the sprite sheets to come. It's a size comparison chart in this sheet as well as a small scene. Thanks to this small chart, one can tell that pasting parts onto the small Mega Man is not a good idea. The scene is 'Big Bro' Snake Man walking 'Lil Bro' Mega Man to robot(?) school by the hand, waiting by the stop sign.Because of maniac drivers from the Legends game that are on the loose! Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh and just where is Snake Man Sheet V.1? Well it's the same as V.2 only it's not labeled, that's all. But... Here's V.0, Snake Man was completed since January, but EVEN Adrian didn't lay his peepers at this until only a few months back.

Snake Man Sheet V.0

This Snake Man had it all. Bottom fangs, a tongue, a green closer to that of the original artwork, even that little yellow piece by his eye. It was a suggestion to Adrian after I saw he stayed with the original NES green. Though only the new tint of green was accepted.

Well it's over for this post. Feel free to leave any feedback on the sprite work or this type of post. Tune in next time for when things start to get "Smokin!"

Adrian Edit : These are great sprites and indeed there's a story behind each and every frame, but an entire thread devoted to discussing each one is not necessary and as such I'm locking the thread now.

The Visuals of the MMRPG Prototype - Characters - Snake Man
Posted by MMX100 on October 6th, 2013 at 4:50pm
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Posted on October 6th, 2013 at 11:08pm
Posted 2013/10/06 at 11:08pm
LOL! Big Bro SnakeMan and Lil Bro MegaMan walking to Robo School. XD

I really can't wait for SnakeMan. I prefer him over Wood, lol. And I love how this is coming along, keep it up! :)
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Posted on October 7th, 2013 at 1:52am
Posted 2013/10/07 at 1:52am
Thanks and you're going to have to wait until who knows when as Adrian said that there would be little to none MM3 content in his upcoming update.
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Posted on January 21st, 2014 at 9:18pm
Posted 2014/01/21 at 9:18pm
I appreciate you going as far as to include traits from MegaMan MegaMix/GigaMix. I own all the issues and I really love the series.
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