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MMX100 reporting in as casually late as possible. After a couple o' months it's time to reveal more of this artist's secrets from the original sprite sheets submitted for the Prototype. Even give a few tips here and there (maybe).

MMRPG Visuals - Characters Archive:
Spark Man--link
Snake Man--link

Today's spotlight will be shining on: Needle Man

Needle Man Sheet V.1

While writing this, I notice that the design of Needle's sheet does not improve but go backwards. If you do not know, sprites in colored boxes are multiple choice sprites that Adrian can choose from. That is what the 'OR's are for in those boxes. Instead of continuing to use only one row of 'OR's like Snake Man's sheets I instead clutter the sprites with two rows. Terrible, but anyway on to the sprites themselves.

Victory: The first sprite ever to include smoke effects! Needle Man is one of the few Robot Masters I can remember that somewhat rapid-fires his doctor-given weapons in the games. So after a good shootout, smoke should naturally be exiting those needle cannons.

Offline/Defeat: After I discovered how to make smoke effects, why stop at just one. Needle's body here is leaning over due to the weight of his giant head which is also his body (reminds me of a certain green, fictional tv character of my childhood) and the heavy weight of the giant needle launcher dangling off a semi-loose cable. Unfortunately though this one didn't make the cut.

Shoot: More than one choice of this because while aiming, Needle Man looks 'bada' in every shoot sprite. I couldn't choose which to choose so I just let Adrian handle that for me.

Throw: For this sprite, I really wished the first one had the green-light as I really wanted to incorporate that giant Needle Launcher somewhere in the sheet. His throw would work somewhat like Guts Man's. Whatever stage Needle would be on, a respective part/block from that stage would be attached at the end of the giant needles. So technically Needle Man wouldn't stab characters directly with those giant needles like the games. Instead of just picking things with his bare hands like Guts, Needle would pick objects up with those giant needles and fling them towards his opponents. I also wanted that sprite as Needle with a hand seems weird.

Slide: Groooaaann... I think I got lazy at my third attempt at making a slide sprite or I really got stumped making a traditional slide and just went ahead with a belly slide instead. To be more lethal, I had his giant needle launcher sticking out again.

Damage: With such huge eyeballs, giving Needle a bunch of funny faces was no problem. Probably could've had more choices on there.

Special: What is this? These sprites take up all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors in the sprite sheets to come.
Who is this? What is he doing here?

That's enough writing from me, now it's time for writing from you! Feel free to leave any feedback on the sprite work or this type of post. Tune in next time and don't lose your head by then.. or throw it at anyone. Ouch, until next time!

Adrian Edit : These are great sprites and indeed there's a story behind each and every frame, but an entire thread devoted to discussing each one is not necessary and as such I'm locking the thread now.
The Visuals of the MMRPG Prototype - Characters - Needle Man
Posted by MMX100 on January 6th, 2014 at 12:45am
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Posted on September 21st, 2015 at 2:42pm
Posted 2015/09/21 at 2:42pm
First, that comment does not have to do with the content in this thread, it goes here.

Since you already asked, you buy Needle Man's field when you unlock Kalinka's shop, which you get by beating the game. Scan Needle Man in a battle, go to Kalinka's shop, buy "Construction Field", and you should have Needle Man's area. Go to the "Players" tab, click on a field, and you can switch it with "Construction Field." Then you can fight and win Needle Man.
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