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Good morning, afternoon, evening, late night (Go to bed!) to you MMRPG'ers! Finally for the first time, am I posting another Art-Dev thread in a timely manner. As a quick recap, this series of threads are to explain how my sprite sheets were done and why there were done that way. Tips and notes on spriting may or may not show up.

MMRPG Visuals - Characters Archive:
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Well then, today's spotlight would've been on Shadow Man but putting some light on a guy who's always in the shadows is a lot tougher than it sounds. So in other words, our ninja-focus will be cast on Shadow Man, that's better. Speaking of sheet layout, this sheet is finally something I would consider giving a stamp of approval. It is refined by being less cluttered with a single more organized note. This is what the rest of my sheet layouts will usually look like from here on out.

Base 1-2: Here we have Shadow Man looking forward then backward. He is being aware of his entire surroundings like a trained ninja should be.

Defeat: Shadow's headwrap is down. It hangs in shame. It also looks like hmmm... Add in some purple, add larger ears, change the face to green... Ahhh! ZOOM The previous Shadow Man now flies away on a glider it acquired from nowhere.

Shoot: You don't have to tell me that this one looks uninspired. Shoot... That's exactly how I think about it now.

Summon: Here we go. When I heard summon with Shadow Man, I could imagine he would summon shurikens this way. But since you can summon more than just that in this game, I guess that is why Adrian went with the first option. Again looking at this sprite, it is a bit wrong as the shuriken on his right hand (top) and his hand on the left (bottom) should be behind the shuriken. Hmm, or this could work as is if that shuriken is more behind him than beside, probably not really.

Slide: Ooh! Forget that stamp of approval I mentioned earlier. Always double check the gaps within your sprites! Specifically talking about that white gap in-between the legs.

Defend: Here it is, my favorite sprite on this sheet. The wooden Defend sprite. Completely made from the ground up (except the eyes maybe, most likely pasted after). This sprite was heavily inspired from when Shadow Man would defend and trasform in the Mega Man arcade games. I believe it would specifically be in 2: The Power Fighters. Even anyone who played Super Smash Bros. 4 would make the connection as Greninja the ninja-esque Pokémon defends/counters in a similar manner. But for better clarity (maybe) on what Shadow Man is doing, I guess sprite A was chosen.

Damage: Lastly we have the damage sprite. Here he seems to be more in pain over something he stepped on than whatever was shot at him. :P

Special: Can't remember but I most likely just inverted the colors and now Shadow Man to me looks as if he were being watched with night-vision gear.

That's the end for today's post. Hopefully you liked today's sheet reveal. Tune in next time as we feature MM3's most attractive Robot Master. Cya!

Adrian Edit : These are great sprites and indeed there's a story behind each and every frame, but an entire thread devoted to discussing each one is not necessary and as such I'm locking the thread now.

The Visuals of the MMRPG Prototype - Characters - Shadow Man
Posted by MMX100 on August 4th, 2016 at 5:15pm
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Posted on August 4th, 2016 at 8:14pm
Posted 2016/08/04 at 8:14pm
Hmmmm...Magnet Man. Nice by the way. I always like the way he replaces himself with wood and appears else where
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