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Hello everyone. Welcome to another episode of 'The Visuals'. I'm your host - MMX100. Time for you fellas in the audience to put on your re-caps on as I remind you this series is about what inspired me to make the following sprite sheets in the way that they came out.

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So lets begin with our first and only interviewee for tonight - Magnet Man! So Magneto, can I call you that? No? What, copyright issues? Ok got it. What else? You had no control over your sheet? That is a valid point you have there. Well I guess that is it for our interview. Time to actually explain this sheet. The sheet itself is clean like the last sheet but has a bit of a special with that animation I suggested there. Also, includes one of my favorite specials too. I also notice I got that whole 'Offline' thing going on for the 'Defeat' sprite.

Base 1-2: Since Magnet Man is jumpy I decided to have him rock those knees of his back and forth like the little Red Rocker he is while he's idle.

Taunt: Now for taunt, I again suggested an animated pose made up of two frames. Specifically moving his fingers in a "COME HERE! GET OVER HERE! type fashion. Especially when it fits the character so well as he forcefully brings you toward him in Mega Man 3.

Victory: Emphasis on that fist pump. Couldn't decide what eye should be closed so I just closed both at the end. |D

Offline (Defeat): Everything's shutdown in that magnet-helmet.

Summon: More like 'Stretch' to me. He also looks like one of those toy army men with his feet stuck together.

Damage: Well Adrian with the fourth one but if you ask me, my favorite was the fifth one. It's like his internal magnet-mechanisms were hurting him.

Special: Anything can happen with these sprites and anything certainly happened. I have also exclusively made this piece for this post by editing Magnet Man's official artwork. You will never un-see it now! >=D

That's it for our show tonight! Join us next time when Mega Man 3's most reflective robot master joins us. That is if he doesn't fool us by just sending in one of his clones. Till next time!

Adrian Edit : These are great sprites and indeed there's a story behind each and every frame, but an entire thread devoted to discussing each one is not necessary and as such I'm locking the thread now.
The Visuals of the MMRPG Prototype - Characters - Magnet Man
Posted by MMX100 on September 7th, 2016 at 1:28am
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Posted on September 7th, 2016 at 7:10am Edited on 2016/09/07 at 7:25am
Posted 2016/09/07 at 7:10am Edited 2016/09/07 at 7:25am
I like how the animation for his Defend is the same as his Magnet Barrier.
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Posted on September 7th, 2016 at 10:18pm
Posted 2016/09/07 at 10:18pm
@RotomSlashBlast : Excellent observation. It's the reason for why I chose it. As he is invincible to all attack in Mega Man 3.
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