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Out of the Mega Blue, I return from my vacation to write another analysis of how I do things when I make (or when I used to) sprites for the MMRPG Prototype or the analysis can just turn into a review of what I think of the sprites today. Let's get started so I don't miss my Transformers Special...

MMRPG Visuals - Characters Archive:
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General Notes: One of my cleanest sheets. A shame not every sprite here is a winner however imo.

Mugshot: I didn't do anything to it. But dat face certainly lives up to being a mugshot. Just look at that criminal-like expression.

Base 1-2: ♫ "See me do this jig,
I like pie and I'm big.
See the great dance of my people
and play my Mega Man sequel." ♪
Too bad mostly no one will ever see Hard Man's squat dance to its full potential.

Taunt: "Yeah, I'm Hard! You gotta problem?" I honestly don't remember what kind of trash talk was spouting the first time his taunt was created. But that has now been taken care of now.

Victory: Either someone told Hard Man to put his hands in the air and he complied too literally or HARD Man transformed into a retired RAY Man. He came out this way because raising one's arms is body language for joy or even more fitting - triumph.
TIP: Researching and knowing body language is essential when you're trying fully express an emotion or thought when making sprites like the ones here or humanesque art.

Defeat: Just loved including smoke in this one.

Shoot: "Now I'm the one who makes yous put your hands up, capiche?"

Throw: Why throw an object when you can toss your entire arm as well?

Summon: "AAAUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!" choo...

Slide: "Now now, don't mind the sliding infant." *facepalm
Not one of my better sprite making days.

Defend: "You'll never tell what cards I hold. But once you do, it'll be too late. Mwa ha ha ha!" I can say this sprite came out the simple way it did since Hard Man is 99% protected. Just by sight his most vulnerable spot would be his face. So having him cover his face was a no brainer.

Damage: "Eek! A Gockroach S! / My toast! / Jiminy Christmas! / The oven! / Great Scott! / Who parked their car on my sandwich!?" The list goes on, the things he could be shouting has limitless potential. dr-light

Special: Finally my favorite part on this sheet. Here we have the one and only - MEGATRON. Hard Man's helmet always did give me a Megatron vibe since I first started working on his sheet. Just as he craves ultimate power he also apparently craves "Energon-O's"

That's a wrap for this Breakdown and for all of the MM3 sheets I submitted. Next time, is MM5 time. A-di-os!
The Visuals of the MMRPG Prototype - Characters - Hard Man
Posted by MMX100 on December 19th, 2016 at 2:54am
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Posted on December 20th, 2016 at 9:48pm
Posted 2016/12/20 at 9:48pm
Way good. Glad to see this coming along like it is. Keep it up!
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