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Hello again. Welcome back to another inside look of the sprite sheets used in the MMRPG. Of course I'll be providing some insight as always. And as always the archives to previous posts.

MMRPG Visuals - Characters Archive:
Spark Man-link
Snake Man-link
Needle Man-link
Top Man-link
Shadow Man-link
Magnet Man-link
Gemini Man-link
Hard Man-link

General Notes: After completing a whole set of robot masters I was forced to move on to the MM5 masters after I found out ol' Metal called them. Anyway, on with the show as I simultaneously move to the beat to a SMW World castle remix.

Base 1-2: Bopping a character up and down was becoming redundant so I suggested him be stomping around in Base 1-2B as he waits to attack.

Taunt: An ultimate taunt. A downwards thumb to your below average RPG skills and won't suddenly give you a thumbs up like a certain Mr. Miyamoto ;D Joking aside I now believe his thumb is a bit too skinny. Like someone his size would have chunkier fingers like in the next sprite...

Victory: Jump and peace out like you just don't care! Chunky french fry fingers FTW! He could also be repositioned to be going down a water slide, now that I look at him.

Defeat: Bringing in some Mega Man facts/ lore with this sprite - Strong impacts such as explosions are enough to shatter Stone Man during battle. So if this happens while still online, why would he not shatter with no coming back when he goes offline? Of course I really had nothing to do with this sprite but I think it was a perfect choice.

Throw: When making this one, I took inspiration from previous throw sprites. His right hand was enlarged to fit with his overall bigger body size.

Summon: It's either "Summon Time" or it's "Stretching Time". Might be the latter, poor guy might be really stiff for being built out of stones.

Slide: Either the return of the invisible water slide or just another lazy and failed attempt at a slide sprite... or FLYING KICK! (MK soundtrack reference)

Defend: Stone Man is obviously protecting his visual weak point - his green power crystal or he's really cold.

Damage: Funny faces time! I'm super happy I could convey him losing bricks after being attacked.

Special: Finally, we get to the most colorful part of the sheet. Bringing some more Mega Man lore - It's said that Stone Man and me.. I mean Stone Man and Guts Man get along pretty well. So why not have them both team up?

Lastly one final special bonus I made the same day with the sheet. But before you're done reading, I'd like to thank you for reading this and if you have been keeping up with previous posts. Until next time, enjoy the Stompin' Stone Man!

Adrian Edit : These are great sprites and indeed there's a story behind each and every frame, but an entire thread devoted to discussing each one is not necessary and as such I'm locking the thread now.
The Visuals of the MMRPG Prototype - Characters - Stone Man
Posted by MMX100 on January 16th, 2017 at 3:23am
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