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Hello everyone! I know I'm supposed to be taking a break but like always I can't stop working on this game. :P

Now, before I go into the details, let me make some things absolutely clear:

This update will bring big changes to how stats are calculated in the game and some players are going to be upset!

This update will not include the MM5 robot masters, or any other new robots or fields!

I'm making these changes in the name of balance and diversity, and while I will do everything in my power to make the conversion feel fair for veteran players, it's something that must be done regardless of hurt feelings. It is a prototype, after all. I will completely understand of some people stop playing the game after these changes, but I hope you'll be able to see where I'm coming from and enjoy all the other good stuff this update plans to bring.

With that said, I'm excited to share some of the new content and features with you.

Let's get started, shall we?

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2

Changes to Stat Limits
Mega Man's min and max stats at key levels, without a 9999 in sight Roll's min and max stats at key levels, with energy notably higher than Mega Man's

There's some good news, and some bad news regarding stats. Let's rip off the band-aid!
Say goodbye to 9999 stats (kind of)...

Each robot will now have limits for each stat somewhere below the 9999 limit of the system. The math for the limit it a bit complicated, but it works out to about 7.49 times that stat's max unassisted value. This predefined limit of about 7499 in any stat (on average) allow for the player-based stat boosts of 25% to take effect without going over the system's 9999 limit.

This means no more robots with all 9999 stats from the get-go, no matter how much grinding you've done. Robot masters will be unique once again. A Mega Man at level 100, for example, can have a minimum Energy value of 595 and up to a maximum of Energy value of 4462 (via KO stat bonuses). This limit is imposed outside of battle to base stats only, and stats can still be increased or decreased normally during the course of the fight via abilities, items, and/or player-based stats boosts (like Dr. Light's +25% Defense). In this way, it is still possible to get a robot with 9999 in something, but only under special circumstances.
Life Energy now boosted by Stat Bonuses!

Oh, did I forgot to mention that Energy can now be boosted as well? Energy was only limited to give purpose to the Heart Tanks, but now that Heart Tanks are scrapped there's no reason to exclude them anymore. Now, robots can download stat bonuses for Energy the same way they download any other stat. With this change, a support robot like Roll can get an Energy rating as high as 6697.
But... what about all my hard work?!

So, if all stats are being "nerfed", what's going to happen to players like MegaBossMan and TailsMK4 and Shadownnico wgo went through tons of grinding to get the strongest robots with 9999 in all three stats? Not to worry. Players that worked hard to get their bots to max stats will still technically have "the strongest robots" - it's just that the definition of "strongest" will change slightly.

To be clear - a robot that had been raised to 9999 stats prior to the update will have all its stats floored to whatever the new limits are, transferring any overflow to the newly-changed Energy stat (up to its own max limit, of course). And any overflow from that? We'll see. I'll either convert it to BP or Zenny unless veteran players have a better idea? Maybe at a rate of 1 overflow stat point for 100z? Or maybe 100 BP? 1000? Let me know.

New Alternate Costumes
Roll's robot editor screen, with new summon counter and alt costumes Disco's robot database screen, with all alternate costumes viewable

Now that the bad news is out of the way, on to the good news!
(Almost) all robots get new alternate costumes!

All unlockable robot masters and support robots will now have alternate skins or outfits, with the only exceptions being Mega Man, Bass, and Proto Man (because they already have a different colour for each element). How many does each robot get? That depends. As mentioned, the three hero bots do not have unlockable outfits, but all other robots unlock new skins based on how many times they've been summoned to battle! Standard robot masters like Cut Man will unlock one new skin for every 100 summons up to a maximum of two new colours (for now), and support robots like Roll will unlock them even faster at one new skin for every 50 summons up to a maximum of five new colours (for now).

Robots that are not yet unlockable in-game do not have alts made, but I will likely do so in the future. Any alts unlocked in the game can also be used as your avatar on the community and leaderboard, so I expect to see lots of high-level players with new mugs. :)

I should mention that all alternate skins for the support robots were made by Rhythm_BCA and he did a fantastic job. All other colour swaps were done by myself.

More Challenging Player Battles
Target robots in player battles are now hidden until the battle starts! Once you enter the battle though, the actual targets are revealed...

Target robots in player battles are now hidden!

Gone are the days when a player battle was as simple as selecting your opponent's weaknesses, now all target robots are hidden until the battle starts! This will undoubtedly make player battles more difficult, but having the other player's robots on display before the match was akin to letting the opponent see your hand before a game of Poker (obviously not fair).

Given the prototype's similarities to Pokémon and TCGs, I think borrowing some of their rules for player battles is okay. No items, no experience, and no idea what your target is bringing into battle until the cards are turned face-up. Now, if only there was a way to level the playing field further...

Robot levels in player battles are now dynamic!

From now on, robots on both sides of a player battle will have their levels "flattened" to the same value. The value will be mission-wide and affect all robots on the field. If the player battle's level is 20, all robots that take part in the battle (even your own) will be either increased or decreased to Level 20 (with level boosts and bonus stats adjusting accordingly).

The exact level that player battles appear in your game is determined by the highest level robot on that doctor's team at the time (rounded to the nearest 10). So, if the highest robot on my doctor's team was at level 32, then all player battle options would be rounded to Level 30 and all robots appearing in the battle would be raised or lowered to Level 30 at the start of the fight.

This will put both players on more even footing, and make for more interesting battles. Bonus stats will still take effect, of course, so robots that have been stat-trained will still be considerably stronger than their untrained counterparts overall. Even so, this level-flattening will make it much easier to use your favourite robots in battle - even if they haven't been trained much.

Core Guard, Star Force, and Dark Spires
The trinity of elemental forces in the prototype interact in strange and mysterious ways...

The elemental forces in the world of the Prototype are quickly getting out of control, but a new mechanic looms in the distance...

Robot Cores - conceived and programmed by Dr.'s Light and Cossack - act as the energy sources for the robots that appear in the Prototype. They allow a robot to use abilities that match their core, and grant a +1% defense boost to received elemental damage of the same type. When collected by the player, their combined Core Guard can boost the elemental resistance of a given type by up to 99%!

Field and Fusion Stars are a powerful, alien energy source introduced into the Prototype by Slur as a means to revive her fallen army and prevent our heroes from escaping her plan. Field Stars grant a +10% attack boost to dealt elemental damage of the same type. Fusion Stars work in much the same way, but contain the power of two different Field Stars in one. When collected by the player, their combined Star Force can boost the elemental effectiveness of a given type by over 9000%!

Overwhelmed by the players' ability to harness the powerful elemental forces within the Prototype, Dark Spires are mysterious and monolithic entities created by Slur as her last stand effort to take out our heroes. Dark Spires appear in battle alongside enemy forces and completely nullify the effects of all elemental forces, rendering Star Force and Core Guard useless. Dark Spires absorb all other elements, so players will have to defeat enemy forces without the aid of their Robot Cores, Field Stars, and Fusion Stars - or - destroy the Dark Spires using only Neutral-type attacks and restore elemental powers to the battlefield.

A trinity of forces balancing each other out is something I've wanted to do for a while but I (once again) needed to wait until other pieces were in place. In the mean time, please enjoy the concept artwork I whipped up demonstrating how the Core Guard, Star Force, and Dark Spires will work together in tandem. :P
Miscellaneous Screenshots
Mega Man's elemental core armors Bass' elemental core armors Proto Man's elemental core armors Ice Man's unlockable Mint Alt The timeout for what is considered

Questions and Answers
These are answers to questions I am most likely going to get for this update. This may be updated as the thread progresses. If your question is not answered by below, please post a comment. Thank you!
Q : Will the Mega Man 5 robot masters be added in this update?!

A : No new robots will be included in this update, and the MM5 robots are still very far away.
Q : Am I going to lose my progress? Will be 9999 stat training be for nothing?

A : Not entirely. See above for details, but any stats that are in excess of the new limits will be transferred to your energy stat, and anything in excess of that will be converted to either zenny or battle points.
Q : How do I unlock the new alternate costumes for my robots?

A : Once the update comes out, alts will be added to your robot editor automatically when they are unlocked. New alts are unlocked once every 100 summons, or once every 50 summons for support characters like Roll, Disco, and Rhythm.
Q : When will the update be ready? I want it now!

A : As the title of the thread implies, sometime in the winter. Hopefully by December January but we'll have to see how long it takes to pull the last few strings together. Please be patient with me. :)
Winter Update Preview : Stat Limits and Alternate Outfits
Posted by Ageman20XX on September 21st, 2014 at 6:27pm
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The Zion
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Posted on March 16th, 2015 at 11:31am
Posted 2015/03/16 at 11:31am
Anybody know when the new update is coming out?
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Posted on March 16th, 2015 at 12:16pm
Posted 2015/03/16 at 12:16pm
@The Zion : It's coming eventually, but not for a while. So, to answer your question, there hasn't been an exact date, but I'll keep you guys updated.
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