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I was planning on suggesting these during the 10/17 chat, but, then Adrian came and complete chaos ensued, so, I'm posting here, instead.


Idea #1. Let Kalinka be the person that will exchange score balls for BP.

Why Kalinka? Because no one who values their Star force stars [and you're supposed to value them heavily] will sell them to her for a MAXIMUM of 6,000 zennies a pop. Not happening.
Instead, since Auto deals with your selling items for Zennies, and since Reggae deals with your selling Cores for Zennies, Kalinka should deal with your selling your score balls for BP. You do unlock her shop last, so it'd make sense.


2. Zennies should be occasionally dropped by Mechas.
I'm aware that Zennies aren't technically an item, but, bear with me for a minute. Other than KO'ing Mechas, the only way to ever receive items is by buying them, and the only way to buy items is with Zennies, and the only way--currently--to get Zennies is to sell items you already have for profit.


Idea #3. Yashichis are broken.

Hear me out. For the 2,000 Zennies that you spend on a Yashichi [which, by the way isn't hard to accrue once you get some items], you can purchase an item that refills your health AND weapon energy, AND grants you immunity to all damage for a turn.
That last part makes it broken in that one item can be used per turn for free, and spamming Yashichis every turn would make you totally invincible. Not fair.
The invincibility needs to go.


Idea #4. Items that permanently increase your stats by a static value of 5.

We'll call them, E+ Tanks, A+ Tanks, D+ Takes and S+ Tanks. They should cost a pretty penny, saaaaay, no less than 20 grand a pop. It should also NEVER increase stats beyond that robot's max stats limit.


Idea #5. [insert negative status here] Cures.

These can be recolors of energy Capsules. The idea I have in mind is that they will each cure a certain negative statuses [such as Freeze Cures curing the Frozen status from Ice Man's Ice Breath, or the Oil Cures curing the Oiled status from Oil Man's Oil Shooter, or the Bubble Cures curing the Bubbled status from Bubble Man's Bubble Spray] and heal 20% health.


Idea #6. Cores should be eliminated.

They present an all too easy way to farm Zenny, and they're hardly ever used for anything else. They increase the Field multiplier of that type by +100%, but, they can't be used in Player Battles, and they, like Field Support, basically enforces laziness, and should be removed altogether, as they're totally useless for anything other than selling for extreme amounts of Zenny.


Bonus idea: Rhythm should be a 'statustician'.

As I said in last week's topic, the Swap and Shuffle abilities [and Field Support] are highly broken and reinforces laziness. this is potentially terrible for any hyper-powerful optional bosses made for the game, as they can be utilized against them to make them look like fools. That said, What's Rhyhm's gimmick? utilizing these abilities, which mind you, ANYONE can use, just like Roll's team-stat-buffing abilities and Disco's enemy-stat-DEbuffing abilities.
It's also worth mentioning that Roll's and Disco's base HP is 150, and Rhythm's is 100, she needs another edge if the Swap and Shuffle abilities are gone, and I have an idea: Rhythm's abilities should use her genius hacking skills to hand out negative statuses on enemies, including negative statuses that only SHE can deal out, such as--for example--the disabling of a enemy attack for up to 3 turns.


As usual, no flames or name calling, pleaseandthankyou.

EDIT: As per something Adrian said in last week's Chat, all my ideas will be posted from here on out. Thank you.
Mikey's Ideas #2: Items [and a bonus one concerning Rhythm]
Posted by Mikey76500 on October 17th, 2014 at 8:01pm
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Posted on October 18th, 2014 at 5:54pm Edited on 2014/10/18 at 6:14pm
Posted 2014/10/18 at 5:54pm Edited 2014/10/18 at 6:14pm
#1: I think this was addressed in yesterday's chat (I was absent for 99.76% of the time) so I don't really want to say anything...

#2. How many and how often? I will say that dropping zenny and decreasing the chance of item drops would definitely encourage shopping because you wouldn't just use the items that you pick up; you'd have to visit the shop. Also, having to selling items to get money to buy MORE items just feels awkward. Idk if Mike would agree to that extent, but that's my opinion.

#3. The reason invincibility was added to the Yashichi's effects was because Adrian and I (and maybe others?) briefly discussed its similarity to the Extra Life even though there was a 1,000z price gap, and that was how we solved the issue. If you claim that giving full health and full WP is good enough for the Yashichi, then by your logic, the Extra Life is SEVERELY OP. It does that exact same thing except that it can only be used on defeated robots, which imo makes it more useful, for 1,000z less! If anything, the Yashichi should be buffed because its value far exceeds the Extra Life.

#4. THANK YOU. I suggested this in a chat awhile ago, but the reactions I got weren't clear. For those people who have so much money and are still grinding endlessly for stats, this is the perfect item. Idk how OP/UP it might end up depending on how easy it will be to get stats after the update, but I definitely think it should be added even if the idea needs tweaking.

#5. I think the Cures are a great idea, but the 20% health is not. You just completely negated a status effect AND you get to take your turn. If you really want to heal, then by all means use an energy pellet, but you'll keep your status condition. Using items is up to strategy, and I think giving health to an item that clearly has another use is too much.

#6. Okay, so I do agree that they could be implemented better into the game, but by no means do I think they should be removed. Let's address their three uses:
1.) Used by Copy RM: The idea of switching Cores in order to save WP was a great way to strategically use Cores imo (although this use may become obsolete with the ability to level up WP in the update). The only "problem" I could see would be if a player farmed a lot of Cores and just kept switching to match the weakness of the robot, but I have a solution to fix this that you'll see later.
2.) Used by other robots: This was a potential game-breaker. By gathering hoards of Cores, one could easily blow the other team away. Unlike Field Support (which I believe is just fine. Shoot me a PM if you wanna talk about it), Cores were items that didn't use your very limited WP and didn't even use your turn. My solution to this problem, however, is very similar to 1.)
3.) I sold Cores out the wazoo because it was undoubtedly the easiest way to gain zenny. Starforce did sell for a lot, but the trouble of selling MAYBE the one or two that Kalinka was looking for only to have to go back and get them far outweighed Core-farming.
My solutions for #6:
1&2.) Any time a Core is used, a cooldown is given to not that robot, but that TEAM. Cores cannot be used until the cooldown is up, making Cores a strategic implementation as opposed to a quantity advantage. The only exception to the cooldown would be a Copy RM using a Copy Core, which can be done at any time under any circumstances that items can be used.
3.) Simply lower the price of Cores. It's basic economics: when supply goes up, the price goes down, and trust me: SUPPLY HAS GONE WAY UP!

BONUS: I haven't used Rhythm a lot, but I will say that her spamming the Swap/Shuffle moves can drive a man to tears. I think that it's a great ability that just needs some limitations, so if you want to keep it, Adrian, I would suggest a permanent cooldown; anytime a Swap/Shuffle ability is used, that specific ability cannot be used by that specific robot for the entirety of the battle. If you want to statusticianize her, however, than something else must be addressed...
As it stands, any robot can use a support move. Any robot. With this in mind, giving a support robot an exclusive move (EM) is pretty special. In fact, it's so special that it's only fair to give other robots EMs, at the very least Roll and Disco. On the other side of the coin, if these status-inducing moves (SIA) aren't unique enough, then other normal robots could potentially gain SIAs that are similar enough to Rhythm's that she become useless (such as burn, freeze, etc.) Overall, this is a warning to those who want Rhythm to be a statustician (I love that word btw :) ). If you do want this, you're going to have to give her some pretty unique moves because status effects are already part of this game and, considering what many people have suggested, will continue to be more and more deeply integrated into it. If Rhythm is going to be "master" of such a foundational mechanic, than she's gonna have to be pretty special.
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Posted on March 6th, 2015 at 4:24pm
Posted 2015/03/06 at 4:24pm
Alright... I guess i could use this. #1. A Eh, idea. I thought in some of the SNC's, we talked about converting BP->Zenny and Vice- Versa. Is good if you have a limit.
#2. Meh... This seems Good, But i think you could have it for any RM. The more level/power, the more zenny. So lvl 1= maybe 100 IDK, then lvl 100 would be worth around 2,500. I really dont know.
#3. This is, True. Something i have to say, When i got my Toad to 9999 attack, I used a yashichi for fun, even though i didnt need It, and I will say, Taking the invincibility out... I'd rather ask adrian.
#4.AMAZING IDEA. This could be a good idea. Maybe each of them could be sold by Auto. each for... 20k. then, we could have a tank that gives all stats plus 5, For double the price of a single tank.
#5. Cures... Meh, i've never had a problem, but 20% heal could be a problem. Maybe 5 or 10%.
#6. Rhythm would be Awesome if she had those things, I agree. 100%. BUT some stuff could be OP.
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