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Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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A remastered version of the MMRPG Roleplay that started it all, created by me, starring a little bit of Mega Man title screen stuff.
A public vote has been made, debating on who was the most favorite Robot Master out of the six: Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, or Guts Man.
Bomb Man wanted to have a little fun, and started chanting about bombs.
That's when it started.
Mega Man RPG: How to Bomb the First Adventure

mega-man Oh, don't tell me. You're about to go explode crazy, are you Bomb Man and Napalm Man?
napalm-man Hey, listen... Who are you? Nevermind that. Look, we know what we are doing. We're having fun with bombs!
mega-man ...Well... Those ARE some classic looking bombs... it would be a shame if somebody... cut off their strings. *Shadow Blade appears*
mega-man I AIN'T SCARED OF YOU TWO! *Disarms the Hyper Bombs* Now I need to find a way to defuse Napalm Man's bombs. Hm... Maybe the Magnet Missle can short circuit them...
bomb-man You can's stop us! BOMBS!!!
ballade Hey, Explode-types! Bomb party!
mega-man Oh, boy. I need to find Magnet Man, and fast. *Leaves to find Magnet Man*
mega-man *Comes in* So....Any room for Robots who can use Bombs? Eh?
bomb-man Dude, Pure Explode-Cores only.
top-man I like blowing stuff up. I want to join too! C'mon!
bomb-man napalm-man ballade NO!

Meanwhile, at Crash Man's place...
crash-man WOW! A bomb party and I'm invited? I've got to get there! *Teleports to the party*

Later, back at the party...
crash-man *Is Top Man in disguise* Hello Guys, see you're having a party here, can I come in?
bomb-man napalm-man ballade *Looks at each other*
bomb-man Uhh... sure, what's your name?
crash-man I'm To- I mean Crash Man
killer-bullet *Is Mega Man in disguise* And it's-a me! The Killer Bullet!
napalm-man Oh, come on, I know it's you, Top Man.
killer-bullet Who is this Mega and Top you talk about?
bomb-man We all know it's you two, right guys?
napalm-man ballade Yeah!
crash-man LIES! If we are fake, then where's your proof?
bomb-man We know it's you guys... *Crash Man appears* Because the REAL Crash Man was here before you were!
crash-man ...Uh oh.
mega-man crash-bomber top-man crash-bomber crash-man

mega-man DANG IT!
top-man And we were so close...
bomb-man napalm-man ballade crash-man BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!

mega-man *Heard everything after grabbing Magnet Man. Walks up to Mega Man.* You should join the STOP the Bomb Party Party. It's where we stop those bombs from BLOWING EVERYTHING UP! And you're
supposed to be a hero... Ah, whatever. I'll figure it out.

Back at the Party...

crash-man *Is actually Bass in disguise!!!* Haha, we finally got rid of that pesky Mega Man! Now we'll destroy him together!....I mean, ... Let's make more bombs!
ballade That sounds like something Bass would say...
crash-man ...Fine, I'm not Crash Man! *Takes off disguise*
bass But hey, don't you want revenge on Mega Man for Bustering you all up? And, hey, I like to blow things up too!
bomb-man napalm-man ballade ...No.
bass Fine, kick me out of this stupid club! I don't need it to destroy Mega Man!

Later, outside the party...
bass ...I'm so lonely... Hey, who are you? Oh, hey Crash Man! Can you get me in the party? Wait, what are you... Wait a minute!

magnet-man mega-man mega-man top-man bass

mega-man *Sighs and turns to Magnet Man* Ok, Magnet Man, we need a plan.

About 55 minutes later...

bass *Gets up as Bt Man and Magnet Man discusses a plan* Ow. So Crash Man wasn't willing to help. Ok, now what... Hm...

Five minutes later...

bass Hello gents, I'm Ba-Er Forte! I like to blow things up!
bomb-man napalm-man ballade crash-man Welcome to the party!
mega-man *Bursts in with Cut Man, Magnet Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, Oil Man, Elec Man, Time Man, and Guts Man* Game over, explode-types! Quickly, everyone
disarm the bombs!

cut-man mega-man ice-man fire-man mega-man top-man oil-man elec-man time-man guts-man magnet-man

Later (Again)...

*All the robot masters, including Mega Man and Top Man, wakes up*
cut-man ...Huh? Where are we?
mega-man ...We're outside the Bomb Party's location. We were disabled... Who fixed us up?
robot A good soldier not only stays cool in battle, but also is ready for anything.
mega-man ...Sargent Man!?
proto-man Now let's deactivate some explosives.
*All the robot masters burst in*
fire-man Lets use our burning fire!
bomb-man Come on! I just wanted some fun...
napalm-man Me aswell...
crash-man BOMBS!!!
mega-man Mega Man! Catch! (Tosses Mega Man a Wind Core)
proto-man We need to use Magnet Missile to deactivate those explosives!
ballade You have to get through me first!
oil-man That can be arranged. I'll hold off Ballade! Go to the center and blow the whole base!
mega-man Get out safely, Ok? Don't overexert yourself!

In the next room...
bass Not so fast, blue bomber! I'll take you down! This place will be your grave!
mega-man Sorry everyone, but this is all up to you now! I'll hold off Bass!
bass I'm not Bass! I'm Forte!
mega-man *Rolls his eyes. Sarcasm starts here.* Riiiiight, you are clearly not Bass. You are a robot who just so HAPPENS to be named after Bass' Japanese name. *Sarcasm ends here*
bass Exactly.
mega-man *Sighs* Come on guys, let's move it!

In the room after that...
napalm-man You aren't getting away! *Launches Napalm Bomb*
guts-man *Gets hit by Napalm Bomb* GAH! Go on without me! I'll handle this guy!

bomb-man napalm-man crash-man ballade

bass ...Wanna face me!? BRING IT ON!

Later, again...
bomb-man napalm-man bass crash-man ballade

cut-man mega-man ice-man fire-man mega-man magnet-man top-man oil-man elec-man time-man guts-man proto-man

bomb-man We just wanted to party...
proto-man Laying enough bombs on the ground to destroy the entire city is NO way to party.
top-man And hey! Who said I didn't like parties?
mega-man ...I have an idea that might solve ALL problems...

bomb-man proto-man (Bomb Man throws his bombs in the air, with Sargent Man's Dive Missiles locking on to them and launching,
exploding the bombs in the air like fireworks. Music plays in the background and all the other robot masters are having a good time.)

mega-man This was a great idea! Everyone is having a pretty good time!
mega-man What did I tell you? It was a pretty good idea.

And so, the party went on, and everyone had fun. The explode-core robots were told to not do anything like this ever again.

bomb-man Wait, so you're telling me I can't set off bombs in the lab?
dr-light I will literally scrap you if you do.

But unknown to them, a new threat will arise... The Killers starts a little chat, and one of them was not happy about the failure of the town's destruction...
ballade One simple little mission....And I messed up...
enker No matter... You didn't have any starforce with you... Our next plan however..

One discussion later...
enker Hahaha! The hero Mega Man will finally get his day... And most importantly, Proto Man!
punk ballade Hahahaha! Hahaha! Wahahahaha!
quint Woah! It got Wily in here all of a sudden. Also, can I be in the group?
enker ...Fine.
enker quint punk ballade Hahahahahahaha!

What do the Killers have in mind for Mega Man? And what is with the sudden grudge with Proto Man? Read the original Roleplay Thread beginning to end and find out! If you haven't done so already, that is.
How to Bomb the First Adventure Remade (Fan-fic remake)
Posted by Beta Shadow on April 13th, 2015 at 3:43pm
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Posted on April 13th, 2015 at 5:45pm
Posted 2015/04/13 at 5:45pm
Alright... About time i get back to RP. *Stretches and sips Pepsi* Alright, Lets get started.

bomb-manDang... Light's gotten Worse and Worse... I wonder if i can find a permanant Place to Throw my Bombs...
bass Hey Killers... What's going on with you 4? Especially Quint?
TBC For now... I Don't want to do much right now.
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on April 13th, 2015 at 6:17pm
Posted 2015/04/13 at 6:17pm
@Meta : HALT!
1. It's over already. It's a remake of a rp that was finished.
2. It's a FAN-FIC, as in only I can add parts.
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Posted on April 13th, 2015 at 6:20pm
Posted 2015/04/13 at 6:20pm
@Bt Man : Dude... We're su- Dude, Do it as a scene on a thread then. -_-
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on April 13th, 2015 at 6:23pm
Posted 2015/04/13 at 6:23pm
@Meta : Then tell Adrian or someone to move MBM's and Chaos' old Fan-fiction posts that are ALSO on this thread.
Fan-fics are a type of RP too.
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Posted on April 13th, 2015 at 6:28pm
Posted 2015/04/13 at 6:28pm
@Bt Man : Alright then... :/
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on May 5th, 2016 at 6:59am
Posted 2016/05/05 at 6:59am
It seems that there is a new Fan-fics thread.
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Posted on May 5th, 2016 at 11:42am Edited on 2016/05/05 at 11:44am
Posted 2016/05/05 at 11:42am Edited 2016/05/05 at 11:44am
discoWhy hello dearies....mind if i butt in? Don't worry,..i'll make sure not to interrupt your "playtime"..

-Accept CamillaFE into the Fanfic?-
-Yes- or -No-
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Posted on May 5th, 2016 at 4:22pm
Posted 2016/05/05 at 4:22pm
@ZeroDXZSarahZX : ... It's already over Zero... *pushes no for beta*
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Posted on May 5th, 2016 at 9:59pm
Posted 2016/05/05 at 9:59pm
@MegaBoyX7 : ik...but i wanna keep it going DX
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on May 5th, 2016 at 10:45pm
Posted 2016/05/05 at 10:45pm
@ZeroDXZCamillaFE : I know... Such a shame that the sequel to this is a cancelled RP... Also, this isn't actually mine, I just created the remake. This is actually the roots of the roleplays.
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