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Backstory Time!

June 7th, 2015 at 2:04pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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What is the story of your character? Tell us here!

Backstory of my characters:
With the huge threat Slur made to Mega Man, Dr. Light realised that Mega Man couldn't fight alone. So, Dr. Light worked on Robot Masters that could use ALL of the weapons used by a certain core type each, named the All-Star Numbers. When Shadow Man, after spying on the good doctor, told Wily about this, Wily made the Hidden Wily Numbers and kidnapped all but two of the All-Star Numbers: Bt Man and Sargent Man. Ninja Man was the second HWN. However, they were either bugged or too powerful to control (Retro Pikachu, more specifically), so they were stored away and guarded by Gyro Man... Until he left Spark Man in charge of it for a while, that is. When Spark Man left to hang with Plug Man the day the Master attacked, Retro Pikachu escaped, soon followed by Ninja Man. Then one thing came after another, and Ninja Man became Bt Man's rival and Wily's elite, much to the anger of Bass.
Backstory Time!
Posted by Beta Shadow on June 7th, 2015 at 2:04pm
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Posted on June 7th, 2015 at 8:20pm Edited on 2015/06/07 at 9:22pm
Posted 2015/06/07 at 8:20pm Edited 2015/06/07 at 9:22pm
Well, might as well.

About a week after the events of MM10, Dr. Light was met at his front door by a mob of angry people, protesting that he pays for the destruction his/Wily's robots have caused. Light apologized, but said due to a project he was working on, he couldn't pay for repairs. That day, he got arrested and thrown in jail. However, he had programmed a robot to automatically turn on (kind of like the first set of RMs from MM7) if he were ever absent. His name was Light Man. Light Man was designed to build other robots, and with a few clicks of buttons, he had designed the NLNs: The New Light Numbers. These Robot Masters were built to help the world, and to be an apology for the mess Wily had caused. These New Light Numbers were split into two groups: The Alpha Light Numbers:

proto-manNLN-A01- Nova Man
ring-manNLN-A02- Spirit Man
crash-manNLN-A03- Psychic Man
hard-manNLN-A04- Swift Man
time-manNLN-A05- Virus Man
ring-manNLN-A06- Hunt Man
oil-manNLN-A07- Sky Man
NLN-A08- Geyser Man
The Leader: NLN-A0∞- Infinity

and the Beta Light Numbers.

NLN-B01- Gear Man
NLN-B02- Synchro Man
NLN-B03- Smash Man
NLN-B04- Guard Man
NLN-B05- Speed Man
NLN-B06- Sneak Man
NLN-B07A- Cyro Man
NLN-B07B- Pyro Man
NLN-B08- Pixel Man

The Alphas were amazing robots that completed amazing feats of heroism. The Betas were incomplete messes that Light Man never bothered to finish. So, one day, Dr. Wily sent Crash Man to go blow up Light Labs. When he entered the building, his processors became overwhelm with pixels. Enough so that it made a video in his head. The video showed Dr. Light a while ago (back after the events of MM2) It showed the lie Dr. Wily had told the world: He didn't build the DWN's, Light did! BUT, his intentions were for good, not evil. Wily just reprogrammed them like the MM1 ones. Crash was shocked by this piece of information, and decided to just look around for a while. He found [8] Robot Masters in a dusty room, all turned off, and seemingly in hyper sleep mode. Crash, being as hasty as he is, turned the robots on. [6] of them immediately decided to attack Crash, and after the fight, they ran away. Crash was in an angry mood, so he fought the other two. He lost, and put Crash in the hyper sleep chambers they were in before. 6 months later, Light got free, and reprogrammed Crash Man to revert back to his original self. Crash volunteered to stop the now crazy Alpha Light Numbers, as soon as he rounded up the other Beta's to aid him. After the battle, the 6 that attacked him went their separate ways, but, to this day, Crash, Cyro, and Guard Man all remained together. The End.
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Spooky Man
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Posted on July 10th, 2015 at 2:19pm Edited on 2015/07/10 at 8:42pm
Posted 2015/07/10 at 2:19pm Edited 2015/07/10 at 8:42pm
Okay,time to do this.

After the events of Mega Man 10, Dr. Wily created a time machine and warped back to Ancient Roman times. Wily made 8 new robots, but used Roman Wily Number (RWN) robots.

crash-manRWN-I- Alpha Man
skull-manRWN-II- Storm Man
oil-manRWN-III- Ink Man
bassRWN-IV- Serpent Man (me)
bubble-manRWN-V- Spear Man
gravity-manRWN-VI- Blister Man
turbo-manRWN-VII- Trucker Man
dive-manRWN-VIII- Paradox Man

But, we all hated both the group leader;

proto-manSWN-002- Jazz

and that vile, heroic robot.

mega-manDLN-001- Mega Man

I, luckily, was the leader of a expedition to acquire the time machine, and we found it. We travelled to 20XX and became AlphaManI, StormManII, InkManIII, SerpentManIV, SpearManV, BlisterManVI, TruckerManVII, and ParadoxManVIII. Our sole purpose is to defeat all DLN/DWN/DCN/MXN/SWN/MKN/etc.
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Posted on July 15th, 2015 at 1:16pm Edited on 2016/04/04 at 1:51pm
Posted 2015/07/15 at 1:16pm Edited 2016/04/04 at 1:51pm
After the events of Mega Man 10, an Outbreak at an old wily castle where 7 robots escaped from being locked away in a secret room... Theese robots are known as MegaBoy's Wily Destruction Team
bass Meta MKN-001
elec-man Volt Man AMN-001
hard-man USB Man MBN-003
trill Corruption Man MBN-002
wood-man Insect Man MBN-004
rhythm Net Woman RGBN-001
mega-man Core Man MBN-005
mega-man MegaBoyX7 MBN-001

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Posted on July 15th, 2015 at 1:18pm Edited on 2015/07/15 at 2:03pm
Posted 2015/07/15 at 1:18pm Edited 2015/07/15 at 2:03pm
...It's Time!

Shortly After the Events of the Classic Series, Wily and Light Teamed up to make a New Robot, Which had to be a Copy Core. They Decided to Make one Out of Bass... And bass Meta Was Born. They decided to add on More Robots, And The initials were FMC Bots.

bassFMC-001- Meta (Me)
proto-manFMC-002- Proto Mech
rhythmFMC-003- Rhythm II
elec-manFMC-004-Elec Sigma
And Later On, More will be Made By the Group.

Meta Had Others who He talked to And Befriended (And Battled), But they were their Own different Classes. (And Does a bit On Megaboy's Side)

So... Yeah. not Too Much, Also, Check my 5th RP Tournament thread to Look... (Around Page 1)
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Posted on April 4th, 2016 at 12:13pm
Posted 2016/04/04 at 12:13pm
-...Error...error......ENTRY NUMBER: 000-DXZ CORRUPTED-... -LOCATION:..UNKNOWN-


#####212##dawwdsa#### -...File corrupted-

....-Files Erased-...
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on April 4th, 2016 at 12:21pm
Posted 2016/04/04 at 12:21pm
@Omega Zero : ...I don't get it... what does that have to do with character backstories?
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Posted on April 4th, 2016 at 9:16pm
Posted 2016/04/04 at 9:16pm
@Beta Man : being they are from another dimension/timeline.......nobody can really tell if they know them truly or not.......are they good?...bad?...or are they after something more? lays beneath the memories that they behold...which can only be seen throughout the many adventures they have gone through together in times of previous history's past
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on May 2nd, 2016 at 6:40pm
Posted 2016/05/02 at 6:40pm
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... And by "long time ago", I mean it actually ended as of possibly yesterday. And by "a galaxy far, far away", I mean it all took place in the MMRPG roleplaying channel. But let's just get to the point.
The cast of the roleplay: Me as myself, Mega Man, Ninja Man, Sargent Man, and the main topic of this backstory, who you will know later. MegaBoyX7 as himself, EEKADO, the MMK, Quint, Bass, and Copy Robot, rotomslashblast as 12 of his own robot masters, Duo, Yveltal, and Giratina, ThatOneEnderMan as himself, Skeleton Man, and Blaze Man. ZeroDXZ as himself and SarahZX
So, this giant monsterous robot called Yveltal, one of his servants or something, Giratina, and 12 robot masters have came to destroy the world, starting by attacking Wily Castle. Before all this, however, Beta Man and MegaBoy were having a little bit of a "fun" battle between Ender and his team, as well as Ninja Man. And that's when HE- Giratina- attacked. During this big battle, Beta Man revealed his new- and most powerful by far- adapter, the Sans Adapter. (Because I like Undertale.) After a heated battle with Giratina and a lot of others, Beta, MegaBoy, and their team went off to fight against 12 evil robot masters. After a while Beta and MegaBoy head to two different robot masters: Corrupt Man and (I think) Satellite Man. Though, the two bosses ended up being switched, Beta in Satellite and MegaBoy in Corrupt. And in Corrupt Man's stage, MegaBoy had to face a BIG threat... To him, at least. That threat was none other than Copy Robot, his old self. Meanwhile, leaking from a hole in Corrupt Man's stage into Satellite Man's stage, there was a threat Beta had to face: his old self, Bt Man, who was angry at Beta for "trying to leave his past behind". However, after a heated battle (And some help from EEKADO), our heroes were victorious... Oh yeah, MegaBoy actually defeated Copy Robot and was already at Corrupt by time EEKADO arrived, so there was that. Anyways, later on, after a battle with Ender (long story) and a few Fortress battles, the team had to face against none other than Giratina, Ninja Man and Bass originally waiting for them, and Ninja Man being infected by a virus because of Bass... We'll get to that later. Eventually, they reached the dreaded rematch arena. MegaBoy tried to keep the robot masters alive... But it seems Beta had other thoughts. It did lead to, however, Beta making a promise to try keep the robots alive. It didn't work, but instead they just send Mega Man the I.C. Chips. One was kept alive though: Swift Man. But enough of that for now. Ine of the robot masters, Furnace Man, was actually replaced by someone else, meaning Beta and MegaBoy had to once again face their pasts, THIS time fused together with their Battle Network versions. Meanwhile, Ninja Man was attacked by the giant robot Yveltal, which is when the name was revealed. He refused to fight, also mentioning Retro Pikachu and how he and Retro are the last HWNs left, and that he is unsure what side Retro is on and that he plans on finding him and asking him. (But I'm pretty sure he'll find out the truth eventually... He will one day realize that the only side Retro is on is his OWN. As far as I know, that is.) After 3 heated battles, the three were victorious. Yveltal left, Copy Robot is gone (though during Rotom's "Undertale-like Credits Sequence" he did during my absence, Copy Robot must've been rebuilt as some sort of Researcher robot or something. Idk.), and Bt Man was left trapped in a cage. After a few fights, Swift Man joining the team, and Chrono Man jumping in from nowhere, Ninja Man tries to stomp on Chrono's I.C. chip when Beta stopped him. After an argument, Ninja's virus kicks in, and he begins to serve Bass... But for the sake of his story, I'm going to say that eventually Beta and his friends beaten the virus out of him and he developed a hate for Bass ever since. This didn't officially happen in the chatroom RP, but I don't really want Ninja Man infected with a virus for the rest of my MMRPG life, however long that is. Most likely years. But let's focus. After a big battle with Yveltal (in which I missed the ending because of computer problems. Boo.), our heroes were victorious! But Giratina is still alive, and very angry. Meanwhile, Bt Man separates from Mega Man (Blade, I think it was?), escaping back to his own world and plotting revenge on Beta Man. When Beta first saw him while taking a walk, Bt Man tried to claim to him that he will have his revenge, Beta puts on his Sans Adapter, but without using his Purple Glowing Eyes. As a joke, he claimed the spirit of Bt's name to be "Bt Ghost", angering the spirit, but secretly accepting the new nickname.
I ran out of space. The next post explains Bt Ghost's abilities.
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on May 2nd, 2016 at 7:26pm
Posted 2016/05/02 at 7:26pm
As Bt Ghost, Bt can't attack anyone, only talk to others and touch inanimate objects. He also can't be hurt, however, and can also posses robots. Stronger robots, like Beta and Mega Man, however, has to be weakened in order for Bt to be able to do so. When possesing a robot, the robot will be given a new name- for example, if Bt possesses Elec Man, the name will be Bt Elec or something-, the shadow core, and Bt's weapons. However, in exchange, Bt takes over the entire body, meaning the moves used and the health bar given is not the robot's, but Bt's. This also means that the weaknesses and resistances are adjusted. He also seems to have a Zelta chip- an item originally created by Ender to power up a robot-, allowing him to become Bt Zelta. Bt seems to have a goal to destroy Beta Man and everyone in the way of his goals. He does other things than plot revenge, however. One of his hobbies includes playing video games, watching YouTube, and possessing robot masters like Cut Man for reasons of comedic terms. Though he doesn't have his own physical body and has a hatred for Beta, it doesn't mean he's all that bad... Maybe.
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Posted on May 2nd, 2016 at 8:34pm Edited on 2016/05/02 at 9:07pm
Posted 2016/05/02 at 8:34pm Edited 2016/05/02 at 9:07pm
@Beta Man : That's actually a pretty cool nutshell thing. So Imma list off some robots from in that.

Giratina: An alien robot that can change cores. His weaknesses and resistances change with each core, so be wary of that. He can't switch to copy core though. When he switches cores, he can use ANY ability of that core's type. When he goes Zelta, he can equip TWO cores at the same time, leaving LOTS of things for him to use in the same state. His resistances and Weaknesses stack with each core though, so that could be turned against him. However, his core-changing can throw off MANY an experienced robot.

Yveltal: An alien robot who tried to destroy earth to fuel his home planet. He is the one who orchestrated the event that nearly destroyed the world. He resists EVERY element and can absorb evil energy. He is very cold and calculating, seemingly puppeteering the entire war against him! And he isn't making guesses, either; He has a memory chip made of Intempium, one that has nearly unlimited memory. However, he isn't resistant to neutral, so that could be used against him, but good luck even then. Instead of a regular buster, he has a Machine Shotbuster Cannon that fires 30 charged shots per second! but when he REALLY charges something up, it can instantly cripple even the Wily Machine! This robot also has an alloy stronger and lighter than certanium; Destructium. An alloy so hard regular, uncharged buster shots have no effect on him. Overall, he is nearly impossible for one single robot to defeat.
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Posted on October 13th, 2016 at 2:51pm
Posted 2016/10/13 at 2:51pm
My story begins when willy during megaman 6 was creating a new robot tobeat megaman named CWN-001 (Copy Willy number 1)Copyie.
A robot with two busters that had something kinda like megaman`s copy chip with it he would be able just by seeing use the weapons and change his armor , busters and boots but not his helmet.
Willy because Copyie would need time to learn the attacks and shoot with perfection like megaman , Willy scrapeed the robot and started creating bass and treeble
In the end of megaman 7 , megaman was in an old Willy castle searching Willy if he ran there , in the way he found an old robot with some bass characteristics but kinda broken , megaman knowing the danger he took the robot to dr Light fix
Dr Light fixed the robot and megaman explained everthing Copyie`s creator was dooing , Copyie understand what was happening and so dr Light adopted Copyie as his owl
By some time the real mr x was announcing the 2nd annual robot championship and to make sure Willy would do nothing he put Willy in a cell with four guard robots , Copyie automaticaly got entusiasmatic to go to the tournament and then he goed he the tournament to fight , dr Light asked Megaman and the other robots to keep an eye on him so he would not do anything wrong
By the end of the tournament the lasting robots were Copyie and Fireman , but in mr x castle Shadowman showed destroyed the four guard robots and Stoneman freed Willy
Willy reprogramed all the robots there but Copyie and Megaman and sayied
-Now Megaman and that useless prototype you are gonna die and i will rule the world
Megaman and Copyie fighted and deactivated all robots but then Willy started maniacly laugthing
-Now you beat those robots but now try to survive against my powered up version of gamma
Megaman and Cpyie fighted and beat gamma but then Willy ran with his ufo
And then many other fights were tought
Copyie and duo fighted trio(the evil energy robot from mm8 in archie thats his name)whwn megaman was fighting Willy machine
Copyie ,megaman and bass fighted king in mmandb
And copyie also helped to save Magmaman , Tornadoman and Hornetman and , figheted the many fakemans for megaman fight Willy
And the story havent end if you played mm8bdm you know that the mm10 and the stardroids are to come when this happen i will end this story

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Posted on October 20th, 2016 at 5:18pm
Posted 2016/10/20 at 5:18pm
define 'SALVAGE BEAM'(
when EnemyLE==0
do obtn EnemyAbility;
-COLORSCHEME: 'purple, dangit!'-
-APPEARANCE: 'Like Proto Man. He's really neat.'-
/ So this is when things get interesting.
/ You know those two doctors? The ones always going at eachother?
/ Well, I wanted to get into robotics, too.
/ ...Unfortunately, they seemed to be at a stalemate.
/ I wanted to help the beardy one (Light, right?).
/ So I built Nova here.
/ His ability is like, SO useful.
/ I mean, no other robots salvage parts for future use, right?
/ I sure hope he doesn't find this file, though...
/ Can robots read comments?
/ (c) Doctor Minor 20XX
/ Get outta here, you hack!
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Posted on August 26th, 2018 at 12:40pm Edited on 2018/08/26 at 1:42pm
Posted 2018/08/26 at 12:40pm Edited 2018/08/26 at 1:42pm
Shortly, after the events of Mega man 9...

While, Wily was developing his new robot Shinobi man, the robot started to go haywire and spilled a virus. Unfortunately, the robot was shutdown so he had to start from the beginning and the virus was spreading...

3 months Later

In Dr.Light's lab,

dr-light Oh no Mega man...

dr-light I need to make a robot and Quickly!

2 Days Later
dr-light What should I call you... Zero

mega-man-copyIs that really my name?

dr-light Yes but can I ask you one favor?

mega-man-copyWhat's wrong Dr.Light?

dr-light Yes but can I ask you one favor?

mega-man-copyWhat's wrong Dr.Light?

dr-light This is a mission but take this...

mega-man-copy screw-large Ok I will fight for good]{empty}

dr-light Of Course

Please don't comment on this it will more likely be fixed anyway mega-man-copy
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Posted on August 26th, 2018 at 2:05pm
Posted 2018/08/26 at 2:05pm
@Zero Z : there's already a zero that wily made, so uh. wait why does the character even exist.
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Posted on August 27th, 2018 at 3:29am Edited on 2018/08/28 at 3:59am
Posted 2018/08/27 at 3:29am Edited 2018/08/28 at 3:59am
@MegaBoy : because it's my oc also who cares about timeline nonsense

Your "Volt Man" is Elec man but the only difference is the eyes.

(I'm also bad at naming things)

But it's still the same!!!!!!!

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Posted on August 27th, 2018 at 4:14pm Edited on 2018/08/27 at 4:14pm
Posted 2018/08/27 at 4:14pm Edited 2018/08/27 at 4:14pm
@Gryo : i made that three years ago lol
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