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You like Mega Man, I like Mega Man.
You like Mega Man fan music, WE both got the music here now.
I plan on adding some of my favorite pieces that I've accumulated over the years (Maybe all if I can find it all) here so everyone can enjoy. If you have some pieces not already on this list (No official arrangements please) then please feel free to comment and share them as well. Enjoy!

IT HAPPENED! Due to running out of characters. Some links to individual tracks that were part of an album were deleted. However you can still listen to each and every song by following the album link, e.g. the Megalomania album link.

Most of the links here will take you to YouTube but a few of them will take you to sites which may contain NSFW content if you stray off the song page. These links will be marked with NOTE after the link.

Mega Man Classic

- MEGALOMANIA Album - link

- Mega Rock Carnival Album - link

- Mega Man Remixes by Renard V Album - link
. Blues' Castle - link

- Mega Man 10: Unofficial Arranged Soundtrack - link
. Red Hot Flare (Mega Man 10 - Solar Man) - link

- World Out - Mega Man - link
. Dr. Wily's Stage (Rockman World 5) - link
. Shadow Man - link
. Tornado Man - link

- Mega Man 9: Back in Blue - link
. Select Hop [Stage Select] - link
. Friend Turned Foe [Boss] - link
. SIZZLING CIRCUITS!! [Strange World (Dr. Wily Stage 3)] - link
. Origami Robots [We're the Robots (Dr. Wily Stage 2)] - link
. Cool Burn [Magma Burning (Magma Man Stage)] - link
. Splash Waltz [Splash Blue (Splash Woman Stage)] - link
. Shopping Network [Shop] - link
. Crysis Crystal [Jewel Temptation (Jewel Man Stage)]- link
. Astro Fusion [Galaxy Fantasy (Galaxy Man Stage)] - link
. Family Jewels [Jewel Temptation (Jewel Man Stage)] - link
. High Voltage [Plug Electric (Plug Man Stage)] - link
. Tornado Blitz [Thunder Tornado (Tornado Man Stage)] - link
. The Skull Fortress [Flash in the Dark (Dr. Wily Stage 1)] - link
. A New Beginning [Staff Roll ~ Ending] - link

- Kurogane THIRD
. Sworn Brothers of Flame (Fire Man/Heat Man) - link
. Yggdrasil (Woodman) - link
. New Weapon (MM3 Get Weapon Theme) - link
. Opening Title (MM3) - link
. Stage Select (MM3) - link
. Password (MM3) - link
. Charge Man Stage - link
. Stage Select and Decision! - link
. Wily Stage (MM5) - link
. Opening Stage (MM7) - link
. Theme of Duo - link

-Rockman Holic 25th Anniversary - link
. GAME START (MM2 Intro-Title Themes) - link
. SHOOTING STAR (Nitro Man) - link
. TWILIGHT LONELINESS - (Dark Man Stage) - link
. NAPALM JAZZ (Napalm Man) - link
. BLIZZARD (Blizzard Man) - link
. THE LAST BATTLE (MM5) - link
. Together As One (MM2 Wily Stage) - link

- Megaman Arranges (Classic) - link

- Albums by Rushjet1
. Mega Man Remade (1/GB Wily's Revenge) - link
. Mega Man 2 Remade - link
. Mega Man II GB Remade - link
. Mega Man 3 Remade - link
. Mega Man 4 Remade (4/RMWIV) - link

- Hyacintho Resilience [Tribute to Mega Man] - link Includes music from other Mega Man series

- Albums by The Megas
. Get Equipped (Remastered) - link
. Get Acoustic - link
. History Repeating: Blue - link
. History Repeating: Red - link

- Bubbleman Theme [COVER] - link
- Bubbleman-(DnB.remix) - link NOTE
- Tenguman's Theme - link NOTE
- Coiled Copper Wire (Metal Man Remix) - link
- Coldman's Theme [Downtown Techno Mix] - link
- Cut Man (MMX Style) - link
- Cut Man Sonata - link
- Dance, Megaman, Dance (MM7 Intro Stage) - link NOTE
- MM2 Wily 1 Dr. Wily Symphonic - link
- RMW3 Dr. Wily Stage 2 Profound House 2009 remix - link
- Fire Man (MMX Style) - link
- MM9 Wily Stage 1 (w/ MMX2 instruments) - link
- Flash in the Dark (Music box remix) - link
- MM9 - Wily Stage 1 - link NOTE
- Fortress of the Knight [Knight Man Stage] - link
- Galaxy Man Remix - link
- Glittering Caves (Jewel Man) - link
- Guts Man (MMX Style) - link
- Magnet Man - link NOTE
- Flash Man (MMX Style) - link
- Mega Man 2 - Intro (MMX Style) - link
- Mega Man 3 - Intro -link NOTE
- Mega Man 3 Remix (Intro) -link
- MM7 Intro Stage (Genesis Version) - link
- MM8 Wily Stage 3 (8-bit Version) - link
- MM2 Stage Select Remix - link
- RMWV Pluto Stage -The Underground Stage 2010 remix- - link
- RMWV Pluto Stage - Pluto Theme (Lost Ninth Planet Remix) - link
- Megaman V Pluto-SS remix - link
- Mega Man V(Game Boy)/Rockman World 5 remix medley - link
- Mega Man 6: Boss Battle (Arranged) - link
- Mega Man 6: Final Battle (Arranged) V2 - link
- Mega Man 3: Spark Man Stage (Arranged) V2 - link
- Mega Man 5: Gravity Man Stage (Arranged) V2 - link
- Mega Man V: Sunstar Battle (Arranged) - link
- Last Battle -Hard Destruction mix- (Sunstar Battle) - link
- Mega Man - Suite (SCORE Orchestral Game Music) - link
- MegaMan 3 - Top Man (Remix) - link
- Mega Man 9 - Jewel Man (remix) - link
- Mega Man 2 - Metal Man Acapella - link
- Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage Acapella - link
- Mega Man Mega Medley - GaMetal - link
- Mega Man Mega Medley II - GaMetal - link
- Cossack Citadel (Mega Man IV) - GaMetal - link

Mega Man X
- Mega Rock Carnival Album - link
. X-Hunter Stage - link
. X Vs. Zero - link
. Inifinity Mijinion - link

- Mega Man X: Maverick Rising
. '1993' (MMX Title Theme) - link
. 'Super Fighting Robot X' (MMX3 Opening Stage) - link
. '21XX War Was Beginning' (MMX5: X's Opening Stage) - link
. 'Stealth Lizard' (Sting Chameleon) - link
. 'Insecta Robotica' (Commander Yammark) - link
. 'Spin Gator' (Wheel Gator) - link
. 'Cybernetic Coelacanth Submarine' (Bubble Crab) - link
. 'Vile Needs to Galvanize' (MMX - Vile 1, Vile 2) - link
. 'End of the Beginning' (MMX - Ending) - link
. 'On the Highway' (MMX - Opening Stage) - link
. 'String Chamellotron' (Sting Chameleon) - link
. 'Glorious Crystal Gleam' (Crystal Snail) - link
. 'Deep Sea Harmony' (Duff McWhalen) - link
. 'Dusty Dune Devil' (Overdrive Ostrich) - link
. 'Stay Frosty' (Frost Walrus 1 & 2) - link
. 'Let There Be Light' (MMX - Dr. Light) - link
. 'Repliforce's Honor' (Final Weapon 1) - link
. 'Duality' (MMX5 - X vs Zero) - link
. 'The Paradise of Everlasting Peace' (Cast Roll) - link
. 'The Leidenfrost Effect' (Blizzard Buffalo) - link
. 'Noble Creature of Snow' (Blizzard Buffalo) - link
. 'Bullet Fists of Lightning Fury' (Spark Mandrill, Boss 1) - link
. 'Armadillo Armageddon' (Armored Armadillo, Skiver) - link
. 'Towering Revolution' (Boomer Kuwanger) - link
. 'Bibamus, Moriendum Est' (MMX3 - Boss Medley) - link
. 'Crawfish Crackdown' (Crush Crawfish) - link
. 'Intruder Alert' (Magna Centipede) - link
. 'Countdown to Infinity' (Skiver, Infinity Mijinion) - link
. 'I Am the One Who Designed and Built Mega Man X' (MMX4-5 Light Capsules) - link
. 'Sweeping the Storming Skies' (Storm Eagle) - link
. 'Inferno: Unleash the Flame Stag' (Flame Stag) - link
. '10 Minutes of Hypothermia' (Chill Penguin/Others) - link
. 'A Flea and His Giant' (Infinity Mijinion, MMX4 - X's Opening Stage) - link
. 'Catch the Eagle' (Blizzard Buffalo, Skiver) - link
. 'X-Hunted' (X-Hunter 1) - link
. 'Iron Will March' (VS Lumine ~ The First Form) - link
. 'Winged Reploid (Revelation)' (VS Lumine ~ Second Form) - link
. 'affirmation' (MMX5 Ending) - link
. 'On the Highway (Race Mix)' (MMX Opening Stage) - link
. 'Into the Rebellion!!' (MMX4 Opening Stage X, Stage Select) - link
. 'Braving the Storm' (Chill Penguin, MMX Dr. Light) - link

- Kurogane THIRD
. Armor Armarge Stage (Armored Armadillo) - link
. Boomer Kuwanger Stage - link
. Spark Mandriller Stage ~Metal Arrange~ link
. Storm Eagleed Stage - link
. Rockman X2 Opening Stage - link
. Metamor Mothmeanos Stahe (Morph Moth) - link
. Flame Stagger Stage ~Metal Arrange~ - link
. Counter Hunter Stage 1 link
. Rockman X2 ~Vs. ZERO~ - link
. Rockman X3 Opening Stage - link
. Explose Horneck Stage (Blast Hornet) - link
. Electro Namazuros Stage (Volt Catfish) - link
. Doppler Stage 1 - link
. Jet Stingren Stage (Jet Stingray) - link
. Rockman X5 ~X vs ZERO~ - link

- Spark Mandrill . Short Circuit - link
- Blizzard Buffalo - link NOTE
- Bubble Crab - link
- Flame Mammoth "Synthrock" - link
- Boomer Kuwanger (Downtown Techno Mix) - link
- Boomer Kuwanger - link
- Spark Mandrill (Genesis Remix) - link
- Megaman X2 Ending - link NOTE
- Toxic Seahorse (Genesis Version) - link
- Flame Mammoth (Remix) - link
- Mega Man X - Spark Mandrill (8-bit Version) - link
- Mega Man X4 - Storm Owl (Flamenco REMIX) - link
- Mega Man X4 - Storm Owl (Genesis Remix) - link
- Mega Man X - Sigma Battle (Heavy Metal Remix) - link
- Mega Man X - Armored Armadillo (remix) - link
- Mega Man X - Stage Select Theme Acapella - link
- Mega Man X - Storm Eagle Acapella - link
- Megaman X - Spark Mandrill Acapella - link
- X vs. Zero (Megaman X5) - GaMetal - link
- Mega Man X Maverick Medley - GaMetal - link

Mega Man Zer0
- Mega Rock Carnival Album - link
. Zero Theme (Mega Man Zero) - link
. Endless Fight II - link
. Esperanto - link

Mega Man Legends
- Mega Rock Carnival Album - link
. Flutter Vs. Gesellschaft - link
. Vs. Geetz - link

Mega Man Star Force
- Mega Rock Carnival Album - link
. Shooting Star - link
. Sky Wave - link

Mighty No. 9
- Main Theme (Mega Man X Remix) - link
- Boss Theme (Arranged) - link
Mega Man Fan Music Remix/Arrangement Library (UPDATED 01/15/17)
Posted by MMX100 on June 29th, 2016 at 12:30am
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Posted on June 29th, 2016 at 12:40pm
Posted 2016/06/29 at 12:40pm
Why Hello there music gallery, how are you doing today?
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Posted on June 29th, 2016 at 10:39pm
Posted 2016/06/29 at 10:39pm
Quick opinion everyone, is the post becoming clogged up with individual links? Will you all be fine if I just post a link to an album when available? I will however continue to post individual links when it's a single remix release however. Or is fine as is?
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Posted on June 29th, 2016 at 10:43pm
Posted 2016/06/29 at 10:43pm
If I may weigh in here, I think the individual links work fine in presentation so far. I do think that after a while just linking the album would be the far better option, but by "after a while" I'm referring to when the individual links begin to take overall and you're nearing the 200,000 character limit. The presentation works as it is and to be frank, the library of remixes has only started so there's much more room to go before I suggest just replacing it with the album links.
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Posted on June 29th, 2016 at 11:49pm
Posted 2016/06/29 at 11:49pm
@MegaBossMan : Ok thanks for the feedback. Will continue as is.
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Posted on August 4th, 2016 at 3:26am Edited on 2016/08/04 at 3:35am
Posted 2016/08/04 at 3:26am Edited 2016/08/04 at 3:35am
While I'll be the first to admit I'm not particularly the most avid listener of fan arrangements, I'd like to bring up Dracula9AntiChapel's takes as well as Gencoil's takes on the Mega Man 10 OST, which is personally one of my favorites out of the Classic Series many soundtracks.

P.S--I was using this thread's list for background music, and hoooo I'm incredibly glad that I got to hear "Cut Man Sonata." Fantastic take on Cut Man's theme.
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Posted on August 4th, 2016 at 5:55pm Edited on 2016/08/04 at 6:09pm
Posted 2016/08/04 at 5:55pm Edited 2016/08/04 at 6:09pm
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Posted on August 4th, 2016 at 6:24pm
Posted 2016/08/04 at 6:24pm
@MegaBossMan : I thought I was the only person who knew about Dracula9. Guy deserves a lot more attention.

Anyways, I'm very surprised I didn't stumble across this thread sooner to dump all my Megaman music geekery.

Firstly, Kurogane THIRD is probably my most favorite Mega Man X remixer ever and I'm sad he hasn't made more stuff. Here's the playlist.

Kackebango made his own original scores for the DOS RMs for an MM8BDM expansion. I don't know if that will EVER come out (much like 96% of MM8BDM expansions), but the music is still excellent. He made a video containing may be more than 8 tracks right here.

Lastly, have we gotten Synthescissor on this page? If not, here's some singles from him:
Mega Man 6 - Boss Battle
Mega Man 6 - Final Battle
Mega Man 3 - Spark Man
Mega Man 5 - Gravity Man
Mega Man V - Sunstar
Also found this version of Sunstar's theme while listening to Synthescissor's version. (Dracula9 also has one wouldn'tcha know)

P.S (Actual lastly): Even though MMX100 put Megalomania up there, I didn't see my favorite Megalomania track, so Imma just post it down here. Sorry if it was actually up there...
Mega Man 3 - Title
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Posted on August 5th, 2016 at 2:16am
Posted 2016/08/05 at 2:16am
@ThatOneEnderMan : Thanks for the suggestions!

@TheDoc : It's nice to see someone else is a Mega Man music buff as well. Kurogne THIRD from U-GEN was already on my plans, but thanks for the tip. As for the original music from Kackebango, sounds legit, like straight from an official MM game, but again it's original. Not a remix/arrangement. That artwork in the video though! Added all the tracks from Synthescissor, will have to check out more of his work later on. Finally, MM3's Title Theme was not up there the first time. I have only been placing individual links to songs that are already in my iTunes library. Songs that I am not fond of (also not in my library) can be found in the playlist links. But since it is one song, I just added it in.
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Posted on August 5th, 2016 at 5:24pm
Posted 2016/08/05 at 5:24pm
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Posted on August 21st, 2016 at 12:46pm
Posted 2016/08/21 at 12:46pm
Frozenith is another underrated Megaman remixer that I've come to like; here is his current Megaman playlist.
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Posted on September 21st, 2016 at 7:13pm
Posted 2016/09/21 at 7:13pm
Honestly, I'm surprised that the Megas haven't been listed yet.

Get Equipped album
Get Acoustic album
History Repeating: Blue album
History Repeating: Red album

The first one is an album of MM2 remixes, while the second one is an acoustic arrangement. The third and fourth ones are two separate MM3 albums.

Highly recommended
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Posted on November 27th, 2016 at 2:54pm
Posted 2016/11/27 at 2:54pm
Just recently got into Stone McKnuckle's remixes. If you like Mega Man (which should) and fast-paced metal, you'll love this.

Here's just a few of my favorites from his channel:

Top Man
Armored Armadillo
Jewel Man
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Posted on November 27th, 2016 at 4:05pm
Posted 2016/11/27 at 4:05pm
I'm honestly quite surprised that no one has listed Smooth McGroove's work, or even any A Capella fan arrangement in general.
(From recent to older:)

Metal Man
MMX: Stage Select
Storm Eagle
MM2 Wily Castle
Spark Mandrill

Yeah, he's mostly done X1 (+ for me cause that's my favorite MM game). He's done a range of other games as well, a majority being Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Pokemon, and Mario games.

Cat Tax
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Posted on December 5th, 2016 at 3:53pm
Posted 2016/12/05 at 3:53pm
@HeatMiser : I have listened to his works before. My favorite metal is speed/power metal but for some reason his music never really clicked with me. Either way your suggestions been added.

@HarkRingTheCats : I've also heard some of these before. I actually like to hear them but pretty much only once. Your suggestions have now been added.

P.S. I can't choose between MM9 and MMX but of the entire X series, X1 is also my favorite. So good tastes you have there "furball". :P
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Posted on December 19th, 2016 at 10:01pm Edited on 2016/12/19 at 10:11pm
Posted 2016/12/19 at 10:01pm Edited 2016/12/19 at 10:11pm
Well, Jonny Atma, AKA Gametal has made several medleys on Megaman

Medley 1(features several classic songs)
Medley 2(More classic, with a few X songs)
Megaman X Medley(Features X1's maverick stages, plus a few others)
Cossack Citadel
X vs Zero

While I'm at it, there's also FamilyJules7x's Mega Man X Medley
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Posted on January 15th, 2017 at 10:09pm
Posted 2017/01/15 at 10:09pm
@Capejedi : Thanks for the suggestions. I've heard some of his work aside from Mega Man, I heard his fusion of Mario with Zelda the most times probably. Suggestions added.
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Posted on February 26th, 2017 at 4:16pm
Posted 2017/02/26 at 4:16pm
I ended up running into this guy's work today, and while this thread hasn't been particularly active lately, couldn't think of a better place to contribute these remixes towards. Unfortunately no specific album links because they don't exist, but I can link to the individual tracks I suppose despite the lack of space in the main thread.

Mega Man 10 Wily Stage 3
Flame Mammoth
Wire Sponge
Volt Catfish
Mega Man X3 Intro Stage
Hard Man
Mega Man 8 Intro Stage
Grenade Man
Frost Man

And following that up, while it's not a remix per se, I'm a sucker for orchestras so I'd naturally like to bring up these amazing renditions of some classic Mega Man melodies.
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