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Create a Fighting Game Moveset

November 7th, 2016 at 8:20am
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Well first of all i am not american if there is bad english i m sorry

Ok so first this inst like Make-A-Moveset: What If... as you can see i will try to make this forum a moveset for a non existing fighting game characters like for example if megaman x or a character you created this is oc right was in a marvel vs capcom like game

So this is how it will work:

you can put real life martial art moves here and you dont need to put all ways you can do the same attack
Normal moves:
Low Punch:

Medium Punch:

High Punch:
Low Kick:

Medium Kick:

High Kick:

Special Moves:
In this part you put all the not hyper specials for your characters
For example for a hadouken put (down,downforward,forward punch/kick and like marvel vs capcom it can be double the the input or just 2 punches/kicks)

You can put to an max of 5 to 7 specials (not counting special abilities like strider wall climb
Special1: (input)
Special2: (input)
Special3: (input)
Special4: (input)
Special5: (input)

And now for the part everyone likes the hyper combos this is the only part i will not bse this on marvel vs capcom
put 1 to 3 bar level hypers
for level 1 put 3 hypers max ,2 bars 1 or 2 specials max ,3 bars 1 hyper max
you dont need to put all bar levels

1 Bar :
Hyper combo 1: (input)
Hyper combo 2: (input)
Hyper combo 3: (input)

2 Bars
Hyper combo 1: (input)
Hyper combo 2: (input)

3 Bars
Hyper combo : (input)

taunts and quotes
how will be your character quotes pre-battle and win quotes
you dont need to put this part
for special quotes you can put as many as you want
if you want put people you dont even know for give that extra spirit of fighting game

Pre-battle quotes:
special pre-battle quote:

win quotes:
special win quotes

So yeah it can take some time but maybe will be cool and heck i will try to be a game designer so maybe it can happen some time
Create a Fighting Game Moveset
Posted by Copyie on November 7th, 2016 at 8:20am
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8,762,400 BP
7 TP | 169 PP
Posted on November 7th, 2016 at 7:45pm Edited on 2016/11/11 at 7:04am
Posted 2016/11/07 at 7:45pm Edited 2016/11/11 at 7:04am
bass : Copyie

Bio:Created by dr Willy now fight for justice with megaman and his friends
Occupation:Space Marshal
Abilities:Copy any attack by seeing
Weapon:double copy buster

Low Punch:jab
Down:crounch jab
Jumping:jumping jab

Medium Punch:hook
Jumping: Down hook
Forward: Charge

High Punch:Buster shot (hold charge buster shot)
Down Punch: Metal Blade
Jumping:Down Metal Blade
Forward: Flame Sword

Low Kick:side kick
Down:crounch kick
Jumping:jumping kick

Medium Kick:knee attack
Down:slide attack
Jumping:jumping heavy kick

High Kick: Fire Storm
Down: Charge Kick
Jumping: Air Shooter

Special1: Copy Attack(imitate a random opponent special (down,downforward,forward low or medium punch)
Special2: Thunder Beam (Down,downforward,forward high punch)
Special3: Astro Heavy Uppercut (use hard knucle with astro crush and do an uppercut (forward,down,downforward punch)
Special4: Charge Oil Slider (use charge kick and oil slider and make a super slide (down,downforward,forward kick)
Special5:Metal Fire Blade Boomerang (use Fire Storm and Metal Blade and Quick Boomerang and do a fire blade boomerang (down,downbackward,backward punch)

1 Bar :
Hyper combo 1: Galaxy Crush (using Astro Crush and Star Crash Copyie unleahes a massive attack of falling planets from space (down,downforward,forward punchx2)
Hyper combo 2: Ultra Flame Sword (use all his fire powers on Flame sword unleshing a gigantic fire sword slash(forward,down,downforward punchx2)
Hyper combo 3: Time Destroyer (use Flash Stopper and puts many Crash Bombs,Magnet Missiles and Dive Torpedos (down,downbackward,backward punchx2 grab)

Hyper combo 2: The ultimte Copy Attack (imitate a random opponent hyper in level 1 or 2 bars (down,downforward,forward kickx2

3 Bars
Hyper combo : Chaos Blaster (Copyie ultimate attack ,Copyie use all his weapons with his two busters creating a gigantic red and black laser but giving Copyie a big damage (backward,downbackward,down,downforward,forward punchx2)

Taunt:Copyie shot a fake buster shot

Pre-battle quote1:Wich weapon will you gave me
Pre-battle quote2:Show me your ultimate attack so i can copy it right away

special pre-battle quote1:Sup Rock want to fight
special pre-battle quote2:Bass are you here to challenge me
special pre-battle quote3:Blues give me that sunglasses you already have an other outside your helmet
special pre-battle quote4:Betaman thats your name right well lets see wich dimension its better
special pre-battle quote5:Megaman ,Protoman , and Bass i beat those three its your turn now duo
special pre-battle quote6:Okay now whos next ...ballons?,ballons!,ballons!!... okay whatever give me your best shot

win quote1:He nice attack right there im sure it will be useful
win quote2:Well now thats was an good fight
special win quote1:I beat you again Rock go back to your training
special win quote2:Bass can you stop your dog it is irritating me
special win quote3:Ok gimme that sunglsses now
special win quote4:Well now im exited to fight eveyone in your dimension ask me if you want a remacht beta
special win quote5:Well i beat trio this technicaly made me stronger than you
special win quote6:Those ballons were realy tough i just dont know if i want to use it you know ... ballons ... how did ballons almost beat me
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Posted on November 10th, 2016 at 5:02pm Edited on 2016/12/18 at 2:34am
Posted 2016/11/10 at 5:02pm Edited 2016/12/18 at 2:34am
proto-manCopy Man

Bio:An elite robot master Created by Dr.Cossack with the ability to mold energy into ninja techniques. Copy Man's armor is made of specialized minerals.
Abilities: Able to use ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu.
Weapons: Wind Natured Beam Swords

Low Punch: Shadow jab
Down: Earth Wave
Jump: Falling Shark Bullet
Forward: Stealthy Jab

Medium Punch: Hard Knuckle
Down: Triple Blade
Jump: Air Shooter
Forward: Lariat

High Punch: Rising Dragon Flames
Down: Crotch Punch
Jump: Heavenly Uppercut
Forward: Speed Punches

Low Kick: Tripper
Down: Shadow Kick
Jump: Slide
Forward: Charge Kick

Medium Kick: Foot....Missile... Launcher?
Down: Sweep

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Posted on November 10th, 2016 at 6:12pm Edited on 2016/11/11 at 7:49pm
Posted 2016/11/10 at 6:12pm Edited 2016/11/11 at 7:49pm
Well, why not? I'm barely on here anymore anyways.

Name: needle-man Balloon Man
Bio: Balloon Man was created to destroy, but started out simply giving balloons to children. When his main purpose was needed, his creator, activated him and his ability to kill.
Occupation: Insane Balloon Giver
Abilities: Able to... uh, nothing really interesting. Shoot... balloons? What do you want me to put here?
Weapon: His dual balloon-giving cannons.
Model: TR-M1

Low Punch: Balloon Trip
Down: Balloon Swipe
Jumping: Popper
Forward: Balloon-Knocker

Medium Punch: Balloon Punch
Down: Hardy Hopes
Jumping: Balloon Popper
Forward: Balloon Jab

High Punch: Hopeful Jab
Down: Bringer of Balloons
Jumping: Hopeful Blast
Forward: Hopeful Punch

Low Kick: Balloon Mini-Sweep
Down: Pitiful Burst
Jumping: Air Slide
Forward: Pitiful Sweep

Medium Kick: Ballooner
Down: Trickster Sweep
Jumping: Air Kicker
Forward: Tricky Kick

High Kick: Pop
Down: Set-Off
Forward: Raised Hopes

Special1: Balloon Parade (Balloon Man sets off an army of balloons that wipes the screen... in balloons.) -Down High Kick, Forward High Kick, Down Low Punch, Medium Punch, Taunt-
Special2: Balloon Attack!(Balloon Man fires a horde of 10 balloons.) -Medium Kick x5-
Special3: Air Bubble (Balloon Man jumps high into the sky and lands on the opponent. Once he lands, he grabs the opponent and flings them to the opposing wall.) -High Punch x3, Grab, Up-
Special4: ...And His Name Is Balloon Cena! (Balloon Man grabs the enemy and punches him over and over and over and over ~and over and over and over~ again! Afterwards, Balloon Man throws the foe to the left of him.) -Low Kick, High Punch, Low Kick, High Punch, Grab- -Use any punch attack to beat the snot out of the enemy while they're grabbed!-
Special5: Balloon Smile (Balloon Man hops on a balloon until the balloon pops. Can be used to dodge attacks and fly to distant lands... somehow.) -High Punch, High Kick, Grab, Low Down Kick-

1 Bar :
Hyper combo 1: Balloon... Sword? (Balloon Man unearths a balloon-blade and attempts to strike the enemy with it a single time.) -Down, Forward, High Forward Kick, Grab, Jump-
Hyper combo 2: Balloon Shield (Balloon Man creates a shield that temporarily halves damage while he fights. It disappears after a few moments. It blows up after destruction.) -Down x10, Medium Forward Punch-
Hyper combo 3: Evil Poppers (Balloon Man unleashes too many popper attacks and ends up... well, doing too much.) -Low Jumping Punch x5, Low Kick x2, Low Jumping Punch x3-

2 Bars
Hyper combo 1: Seismic Balloon (Balloon Man fires a huge balloon towards the opponent. If the opponent is hit, Balloon Man jumps up and throws them into the ground.) -Medium Kick x3, Grab x2, Medium Low Punch-

3 Bars
Hyper combo : Master of Balloons (Balloon Man runs towards the enemy. If the enemy is hit, Balloon Man grabs the foe and knocks them unconscious. Once the foe awakes, a cinematic appears with Balloon Man and the foe sitting on a large hot air balloon. Then a cloud of balloon surround them and strike the opponent. The battlefield returns and Balloon Man throws the foe into a random balloon, which explodes once the foe hits it. needle-man Ugh! That was really weird! Why did you make that my most strongest attack? Reasons, Balloon Man.) -Down, Down, Up, Upright, Downleft, Taunt, Up, High Jumping Kick, Right-

Taunt: needle-man Come on already! I'm sooo bored you know. Get better at-- okay, I really need to pay attention.

Pre-battle quote1: needle-man Wanna balloon?
Pre-battle quote2: needle-man I may seem friendly, but just watch out!

Special Pre-Battle Quote1: (Against Mega Man) needle-man Rocks, rocks! Get your free ROCKS!
Special Pre-Battle Quote2: (Against Blues) needle-man How do you WHISTLE LIKE THAT! Tell me your secrets!
Special Pre-Battle Quote3: (Against Copyie) needle-man Mega Man's offended...
Special Pre-Battle Quote4: (Against Bass) needle-man Why aren't you a fish robot?

Win Quote1: needle-man What else were you expecting? A... balloon giver?
Win Quote2: needle-man Get some skills and call me in the morning.

Special Pre-Battle Quote: needle-man Rocks... rocks... rocks...
Special Pre-Battle Quote2: needle-man Tell... Me...
Special Pre-Battle Quote3: needle-man Poser!
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Posted on November 10th, 2016 at 6:13pm
Posted 2016/11/10 at 6:13pm
Special Pre-Battle Quote4: needle-man Why are you not, though? Would it like, offend you? Who cares?

...And done!
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