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Robot Master Bios

January 28th, 2017 at 9:53pm
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I'm actually kind of shocked that nobody has done this up until now.

The basic purpose of this page is just a little thing to do if you are bored

The layout is pretty simple, just make Bios for your characters.

You'll need a character portrait and Model Number

A description followed by a quote, and then the

Good Point

Bad Point



Here's an example, or just look at the first post
Robot Master Bios
Posted by Tone on January 28th, 2017 at 9:53pm
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Posted on January 28th, 2017 at 10:03pm Edited on 2017/01/29 at 11:10am
Posted 2017/01/28 at 10:03pm Edited 2017/01/29 at 11:10am
DataBase Picture
A Robot created by the Scientist Dr.Tone, made for security and combat. He is well trained in tactical methods along with sharp shooting.

"Honestly If I were to shoot one of you, I'd pick the Guy on the right"

Good Point: Expert Gunslinger

Bad Point: Cocky and Sarcastic

Likes: Video Games

Dislikes: Clowns
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Posted on January 28th, 2017 at 11:05pm Edited on 2017/01/28 at 11:11pm
Posted 2017/01/28 at 11:05pm Edited 2017/01/28 at 11:11pm

AAU-001 (Affable Apprehensitivity Unit)

Ura's MugshotUra

"The world deserves a smile, even when you don't."

Good Point: Friendly

Bad Point: Inept

Likes: Creating things

Dislikes: The arrogant
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on January 28th, 2017 at 11:46pm
Posted 2017/01/28 at 11:46pm

Set #1: Classic Variations
Beta Man ASN-001
A Robot created by Dr. Light to assist Mega Man in his adventures, Beta Man actually ended up going on his own alongside many of his friends, including his closest friend MegaBoy.
"Face the power of a TRUE All-Star!"

Good Point: Skilled Fighter
Bad Point: Easily Angered

Likes: Video Games
Dislikes: Ninja Man
Sargent Man ASN-002
Created to assist the Robotic Military, Sargent Man usually fights with a barrage of missiles, some grenades, and his Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launcher. Currently missing...?
"Alright, let's do this."

Good Point: Serious in Battle
Bad Point: Seems to be showing Signs of Lack of Confidence Recently

Likes: Fighting Alongside Allies
Dislikes: Facing Opponents he believes Would Kill Him
Ninja Man HWN-002
Originally created to counter Dr. Light's ASN Series, Ninja Man is Beta's rival and would do anything in his power to face and defeat him, much to Beta's dismay. Just don't ask him about HWN-001.
"I am Wily's Greatest Creation!"

Good Point: Quick and Agile
Bad Point: Cocky and Doesn't Know When to Shut His Mouth

Likes: Challenging Beta Man
Dislikes: Being Called a Hero
Bt Ghost ASN-000
Bt is Beta's old model turned sentient through a glitch, making him a ghost. Can break the 4th wall and possess empty suits and mechas with ease as well as Robot Masters, but it requires the Robot Master to be at a state of weakness. Is kinda a hero, but it's actually more "Chaotic Neutral" than anything.
"Wait, is my description too long?"

Good Point: Can't Be Harmed in Ghost Form
Bad Point: Same Goes for Him Harming Others (Or is it the other way around?)

Likes: Trolling Rotom
Dislikes: Puns
Set #2: The Alternate Betas
Beta Reaper PLN-29
Beta Reaper is a representative of the Real-Life Beta Man and his connection to MMRPG. The only way to truly kill Beta Reaper is to have him quit MMRPG altogether, but killing his current incarnation could also have a multi-universal, catastrophic effect.
"...Ok, what to put in here as a quote... Wait, what am I- no, don't type that in!"

Good Point: Knowledgeable... To an extent.
Bad Point: Doesn't actually fight most of the time.

Likes: Roleplaying with MegaBoy and Rotom.
Dislikes: Getting sucked into the painful parts of Rotom's Pelo-Shenanigans. (Though I do so anyways for the laughs. And because the REAL real me doesn't mind.)
Beta Serif BTM-002
Beta Serif, normally just called Beta, is the MegaTale counterpart of Beta Man. Usually, Serif is lazy, but upon investigating a space-time anomaly, he gets sucked into the Mystery Mansion dimension, and so he'll have to work harder than usual to get out... Which means just plain working, really.
"Heya. I'm Beta Man. But you can just call me Beta."

Good Point: Quick to Dodge
Bad Point: Lazy (Usually)

Likes: Puns and Jokes
Dislikes: Anyone who Hurts or Kills MegaBoy... Who is different than the MegaBoy we actually know.
Commander Beta ???-00X
The Beta Man of the Chat Reboot Dimension, which was caused by the destruction of a previous Classic Dimension. THIS Beta is a evil robot created by his dimension's Dr. Wily as one of his Commanders. He's usually calm and serious, focusing only on doing what Wily tells him to and nothing else, including a refusal to try and make friendships. Perhaps there's a reason behind this, however...
"...I have no time for your games or your ancient weaponry."

Good Point: Calm and Serious
Bad Point: Refuses to Make Friends

Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: "Childish Games"
Set 3: Reboot Variations
Beta Man (Reboot) DTN-002 (Assuming that's the Doctor for the Reboot)

A robot created by Dr. Tone, he was made to be a helper and brother to MegaBoy. (And that was yet another assumption.)
"Alright, I'm ready for anything!"

Good Point: It's a Beta Man
Bad Point: I have no actual info on this guy

Likes: Idk
Dislikes: ...A little help on this?

There are probably Ninja Man and Sargent Man variations to be made in the future, but for now this is it.

W͜ARNIǸG̢!̶ Co̶rrupţed D̷a͞ta ̛D̷ete͡c̸te̢d̸! En̕ter ́a̴t͜ you̕r oẁn ͏r̛i͏sk!
.̕.̨.F͏o͡o͜lish͢ ̧R͠e̡àl͢-Lif̸e͟ Bet̸a̡ Man̕.͞ ̡D͜id ̢ỳou͜ re͟ally ͞th͝i̴nk ̷I'd mi͜s͝s ou͝t̴ on͘ ͟t̨hi͘s̀ ͜ǫpportu̧nit͏y?͢
One more Bio, coming on the next post!
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on January 29th, 2017 at 12:55am Edited on 2017/01/29 at 12:56am
Posted 2017/01/29 at 12:55am Edited 2017/01/29 at 12:56am
Jazz MKII S?N-001

Originally created by Wily as a counter to Bass, Jazz became obsolete and was shut down after being replaced by Proto Man MKII. However,DATA NOT FOUND stole, repaired, and upgraded him, the only thing fueling him (other than the usual, of course) being his hatred.


Dislikes: His CreaTORFOR LE̕AVI̷NG̕ H͜I͘͏͞M̸̛ ̸͢B̴̨E̶̸͝H͘͘Í̸̴̸͢N̷͡D̛́͘
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Posted on February 6th, 2017 at 10:47am
Posted 2017/02/06 at 10:47am
welp gonna need to work on sprites later but im bored and thats the point of this
bass : Copyie

Created by Willy as the bass prototype , now fight for peace with megaman and company or in space with duo
You were expectin a copy joke , but it was me Copyie , yeah realy gonna need to work on cool phrases

Good Point:Big Arsenal , Courage
Bad Point:Easily angered , Childish , Courage
Likes:Good fights , Fighting new people
Dislikes:Cowards , Easy fights

it doenst how much time it take i will make a sprite for Copyie
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Posted on February 6th, 2017 at 4:16pm Edited on 2017/02/06 at 6:35pm
Posted 2017/02/06 at 4:16pm Edited 2017/02/06 at 6:35pm
Might as well through some robots in. Here is the Dr.ERROR Number
Maroon DEN-001
Created this sprite some time ago, just made some minor edits.
Created by Dr.ERROR, who was unfortunately deceased due to one of Wily's creations, Maroon and other robots were to serve no more purpose in life. As a sign of anger, the Marron and the other DENs decieded to wreak havoc on the world.
"If I had a zenny for every time I had a person beg for mercy, I could buy you as my personal training dummy."

Good Point: Sharp Reflexes
Bad Point: Sharp Mouth

Likes: Victory over enemies.
Dislikes: All forms of affection
Orodox DEN-002
Created this just now. May or may not update it later.
Another one of the DEN robots. This one with the power to turn water in to ice and vice versa.
My identity is not Important. That is for me to know and you to keep out of.

Good Point: Always vigilant.
Bad Point: Always vigilant.

Likes: Gathering intel
Dislikes: Other people snooping around on him.

And here's Proto Man MKII. haven't really found out how to put him into a certain set yet.
Proto Man MKII SWN-00Ω
Originally V6, but recently added the cape, making it V7/V6.2
Ahh, Proto Man MKII. He is the definition of pure evil. He is the successor to Proto Man/Jazz. He believes he is Wily's Greatest robot and could live up to the title.
Hmph. Enough games. Show me what you've got., or meet your demise.

Good Point: Excellent at combat.
Bad Point: Arrogant.

Likes: Crushing the souls of the weak.
Dislikes: Losing.
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Posted on April 28th, 2018 at 1:40am Edited on 2018/04/28 at 1:50am
Posted 2018/04/28 at 1:40am Edited 2018/04/28 at 1:50am
ring-man Super Ringman NRQ-11+
Death Space

The Power Of Deady!

Good Point:RDash Teams Up!
Bad Point:Weakness...

Likes:Star Crash
Dislikes:Call Me Loser.
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Master Alicia
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Posted on April 28th, 2018 at 3:31am Edited on 2018/04/28 at 7:44pm
Posted 2018/04/28 at 3:31am Edited 2018/04/28 at 7:44pm
proto-man Alicia Nightcap

Ha is that the best that you can do? Hmph! I will see that you can beat me!

Good point: Capable of fighting, Team ups and capable of dodging
Bad point: None

Likes: Challenging them, Watching YouTube, Doing everything and Sleeping
Dislikes: None
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Posted on August 28th, 2018 at 4:47am Edited on 2018/08/30 at 8:38am
Posted 2018/08/28 at 4:47am Edited 2018/08/30 at 8:38am
Copy Botcrash-man DCR-001
If you think you can beat me, HA! Your attributes are no match back out now or you will face True Defeat

Created by Dr.Aper and Dr.Light for stealth missions, Hunting and hacking

Good point: Intelligent, Skilled hunter, Self-aware

Bad point: Cocky, Love copying

Likes: Copyingduh, Video games, Technology

Dislikes: Idiots, Loud robots

Duply Manjewel-man DCR-002
Trying to copy the almighty? Your Joking...

Created by Dr.Aper and Dr.Light to accompany Copy bot

Good point: Intelligent, Skilled hunter, Fast

Bad point: Can be noisy, arrogant

Likes: Copyingduh, Youtube, Video games

Dislikes: Losing , Cocky

I know it sucks (also I don't insert Images)
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