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moveset again for fighting games

February 10th, 2017 at 10:34am
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its the same stuff again but with the infinity gem or starforce system

So this is how it works:

you can put real life martial art moves here and you dont need to put all ways you can do the same attack
Normal moves:
Low Punch:

Medium Punch:

High Punch:
Low Kick:

Medium Kick:

High Kick:

Special Moves:
In this part you put all the not hyper specials for your characters
For example for a hadouken put (down,downforward,forward punch/kick and like marvel vs capcom it can be double the the input or just 2 punches/kicks)

You can put to an max of 5 to 7 specials (not counting special abilities like strider wall climb
Special1: (input)
Special2: (input)
Special3: (input)
Special4: (input)
Special5: (input)

And now for the part everyone likes the hyper combos
put 1 to 3 bar level hypers
for level 1 put 3 hypers max ,2 bars 1 or 2 specials max ,3 bars 1 hyper max
you dont need to put all bar levels

1 Bar :
Hyper combo 1: (input)
Hyper combo 2: (input)
Hyper combo 3: (input)

2 Bars
Hyper combo 1: (input)
Hyper combo 2: (input)

3 Bars
Hyper combo : (input)

taunts and quotes
how will be your character quotes pre-battle and win quotes
you dont need to put this part
for special quotes you can put as many as you want
if you want put people you dont even know for give that extra spirit of fighting game

Pre-battle quotes:
special pre-battle quote:

win quotes:
special win quotes

and the new stuff starforce tehy give special abilities and some have affinities with the character but only one giving buffs like super armor,clones,special shields and keep the normal effect of the star
can be used only once in a match

field-star_cuttercutter:gives 0/2 extra damage of your attacks
field-star_impactimpact:gives extra damage for physical attacks
field-star_freezefreeze:freezes the enemy after a combo
field-star_explodeexplode:your projectiles throw your opponent with an explosion
field-star_flameflame:gives more damage during a combo
field-star_electricelectric:stun the enemy with a projectile
field-star_timetime:slow the enemy
field-star_earthearth:gives physical attack resistance
field-star_windwind:trows wind projectiles when you attack
field-star_waterwater:makes you jump higher (this is actualy importamt as marvel vs capcom is air combo based
field-star_swiftswift:makes you faster
field-star_naturenature:gives you ability to regenerate health
field-star_missilemissile:all your projectiles home your enemy
field-star_crystalcrystal:gives you ability to regenerate the hyper bar
field-star_shadowshadow:turns you invisible
field-star_spacespace:makes your opponent fall slower
field-star_shieldshield:gives projectile resistance
field-star_laserlaser:gives you projectile extra damage

and thats it
well i dont care if this dont be as popular as i think or heck even be locked i just want to make something for people to have fun
and also something that no one have ever made.........................................................................
moveset again for fighting games
Posted by Copyie on February 10th, 2017 at 10:34am
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Posted on February 10th, 2017 at 11:55am Edited on 2017/03/06 at 11:13am
Posted 2017/02/10 at 11:55am Edited 2017/03/06 at 11:13am
well here is an example
bass : Copyie

Bio:Created by dr Willy during MM6 now fight for justice with megaman and his friends
Occupation:Space Marshal
Abilities:Copy any attack by seeing
Weapon:double copy buster

Low Punch:jab
Down:crounch jab
Jumping:jumping jab

Medium Punch:hook
Jumping: Down hook
Forward: Charge

High Punch:Buster shot (hold charge buster shot)
Down Punch: Metal Blade
Jumping:Down Metal Blade
Forward: Flame Sword

Low Kick:side kick
Down:crounch kick
Jumping:jumping kick

Medium Kick:knee attack
Down:slide attack
Jumping:jumping heavy kick

High Kick: Fire Storm
Down: Charge Kick
Jumping: Air Shooter

Special1: Copy Attack(imitate a random opponent special (down,downforward,forward low or medium punch)
Special2: Thunder Beam (Down,downforward,forward high punch)
Special3: Astro Heavy Uppercut (use hard knucle with astro crush and do an uppercut (forward,down,downforward punch)
Special4: Charge Oil Slider (use charge kick and oil slider and make a super slide (down,downforward,forward kick)
Special5:Metal Fire Blade Boomerang (use Fire Storm and Metal Blade and Quick Boomerang and do a fire blade boomerang (down,downbackward,backward punch)

1 Bar :
Hyper combo 1: Galaxy Crush (using Astro Crush and Star Crash Copyie unleahes a massive attack of falling planets from space (down,downforward,forward punchx2)
Hyper combo 2: Ultra Flame Sword (use all his fire powers on Flame sword unleshing a gigantic fire sword slash(forward,down,downforward punchx2)
Hyper combo 3: Time Destroyer (use Flash Stopper and puts many Crash Bombs,Magnet Missiles and Dive Torpedos (down,downbackward,backward punchx2 grab)

2 Bars
Hyper combo 1: The ultimte Copy Attack (imitate a random opponent hyper in level 1 or 2 bars (down,downforward,forward kickx2

3 Bars
Hyper combo : Chaos Blaster (Copyie ultimate attack ,Copyie use all his weapons with his two busters creating a gigantic red and black laser but giving Copyie a big damage (backward,downbackward,down,downforward,forward punchx2)

Taunt:Copyie shot a fake buster shot

Pre-battle quote1:Wich weapon will you gave me
Pre-battle quote2:Show me your ultimate attack so i can copy it right away

special pre-battle quote1 (vs megaman:Sup Rock want to fight
special pre-battle quote2 (vs bass:Bass are you here to challenge me ?
special pre-battle quote3 (vs protoman:Blues give me that sunglasses you already have an other outside your helmet
special pre-battle quote4 (vs betaman:Betaman thats your name right mind sparing a bit with me
special pre-battle quote5 (vs duo:Megaman ,Protoman , and Bass i beat those three its your turn now duo
special pre-battle quote6: (vs Baloonman:Okay now whos next ...ballons?,ballons!,ballons!!... okay whatever give me your best shot
(gonna do more of this as i put beta and ballon were in the original thread) special pre-battle quote7: (vs any other beta alt:so you are that guy but not that guy?
special pre-battle quote8: (vs Ninjaman:Willy made you and you say to be stronger then bass right? well gotta do usual stuff other dimension bro
(just as Beta says this people will probably not even show up but lets go) special pre-battle quote9: (vs Protoman mk II:another Blues but whats with this one
special pre-battle quote10: (vs Megaboy:good skills right there i might sound like a crazy guy but lets test our

win quote1:He nice attack right there im sure it will be useful
win quote2:Well now thats was an good fight
special win quote1:I beat you again Rock go back to your training
special win quote2:Bass can you stop your dog it is irritating me
special win quote3:Ok gimme that sunglsses now
special win quote4:Well now im exited to fight eveyone in your dimension ask me if you want a remacht beta
special win quote5:Well i beat Trio this technicaly made me stronger than you
special win quote6:Those ballons were realy tough i just dont know if i want to use it you know ... ballons ... how did ballons almost beat me
special win quote7:Ok gonna need an explanation and check if my A.I is not crazy
special win quote8:Dammit why Willy keeps creating crazy for fight robots ... wait , forget what i just said
special win quote9:Another Blues you say , do you have two sunglasses to because you know
special win quote10:Nice shooting that will go well in my next mission

and thats second editon of my character
probably not gonna uptade the whole thing again until the new marvel vs capcom release and update the infinity gem system and maybe even something new
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on February 10th, 2017 at 6:38pm Edited on 2017/02/10 at 8:29pm
Posted 2017/02/10 at 6:38pm Edited 2017/02/10 at 8:29pm
So you're doing this again? I don't remember if I did this before or not, but...

Name: Beta Man
Bio: Created by Dr. Light after the events of Mega Man 10, Beta is the first of the All-Star Numbers, created to assist humanity and, if necessary, help Mega Man to protect the world. However, Beta now fights on his own alongside MegaBoy.
Occupation: Hero (Original All-Star Robot)
Abilities: Shadow-based Abilities, Variable Weapons System
Weapon: [Beta Blast](shadow_explode}- A ball of shadow energy created to explode on contact or by command.
Model: ASN-001

Low Punch: Jab
Down: Low Jab
Jumping: Mid-Air Jab
Forward: Dash Jab

Medium Punch: Punch
Down: Uppercut
Jumping: Downwards Punch
Forward: Dash Punch

High Punch: Beta Punch- Mega Arm, but Shadow-Core
Down: Shadow Rapier- Those swords used in fencing
Jumping: Double Arm Slam
Forward: Beta Uppercut- Mega Upper from Marvel vs. Capcom (I think?) but with Shadow Energy.

Low Kick: Low Kick
Down: Sweep
Jumping: Mid-Air Sweep
Forward: Sliding Sweep

Medium Kick: Kick
Down: Spinning Kick
Jumping: Mid-Air Stomp
Forward: Slide

High Kick: Punt
Down: Back-Flip Kick
Jumping: Top Spin (Actual MM3 Version)
Forward: Mega Slide + Mega Ball

Special 1: Beta Blast
Special 2: Metal Blade
Special 3: Skull Barrier
Special 4: Noise Crush
Special 5: Black Hole

1 Bar
Hyper Combo 1: Shadow Overdrive
Hyper Combo 2: Skull Trail- Skull Barrier skulls used more for offensive purposes rather than defensive, using them to travel around the screen, damaging opponents that come into contact.
Hyper Combo 3: Spark Chaser

2 Bars
Hyper Combo 1: Confetti Blast- Beta throws multiple Beta Blasts into the air, raining down on the field and exploding on opponents they have contact with or on the floor.
Hyper combo 2: Beta Wave- Beta charges up energy in his Beta Blast, making it bigger and stronger.

3 Bars
Hyper Combo: [Beta Wave X- Beta Man's ultimate attack. He charges up a Beta Blast then turns it into an explosive blast of Shadow Energy. However, this uses up some of Beta's Battery Power, causing him to grow tired. If one is to survive long enough against it, it could be their chance to retaliate!

Starforce System: (APPARENTLY I CAN'T DO STARFORCE SO INPUT SHADOW STAR HERE) Beta (Because apparently custom starforce is allowed)- Beta Man's Shadow-Core Attacks are Doubled in Damage

Taunt: Beta Man takes a sip from one of 3 drinks: A regular can of soda, An E-Tank (does not refill HP), or a plain cup of water.

Pre-Battle Quote 1: "Alright, who's up?"
Pre-Battle Quote 2: "Ready?"
Pre-Battle Quote 3: "Prepare to face a TRUE All-Star!"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 1 (VS. Mega Man): "Let's go, Rock!"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 2 (VS. Bass): "Let's see how strong you REALLY are, Bass."
Special Pre-Battle Quote 3 (VS. Proto Man): "I'm ready for you, Blues!"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 4 (VS. Duo): "Duo? What brings you here?"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 5 (VS. Copyie): "...Do I... Know you?"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 6 (VS. Ninja Man): "Ugh, Ninja Man, what does it take to get away from you?"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 7 (VS. Bt Ghost): "You really think you can stand a chance against me?"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 8 (VS. Beta Serif): "Whoa! Is that... Me?"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 9 (VS. MegaBoy even though he might not come to this thread): "Ready to spar, MegaBoy?"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 10 (VS. D̡͠A̢̡T͘͢A ́͟E͢R͘͡RÒR̸): "You seem... Familiar."

Win Quote 1: "Victory for me!"
Win Quote 2: "So, who's next?"
Win Quote 3: "On to the next battle!"
Special Win Quote 1 (VS. Mega Man): "Hey, I actually won!"
Special Win Quote 2 (VS. Bass): "So much for 'the strongest robot'! Hey, how's beating Mega Man going for you?"
Special Win Quote 3 (VS. Proto Man): "Sorry, Blues, but you know that things advance over time!"
Special Win Quote 4 (VS. Duo): "I still don't know why you're here, but I appreciate the training!"
Special Win Quote 5 (VS. Copyie): "...So you're from another world, you say? Well, it was certainly nice to meet you."
Special Win Quote 6 (VS. Ninja Man) "There, I won. Now stop following me everywhere I go!"
Special Win Quote 7 (VS. Bt Ghost) "NOW do you remember who the better model is?"
Special Win Quote 8 (VS. Beta Serif) "...That was... Something."
Special Win Quote 9 (VS. MegaBoy) "Well, looks like I won!"

I also plan on doing some of my other characters (clearly), but it seems there isn't really much room, so more on my next post!
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Beta Shadow
36,725,900 BP
38 TP | 2122 PP
Posted on February 10th, 2017 at 8:31pm
Posted 2017/02/10 at 8:31pm
Name: Ninja Man
Bio: The second of the Hidden Wily Number series, robots created by Wily mainly to be a major asset to the team, with some of them (Ninja Man especially) designed to counter Dr. Light's All-Star Numbers. Ninja Man calls himself Wily's Best Creation, and sometimes argue with his fellow Wily-Bots about this issue. Though he TRULY holds this title due to his royalty, the one thing other "Best Creations" usually lack. ...Speaking of, uh... Don't ask about HWN-001.
Occupation: Loyal Wily-Bot
Abilities: Wall-Cling
Weapon: Ninja Katana - Basically, a Swift/Cutter Z-Saber in the shape of a Katana. This was created as a prototype version of the said weapon.
Model: HWN-002

Low Punch: Jab
Down: Low Jab
Jumping: Downwards Jab
Forward: Dash

Medium Punch: Chop
Down: Rising Chop
Jumping: Downwards Punch
Forward: Dashing Chop

High Punch: Ninja Katana
Down: Rising Slash
Jumping: Midair Slash
Forward: Dashing Slash

Low Kick: Weak Kick
Down: Sweep
Jumping: Midair Punt
Forward: Knee

Medium Kick: Kick
Down: Standing Knee
Jumping: Midair Knee
Forward: Dash Kick

High Kick: Break Dash
Down: Charge Kick
Jumping: Top Spin
Forward: Dashing Tengu Blade

Special 1: Shadow Blade
Special 2: Top Spin (THIS time it's the MMRPG Version)
Special 3: Fire Chaser
Special 4: Rebound Striker
Special 5: Wheel Cutter

1 Bar
Hyper Combo 1: Super Shadow Blade- Ninja Man tosses a big Shadow Blade at the target!
Hyper Combo 2: Time Accelerate- Speeds up Ninja Man by twice his regular speed!
Hyper Combo 3: Katana Frenzy- Multiple slashes from the Ninja Katana.

2 Bars
Hyper Combo 1: Brutal Strike- Ninja Man uses Shadow Blade like a sword, slashing through his target's weak spot to cause crucial damage!
Hyper combo 2: Infernal Fire Chaser- Ninja Man uses Fire Chaser like a flamethrower to create a powerful attack!

3 Bars
Hyper Combo: Ninja Suit- Ninja Man changes into his Ninja Suit, increasing his speed as well as the strength of all his Swift-Core attacks!

Starforce System: (INSERT SWIFT STARFORCE HERE) Ninja- Enables Ninja Man to aim Shadow Blades to act like they home in on opponents!

Taunt: Ninja Man crosses his arms and chuckles.

Pre-Battle Quote 1: "You ready to face Wily's Best Creation?"
Pre-Battle Quote 2: "I shall strike you down!"
Pre-Battle Quote 3: "Hmph. You hardly stand a chance."
Special Pre-Battle Quote 1 (VS. Mega Man): "Mega Man! I have been ordered by Wily to exterminate you!"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 2 (VS. Bass): "Alright, Bass, time to see who's truly the strongest!"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 3 (VS. Beta Man or Beta Serif): "Beta Man! The time has come to end our rivalry! Now face your destruction!"
Special Pre-Battle Quote 4 (VS. D̡͠A̢̡T͘͢A ́͟E͢R͘͡RÒR̸): "...You look like one of Wily's robots... But your expression..."

Win Quote 1: "Another victory for me!"
Win Quote 2: "You're finished."
Win Quote 3: "You were facing a ninja, you should've expected a quick victory for me!"
Special Win Quote 1 (VS. Mega Man): "Mission complete. Returning to Wily Castle."
Special Win Quote 2 (VS. Bass): "You know, Bass, strength isn't everything. Use that knowledge next time you face Mega Man."
Special Win Quote 3 (VS. Beta Man or Beta Serif): "Finally, end of the line for you, Beta!"

I might do more in the future.
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Posted on December 16th, 2017 at 10:56am Edited on 2018/01/18 at 5:38pm
Posted 2017/12/16 at 10:56am Edited 2018/01/18 at 5:38pm
Instead of just using Rotom, I'm going to put a twist on things.

Name: Rotom Matter
Bio: After gathering a metric *REGGAE'D*ton evil energy, Rotom was suddenly overtaken by a mysterious, evil force called Dark Matter, who wants to return everything back to the void.
Occupation: Haxor Extraordinaire Manifestation of All Negative Emotions
Abilities: Turning non-mechanical entities into stone by siphoning their life energy, mind-controlling those with darkness in their heart to an extent (none of these show up in battle, except in its level 3 hyper combo)
Weapon: Void Rail Buster
Model: ???-479?

Normal Moves:


Low Punch: Jab
Down: Crouching Jab
Jumping: Aerial Jab
Forward: Oil Slider Punch

Medium Punch: Regular Attack
Down: Anti-Air Thundershock (attacks directly above the user, functioning like an uppercut)
Jumping: Dark Uproar
Forward: Sucker Punch

High Punch: Empty Shot
Down: Anti-Air Empty Shot
Jumping: Anti-Ground Empty Shot
Forward: Empty Shot


Low Kick: Weak Kick
Down: Charge Kick
Jumping: Dive Kick
Forward: Cold Wall

Medium Kick: Regular Attack
Down: Crouching Regular Attack
Jumping: Aerial Regular Attack
Forward: Regular Attack

High Kick: Facekick
Down: Somersault Kick
Jumping: Flying Kick
Forward: Spin Kick

Special Moves:

Special1: Shadow Casting: Takes aim at the foe with the Void Rail Buster, and fires a dark projectile.
Special2: Mow Down: Attacks the surroundings of the user.
Special3: Dark Spire: As long as you hold the button, a red tile will travel along the floor. When the button is released, a dark spike will rise out of the red tile to deal uppercut-level damage)
Special4: Animosity Bomber: Throws a ball of animosity in an arc at the foe. This also reduces the foe's recoverable health.
Special5: Blowback Shade: Produces a tornado that does little damage, but has high knockback.

Hyper Combos:

1 Bar :
Hyper combo 1: Frustration: Does more damage depending on how low the user's health is.
Hyper combo 2: Foul Play: Uses a stronger version of the a foe's special against them, decided randomly.
Hyper combo 3: Hex: Reduces the foe's recoverable health instead of doing damage regularly.

2 Bars
Hyper combo 1: Pain Split: Averages the user's and the foe's health. Useful when you're at a disadvantage.
Hyper combo 2: Facade: Does more damage depending on how low the user's recoverable health is.

3 Bars
Hyper combo: Turn To Stone: This attack takes a pretty long time to charge, but if it's pulled off, the foe is instakilled, unless they're a machine, in which case it does immense damage and restores Rotom Matter's Health proportional to the amount of damage dealt.

field-star_empty Starforce System: Empty: Makes all of the user's attacks power up considerably, but lasts only for a shorter amount of time.

Pre-battle quotes:
PBQ1: ThIS is wHat yoUr neGAtiviTy hAS borNe! THis doOm iS of YOur OWn maKing!
PBQ2: You inVitEd tHIs upOn yoUrseLVes!
PBQ3: THis iS yoUR eND!!
Special pre-battle quotes:
SPBQ1 (Vs. Rotom or Yveltal): YoU! ArE yOU noT oNE Of tHe paWns I CoNtroLLed?

Win Quotes:
WQ1: AlL whO OppOSE mE WilL be DESTroyed!
WQ2: ThiS iS tHE WiLL oF ThE UniVERse! YoU'Ve GoT nO cHOicE bUt tO AcCEpT iT!
WQ3: ThIS uNiVERse CreATed Me... ThE DarKnESS iN yoUr HEarTs.
WQ4: LoOk aT YoU, coMPareD tO tHe uniVERse. YoU aRE tOo SmAll tO Do aNYthiNg. YoU aRE tOo weAk.
WQ5: WhAt CaN suCh SmaLL, weAk cReaTures dO? NoTHing. So GiVE uP.
WQ6: YOu aRe WeAK, UsEleSS, PowErLess. YOu cAn dO noTHinG!
Special Win Quotes:
(coming soon i guess)
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