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Char's Art Requests 'n Stuff

July 14th, 2017 at 11:42am
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Welcome my dude

hHey hey hey, look who it is after a whole year! It's Char!
Considering that I now have a much better grasp on... Art and my coloring, and how to do these sorts of drawings quickly, I've decided to revamp this thing (er, mostly because of SSN, but shhh). There have only been a few changes though, so don't flip out.
For starters, people will no longer get a piece with full lineart and all the works (shading, lighting, etc), but it will range from a full body, a bust, or from the knees/thighs up.
Also, don't worry, I will be finishing all of the requests I got such a long time ago. Well, except for madman... Absolutely disgusting...

Examples of my art
fullbody thighs/knees up bust

-Each person may request ONE thing at a time
-A limit of two characters per image (this may change over time)
-Try not to pester me about your request, please
-No NSFW requests (such as: Gore/Guro, anything lewd, risque stuff, etc.)
-If you are asking me to draw your OC (Original Character), please provide a reference if you have one. If you do not a picture of your OC, a detailed description will do just fine. (I ask for a few references for clothing, hairstyle, etc. if you give me a written description, please!)

Now, lets get to what I will and will NOT draw.

What I WILL NOT draw
-Lewd stuff: no robots in their robotic undies, sorry man :/
-OC x Canon: commission me on deviantart for that, buckaroo
-Gore/Guro: i really gotta pound this in a head
-Mechas/big heckin robots: can't draw em, i dont wanna disappoint you ;u;

What I will GLADLY draw
-Characters from anything
-if i didn't state it in the "will not draw" section, i'll probably draw it

Waiting Room
...[to be continued//>

In Progress
...[to be continued//>

-thehungrypacman: Hungry (OC)
-ThatOneEnder: Weather Man (MM9 Concept)
-NiceIce: Ice Man (MM Character)
-Copyie: Johnny Joestar (JJBA Character)
-Musical: Winston (OC)
-MegaBossMan: Cut Man (MM Character)
...[to be continued//>

-I have a right to decline your request for whatever reason I see fit.
-I'm one person, I can't do 50 billion things at once
-This is mostly for practice~
Now that that's all said and done, gimmie somethin' to draw, dang it
Char's Art Requests 'n Stuff
Posted by Charchar on July 14th, 2017 at 11:42am
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Posted on May 13th, 2019 at 3:10am
Posted 2019/05/13 at 3:10am
Never mind that,
Either do Art of:
Magnet Man
Quick Man
Or my Own OC on my first post
^ Top

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