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Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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Based on Copyie's old Fighting Game Thread, this one is designed with a storyline... Except not really. It HAS a storyline, but other than the character's ending or how they fit into the story (the latter of which is optional), the "storyline" won't be further expanded upon, and is mostly there for cosmetics (and I say that because I couldn't think of the word I was ACTUALLY looking for).

A new source of power, known as the Ultra Gems, have been noticed worldwide. Many people wish to obtain them all for different reasons: Greed, to get stronger, for research, or to destroy them. However, with so many people fighting over them, it has been decided to hold a tournament... And the winner gets to keep all the Ultra Gems. There are 6 different kinds of Ultra Gems: Power, Defense, Speed, Intelligence, Skill, and Recovery. Will you be the one to obtain them all?
The Ultra Gems, despite being the ones fought for in the game, are usable in-game as power-ups, like the Infinity Stones from MvC Infinity, except they don't have any form of extra attack. Here are the effects below in case you are curious:
None- Fight without the help of an Ultra Gem.
Power- Increases attack power.
Defense- Decreases damage taken and removes flinching and knockback.
Speed- Increases movement speed.
Intelligence- Creates a duplicate of your character to deal extra damage as well as use of a meat shield.
Skill- Access to all of the character's fighting styles. (Up for heavy, down for low)
Recovery- Gives the character health regeneration.
Character Sheet (Italics are optional):

Basic Info
Fighting Style: (Matches those of the Ultra Gems. Power is stronger attacks, defense is stronger blocking, speed is faster, skill is faster attack, recovery is more health, and intelligence is well-rounded)
Classification: (Ex. Super Fighting Robot, Electric Mouse Pokemon, World-Class Fighter)

Normal Punch:
Heavy Punch:
Low Punch:
Midair Punch:

Normal Kick:
Heavy Kick:
Low Kick:
Midair Kick:

Normal Special:
Heavy Special:
Low Special:

Power Gauge
Hyper Attack: (1 Bar)
Ultra Attack: (2 Bars)
Omega Attack: (3 Bars, can be used for Transformation)
Transformation Omega Attack: (3 Bars, Transformations only)

Taunt Animation:
Taunt Quote 1:
Taunt Quote 2:
Taunt Quote 3:

Intro Quotes
Intro Quote 1:
Intro Quote 2:
Intro Quote 3:
Special Intro Quote 1: (Can add more than one)
Special Team Intro Quote 1: (Can also add more than one)

Victory Quotes
Victory Quote 1:
Victory Quote 2:
Victory Quote 3:
Special Victory Quote 1: (Can add more than one)

Intro/Victory Animations
Intro Animation 1:
Intro Animation 2:
Intro Animation 3:
Victory Animation 1:
Victory Animation 2:
Victory Animation 3:


I will make my own example possibly tomorrow. Also, while I said you could make more than 1 Special Intro/Team/Victory Quote, at least TRY to make everything fit into one post. To be on the safe side, I made the character's ending optional.
A Fighting Game Moveset Maker with a Storyline... Kinda.
Posted by Beta Shadow on December 14th, 2017 at 9:20pm
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Posted on May 29th, 2019 at 12:31pm
Posted 2019/05/29 at 12:31pm
Name: Techno
Fighting Style: Speed (Thanks a lot past me) I could put Defense but I don't think that's a loud
Classification: Turbo Fighting Robot

Normal Punch: Straight Jab
Heavy Punch: Charged Uppercut
Low Punch: Buster Swipe
Midair Punch: Techno Burst- A blast from his Buster knocking the opponent back to the ground

Normal Kick: A Kick
Heavy Kick: Flame Kick- A technique from Torch Man, A Fast Flaming Kick dealing Massive damage
Low Kick: Air Dash
Midair Kick: Dropkick- If it hits the use jumps of the opponent using a grounded attack only

Normal Special: Techno Blast- A Ball of Wind going at an arc. If it catches the enemy it will bring the enemy back to Techno
Heavy Special: Techno Ball- Techno Man turns into a ball then charges at the opponent multiple times before ending with a Slash Claw. The Slash Claw can be angled Up, Down or in front dealing extra damage if the opponent makes contact with something.
Low Special:Techno Curse- The user sends out a Missile, if it hits the opponent, it will releases either a small blob of ink keeping the opponent in place until it fades away, A bomb, which does small damage every second until it goes away, or an energy-based Nuke dealing massive damage to the enemy

Power Gauge (Exclusive to this)
Hyper Attack: Techno Shadow- Techno Made Summons a Duplicate doing the exact same as him (HP: 100)
Ultra Attack: Techno Strike- If the opponent is close enough, then he dashes across the screen with Techno Ball and finishes of with Techno using Hard Knuckle To knock them back.
(Not Exclusive to this)
Omega Attack: Super Techno
Transformation Omega Attack: Techno Flames- Super Techno Engulfs himself in Purple Flames then goes on a rampage as he sends out Small Flames on the field, some he freezing them or Slowing them down.

Taunt Animation: Like Heat Man's (Current) Victory Animation
Taunt Quote 1: Nice Try, Idiot.

Intro Quotes
Intro Quote 1: Oh Boy! A new Challenger
Intro Quote 2: There's no point of wasting your efforts on the one who's obviously gonna beat you.
Intro Quote 3: Speed is the way to go!
Special Intro Quote 1: (Can add more than one)
Special Team Intro Quote 1: (Mega Man) Let's Make Dr.Light Proud!

Victory Quotes
Victory Quote 1: Nice Match! I hope I can see you after the tourament
Victory Quote 2: That's not it...
Victory Quote Guts Man Exclusive: Now! Guts Man.
Special Victory Quote 1: (Proto Man MKII) I was expecting an Upgraded Model not something Equivalent or out right awful.
Special Victory Quote 2: (Remix) And you're the world's "First" Creation...
Special Victory Quote 3: (Enka) Like PMMKII You're to weak to be an upgrade...

Intro/Victory Animations
Intro Animation 1: Uses the Chaos Emerald to Warp
Intro Animation 2: Uses the Chaos Emerald to Warp, Protected in Electricity Preparing for the fight
Intro Animation 3: Falls onto the stage, then weeps as his head become disproportionate to his body.
Victory Animation 1: Waves his finger with a cheeky Smile
Victory Animation 2: Thumbs Up the camera then warps with the Chaos Emerald
Victory Animation 3: Gets Falcon Punched by Guts Man

Bio: Techno was made by Dr.Light to assist Mega Man at first. After he was finished, Dr.Light reprogrammed him assist him if he can't do it. So now Techno is most likely Battle and Racing against Quick Man, Fuse Man, Nitro Man, A Very Fast Runner or Pluto so them how fast and strong he is. Instead, of doing what Dr.Light made him do he still do it if he does fail but he either does that or something else.
Thanks to Plug Man, he watches Anime and Transform into Super Techno.
Hey, I got the Ultra Gems
Well Done, Techno I will call you back if this gets stolen, but for now it will be hidden in a secret place
Techno manages to absorbs all of the Gems before he gave it to Light
I wonder why this was so popular, it's just another way to proof how able I am
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