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Make-a-Moveset Super Smash bros edition

August 24th, 2018 at 8:27am
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This is was inspired by Copyie and Beta man ¬_¬

Update 1: You can use characters from any universe but you have to include what series they're from.
Update 2: Double Posting is allowed here
Update 3: You Can make items and Assist Trophies of your choice!

Power- Packs a punch, gets combo'ed easily and has a hard time starting combo
Speed- Fast (duh), Lack KO options but their combo game work wonders
All-Round- Good/Decent in every department
Unique- Has abilities that other fighters don't e.g Glide
Defensive- Relying on using projectiles to zone the opponents



Up tilt:

Down tilt:

Forward tilt:

Dash attack:

Forward Smash:

Down Smash:

Up Smash:

Neutral Aerial:

Forward Aerial:

Back Aerial:

Down Aerial:

Up Aerial:



Up throw:

Down throw:

Forward throw:

Back throw:

Normal Special:

Forward Special:

Down Special:

Up Special:

Final Smash:


Victory theme

Animation 1:

Animation 2:

Animation 3:

Victory Music:

Roles/Lines (Adventure)


(became a common thing due to StupidStudiosN)


If you have any problems with the "Fanic" please mention it in your post.

Zair- a long-range item for the user to use as a way to get back on the stage ... (Why do I have to update)
Make-a-Moveset Super Smash bros edition
Posted by Techno on August 24th, 2018 at 8:27am
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on March 23rd, 2019 at 1:33pm Edited on 2019/03/23 at 5:14pm
Posted 2019/03/23 at 1:33pm Edited 2019/03/23 at 5:14pm
Hm, let's see... I've done Beta Man, Ninja Man, Sergeant Man, Epsilon, and Ninja Man Z, with Bt Ghost and Beta Man Z are assist trophies...

Alright, I think I know what my next step is.

Beta Shadow

Archetype: All-Round


Jab: Punch, Punch, Kick
Up Tilt: Upwards Kick
Down Tilt: Stomp
Forward Tilt: Knee
Dash Attack: Charges Forwards with a Knee.

Forward Smash: Kick
Down Smash: Punches the ground, causing rubble to rise from the ground.
Up Smash: Backflip

Neutral Aerial: Spin
Forward Aerial: Forwards Dropkick (I guess)
Back Aerial: Backwards Chop
Down Aerial: Foot Dive
Up Aerial: Upwards Headbutt

Grab: Grabs the foe by the "collar" with one hand.
Pummel: Slaps foes to the face.
Up Throw: Tosses the foe into the air.
Down Throw: Slams the foe into the ground and smashes them with both hands.
Forward Throw: Drops the foe and quickly follows up with a heavy punt.
Back Throw: Tosses the foe backwards, then fires an energy blast back.

Normal Special: Element Ball- Launches a ball of elemental energy that varies in colors based on the MMRPG types, but doesn't change in effect.
Forward Special: Obsidian-Tipped Diamond Sword- Dashes forwards with his obsidian-tipped Diamond Sword, swiping at foes with a good amount of armor piercing.
Down Special: Explosive Barrel- Places down an explosive barrel that explodes when hit. Beta Shadow can place down 3 at a time.
Up Special: Warp- Beta Shadow simply warps from one point to another, evading damage.

Final Smash: Ka Ka Kachi Daze- Beta Shadow transforms into Full Release Shadow and proceeds to rapidly beat up the nearest opponent in front of him before releasing a powerful beam of energy to finish off the opponent, as well as dealing a large amount of damage to anyone who happens to be in the way.

Up Taunt: Beta Shadow fist-pumps the air. "Yeah!"
Side Taunt: Raises a peace sign to the screen.
Down Taunt: Suddenly transforms into another variant of Beta Man and poses before turning back:
Beta Man- This Pose:
Beta Man Z- Clutches his fist in front of himself, the fist surrounded with a shadowy flame.
Beta Serif- Does a Sans-like shrug.
(More to come. Probably.)

Animation 1: Slowly gets out of a meditation position before releasing energy. "I didn't even use 1% of my power..."
Animation 2: Tosses his obsidian-tipped Diamond Sword into the air and catches it before raising it to the air.
Animation 3: Stands crossed-armed and eyes closed next to a podium holding the Anti-Omni Meme, before opening his eyes to look at the screen. "You underestimate the power of the memes."
Victory Theme: Mega Man 9- We're the Robots


The top half of the alts are based on some of my favorite characters, as well as two of Beta Shadow's forms. The bottom half are based off of the Beta Shadow variants from The Absurd Roleplay.

Base: Purple/Pinkish-Purple- The basic colors for Beta Shadow.
Alt 1: Green/White- Yoshi (Super Mario series)
Alt 2: Purplish-Pink/Red- Marx (Kirby series)
Alt 3: Pink/Blue- Mew (Pokemon series. The blue is Mew's eye color)
Alt 4: Yellow/Purple- Golden Frieza (Dragon Ball Super)
Alt 5: Blue/Greenish-Yellow- Jevil (Deltarune)
Alt 6: Silver Hair- Full Release Shadow (Master Ultra Instinct)
Alt 7: Red/Black w/ Hair- Full Release Devil (Anti-Omni Meme, 100% Corruption)
Alt 8: Flame-Core Colors- Alpha Fire (The Absurd Roleplay)
Alt 9: Electric-Core Colors- Gamma Bolt (The Absurd Roleplay)
Alt 10: Time-Core Colors- Delta Paradox (The Absurd Roleplay)
Alt 11: Freeze-Core Colors- Epsilon Snow (The Absurd Roleplay, ded)
Alt 12: Light Blue/White- Zeta Light (The Absurd Roleplay)
Alt 13: Space-Core Colors- Eta Cosmic (The Absurd Roleplay, unreleased)
Alt 14: Nature-Core Colors- Iota Forest (Conceptual)
Alt 15: Water-Core Colors- Kappa Whirlpool (Conceptual)

Customized Stage, Spirits, and (maybe) more coming soon!
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Posted on March 31st, 2019 at 12:59am Edited on 2019/03/31 at 3:23pm
Posted 2019/03/31 at 12:59am Edited 2019/03/31 at 3:23pm
I remember that I created this abomination of a character like nine months ago as a joke, and I was really interested in this thread because I've adored Smash since I was a young lad, but I didn't want to make a sprite for any character that would take too much effort to make so uhh here's Brenda

Oh no

Brenda was intended to be a support bot similar to that of Roll, Disco, and Rhythm, but while making her, her creator accidentally spilled too much Chemical X™ while making her, and instead of being some sort of cute robot child that knows how to clean, she turned into a gross, lumpy, spiteful woman that wields a Robot Cigarette™ as a weapon.
However, Brenda's fighting style is still reminiscent of her intended purpose as a support bot. Her moveset contains a variety of projectiles, disjointed attacks, and moves utilizing windboxes with the purpose of keeping her foes away and preventing them from attacking her.

Jab: Strikes the foe with her cigarette holder, brandishing it like a spear.
Utilt: Waves her cigarette holder in the air. (like Villager's up tilt but even worse)
Dtilt: Slams her cigarette holder into the ground, generating a violent burst of flames
Ftilt: Waves her cigarette holder like a wand and, generated from the cigarette smoke, summons a smoke hand that does a funky lil slap. Offers a disjointed hitbox similar to Simon's ftilt.
Dash attack: Shoves her hands out, shooting out a puff of smoke that harmlessly pushes away the foe.

Forward Smash: Jabs her cigarette holder out, generating a Smoke Hand that slams its fist onto the ground in front of Brenda.
Down Smash: Leans forward and slams her heel on the ground. Buries grounded foes, spikes those in the air
Up Smash: Holding the cigarette holder in her fist, Brenda delivers a flashy (but rather ineffective) flaming uppercut.

Nair: Generates a ring of smoke around her that pushes foes away.
Fair: Shoots out a short ranged energy shot from her cigarette holder
Bair: Delivers a quick, powerful kick behind her with her heel.
Dair: Does a quick stomp that oddly sends the target upward instead of spiking them.
Uair: Strikes her cigarette holder in the air, which offers strong upward knockback
Zair: Shoots out a long, whispy smoke hand from her cigarette holder, which just harmlessly pushes foes away.

Grab: Grabs at the foe with her smoke hand.
Pummel: Kicks at the foe.
Up throw: Punts the foe away like a football
Down throw: Brenda's smoke hand slams the foe into the ground, burying the foe.
Forward throw: Tosses the foe away with her smoke hand.
Back throw: Grabs the foe and suplexes them

Normal Special: Brenda Buster Works similarly to a Mega Buster. Brenda charges her buster (using her cigarette holder to charge it) and fires off a shot composed of smoke and ink in a horizontal path. When it hits someone, they remain stunned for a relatively short amount of time.
Forward Special: Heel Smash Brenda takes off one of her heels and tosses it. The heel moves in an upward arc and, after completing its path, comes back to Brenda. It can hit its foe multiple times, but while Brenda doesn't have her heel, her run speed is somewhat decreased.
Down Special: Smoke Barrier Brenda generates a barrier of vile smoke that can harmlessly knock back opponents. It can be angled up or down, which changes the angle at which the foe will be knocked back (if angled up, the foe is knocked back at a downward angle, and vice versa). Smoke Barrier can reflect projectiles, but they are reflected at x0.7 of its power and speed.
Up Special: Ink Splat Brenda aims her cigarette holder downwards, and shoots a jet of ink that propels her. It can be angled, but doesn't inflict any damage. Brenda doesn't enter a state of helplessness after using it.

Final Smash: Secondhand Smoke Brenda envelopes a large portion of the stage in a thick, poisonous fog that remains present for almost half of a minute. The fog inflicts constant damage, and those caught in the fog inflict less damage and can be knocked off stage much more easily.

Taunt: Tosses her cigarette holder in the air, then catches it.
Idle Anim. 1: Looks around cautiously
Idle Anim. 2: Waves her cigarette holder in the air as if it were a drum stick.

Alts: hng

Alt 1: Dark Blue. Based off of nothing.
Alt 2: Red heels/lips, Yellow hair. Based off of Roll.
Alt 3: Purple hair/lips, Blue heels. Based off of Disco.
Alt 4: Brown hair, red lips, yellow heels. Based off of Iris.
Alt 1a: Apricot heels, blue lips/bow, light blue hair. Based off of Splash Woman.
Alt 2a: Black heels/bow, white hair, yellow lips. Based off of Slur.
Alt 3a: Red heels, light red lips, blonde hair, blue bow. Based off of Kalinka.
Alt 4a: Dark pink heels/lips, brown hair, green bow. Based off of Ribitta.

Brenda is a disgusting creature.
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Posted on March 31st, 2019 at 3:38am Edited on 2019/03/31 at 6:46am
Posted 2019/03/31 at 3:38am Edited 2019/03/31 at 6:46am


I'll work on Bomberman

Archetype: Defensive

Jab: Punch Punch Headbutt
F-Tilt: Kick
Down tilt: Slide
Up tilt: Flame Uppercut
Dash attack: A headbutt

F Smash: Super Blast- Bomberman punches the opponent if it hits the bomb will detonate
Up Smash: Triple Bomb- Like his F smash Bomberman throws three bombs just barely above his head
D smash: Double Bomb- Throws two bombs below his feet causing to explode

Nair: Kick
Up air: Headbutt
Down air: Throws a bomb below his foot
Forward air: Punches in front
Back air: A weaker reversed Super Blast

Grab: Use his arms
Up throw: Throws the opponent up in the air
Down Throw: Jumps in the air and throw a bomb below
Forward Throw: Punches the opponent
Back Throw: Mario's Back Throw
Pummel: Kicks the opponent

Neutral Special: Bomb
Forward Special: Bomb Kick
Up Special: Rocket Propeller- Get into a rocket and flies in the air dropping bombs if he wants to
Down Special: Bomb Detonator

FS: Danger Bomb Launcher- Bomberman starts launching unites of Danger Bombs (Their Blast Radius is way Bigger than the normal Bombs

Items: Speed Up- Self-explanatory
Bombs Up- More Bombs
Fire Up- Increase the radius of the Bomb's blast
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Posted on March 31st, 2019 at 6:04am Edited on 2019/03/31 at 6:51am
Posted 2019/03/31 at 6:04am Edited 2019/03/31 at 6:51am
Sheesh, you really need to stop dumping garbage drafts after these substantial movesets. Post something that's actually complete, or at the very least draft it elsewhere on Pastebin or whatever Oh yet again, you've dealt with that.

You know nobody else posts mostly empty movesets here. You'll only make a fool of yourself yet again when you don't match up to the rest of us posting properly.
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Posted on March 31st, 2019 at 6:42am Edited on 2019/03/31 at 9:51am
Posted 2019/03/31 at 6:42am Edited 2019/03/31 at 9:51am
@Shiver : When I put W.I.P I mean I don't have the time to finish it.
Also I honestly don't care if its Garbage unless if it have to be good Like you did in Personal
Like I said before the only one who cares is you Shiver
Also you've just seen me update it as well so really why update your post?
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Posted on March 31st, 2019 at 8:25am Edited on 2019/03/31 at 10:33am
Posted 2019/03/31 at 8:25am Edited 2019/03/31 at 10:33am
I'm gonna hold of on The Letter L (Forever probably) and start doing robot masters.

cut-man Cut Man
Good Damage output,but lightweight and small hitboxes on attacks

Jab:Tilt head and snip with scissors

Up tilt:Snip upward

Down tilt:kick

Forward tilt:Punch

Dash attack:Snip Twice

Forward Smash:Throw Scissors forward

Down Smash:Drop Down and spin with scissors in his hands


Neutral Aerial:Spin in panic

Forward Aerial:Snip

Back Aerial:Snip

Down Aerial:Fall downward

Up Aerial:SNIIIP



Up throw:Throws up,and SNIIIIIIP

Down throw:Throws onto the ground and cuts the enemy

Forward throw:throw forward

Back throw:Fall over,throwing the enemy in the proccess

Normal Special:Rolling Cutter

Forward Special:Snipping dash


Up Special:Cutting Jump

Final Smash:Cutting it Up!Does Kung Fu and ends with a deadly SNIIIIIIIIIIP

Taunts:Kung Fu Cut Man: Bang Fist:Fall over

Victory theme:Excerpt from Cutmans theme

Animation 1:Bang Fist

Animation 2:Run around chasing a copy robot

Animation 3:Smashed by a rock

Roles/Lines (Adventure)
Subspace:Is found sleeping in the island with all the R.O.BS.He apparently found out some intel.
World Of Light:First Enemy in the Dark World.He helps a lot with robot master spirits.


Alt:Metal Man alt.Blade Man alt.Needle Man alt.Sword Man alt.Ring Man alt.Gyro Man alt.Yamato Man alt.

Stage:Abandoned Warehouse

Z air:Scissors on a string

Entrance:Falls Down and cuts a log,then bangs his fist

Who should I do next?
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Posted on March 31st, 2019 at 9:53am Edited on 2019/03/31 at 10:35am
Posted 2019/03/31 at 9:53am Edited 2019/03/31 at 10:35am
@The Letter L : I'm assuming he's a speed type

My Custom
Mega Man

Jab: Flame Sword
F-tilt: Rolling Cutter
Up tilt: Mega Upper
Down tilt: Flame Blast
Dash Attack: Charge Kick/ Slide

Forward Smash:Mega Arm
Up Smash: Slash Claw
Down Smash:Scramble Thunder

Nair: Top Spin
Bair: Tengu Blade
Uair: Air Shooter duh
Fair: Thunder Claw
Dair: Laser Trident

Grab: Super Arm
Pummel: Hornet Chaser
Forward: Hard Knuckle
Back: Super Arm
Up:Super Arm
Down Throw: Crash Bomb- Throws the opponent into the ground then shoots a Crash Bomb

Neutral Special:Mega Buster: Fires 3 Buster shots (or More) if charged up however then it will releases a Mega Buster, one massive charged shot
Forward Special: Galaxy Hole- A black Hole sucking any opponent in its way
Up Special: Rush Coil/ Rush Jet (Hold it longer for RJ)
Down Special: Weapon Selection- Choose 4 weapons, Super Block, Magnet Missile, Time Stopper or Concrete Shot to replace his NS

FS: Mega Legends To amazing remove

Taunts: Thumbs up the camera
Does that thing in MMTPF when you select him
Leaves the screen then comes back

Entrance: Wraps into to battle like he does in the games
Stage:Dr.Light Lab
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Posted on March 31st, 2019 at 3:25pm Edited on 2019/03/31 at 5:50pm
Posted 2019/03/31 at 3:25pm Edited 2019/03/31 at 5:50pm
Blade Man so Shiver will make a Blade Man model

He is a character that is good in close combat,but horrible otherwise.He is fast,extremely light,and has good recovery.Has a wall cling and wall jump


Jab:An arm slash,a head stab,then rapid slashes of fury.

Up tilt:Pokes his head up word

Down tilt:Sweeps the ground in front of him with a sword

Forward tilt:Stabs forward

Dash attack:A head...stab?The one thing from 10

Forward Smash:Slice with his head

Down Smash:Downward Slash with his head

Up Smash:Jumps up

Neutral Aerial:Kicks upward with his leg

Forward Aerial:Slash...

Back Aerial:Swings his head backwards

Down Aerial:Stabs downward

Up Aerial:Slashes upward

Grab:Hugs the opponent(I mean he has no hands...)


Up throw:Basic upward throw

Down throw:Sticks the opponent in the ground and stabs them

Forward throw:Basic forward throw

Back throw:Throws backwards and stabs

Normal Special:Triple Blade

Forward Special:A dash attack

Down Special:Slashes in front of him

Up Special:Jumps up

Final Smash:Summons the rest of the Mega Man 10 robots for a tangem attack

Taunts:Looks at the camera and sticks his sword up:Summons a random object and cuts through it.Grinds his blades together

Animation 1:Falls from the sky and does a pose.

Animation 2:Does a bow

Animation 3:Clings onto a ceiling and throws a bunch of triple blades

Victory Music:Intro from his stage theme

Roles/Lines (Adventure)
Subspace:Ends up with the Marth group.Found in the great plains fighting Galleom before Marth and the others arrive
World of Light:Fighter before Galleom

Silver Alt,Sword Man alt,Golden alt,early blade man design ,golden,silver,and sword man version of that

Entrance:Entrance from the game

Stage:Castle of Blades.Sometimes the...miniboss shows up.
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Posted on April 2nd, 2019 at 4:30pm Edited on 2019/04/02 at 4:48pm
Posted 2019/04/02 at 4:30pm Edited 2019/04/02 at 4:48pm
Well Devil May Cry 5 released so uuuuuh... ThE tImE hAs CoMe AnD sO hAvE i


Ability:His taunts makes he change his styles just like on the DMC games making his specials change

Jab: slash,slash,slash
Up Tilt: High Time (upwards slash
Down Tilt: Coyote-A shot (shotgun shot)
Forward Tilt: Ebony & Ivory shot
Dash Attack: Stinger (dashing stab

Forward Smash: Million Stab (stabs many times)
Down Smash:King Cerberus: Crystal (summons icicles on the ground
Up Smash: High Time (jumping upwards slash)

Neutral Aerial: Aerial Rave (many slashes in the air
Forward Aerial: Cavaliere (slashes with two sides of a motorcycle)
Back Aerial: Cerberus (spins in the air with a nunchuck
Down Aerial: Helm Breaker (slashes downwards and falls
Up Aerial: Beowulf: Killer Bee (diagonal kick)

Grab: slashes the opponent stunnning them (yes it is still a grab)
Pummel: shoots with Ebony & Ivory
Up Throw: Balrog: Heavy Jolt, Fly Dragon (punches the opponent and then uppercuts)
Down Throw: Nevan (uses a guitar to create a electric shockwave around Dante)
Forward Throw: Kalina Ann (uses a bazooka)
Back Throw: Dr. Faust (throws the enemy backwards and throws a hat at him (the hat stays in the opponent for some time)

Neutral Special: Prop (spins his sword)
Forward Special: Cavaliere: Redline (runs over the enemy with a motorcycle)
Down Special: King Cerberus: Hot Stuff (spins a fiery staff)
Up Special: Balrog: Real Impact (does a jumping fiery uppercut)

Neutral Special: Block/Royal Block (block an enemy attack and stores energy)
Forward Special: Release/Royal Release (counters an enemy attack with the energy stored)
Down Special: Royal Revenge (uses some of the energy stored to nuliff an enemy attack and perform a counterattack
Up Special: Air Block (jumps and blocks an enemy attack in the air)

Neutral Special: Ebony & Ivory:Honeycomb Fire (fires a barrage of shots)
Forward Special: Coyote-A:Gun Stinger (dashes and shoots the enemy with a shotgun
Down Special: Dr. Faust:Red Hot Night (summons red meteors)
Up Special: Double Kalina Ann:Multiple Twins (shoots many missiles with two bazookas)

Neutral Special: Dash (does a invincible dash)
Forward Special: Ground Trick (appears near the closest opponent you are facing)
Down Special: Mustang (Runs on an enemy and kick them to launch yourself upwards
Up Special: Air Trick (appears in the air near the closest opponent you are facing)

Final Smash: Devil Trigger (activates his devil form and does a combo with all the weapons and a SSS appears on the top right corner of the screen

Up Taunt: Changes to Trickster style
Forward Taunt: Changes to Swordmaster style
Down Taunt: Changes to Royalguard style
Backward Taunt Changes to Gunslinger style
Direction taunt if already in style changes with 1v1 fights
points at the enemy and says

VSBeta Man
You look like you came from a weird comic book

You are a weird looking dopleganger

Let's go stupid meteor boy

You need to chill

Victory Poses
1: claps his hands and says : c'mon c'mon big boy
2: shrugs and says : cuhrayzeh
3: eats a pizza

Victory Music : Devils Never Cry

I ain't getting images but i am gonna write how he looks
Default :DMC 5 Dante
Alt 1 :DMC 1 Dante
Alt 2 :DMC 2 Dante
Alt 3 :DMC 3 Dante
Alt 4 :DMC 3 shirtless Dante
Alt 5 :DMC 4 Dante
Alt 6 :DmC reboot Dante
Alt 7 :Anime Dante
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Posted on April 10th, 2019 at 8:23am Edited on 2019/04/11 at 4:11am
Posted 2019/04/10 at 8:23am Edited 2019/04/11 at 4:11am
Recently, Most of you know that I'm constatly deleting my posts. Either, because removed it or something else
And my second attempt at ...


Gimmick: If he uses his Down Taunt at 75% or more he will gain massive speed and power but slightly lower his defenses

Jab: Stab, Stab, Stab
F-Tilt: Flame Spear Flame Sword
D-Tilt: Swipes the ground with his Spear
U-Tilt: Mega Upper
Dash Attack: Dash- Like Bass's Dash, but he tackles the opponent and he can stop anyway time as long as he hit someone or something

N-Air: Top Spin
F-Air: Thunder Claw- He can also grab the ledge
D-Air: Spread Drill- If it hits it break into two
U-Air: Air Shooter
B-Air: Punch

Forward Smash: Triple Slash Claw
Up Smash: Gyro Blade
Down Smash: Earthquake

Grab: Arm
Pummel: Slap
Up Throw: Throw opponent into the air
Down Throw: Throw the opponent into the ground, they will be buried into the ground
Forward Throw: Throw opponent in front of him
Back Throw: Reverse Forward Throw

Neutral Special: Elite Overdrive- Like Mega Buster, it takes longer to charge, but it larger it it deals more damage
Forward Special: Flash Barrier- Summons a barrier, it takes a couple of hits to break
Up Special: Hover- Fly and stay in the air for a few seconds
Down Special: Galaxy Hole- A slow moving Bomb which will expand when it touches something, it will suck in anything in its way

Final Smash: Rage Bomb- Enka charges up abomb made of Crystals then throw to where ever he wants to!

Up Taunt: Laughs while he is surrounded in flames
Down Taunt: Power Core

Stage: Star-Force Planet

VS Beta Shadow
Don't underestimate the ultimate!

Victory Theme: Defeated Robot Master Theme

Animation 1: I've seen better then he use Enka Burst to fly off
Animation 2: Uses Enka Burst to cover the screen then he turns his back to the screen
Animation 3: *Sighs* then walks off

Entrance: Wraps onto the stage behind Dark Energy
Adventure: The main villain, found on the last stage (Shown above)
World of Light: A legend Spirit who has 2 slots and his maximum power is 12,750 and his ability is Double Final Smash

@Shiver : And that's what you call a complete Moveset Without the alts
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Posted on May 18th, 2019 at 8:54am Edited on 2019/05/22 at 3:07am
Posted 2019/05/18 at 8:54am Edited 2019/05/22 at 3:07am
I made this when the Time Travel Vs. Teleportation Splatfest started and guess he based of one of them?

I need to stop messing up and deleting... This is definitely for views but can the forums please get more comments like this thread


Jab: Punch Punch Kick
Forward Tilt: Kick
Down Tilt: Slide
Up Tilt: Spark Chaser- The User Waves an electrical Needle from Spark Man
Dash Attack: Dash/Hovering Slide

Forward Smash: Infinity Blade- The User prepares to attack with his blade.
Up Smash: Sound Wave- The User releases a powerful wave made from noise. From Remix Man
Down Smash: Scramble Thunder- The User releases to electrical Balls circling around him dealing large damage. From Fuse Man

Neutral Air: Spin
Forward Air: Slash Claw- A Slash in front of the user dealing Heavy Damage but small Range (Slash Man)
Back Air: Atomic Fire- A burst of energy surrounded in fire from Heat Man
Up Air: Shadow Blade-The User releases a Shuriken above him dealing Massive damage but the range is pretty small. From Shadow Man
Down Air: Star Crash- One of his strongest aerials, The User sends 3 stars under his feet. From Star Man

Grab Animation: Telekinetic Grab
Pummel: Kick
Up Throw: Throw into the air
Down Throw: The opponent is tossed into the ground then using his Foot, he burns the opponent
Forward Throw: Tosses the opponent with the energy
Back Throw: Teleport behind them and kick them

Neutral Special: Black Hole Barrier: The User protects himself in a black hole. Absorbing every projectile and doing minor damage to close targets.

Forward Special: Black Hole Bomb- A Black Hole, which is very slow, press the button again and it will expand sucking in enemies and stunning them until it fades away.

Down Special: Infinity Blade- The User Charges up power with his Blade. Then Releases it with small stars just in front. It can Also be used to Start Combo by Pressing B while it is out.

Up Special: Teleport- The User warps into a safe location will the user charges up the energy to do so, he will become invincible

Final Smash: Giga Blast- The User curls into ball while he is preparing to unleashes a devastating attack. You can attack him if he takes 50% he will stop. Then, he will he releases an attack Equivalent to the Big Bang, Dealing Massive damage and Insta-kill at 120%

Starting Animation: Warps in, powering up for battle
Idle Animation: Like Plant Man in Power Battle without the smile
Damage Animation (Weak hit): Like Mega Man in the classic game

Taunt Animation 1: With his 2 fingers next to the Middle Finger he puts them up
Quote: yes...
Taunt Animation 2: The User raise his hand. Showing Gaming Icons (e.g Mario Mega Man and so on)
Quote 2: *None*
Taunt Animation 3: Sips an E-Tank. It won't heal him though.
Quote 3: *Sighs*

Victory Animation 1: The User absorbs energy from something then warps away
Quote: Come back when you can put up a decent Challenge...
Victory Animation 2: Shrugs at the screen
Quote 2: I seen Better... Idiot.

Victory Theme: Weapon Get Theme
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Posted on May 22nd, 2019 at 12:27pm Edited on 2019/05/22 at 12:38pm
Posted 2019/05/22 at 12:27pm Edited 2019/05/22 at 12:38pm

Alt 1- Remix
Alt 2- Proto Man
Alt 3- Enka
Alt 4- Bass
Alt 5- Beta Man
Alt 6- Inkling Girl (Splatoon)

Variable Weapons:
Top Spin- The user spins so quickly it deflects projectiles and it deals MASSIVE Damage, however you can only use it in the air
Pile Driver-The user charges towards the opponent with a drill, it ignores/break shields.
Super Arm- The user picks up a construction block from the ground and throw it at the opponent
Spark Shot-The user throws an electrical orb stunning the opponent for a long time.
Time Stopper- The user stops the world for 20 seconds however it only works once before needing to recharge
Dynamo Bolt-The user charges up seven thunder bolts aiming at the opponent

Also he uses Jewel Satellite as a shield protect him from Projectiles and some attacks (Not Explosions or Fire). It also deals small damage to close enemies however he can lose the shield for a long while.
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38 TP | 881 PP
Posted on May 26th, 2019 at 4:00am
Posted 2019/05/26 at 4:00am
Next up:
Power and Speed

Jab: Punch, Slide (Jumps into the air), Dropkick
Forward Tilt: Flame Sword- Slow but Long and Powerful
Down Tilt: Slide (From Jab)
Up Tilt: Uppercut
Dash Attack: Headbutt

Forward Smash: Techno Laser- Two Satellites makes some Laser across the screen
Up Smash: Air Ball(Whatever Tengu Man used in his fight)- The user quickly throws a ball made of air dealing multiple hits and Sending them flying.
Down Smash: Punches the ground, Spiking anyone close.

Neutral Air: Weak Kick
Up Air: Air Shooter
Down Air: Drop Kick (Like Simon)
Forward Air: Metal Blade- Hits multiple times and it ends with a high-knockback finish
Back Air: Reverse Flame Sword

Grab: He uses his hand
Down Throw: Techno Strike- The user throws the opponent so hard into the ground they will temporarily be stun for a long while
Forward Throw: He Smacks them with his buster
Back Throws: Runs behind the opponent and Kick them in the back.
Up Throw: The user throws them into the air

Neutral Special: Techno Buster- The user shoots a pellet charge it up to shoot more if it is charged long enough he can wait then unleashes like 30 Fast shots dealing pitiful damage.

Forward Special: Air Dash- The user Flies through opponent at lightning speed they will be stun if you go through them.

Up Special: Speed Motion- From Motion. The user speeds himself up and he can also fly for 7 seconds.

Down Special: Techno Curse- The user throws a small flame either poisoning them, Stunning them or Massive Damage.

Final Smash:Super Techno- Techno Transforms into Super Techno and Starts Beating up the opponents. Then the closest one will get thrown to space (to the Moon) dealing MASSIVE Damage. Insta-Kills at 100% and like Joker you can go onto the victory screen with it.

Starting Animation: Jumps into Battle
Idle Animation: Like Pharaoh Man (in this prototype)

I would do more if I make him a personality.
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