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Make-a-Moveset Super Smash bros edition

August 24th, 2018 at 8:27am
Enker for MMRPG
Enker for MMRPG
27,071,700 BP
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This is was inspired by Copyie and Beta man

Update: You can use characters from any universe but you have to include what series they're from.


Power- Packs a punch, gets combo'ed easily and has a hard time starting combo

Speed- Fast (duh), Lack KO options but their combo game work wonders

All-Round- Good/Decent in every department

Unique- Has abilities that other fighters don't e.g Glide

Defensive- Relying on using projectiles to zone the opponents



Up tilt:

Down tilt:

Forward tilt:

Dash attack:

Forward Smash:

Down Smash:

Up Smash:

Neutral Aerial:

Forward Aerial:

Back Aerial:

Down Aerial:

Up Aerial:



Up throw:

Down throw:

Forward throw:

Back throw:

Normal Special:

Forward Special:

Down Special:

Up Special:

Final Smash:


Victory theme

Animation 1:

Animation 2:

Animation 3:

Victory Music:

Roles/Lines (Adventure)


(became a common thing due to StupidStudiosN)


If you have any problems with the "Fanic" please mention it in your post.

Zair- a long-range item for the user to use as a way to get back on the stage ... (Why do I have to update)
Make-a-Moveset Super Smash bros edition
Posted by Enker for MMRPG on August 24th, 2018 at 8:27am
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on November 3rd, 2018 at 1:59pm
Posted 2018/11/03 at 1:59pm
@Hunter : I have no idea what you are talking about.
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Posted on March 20th, 2019 at 10:56am Edited on 2019/03/24 at 5:38am New!
Posted 2019/03/20 at 10:56am Edited 2019/03/24 at 5:38am New!
Yo Salt, that moveset blows chunks. let me show you how it's done Well heck, you got rid of it. Still gonna showoff on ya.

Name: who do you think

Archetype: Unique

Gimmick: Mirror Body - Energy and magic projectiles are reflected back so long as the user faces the attack, but the user takes more knockback from flame attacks. Too much damage causes the mirrors break, reducing the weakness to flame attacks but removing projectile reflection and increases knockback from normal, battering attacks.
Onscreen Appearance
Rises out of the ground, wreathed in frost

Jab: Two swipes, then a stab with Skewer Spike. Does multiple, albeit sluggish stabs when held.
Up Tilt: Uppercut
Down Tilt: Sliding Kick
Forward Tilt: Hook
Dash Attack: Side Kick

Forward Smash: Prepares and violently jabs with Skewer Spike.
Down Smash: Split Kick
Up Smash: Spins, then performs a scissor kick

Neutral Aerial: Backflip
Forward Aerial: Cartwheel
Back Aerial: Reverse Dropkick
Down Aerial: Stall-then-fall Stomp, has a meteor smash effect
Up Aerial: Reverse Backflip

Grab: Reaches out and grabs the foe by the neck
Pummel: Headbutts the foe
Up Throw: Throws the foe above and stabs them with a Skewer Spike.
Down Throw: Slams the foe on the ground and blasts them with Virus Breath, dealing darkness damage.
Forward Throw: Drags the foe on the ground for some distance.
Back Throw: Underhandedly tosses the foe backwards.

Normal Special: Diamond Dust - Deals ice damage with a breath of frost. Causes extra recoil if hurt while charging.
Forward Special: Cross Chill - Slides and slashes at the foe with a long blade. Leaves a sheet of slippery ice behind for a few seconds
Down Special: Luster Mirror - Summons a mirror to reflect all energy and magic-based projectiles, except fire. Can be held and thrown to deal damage, but makes the holder move very slowly. Shatters after hitting something or being hit by non-energy damage.
Up Special: Tidal Jet - Launches self using a torrent of water. Has a meteor smash effect.

Final Smash: Lux Elysium - Releases a devastating two-streamed blast of dark, freezing plasma, leaving anyone directly in the way frozen and launches them away. Instantly KOs after 100%.
Idle Poses
Idle 1: Exhales frost and shudders slightly
Idle 2: Looks around cautiously

Up Taunt: Rears back and guffaws
Side Taunt: Gives the foe a beckoning gesture with a sharp grin
Down Taunt: Punches open palm with fist, while eyes glint red (or cyan for Alt 4)

Victory Poses
Animation 1: Performs Diamond Dust and screeches at the sky, eyes blazing
Animation 2: Violently snaps thrice before raising fist to the air with a battle cry
Animation 3: Crosses arms and looks upwards, glaring at the camera
Master ModeFighter Mode Vampiric Master Mode Spacial Mode/Nix totally not emerald gemini literally just emerald gemini

Spirits, Assists, better alts and actual 3D renders coming soon, gosh I'm brilliant mhm yeah
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Enker for MMRPG
27,071,700 BP
21 TP | 480 PP
Posted on March 23rd, 2019 at 11:51am Edited on 2019/03/23 at 2:06pm
Posted 2019/03/23 at 11:51am Edited 2019/03/23 at 2:06pm
@Shiver : Wow those alts are impressive now let me try. Also you forgot to name the character .
Name: Salt
Archetype: Unique
Flash Form
Once he reaches 75% he will turn into rage form amplifying all of his attacks and speed, however, once he reaches 150% he will transform back to his normal form unable to attack for 7 seconds.
Also his spear is disjointed

Entrance: Like Mega Man but he poses too

Jab: Like Final cutter, Two Swipes then jumps up into the air and stabs the opponent below.
Up tilt: Upwards stab
Down tilt: Roundhouse Stab- Like power slide he dashes close to the ground while attack with his spear
Side tilt: Crystal Storm- Spins his spear releasing a storm of crystals
Dash attack: Dynamo Charge- Charges towards the enemy surrounding himself with electric energy

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash- Rock Storm- Raises his hand then he unleashes a torrent of rocks.
Up Smash- Tornado Storm- Taken by Tornado MK-1 Salt spins his spear generating a giant tornado
Down Smash - Spin Kick


Neutral Aerial: Like Kirby's Nair- He spins his spear at high speeds
Up air: Like Ichigo Up special in SSF2: Spins his spear above him anyone near will sent into the air
Down air: Light his Spear on fire then uses it to spike the opponent if they get burned if not Inkling's dair
Forward Air: Like Ridley's Fair- He stabs with his spear three times
Back Air: Reverse Dropkick like Shiver


Animation: Keep the enemy in place with Psychokinesis
Pummel: Punch there face
Up throw: Summons an air shooter below the opponent
Down throw: Throws the opponent into the grab if they input down again he summons a thunder strike dealing high damage
Forward Throw: Like Ridley's forward special Salt drags the opponent across the ground using Psychokinesis
Back Throw: Warps the opponent behind him then he tackles the opponent

Specials (normal):

Neutral Special: Mirror Buster: Copy any of the opponent attack but he can only take one.
Forward Special: Flash Pulse- Swap position with the play who was caught if not stun them for a long time
Down Special: Mirror Flash- Charges up power using his Flash Form then he unleashes a laser dealing heavy damage. He will heal while charge but the laser will leave you vulnerable.
Up Special: Power Glide-Jumps high into the air and come down slowly with a power shield protect it.

Final Smash- Flash Illusion- Salt transform into Flash Form he gets his spear and he does a 3-hit combo which with a Rising Upper dealing Heavy Damage. If the opponent is at 110% they will be K.O instantly.

Idle Animation-
1: Yawns while he waits for the opponent
2:Looks at the camera and gives it a thumbs up

1: Hovers in the air and spinning simultaneously
2. Get Shades out of nowhere and fold his arms
3. Sip from an E-tank


1. Fly across the screen at lightning speed then stop to exit the camera
2. Performs a Crystal Storm then lands by hovering in the air
3. Enters in the way of MM then he poses in front of the camera

Alt and More coming Soon
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Beta Shadow
35,576,100 BP
38 TP | 1985 PP
Posted on March 23rd, 2019 at 1:33pm Edited on 2019/03/23 at 5:14pm
Posted 2019/03/23 at 1:33pm Edited 2019/03/23 at 5:14pm
Hm, let's see... I've done Beta Man, Ninja Man, Sergeant Man, Epsilon, and Ninja Man Z, with Bt Ghost and Beta Man Z are assist trophies...

Alright, I think I know what my next step is.

Beta Shadow

Archetype: All-Round


Jab: Punch, Punch, Kick
Up Tilt: Upwards Kick
Down Tilt: Stomp
Forward Tilt: Knee
Dash Attack: Charges Forwards with a Knee.

Forward Smash: Kick
Down Smash: Punches the ground, causing rubble to rise from the ground.
Up Smash: Backflip

Neutral Aerial: Spin
Forward Aerial: Forwards Dropkick (I guess)
Back Aerial: Backwards Chop
Down Aerial: Foot Dive
Up Aerial: Upwards Headbutt

Grab: Grabs the foe by the "collar" with one hand.
Pummel: Slaps foes to the face.
Up Throw: Tosses the foe into the air.
Down Throw: Slams the foe into the ground and smashes them with both hands.
Forward Throw: Drops the foe and quickly follows up with a heavy punt.
Back Throw: Tosses the foe backwards, then fires an energy blast back.

Normal Special: Element Ball- Launches a ball of elemental energy that varies in colors based on the MMRPG types, but doesn't change in effect.
Forward Special: Obsidian-Tipped Diamond Sword- Dashes forwards with his obsidian-tipped Diamond Sword, swiping at foes with a good amount of armor piercing.
Down Special: Explosive Barrel- Places down an explosive barrel that explodes when hit. Beta Shadow can place down 3 at a time.
Up Special: Warp- Beta Shadow simply warps from one point to another, evading damage.

Final Smash: Ka Ka Kachi Daze- Beta Shadow transforms into Full Release Shadow and proceeds to rapidly beat up the nearest opponent in front of him before releasing a powerful beam of energy to finish off the opponent, as well as dealing a large amount of damage to anyone who happens to be in the way.

Up Taunt: Beta Shadow fist-pumps the air. "Yeah!"
Side Taunt: Raises a peace sign to the screen.
Down Taunt: Suddenly transforms into another variant of Beta Man and poses before turning back:
Beta Man- This Pose:
Beta Man Z- Clutches his fist in front of himself, the fist surrounded with a shadowy flame.
Beta Serif- Does a Sans-like shrug.
(More to come. Probably.)

Animation 1: Slowly gets out of a meditation position before releasing energy. "I didn't even use 1% of my power..."
Animation 2: Tosses his obsidian-tipped Diamond Sword into the air and catches it before raising it to the air.
Animation 3: Stands crossed-armed and eyes closed next to a podium holding the Anti-Omni Meme, before opening his eyes to look at the screen. "You underestimate the power of the memes."
Victory Theme: Mega Man 9- We're the Robots


The top half of the alts are based on some of my favorite characters, as well as two of Beta Shadow's forms. The bottom half are based off of the Beta Shadow variants from The Absurd Roleplay.

Base: Purple/Pinkish-Purple- The basic colors for Beta Shadow.
Alt 1: Green/White- Yoshi (Super Mario series)
Alt 2: Purplish-Pink/Red- Marx (Kirby series)
Alt 3: Pink/Blue- Mew (Pokemon series. The blue is Mew's eye color)
Alt 4: Yellow/Purple- Golden Frieza (Dragon Ball Super)
Alt 5: Blue/Greenish-Yellow- Jevil (Deltarune)
Alt 6: Silver Hair- Full Release Shadow (Master Ultra Instinct)
Alt 7: Red/Black w/ Hair- Full Release Devil (Anti-Omni Meme, 100% Corruption)
Alt 8: Flame-Core Colors- Alpha Fire (The Absurd Roleplay)
Alt 9: Electric-Core Colors- Gamma Bolt (The Absurd Roleplay)
Alt 10: Time-Core Colors- Delta Paradox (The Absurd Roleplay)
Alt 11: Freeze-Core Colors- Epsilon Snow (The Absurd Roleplay, ded)
Alt 12: Light Blue/White- Zeta Light (The Absurd Roleplay)
Alt 13: Space-Core Colors- Eta Cosmic (The Absurd Roleplay, unreleased)
Alt 14: Nature-Core Colors- Iota Forest (Conceptual)
Alt 15: Water-Core Colors- Kappa Whirlpool (Conceptual)

Customized Stage, Spirits, and (maybe) more coming soon!
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