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"Create" a Mega Man Game!

November 3rd, 2014 at 10:33pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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Did you ever wonder what would it be like if Bass was the main character? Or if past robot masters teamed up with each other? Well, this is a place where you can have fun making up stories/fan games. Unfortunately, you obviously can't MAKE one here, but if you have experience in making them and are interested in using these as a body for them, go ahead and do it.
Here is an example:
Name: Mega Man Powered Up 1 1/2 or Mega Man 1 1/2

Player: Mega Man mega-man

Robot Master 1: Cut Man cut-man
Robot Master 2: Air Man air-man
Robot Master 3: Bubble Man bubble-man
Robot Master 4: Quick Man quick-man
Robot Master 5: Bomb Man bomb-man
Robot Master 6: Time Man time-man
Robot Master 7: Fire Man fire-man
Robot Master 8: Wood Man wood-man

Robot Master Weaknesses: Cut Man-Fire Storm Air Man-Leaf Shield Bubble Man-Rolling Cutter Quick Man-Time Slow and Hyper Bomb Bomb Man-Rolling Cutter and Fire Storm Time Man-Leaf Shield Fire Man-Air Shooter Wood Man-Fire Storm and Rolling Cutter

Wily Stage 1 Boss: Mecha Dragon
Wily Stage 2 Boss: Yellow Devil
Wily Stage 3 Boss: Guts Man guts-man
Wily Stage 4 Boss: Boobeam Trap (Really, that's what it's called)
Final Boss 1: Wily Machine 1
Final Boss 2: Wily Machine 2
Here is a blank version:


DLC (Optional):
Description (Optional):

Robot Master 1:
Robot Master 2:
Robot Master 3:
Robot Master 4:
Robot Master 5:
Robot Master 6:
Robot Master 7:
Robot Master 8:


Wily Stage 1:
Wily Stage 2:
Wily Stage 3:
Wily Stage 4:
Final Boss:
"Create" a Mega Man Game!
Posted by Beta Shadow on November 3rd, 2014 at 10:33pm
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Posted on November 17th, 2014 at 9:26pm Edited on 2015/03/28 at 2:23pm
Posted 2014/11/17 at 9:26pm Edited 2015/03/28 at 2:23pm
I've always had this scenario in my head on "What if you could play as Proto Man as he rescues Kalinka in Mega Man 4?"
Proto Man: Wily's Facade

"Proto Man has discovered Dr. Wily has continued to act on his nefarious plans and has made Dr. Cossack do his bidding by holding his daughter Kalinka hostage! Proto Man must now rescue Kalinka from the 8 robot masters guarding her to reveal Dr. Cossack's puppeteer by jumping, shooting, sliding, and using his Proto Shield!"

Spark Manspark-man
Air Manair-man
Quick Manquick-man
Wood Manwood-man
Shadow Manshadow-man
Magnet Manmagnet-man
Gemini Mangemini-man
Heat Manheat-man

Weaknesses: Spark Man-Shadow Blade & Quick Boomerang, Air Man-Leaf Shield & Spark Shock, Quick Man-Atomic Fire & Magnet Missile,
Wood Man-Atomic Fire & Gemini Laser, Shadow Man-Gemini Laser & Air Shooter, Magnet Man-Spark Shock & Quick Boomerang,
Gemini Man-Magnet Missile & Leaf Shield, and Heat Man-Air Shooter & Shadow Blade.

Wily 1: Copy Mega Man-Weak to Gemini Laser.
Wily 2: CWU-01P-Weak to Quick Boomerang and Air Shooter.
Wily 3: Guts Dozer-Weak to Spark Shock.
Wily 4: Yellow Devil-Weak to Atomic Fire.
Wily 5: Gamma Phase 1-Weak to Leaf Shield, Gamma Phase 2-Weak to Magnet Missile (No boss rematches).
Wily 6: Alien-Weak to Shadow Blade.
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on November 18th, 2014 at 3:29pm
Posted 2014/11/18 at 3:29pm
Name: Bass

Player: Bass bass

Robot Master 1: Cut Man cut-man
Robot Master 2: Bomb Man bomb-man
Robot Master 3: Ice Man ice-man
Robot Master 4: Fire Man fire-man
Robot Master 5: Oil Man oil-man
Robot Master 6: Elec Man elec-man
Robot Master 7: Time Man time-man
Robot Master 8: Guts Man guts-man

Weaknesses: Cut Man-Super Arm and Fire Storm Bomb Man-Rolling Cutter and Fire Storm Ice Man-Hyper Bomb and Thunder Beam Fire Man-Ice Slasher Oil Man-Fire Storm and Ice Slasher Elec Man-Oil Slider and Rolling Cutter Time Man-Thunder Beam Guts Man-Time Slow and Hyper Bomb
Surprize! You might have guessed, but instead of Wily, Bass is chasing after Dr. Light!
Light Stage 1 Boss: Concrete Man and Plug Man concrete-man plug-man (Yep. 2 robot masters. You sure would have fun with this.)
Light Stage 2 Boss: Jewel Man and Hornet Man jewel-man hornet-man (And you do it twice. At least it would not like that one hack where you had to face 8 robot masters in one. Hey, this is based off of Mega Man 1, so I kinda HAD to stuff all these bosses in one stage.)
Light Stage 3 Boss: Mega Man mega-man (The last line of defense is the blue bomber itself! However, the battle would be more like copy robot from Mega Man 1 because it would be based on Mega Man 1. Yeah... That.)
Final Boss: Light Machine (Would be a recolored version of Wily Machine 1. While here, the reason I said words like "would" is because these are not really games, just bodies of games that might never happen unless someone is a super-hacking genius, not a genius in general, that would whip up these games for us. That'd be nice, I guess, but it won't happen.)
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Posted on December 4th, 2014 at 4:48am Edited on 2014/12/04 at 9:02pm
Posted 2014/12/04 at 4:48am Edited 2014/12/04 at 9:02pm
Since I'm a fan of Roahm Mythril's perfect runs and have been watching his videos for almost five years, I think this is the right time to include a game where Mega Man/Dragon Man from REVENGE!!! have to fight Roahm's fan-favorite nightmare bosses all over again. This is just a small taste.

Name: Roahm Mythril's Nightmare Fuel

Player: Mega Man mega-man or Dragon Man

Robot Master 1: Elec Man elec-man
Robot Master 2: Quick Man quick-man
Robot Master 3: Needle Man needle-man
Robot Master 4: Bright Man bright-man

Robot Master 5: Slash Man

Robot Master 6: Aqua Man

Robot Master 7: Tengu Man (MM&B version)

Robot Master 8: Burner Man

Weaknesses: Elec Man-Tengu Blade Quick Man-Flash Stopper Needle Man-Quick Boomerang Bright Man-Slash Claw Slash Man-Wave Burner Aqua Man-Elec Beam Tengu Man-Needle Cannon Burner Man-Water Balloon

Pre-Wily 1- Air Man air-man-Weak to slash claw
Pre-Wily 2- Shadow Man shadow-man-Weak to quick boomerang
Pre-Wily 3- Plug Man plug-man-Weak to needle cannon
Pre-Wily 4- Ring Man ring-man-Weak to wave burner

Wily 1- Buebeam Trap-Weak to elec beam
Wily 2- Holograph Mega Mans-Weak to
Wily 3- Fake Man-Weak to tengu blade
Wily 4- Robot Master Rematches (robots are in the form of Doc Robot)
Wily 5- Wily Machine No.2 & Wily Capsule (MM7 version)-Weak to water balloon (phase 1), elec beam (phase 2) and quick boomerang (capsule phase)
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Posted on January 22nd, 2015 at 10:13am Edited on 2015/01/22 at 10:41am
Posted 2015/01/22 at 10:13am Edited 2015/01/22 at 10:41am
Mega-Man and Bass: ZeroDXZ's Story

Player: bassZeroDXZ

Robot Master 1: Shadow-Man shadow-man

Robot Master 2 and Mega-Man Killer-1 Enker enker & Ring-Man ring-man

Robot Master 3: Copy Robot? bass

Robot Master 4 and Mega-Man Killer-2 Punk punk & Quick-Man quick-man

Mid-Boss Bass and Mega-Man bass mega-man

Wily Fortress 1: Air-Man air-man

Wily Fortress 2: Metal-Man metal-man

Final Wily Fortress & Final Boss Gamma & Bass with Treble bass

The Final Act Ballade ballade
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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on January 25th, 2015 at 10:52pm Edited on 2015/07/24 at 11:02am
Posted 2015/01/25 at 10:52pm Edited 2015/07/24 at 11:02am
I always had this idea of a Mega Man V GB Remake. May as well post my ideas here. Note that all the robot masters (stardroids) are accessible from the start, and there is no "mid-boss" after beating 4 stardroids.

Name: Mega Man World 5: Remastered

Player: Mega Manmega-man/Proto Manproto-man (Unlockable)

Intro Stage Boss: Terra (Unbeatable)

After match, you upgrade from Mega Buster to Mega Arm! You can repurchase the Mega Buster for zenny, but it costs a lot and you won't be able to until you've beaten 4 stardroids.

Stardroids (Quicker this way): Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn

Weaknesses: Mercury - Saturn Nebula, Saturn - Jupiter Shock, Jupiter - Venus Bomb, Venus - Mars Missile, Mars - Neptune Water, Neptune - Uranus Digger, Uranus - Pluto Break, Pluto - Mercury Drain

- In all of the stages, you can find a power crystal. Collect them all to collect an energy saver, which reduces your weapon energy by 50%! There are nine in all because...
- In the last 4 mentioned Stardroids (Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn), you can find Proto Man hidden somewhere in the stage. For the first 3 encounters, he'll fight you, getting stronger and stronger after each fight. On the 4th encounter, Proto Man will give you the last power crystal.

Now that you're armed with all the weapons, enter the Terra UFO!!!!

Terra UFO 1: Dark Moon (Yellow Devil only black...)
Terra UFO 2: Left & Right Arm (You fight both at the same time)
Terra UFO 3: Terra Statue (Stone Statue that can levitate and shoot lasers in all 8 directions. The lasers do not home on. Terra Statue can slam the ground, and cause shockwaves that knock you to your feet and damage.)
Terra UFO 4: Stardroid Rematches (People who have played the game might be surprised, but you'll see why in a second).
Terra UFO TOP: Terra (Fights you like he did in the intro stage, but second phase involves Terra Jumping into a giant robot that shoot a lot of lasers and can punch you).

What's this? It's not Terra! Wily was behind it all along! As Wily fires off a laser from his Capsule, he flees to the Wily Star!

Wily Star 1: Exterior Defense Systems (You fight in space with "Rush Marine in space." You can use the special weapons!)
Wily Star 2: Mega Man Killer Rematches (Fight Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade, and Terra's First Phase similar to boss rematches!)
Wily Star 3: Prototype "F" (Bass fight from MMU basically, only that he doesn't have treble)
Wily Star 4: Wily Crusher

Before you enter the center room of the Wily Star, Proto Man appears and heals you and your weapons.

Wily Star 5: Sunstar (His first phase is a combination of all the phases from the original, his second involves using his giant laser and upgraded versions of the special weapons, while his final phase involves fighting him on a level where there is no floor (via Rush Space), while he busts out upgraded attacks from his first phase and using the second phase weapons).

If you beat the game on hard mode, an extra mode will appear, where the difficulty is set to 11.5! Also, if you've encountered Proto Man all 5 times, and you've beaten the game on at least normal difficulty, then you will be allowed to play as Proto Man!
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Posted on January 25th, 2015 at 11:05pm Edited on 2015/01/25 at 11:30pm
Posted 2015/01/25 at 11:05pm Edited 2015/01/25 at 11:30pm
(i gotz another!!)

bassMega-Man and Bass: ZeroDXZ's Returnbass

Character Select! Mega-Manmega-man Bassbass & ZeroDXZbass bass

Intro: Dr-Wily dr-wily

(instead of 8.. THERES 4!)

Boss 1! Shadow-Manshadow-man (The level here is a, ...uh, Ben Drowned like?)

Boss 2! Enker?enker (Once more the level is Ben Drowned styled.)

Boss 3! Guts-Man!guts-man (FINALLY, a normal level! But, wheres all the enemies!?)

Boss 4! Rival Robot!mega-man bass bass bass (ohhh, so it's, ....Mega-Man? or,... Bass? or, uh..... ZeroDXZ 'Flame Core'? or..... is it ZeroDXZ 'Shadow Core'?? WHO KNOWS!... Depends on the character you play as..) (either or, Mega-Man is Vs. Flame Core ZeroDXZ and Bass is Vs. Shadow Core ZeroDXZ.)

Wily 1! Wily Machine 1! (Wily's FIRST Wily Machine, from Mega Man 1! )
Wily 2! Wily Machine 2! (just the same old 2nd Wily Machine from Mega Man 2,.....pssh)
Wily 3! Gamma? (wait, another.....Ben Drowned like stage? ...and Gammas all screwed up?)
Wily 4! King!? (w-wait,....King... KING... FREAKING KING!? um, ok then... ROCK-ON!!)
Final Wily Stage! Evil Robot (Ohh, so it's the Evil Robot from Mega-Man 8-Bit Deathmatch... ahh, i see... welp GONNA FRAG YOU UP!)

EXTRA! WARNING! Maverick Zero!? (Ok... woah, the Warning sounds weren't in the game before,.... oh...i-is that,,! NOT ZERO!)


(there are two secret unlocks if you beat the game AND the Extra Boss, one is the choice to select any Element Core 'ZeroDXZ' and the other unlock is the ability to play 'Tag-Mode' a mode in which a Second Player can join you, much like Mega-Man the Power Fighters 1 and 2 however it is also in comparison to the game, but you fight the whole stage, yet the 4 robot masters stages fuse together, making it longer and even more difficult. Except the Maverick Zero stage)

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Posted on February 19th, 2015 at 9:31am
Posted 2015/02/19 at 9:31am
Hello! Remember this page? Been a long time.

...Well, technically, it's been a whole month, but potato patato.
You may noticed (Or may not), but I added a "1" in "Mega Man Powered Up 1/2" because it kinda makes no sense.
Now, prepare for a new game!

Name: Mega Man 2 1/2

Player: mega-man Mega Man or (BONUS) proto-man Proto Man
Game Information (Optional, and new) : Mega Man has defeated Wily 2 times. However, Wily built more robot masters to take him down. However, Mega Man heard of this too early, so Wily sends out already completed robot masters, along with classic ones, to take him down.

Robot Master 1: needle-man Needle Man
Robot Master 2: air-man Air Man
Robot Master 3: bubble-man Bubble Man
Robot Master 4: top-man Top Man
Robot Master 5: crash-man Crash Man
Robot Master 6: flash-man Flash Man
Robot Master 7: heat-man Heat Man
Robot Master 8: snake-man Snake Man

Robot Master Weaknesses: Needle Man-Top Spin and Needle Cannon Air Man-Search Snake Bubble Man-Needle Cannon Top Man-Flash Stopper and Crash Bomber Crash Man-Air Shooter Flash Man-Crash Bomber Heat Man-Bubble Lead Snake Man-Atomic Fire and Needle Cannon
And who could forget the battles with Proto Man? However, the battles with Proto Man won't happen if you play as him.

Doc Robot 1/2 (Yep, Doc Robots, but a little different) (Needle Man) : cut-man guts-man Cut Man and Guts Man (Wait... WHAT!?)
Doc Robot 3/4 (Bubble Man) : ice-man elec-man Ice Man and Elec Man
Doc Robot 5/6 (Crash Man) : bomb-man time-man Bomb Man and Time Man
Doc Robot 7/8 (Heat Man) : fire-man oil-man Fire Man and Oil Man
Break Man (Can't face as Proto Man)

Wily Stage 1: That one Turtle Thingamajig
Wily Stage 2: Yellow Devil MK2
Wily Stage 3: quick-man Quick Man (Is it me, or is he stronger than before... When could he throw 5 boomerangs at a time?)
Wily Stage 4: Robot Master Rematch
Wily Stage 5: Wily Machine 3
Final Boss: Alien
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Posted on March 16th, 2015 at 5:48pm Edited on 2015/03/16 at 6:03pm
Posted 2015/03/16 at 5:48pm Edited 2015/03/16 at 6:03pm
MetaKirb the game
proto-man Proto Man RM 1
RM 2: mega-man RM 2
RM 3: shadow-manRM 3
RM 4: flame-man RM 4
Mini Boss= Yellow Devil
RM 5: Cloud man
RM 6: turbo-man
RM 7: Cold Man
RM 8: Copy bot bass-copy

Doc Bots = Flame is Fire + Heat
Cloud Man= Elec + Air man
Cold Man= Ice man + Gut's Man
Shadow= Skull+ Metal

WW1= Yellow Devil MK2
WW2= "Boobeam Trap"
WW3= needle-man Needle Man
WW4= RM Rematch
WW5= Gamma
WW6/ FB= Alien
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Posted on March 25th, 2015 at 8:01pm Edited on 2015/03/25 at 8:58pm
Posted 2015/03/25 at 8:01pm Edited 2015/03/25 at 8:58pm
Name: Mega Man 3 1/2

Player: mega-man Mega Man or proto-man Proto Man
Game Information (Optional, and new) : Mega Man has defeated Wily 3 times, and the world seemed at peace. However, Wily forced a robot builder by the name of Cossack to build 8 robot masters. Proto Man, seeing the wrong in this, heads off to warn Mega Man about Wily's plans. Angry at Proto Man for betraying him and Mega Man for all of his previous failures, he decides to once more handle the problem the hard way: once more, he sends the bots Cossack created with older robot masters to face the two heroes. And as the heroes fight, Wily continues to force Cossack to build more robots.

Robot Master 1: ring-man Ring Man
Robot Master 2: dive-man Dive Man
Robot Master 3: gemini-man Gemini Man
Robot Master 4: hard-man Hard Man
Robot Master 5: top-man Top Man
Robot Master 6: snake-man Snake Man
Robot Master 7: spark-man Spark Man
Robot Master 8: skull-man Skull Man

Robot Master Weaknesses: Ring Man-Gemini Laser Dive Man-Spark Shock and Needle Cannon Gemini Man-Search Snake Hard Man-Dive Missile and Hard Knuckle Top Man-Hard Knuckle Snake Man-Needle Cannon and Spark Shock Spark Man-Skull Barrier and Gemini Laser Skull Man-Top Spin

Cossack Citadel 1: bright-man Bright Man (That's right, as said before, as Mega/Proto Man fought, Wily made Cossack make the rest of his robots, and they are all fought here.)
Cossack Citadel 2: toad-man Toad Man
Cossack Citadel 3: drill-man Drill Man
Cossack Citadel 4: pharaoh-man Pharaoh Man

Wily Stage 1: Metall Daddy
Wily Stage 2: dust-man Dust Man
Wily Stage 3: Robot Master Rematch Part 1: Citadel and Castle bosses
Wily Stage 4: dr-wily Robot Master Rematch Part 2: First 8 and Wily Machine 4
Final Boss: dr-wily Wily Capsule

BONUS: Wily Tower

Robot Master 1: enker Enker
Robot Master 2: quint Quint
Robot Master 3: punk Punk
Robot Master 4: ballade Ballade
Robot Master 5: Buster Rod G
Robot Master 6: Mega Warer S
Robot Master 7: Hyper Storm H

Weaknesses: Enker-Screw Crusher and Ballade Cracker Quint-Mirror Buster Punk-Ballade Cracker and Hyper Storm Ballade-Screw Crusher and Sakugaurde Hammer Buster Rod G-Mega Water Mega Water S-Hyper Storm and Screw Crusher Hyper Storm H-Buster Rod and Ballade Cracker (The majority of weaknesses seem to be Screw Crusher and Ballade Cracker)

Wily Tower 1: Doc Robot Elec Man (Halfway) and Doc Robot Quick Man (End)
Wily Tower 2: Doc Robot-Needle Man (Halfway) and Yellow Devil (End)
Wily Tower 3: Robot Master Rematches
Wily Tower 4: dr-wily Wily Capsule
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Posted on March 27th, 2015 at 7:39pm
Posted 2015/03/27 at 7:39pm
Name: The Pack Of Tough...
Player: bassmega-manproto-man
Info: Wily has prepared a hard Chamber. You must beat the toughest of Robot Masters and the hardest of stages.

RM 1: elec-man Has 2 times the power, Stage is very Heat-man Like.
RM 2: ice-man Has OHKO ability, Enemies have more power.
RM 3: quick-man Stage has TONS of "Cheese Whiz Beams of death". RM can Have Triple speed, And 7 Boomerangs.
RM 4: MINIBOSS, MINIBOSS! Dark Devil(?) From MMX5, The menace Has returned. OHKO Power, and no weakness, (Except on 2nd run), And Stage is Very threatening.
RM 5-8; Enker, Punk, Ballade, And Sunstar. All have power to Freeze you, and everything. OHKO power.
Wily Stages:
1: Copy Bot: You, OHKO Power, and has 2 health bars.
2: RM Rematch, Same, but 2 Health bars.
3: Wily Machine 7. 4 Forms, all with OHKO power.
4: Alien. Same as 7, With No attack from anything except for one move.


Try and beat that if it was made. I dare you... If it was made.
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Posted on March 27th, 2015 at 8:02pm Edited on 2015/03/27 at 8:33pm
Posted 2015/03/27 at 8:02pm Edited 2015/03/27 at 8:33pm
The Adventures of ZeroDXZ: Enter MetaKirbSter

Players: ZeroDXZbassbass MetaKirbSterbass

Robot Master 1:Bubble-Manbubble-man In this game, Bubble-Man can fire off 4 Bubble-Leads, 9 Buster Shots from his Head Cannon, and can dash at the opponent like Dive-Man. Obtained Omega Bubble-Lead

Robot Master 2:Quick-Manquick-man ohhhh, LORDY! 7 Quick-Boomerangs, and X2.0 the swiftness,...also,...the RM-Impact Damage in this stage you ask? IS DOUBLED,...try to stock up on E-Tanks. Obtained "Quake-Boomerang" and Quick-Boomerang X

Mega-Man Killer 1:Enkerenker if your having Enker problems i feel bad for you son, cus this boss can heal, but you can get the job done, Enker now has an "Omega" Mirror-Buster, which can absorb your attacks and unleash them not x1,... not x2,. but 3 TIMES it's strength,..oh and also the duration of how long it stays activated is x2 the duration it was on the Mega-Man 8-Bit Deathmatch Obtained Omega Mirror-Buster

Robot Master 4:Bass!?bass-copy ok, a copy of Bass,.... this is set up like the battle in Mega-Man 7, or Mega-Man 8,..however you can reference it,..HOWEVER,..there are 3 E-Tanks as you spawn,..yet,.. no stage to run through, spawns you by the door straight up battle,... Copy Bass holds the Copy Shot,..yet this Copy Shot can copy the Robot Masters 2nd attack,...YAY! Obtained Copy Shot

Wily Tower 1: Dr-Wily?dr-wily A Wily Tower stage this early? hmm,...something up? coincidence here? I THINK NOT! the stage is set like that of Wily Stage 1 on Mega-Man 2,...Blast and climb on through! Advance to Next Stage!

Wily Tower 2: Robot Master Rematch!mega-man Ok,...Robot Master rematches, at least 4 of them,..but the game isn't over yet. Just power through! Advance to the Next Stage!


Mega-Man Killer 2:Punkpunk Well now,...seems like something new is afoot, Punk's stage is like the usual,..yet this time Punk can use all Swift-Type attacks to his disposal, oh,...and did i mention? he is weak to the Omega Mirror-Buster! Obtained Item! Rush Search!

Mega-Man Killer 3:Quintquint wait, wait, wait, wait....Quint? ooook then just look out for his Saryngarde Hammer, (Or whatever you call it), and a, Charged Buster? how pathetic can you get Quint? Obtained Upgrade! Buster Charge!

Final Fortress: King mega-manbass well, well, well... it's time to settle the score,.. with Mega-Man and Bass assisting you through this stage, you'll have the Back-Up you'll need to take King down once-and-for-all!... but wait, this isn't the real king, it? Advance to the Final Stage!

Space!: Trilltrill And here's where it all comes down, a pawn of Slur, it's time to take out the trash with this Final Showdown, the odd's are 50/50 here,...all weapons you've obtained have been super charged, but trill has the same,...but with dark effects, it is folks,..the showdown you've all been waiting for! Finished the Game!

Congratulations,'ve finally cleared this mess-hole rage of a game,...hope your controller isn't broken,..cus you know have access to the Extreme Mode,.. All bosses here have a Out-To-Kill strategy,...and their attack patterns change constantly, GOOD LUCK!
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Posted on March 31st, 2015 at 5:07pm
Posted 2015/03/31 at 5:07pm
Mega Man: Day in the Limelight is a series of games were you play as a group of robot masters and play through stages based off of the next consecutive game. There has been a 1st and 2nd game, but the main creator Riverroad has seemed to be taking it slow and steady on the 3rd game, where there have been only 4 robot master stages done. I figured it would be cool to try to give ideas on the rest of the game, so I present to you: Mega Man: Day in the Limelight Fan Edition!

Story Part 1: Dr. Wily has been busy, preparing his next world domination scheme, when the mysterious Dr. Cossack appears, claiming to be taking over the world. How dare he! Everyone knows you're the greatest threat to the world! You figured Mega Man would appear to defeat Dr. Cossack, but he strangely has not appeared to counter the new threat. It's time to send the third generation robots to show Cossack who's boss!

Needle Man has the ability to shoot out spurts of needles, but he can also shoot out the needles on his head to both damage enemies and latch on to walls. His slide also does damage.
Magnet Man can manipulate magnetic forces at anytime. When there is no gravitational force, the Magnet Missiles have no tracking property. However, the Magnet Missiles do track enemies whenever the Magnet Pull is in affect.
Gemini Man can create clones when standing still. The original Gemini Man stays put while the copy continues forwards. If the original or copy get damaged, the copy disappears. If the copy dies, the original does not. The Gemini Laser can reflect off of walls, ceilings, floors, and even some enemy attacks.
Hard Man has the ability to launch is Hard Knuckles, which fly forwards and can hurt enemies multiple times. Hard Man can slam the ground in mid air, also hurting enemies. At any time, Hard Man can retract into his shell-like body, ignoring all damage.
Top Man can start twirling whether on the ground or in the air. While twirling, he becomes immune to small projectiles and can deal damage to small enemies. For larger enemies, he can shoot out a large top, doing constant damage during it's spin. Top Man has the fastest slide.
Snake Man is able to shoot Search Snakes, which will climb up everything but ceilings. He can also climb up walls, just like his Search Snakes.
Spark Man shoots Spark Shocks forwards uncharged, but in 8 directions when charged. If an enemy is not destroyed by the attack, it will be paralyzed, but it also becomes invincible from Spark Shocks. While paralyzed, the enemies become platforms you can jump on.
Shadow Man jumps higher than any other robot master. He can shoot Shadow Blades in any direction, but has to stop to throw them while on the ground. Shadow Man can still throw Shadow Blades during his slide.

In Mega Man: Day in the Limelight, the weaknesses are a bit tricky. You take the weakness order of the robots you are fighting, then apply the playable robot masters to the chain. For example, Dust Man is good against Skull Man, so Hard Man is also good against Skull Man. Bright Man is good against Pharaoh Man, so Spark Man is also good against Pharaoh Man.

needle-man Needle Man vs Skull Man skull-man
magnet-man Magnet Man vs Ring Man ring-man
gemini-man Gemini Man vs Drill Man drill-man
hard-man Hard Man vs Dust Man dust-man
top-man Top Man vs Dive Man dive-man
snake-man Snake Man vs Toad Man toad-man
spark-man Spark Man vs Bright Man bright-man
shadow-man Shadow Man vs Pharaoh Man pharaoh-man:

After we fight Cossack's robots and unlock our robots, it's time to take on Cossack.

Cossack Citadel 1: Mothraya-Weak to Spark Shock.
Cossack Citadel 2: Square Machine-Weak to Magnet Missile.
Cossack Citadel 3: Cockroach Twins-Weak to Search Snake.
Cossack Citadel 4: Cossack Catcher-Weak to Hard Knuckle.

Upon finally confronting Dr. Cossack, Proto Man teleports in to say "Dr. Cossack did not mean to do this. He was being forced by someone in Light's laboratory. The real threat lies there."

Light Labs 1: guts-man Guts Man?-Weak to Gemini Laser.
Light Labs 2: elec-man Elec Man?-Weak to Shadow Blade.
Light Labs 3: mega-man Mega Man?- Weak to Needle Cannon.

Light Labs 4: Doc Robot 2.0-No weakness (Doc Robot 2.0 uses Mega Man 2 weapons).
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Posted on March 31st, 2015 at 5:11pm
Posted 2015/03/31 at 5:11pm
Name: Bass 2: Cossack Attack

Player: Bass bass
Description: Taking place IMMEDIATELY after the defeat of Dr. Light in Bass 1, things looked grim for Mega Man and the other heroes, the Blue Bomber's life soon to end. Suddenly, Wily calls and says that Cossack plans on sending HIS robot masters to stop his plans. Thus, Bass has to go through a sort of adventure to defeat Cossack, still holding the weapons from the previous adventure, which means 2 times the weapons, as well as the Magnet Beam from Elec Man's stage.

Robot Master 1: Bright Man bright-man
Robot Master 2: Toad Man toad-man
Robot Master 3: Drill Man drill-man
Robot Master 4: Pharaoh Man pharaoh-man
Robot Master 5: Ring Man ring-man
Robot Master 6: Dust Man dust-man
Robot Master 7: Dive Man dive-man
Robot Master 8: Skull Man skull-man

Weaknesses: Bright Man-Rain Flush Toad Man-Drill Blitz, Oil Slide, Bass Buster Drill Man-Dive Torpedo, Ice Slasher Pharaoh Man-Bright Burst, Time Slow Ring Man-Pharaoh Shot, Fire Storm Dust Man-Ring Boomerang, Rolling Cutter, Hyper Bomb Dive Man-Skull Barrier, Thunder Beam Skull Man-Dust Crusher, Hyper Bomb

Cossack Citadel 1: Mothraya
Cossack Citadel 2: Square Machine
Cossack Citadel 3: Cockroach Twins
Cossack Citadel 4: Cossack Machine

After Bass defeats Dr. Cossack's Cossack Machine (From MM4), he heads back to Light's Lab to get back to finishing off Mega Man, not knowing that Dr. Light repaired Mega Man and is waiting for him once more.

Light Laboratory 1: Dual Machine-Super Arm and Oil Slide (Dual Machine is a machine that has 2 weapons based on Dr. Light's original robot masters. It's like the Cutter Generator, but the dispenser is replaced with a screen and a big, dish-like buster on both sides of it. This one shows Guts Man, which means Super Arm, and Oil Man, which means Oil Slide. When using the Super Arm, it drops a rock from a square hole above it. When using the Oil Slide, it shoots out damage-making oil from one of it's sides.)
Light Laboratory 2: Dual Machine-Ice Slasher and Time Slow (When using Ice Slasher, it shoots the weapon from one of the sides. When using Time Slow, it slows down time for a while, but can't be reused until the effect wear off.)
Light Laboratory 3: Dual Machine-Fire Storm and Rolling Cutter (When using the Fire Storm, it becomes the return of the Fire Storm trap back in Fire Man's stage from MM1. When using the Rolling Cutter, the screen opens up and it becomes the Rolling Cutter Dispenser it's made from.)
Light Laboratory 4: Robot Master Rematches Mega Man and Proto Man mega-man proto-man (Here, you face both Mega Man and Proto Man at the same time. Mega Man acts like Copy Robot while Proto Man's fight is like the ones in MM3, jumping and shooting.)
Light Laboratory 5: Light Machine 2 (A recolored Wily Machine 2)
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Posted on April 4th, 2015 at 1:08pm
Posted 2015/04/04 at 1:08pm
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...
Mega Man: Wily's Onslaught

Wily has finally had it with all of Mega Man's success. He has sent out the best of the best of his robot masters to various locations to lure Mega Man into various traps. It's time for Mega Man to throw down with the mad doctor in 8 crazy action packed stages. Maybe he can finally stop the doctor for ever lasting peace. (Can you tell I try to make these sound like corny back of the video game case descriptions?)

Robot Masters
metal-man Metal Man
quick-man Quick Man
heat-man Heat Man
gemini-man Gemini Man
hard-man Hard Man
gravity-man Gravity Man
star-man Star Man
napalm-man Napalm Man

Metal Man: Quick Boomerang and Hard Knuckle Quick Man: Gravity Hold and Napalm Bomb Heat Man: Hard Knuckle and Gravity Hold Gemini Man: Metal Blade and Star Crash Hard Man: Napalm Bomb and Gemini Laser Gravity Man: Star Crash and Metal Blade Star Man: Atomic Fire and Quick Boomerang Napalm Man: Gemini Laser and Atomic Fire

We can't quite take out Wily yet! He has sent out four Doc Robots programmed with some of Light's Bots and Cossack's Bots abilities.

Doc Robot 1 (Found in Metal Man's Stage) : ring-man Ring Man Weak to Atomic Fire
Doc Robot 2 (Found in Hard Man's Stage) : drill-man Drill Man Weak to Star Crash
Doc Robot 3 (Found in Gravity Man's Stage) : elec-man Elec Man Weak to Quick Boomerang
Doc Robot 4 (Found in Napalm Man's Stage) : bomb-man Bomb Man Weak to Gemini Laser

We can now finally storm Wily's Castle, which is filled with upgraded traps and robots from the past.

Wily 1 : Big Pets Weak to Hard Knuckle
Wily 2 Mini Boss: top-man Top Man + No Weakness

Wily 2: Picopico-kun Weak to Star Crash

Wily 3: Tank CSII Weak to Napalm Bomb

Wily 4 Mini Bosses: Boss Rematches

Wily 4: Metall Daddy Weak to Quick Boomerang

Wily 5 Form 1: Wily Machine 2 Weak to Hard Knuckle

Wily 5 Form 2: Wily Capsule II Weak to Gravity Hold
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Posted on April 5th, 2015 at 2:25pm
Posted 2015/04/05 at 2:25pm
@Tobyjoey : Hahahahaha! Ring Man? RoahmMythril had no trouble with him, so he is not REALLY tough.
But, hey, at least you didn't say one of the best was Bubble Man.
bubble-man One of these days, I'll have my revenge...
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Posted on April 5th, 2015 at 2:28pm
Posted 2015/04/05 at 2:28pm
@Bt Man : Just Program him to shoot bubbles Spammily And use Rain Flush and then he's good.
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Posted on April 5th, 2015 at 2:32pm
Posted 2015/04/05 at 2:32pm
@MetaKirbSter : -_- MM2 is not MMRPG.
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Posted on April 5th, 2015 at 2:34pm
Posted 2015/04/05 at 2:34pm
@Bt Man : Uh i know. But the hackers can try. :P
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Posted on April 5th, 2015 at 2:38pm
Posted 2015/04/05 at 2:38pm
@MetaKirbSter : What hackers?
If there were hackers, these fake games would be 100% real, all details and everything.
And the hackers can do what they want, but it won't be canon. None of this is canon. (But it's still fun)
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Posted on April 5th, 2015 at 2:41pm
Posted 2015/04/05 at 2:41pm
@Bt Man : Not hackers, Hack Makers. I mean The ones who make those MM game hacks like MM4 Minus infinity and Mega man Day in the Limelight?
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