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"Create" a Mega Man Game!

November 3rd, 2014 at 10:33pm
Beta Man
Beta Man
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Did you ever wonder what would it be like if Bass was the main character? Or if past robot masters teamed up with each other? Well, this is a place where you can have fun making up stories/fan games. Unfortunately, you obviously can't MAKE one here, but if you have experience in making them and are interested in using these as a body for them, go ahead and do it.
Here is an example:
Name: Mega Man Powered Up 1 1/2 or Mega Man 1 1/2

Player: Mega Man mega-man

Robot Master 1: Cut Man cut-man
Robot Master 2: Air Man air-man
Robot Master 3: Bubble Man bubble-man
Robot Master 4: Quick Man quick-man
Robot Master 5: Bomb Man bomb-man
Robot Master 6: Time Man time-man
Robot Master 7: Fire Man fire-man
Robot Master 8: Wood Man wood-man

Robot Master Weaknesses: Cut Man-Fire Storm Air Man-Leaf Shield Bubble Man-Rolling Cutter Quick Man-Time Slow and Hyper Bomb Bomb Man-Rolling Cutter and Fire Storm Time Man-Leaf Shield Fire Man-Air Shooter Wood Man-Fire Storm and Rolling Cutter

Wily Stage 1 Boss: Mecha Dragon
Wily Stage 2 Boss: Yellow Devil
Wily Stage 3 Boss: Guts Man guts-man
Wily Stage 4 Boss: Boobeam Trap (Really, that's what it's called)
Final Boss 1: Wily Machine 1
Final Boss 2: Wily Machine 2
Here is a blank version:


DLC (Optional):
Description (Optional):

Robot Master 1:
Robot Master 2:
Robot Master 3:
Robot Master 4:
Robot Master 5:
Robot Master 6:
Robot Master 7:
Robot Master 8:


Wily Stage 1:
Wily Stage 2:
Wily Stage 3:
Wily Stage 4:
Final Boss:
Oh, and you can now make MegaTale AUs. Here is the list of characters from the regular MegaTale if you need it:

Rock as Frisk
bass Forte as Chara (Alternatively, you can use Rhythm.)
proto-man Retro Pikachu as Flowey/Asriel
dr-cossack Adrian as Toriel
disco StupidStudiosC2 as Napstablook
MegaBoy as Papyrus
Beta Man as Sans
Ninja Man as Doggo
Jazz MKII as Lesser Dog
Sargent Man as Greater Dog
bass Meta as Grillby
Ender as Annoying Dog
ice-man NiceIce as Nice Cream Guy
bass ZeroDXZ as Undyne
Proto Man MKII as Monster Kid
Walter as Onion-San. (Mugshot is not really good, but in a way things work out, I guess.)
Ura as Temmie (currently)
gemini-man TailsMK4 as Gerson
RotomSlashBlast as Mad Dummy (with a random Rotom as the Ruins Dummy)
proto-man StupidStudiosN as Mettaton
bright-man ThatGuyNamedMikey as Alphys
proto-man StupidStudiosA as Burgerpants
time-man MusicalKitty -SST- as Muffet
quick-man MegaBossMan as Asgore
REDACTED as Gaster
ERASED as Goner Kid
"Create" a Mega Man Game!
Posted by Beta Man on November 3rd, 2014 at 10:33pm
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Beta Man
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Posted on February 21st, 2017 at 8:28pm Edited on 2017/02/21 at 8:46pm
Posted 2017/02/21 at 8:28pm Edited 2017/02/21 at 8:46pm
Adventures of the False Mega

Light Labs 1: Mecha Dragon
Light Labs 2: PikoPiko-Kun
Light Labs 3: guts-man Guts Man
Light Labs 4: Buebeam Trap
Final Boss: dr-light Light Machine 1 (A Dr. Light variation of Wily Machine 2, which replaces this boss if the player is Beta Man, MegaBoy, or Proto-Link.)

Sadly, no Alien boss because A. I actually wanted to make a mugshot using a small bit of this image, but I have no experience with making it 8-bit AND look good at the same time, nor do I have access to any programs that could do the exact same (and I also didn't want to take the "lazy route" and just crop the Alien sprite and such), and B. I feel as if the use of the Alien itself would be out of Dr. Light's character, even in THIS universe. So yeah.

Copy Robot has defeated Dr. Light and has achieved victory in the name of Dr. Wily. However, even after Light Labs was burnt down, Dr. Light vows that he will end Wily's rule and reign of terror once and for all. Thus, the war between Good and Evil will never end until one side is defeated for good. Will Copy Robot prove the fact of good always triumphing over evil to be false? Only time will tell...

(Everyone else gets no actual ending because they're just fun little bonuses.)

Boss Rush- Face all Bosses in one go!
Endless Run- An endless stage that will randomly pit you against enemies and mechanics! How long can you last?
Endless Boss Rush- An endless battle against all the bosses at random! How long can you survive?
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Posted on February 23rd, 2017 at 1:18pm Edited on 2017/02/24 at 8:49am
Posted 2017/02/23 at 1:18pm Edited 2017/02/24 at 8:49am
hey why none of us done that yet
megaman the power fighters 3 (or whatever)

playable characters:
mega-man : Megaman(Abilities:megabuster,slide,charge shot+up=mega upper,special:rush call
bass : Bass(Abilities:bassbuster,dash,and by dash i mean that wierd stuff he do in power fighers 2charge shot=up=that upper kick that guile also have,special:treeble call
proto-man : Megaman(Abilities:protobuster,dash,charge shot+up=blues strike,special:beat kinda gives him a shield
Picture not avaliable : Duo(Abilities:duofist,charge,charge shot+up=uppercut,special:like protoman beat kinda gives him a barrier
and now what everyone wants to put dlc (wait thats an arcade game how dlc)shut up think this is like a console game or heck even an update to the arcade dammit
dlc All the characters (2) i created pack
bass : Copyie(Abilities:Copyie Buster,(a buster created by dr Light for Copyie to not overheat when using his super copy chip to much),dash,charge shot+up=shoryuken,(kinda like x but not like x)special:Copyie uses his space martial chip to double his damage (the time of this special is the half of the others
freeze-man : Le PoopyHead(this is a nerfed version of the poopyhead see by the le(Abilities:Bad puns buter,trolol slide(slides to the other side of the map,charge shot+up=ThePoopyHead special whatever super big bang punch(is just a punch with the damage of the blues strike,special:Meme summon(get the abilityof a random meme

killers pack
enker : Enker(Abilities:mirrorbuster,slide,charge shot+up=deflect,special:mirrorbuster power up(the mirror buster works like in the games but enker dont take damage when absorving
punk : Punk(Abilities:screwcrusher,spin dash,charge shot+up=up spin dash,special:normal spin dash do damage
ballade : Ballade(Abilities:balladecracker,slide,charge shot+up=throws some balladecrakers up,special:that sweet 1st form (takes half damage

now for the stages(god finaly)
1-2 :Willy shenanigans
3-4 :Save Kalinka
V :Defeat Sunstar
5-6 :That Mr X tournament (but we all know what happens)
7-8 :Defeat Duo Enemy(evil robot,trio
Bass :Defeat King
9-10 :Fight the Roboenza(you all know wright?)
But wait theres more :Who the hell are those robots(fight against not classic robots and this site community characters

1-2 Willy escaped again who would guess am i wright
robot masters
cut-man : Cutman(his moveset from the previous games
weak to:Quick Boomerang(dont ask this game dont have normal weaknesses)
guts-man : Gutsman(same as cut
weak to:Flash Buster(yeah time or flash abilities dont exist in this game)
ice-man : Ice tottaly not nice Man(same as the other two up there
weak to:Rolling Cutter
quick-man : Quickman(you should know by now
weak to:Air Shooter
air-man : Airman(if you dont know you cant defeat this guy nor woodman
weak to:Super Arm
flash-man : Flashman(I want somethin new(he can use his stando za warudo and stop the time,shoot that barrage of shots when almost dead he will do the barrage of shots but in a line not spread
weak to:Ice Slasher

Willy Castle bosses
Yellow Devil(he still a bastard but more like in the game power fighters)weak to:Super Arm (dont ask thats his weakness in the power battles)
Willy Machine 2(like the actual fight)weak to:Air Shooter (again dont ask)

3-4 Save Kalinka like in MM4 but without Proto or with him i dont know
robot masters
shadow-man : Shadowman(his moveset from the previous games ctrl is so good doing this
weak to:Gemini Laser
gemini-man : Geminiman(his moveset from the previous games
weak to:Pharaoh Wave (yes thats its name)
snake-man : Snakeman(just like in MM3 but when almost dead the stage change for one of those snake head in his stage
weak to:Shadow Blade
dive-man : Diveman(his moveset from the previous games
weak to:Skull Barrier
pharaoh-man : Pharaohman(his moveset from the previous games
weak to:Dive Torpedo(dont ask)

to be continued and please no bee movie jokes
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Posted on February 23rd, 2017 at 3:32pm Edited on 2017/02/23 at 4:35pm
Posted 2017/02/23 at 3:32pm Edited 2017/02/23 at 4:35pm
hey we are back with
megaman the power fighters 3

skull-man : Skullman(kinda like in MM4 but dont stop when you stop when losing he starts to throw his skull barrier
weak to:Search Snake(again dont ask)

Willy Castle Bosses
Cossack Catcher(just like MM4)weak to:Pharaoh Wave

Willy Machine 4(exactly like the guy up there)weak to:Shadow Blade(its weaknes in power and fighters

V Who the hell are those robots and do they want
Mars(just like in the actual game but when almost dead he starts to set more mines
weak to:Breack Dash
Venus(just like in V but when almost dead he start to shoot more bubbles at time
weak to:Photon Missile
Jupiter(Just like in the game but when almost dead he do Storm Eagle lil out of screen attacks
weak to:Bubble Bomb
Saturn(you know already but when almost dead he throws his black hole kinda like Galaxy Bomb
weak to:Electric Shock
Mercury(you know(when almost dead he will do some grow from the ground attacks like green devil
weak to:Black Hole
Pluto(you know(when almost dead he will do neon tiger like attack when on a wall
weak to:Grab Buster

Stardroids Death Star
Terra:(just like in the game except that now he have the MM8BDM Justified walk animation,when almost dead the spark chaser will follow you just like an enemy and hit you 4 times)weak to:Break Dash

Sunstar(he is op just like in the game i dont think i need to ad a when he is almost dead pattern)weak to:Nothing (Good luck pal)

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Beta Man
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Posted on February 25th, 2017 at 10:59am
Posted 2017/02/25 at 10:59am
Well, after about a year of waiting, I shall make the next MegaSwap game. (See Page 12 for the previous, or Page 10 for the original) But the only reason I'm doing this is because I feel that the Community around here has been quiet for long enough.

Name: Mega Swap 5

Players: bass Bass Man quint Quint Man (I WAS going to use a custom mugshot, but I didn't really like the final product, so meh.) (Complete the Game) BetaBoy (DLC) (Weapon: Beta Saber) * Mega Man (MegaSwap) (DLC) (Weapon: Mega Blast)
DLC: Mega and Beta- Beta Boy, Mega Man (MegaSwap)
Description: In the year 20YY (Because that year makes TOTAL sense), a group of robots are attacking the city! And the robot in charge is... Quint Man!? Bass Man returns in a NEW adventure! With Dr. Trust captured by Quint Man, it's up to Bass Man to stop him and his army! But is Quint Man what he seems to be? ...Of course not, we already know this story!

Robot Master 1: gravity-man Floater Man (Weapon: Floater Hold)
Robot Master 2: wave-man Pulse Man (Weapon: Shock Pulse)
Robot Master 3: stone-man Moss Man (Weapon: Power Moss)
Robot Master 4: gyro-man Pollutant Man (Weapon: Polluted Blade)
Robot Master 5: star-man Abyss Man (Weapon: Abyss Crasher)
Robot Master 6: charge-man Yield Man (Weapon: Yield Strike)
Robot Master 7: napalm-man Rocket Man (Weapon: Rocket Bomb)
Robot Master 8: crystal-man Foretell Man (Weapon: Foretelling Eye)

Weaknesses: Floater Man- Abyss Crasher, Beta Saber Pulse Man- Yield Strike Moss Man- Rocket Bomb, Mega Blast Pollutant Man- Floater Hold Abyss Man- Shock Pulse, Power Moss Yield Man- Power Moss, Shock Pulse Rocket Man- Foretelling Eye Foretell Man- Polluted Blade, Yield Strike

Quint Castle 1: Light Man 1
Quint Castle 2: Light Man 2
Quint Castle 3: dark-man-1 Light Man 3
Quint Castle 4: Light Man 4

And we know how this goes.

Dark Labs 1: Big Pets
Dark Labs 2: Circring J2
Dark Labs 3: Robot Master Rematches dr-light Dark Press
Final Boss: dr-light Dark Machine 5 and Dark Capsule

Congratulations! You have unlocked Hard Mode, with harder stages, harder bosses... And a secret Bonus Boss at the end! But who is it? We shall find out some day...

...And that day will be today! :P

Bonus Final Boss: bass quint Dimensional Paradox- It's a battle against... Yourself!? The Mega Man Universe Counterpart of your selected character appears to battle you! Can you defeat your opposite self?

*Ugh, to be honest, I'm NOT a fan of how this mugshot turned out. This mugshot just screams "Hey, this color scheme only works for MegaBoy!"
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Posted on February 25th, 2017 at 2:54pm Edited on 2017/02/25 at 4:06pm
Posted 2017/02/25 at 2:54pm Edited 2017/02/25 at 4:06pm
Hey hey we are back again(nobody cares just go to the point already!)
megaman the power fighters 3

5-6 Hey look that guy Mr X is doing a tounament lets go what can go wrong
robot masters
gyro-man : Gyroman(Just like in the other games
weak to:Power Stone
stone-man : Stoneman(Just like in the other games
weak to:Napalm Bomb
napalm-man : Napalman(Just like in the other games
weak to:Centaur Arrow
tomahawk-man : Tomahawk(Acts like in MM6 but when almost dead he uses two tomahaks one for slice and other to throw
weak to:Plant Barrier
Plantman(just like in the other games
weak to:Gyro Attack
Centaurman(just like in the other games
weak to:Silver Tomahalk

Mr X fortress
Dark Man 4(like the actual fight but when almost dead he will summon other Dark Man (they will explode with one shot)weak to:Power Stone

Willy Machine 6(like the actual fight)weak to:Centaur Arrow

7-8 This final battle would be cooler and thats why they put in MM8BDM oh yeah i will also need to create most of all fights
slash-man : Slashman(Just like in the other games
weak to:Freeze Cracker
freeze-man : Freezeman(Just like in MM7 but when almost dead he sets icicles on the ground
weak to:Flash Bomb
Shademan(like in the arcade game)weak to:
Slash Claw
Tenguman (just like in MM8 but when almost meeting the creator he will also use MM&B attacks)weak to:Copy Vision
Astroman(just like in MM8 but when almost meeting the creator he will also use MM&B attacks)weak to:Noise Crush
grenade-man : Grenademan(Just like in MM8 but when he is almost in that mexican day he will trhow 3 Flash Bombs at time)
weak to:Tengu Blade
Willy Machine 7(like the actual fight but when Willy is defeated he goes on the Willy Capsule)weak to:Freeze Cracker
Evil Robot , Trio whatever(just like the fight in MM8BDM but without the need of Duo Fist:Flash Bomb

Bass (That King guy with his robots are human slaves, he must be one of those guys who hates Pokemon
Robot Masters (Oh hey look i dont need to choose this time
Dynamoman(like the actual fight)weak to:Magic Card
Coldman(like the actual fight)weak to:Lighting Bolt
Groundman(like the actual fight)weak to:Remote Mine
Pirateman(like the actual fight)weak to:Wave Burner
Burnerman(like the actual fight)weak to:Ice Wall
magic-man : Magicman(like the actual fight in MM&B
weak to:Spread Drill

King`s Whatever
King(like the actual fight but when almost dead he uses all his moves from MM8BDM)weak to:Lighting Bolt

That Willy Machine from this game(like the actual fight)weak to:Remote Bomb

Insert Roundabout
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Posted on March 2nd, 2017 at 10:22am Edited on 2017/03/02 at 10:55am
Posted 2017/03/02 at 10:22am Edited 2017/03/02 at 10:55am
Oh hello there and we are back (well the thread is dead again so eh whatever)
megaman the power fighters 3

9-10 Goddamit Willy why must you do this all the time
Robot Masters
tornado-man : Tornadoman(Just like in 9 but when almost plug balled he drops the 2 sides of the screen to a pit
weak to:Plug Ball
splash-woman : Splashwoman(Just like in 9 but she will call fishes to kill you
weak to:Commando Bomb
plug-man : Plugman(Just like in 9 but when he is almost dead his plugballs wont fall on him
weak to:Wheel Cutter
commando-man : Commandoman(Just like in 10 but when almost dead he will go hard mode
weak to:Tornado Blow (but nerf to fit in here)
nitro-man : Nitroman(Just like in 10 but when almost dead he will go hard mode
weak to:Solar Blaze
solar-man : Solarman(Just like in 10 but when almost dead he will go hard mode
weak to:Laser Trident

Willy Castle
Twin Devil(like the actual fight)weak to:Tornado Blow (but nerfed to fit in power fighters)
Willy Machine 10(like the actual fight)weak to:Solar Blaze

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Posted on March 4th, 2017 at 8:39am Edited on 2017/03/04 at 9:53am
Posted 2017/03/04 at 8:39am Edited 2017/03/04 at 9:53am
@Copyie : I don't think there would be actual cursing in a kid's game.

Now, for the rest of Impossible Attack Pattern's first chapter!

Steel Mill (Fire Man)
Pattern 1: Flaming Particle Cannon: Fire Man will use a big laser made of fire. However, he's defenseless from behind.
Pattern 2: This Guy's A Living Nuclear Reactor: Heat Man will throw piliars that last longer, and sometimes his charge will leave behind flame piliars.
Pattern 3: Too Many Flames: Wave Burner's flames will last even after being fired, so Burner Man has a good amount of range. If there was a way to use this against him...
Pattern 4: Fiery Satelite: Fire Storm's Orb will circle Fire Man whenever he uses a Fire Chaser.

Electrical Tower (Elec Man)
Pattern 1: Voltage Overload: Elec Man fires TWO beams at a time here! Double-jumping is VERY helpful in this one.
Pattern 2: Flash Eclipse: Bright Man has an attack similar to that of Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright in Kirby's Dream Land 2. Yes, this is a R4MI ripoff. No, I don't care.
Pattern 3: Get Your Regen Out of My Killing Spree: Dynamo Man will use the Recharger twice as often, but the Dynamo Bolts are telegraphed as to where they'll be.
Pattern 4: Death From Above and Below: Elec Man's Thunder Stikes hit from above, and another will attack from below.

Clock Citadel (Time Man)
Pattern 1: Spread Arrow: Time Man fires three arrows at a time as opposed to one. Imagine his attack as a player from pwered up comboed with his attack as a boss.
Pattern 2: Too Many Pulses: Flash Man will use Flash Pulse whenever he jumps.
Pattern 3: Centaur Cloning: Try not to shoot the fakes that Centaur Man creates; they'll just counterattack.
Pattern 4: I HATE Time Limits: You have a time limit to defeat Time Man: If it runs out before you take him down, you die instantly.

Oil Wells (Oil Man)
Pattern 1: There's No Way This Won't Get Slippery in The Future: Oil Man fires NINE blobs of oil instead of just three.
Pattern 2: Drill Trio: Drill Man uses Drill Blitz insead of Drill Bomb.
Pattern 3: MY OIL IS ON FIRE!!: Flame Man CAN and WILL set the oil on the floor on fire.
Pattern 4: Slidin' and Slippin': The Oil Slider will leave a trail of oil that has ice physics. Also Rotom will fall down most of the time.

Chapter 1 Boss: Enker
Chapter bosses have at least two health bars. Enker can ONLY be damaged when he's hit using the Mirror Buster. As in, you can only damage him when he's absorbing shots. Don't try hurting him otherwise. When at half health, he will ALWAYS use the mirror buster at its most powerful state.


Chapter 2 Intro:

Rotom: Hah! You can't HOPE to defeat me! With these wonderful items, I'm even LESS beatable than every Wind-core combined!
Rotom: All I need is to gather more Evil Energy, and with the special weapons I've received from these robots but will never use for some stupid reason, I'll be so mighty, that not even Mega Man himself will be able to defeat me!
Rotom: Wait, what's THAT!?
*Wily's UFO is carrying a LOT of evil energy and enters his MM2 fortress*
Rotom: ...I gotta get my hands on that load of evil energy.
Rotom: The second series bots should still have the codes past the anti-teleportation field...
Rotom: All I gotta do is beat them and grab the codes. Then, I can make myself TRULY invincible.

Chapter 2 is loading, Please wait warmly....
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Retro Pikachu
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Posted on March 4th, 2017 at 4:18pm
Posted 2017/03/04 at 4:18pm
@RotomSlashBlast : *cough* *cough* megamanbattlenetworktwo *cough* *cough*

Oh my what a terrible cough
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Posted on March 6th, 2017 at 10:02am Edited on 2017/03/06 at 11:05am
Posted 2017/03/06 at 10:02am Edited 2017/03/06 at 11:05am
Oh hey look we are back (man please shut up)
megaman the power fighters 3

And for the last mode on this game

But wait theres more Fight this site original robots oh yeah and X good job you are a maverick (well gonna use the site sprites because i have no sprite of no one here)

mega-man : Betaman(Eh i dont know his moveset so uh his moveset from my fighting game moveset thread and when he is almost dead he uses his hyper combos
weak to:Copy Arm random ability
bass : Ninjaman(do any of you remember when he was a flame bass(same as the other guy up there
weak to:Beta Blast
ice-man : Niceice(Well i think i am at the same page as Beta of Nice is Just Ice(see what i did there ok i will stop) but i know he can use his ice slasher to attack meelee so thats a thing right
weak to:NinjaMan Katana(or heck i dont know)
proto-man : Protoman MKII(Yeah again i dont know his moveset but i think it was kinda protoman and when he is almost dead he uses a Reggae Adaptor(please if i am wrong tell me where
weak to:Niceice Slasher (here is an idea for you Ice)
bass : Rhythm(The stuff he do at the comic when he is almost dead he will use his cloak to be invunerable for some time
weak to:Proto Strike II(yeah i know he probably dont have this but hey if you ever see this here is an idea for you Walter)(Oh and hey that is also a good reference to the comics)
proto-man : Cape(He will use his copy arm on the fight using the abilities of all robot masters you faced
weak to:Rhythm Stuff (i dont remember now)

Here comes a new challenger(this is just what would be the fortress
Copy Robot (he will copy the player 1 character abilities weak to:Player 2 charge upper
(hey i think this is clever)
Megaman X(he will have acces to all his armors and weapons (take care he also have the hadoken and shoryoken)weak to:He have no Elecman to Megaman

and now endings boys(the endings will be just like the actual games no changes to any diferent storys because come on give me a break okay)

endings(oh boy that will be hard and boring but i will do the same for the killers alone and in team for everthing to make easier)
megaman:Willy and megaman base conversation after you beat the game
megaman and protoman:Again the one up here but good ol proto add stuff
megaman and bass (king appears just kidding that is its owl story oh boy)the same as power fighters megaman and fish fight after Willy is arrested
megaman and duo:Megaman and Willy classic lil story but with Duo here
megaman and copyie:the good ol end but Copyie talk stuff cause why not
megaman and poopyhead:Megaman and Poopyhead party in a wierd meme dimension with megaman being hypnotised
megaman and killers:Killers fight Megaman and take Willy to other place
protobro:references of MM3 and Willy is arrested
protobro and bass:After Willy is arrsted proto and bass talk with bass going away
protobro and duo:same as power fighters
protobro and copyie:same as mega but with Proto and Copyie
protobro and poopyhead:After Willy is arrested Protoman arrest the Poopyhead but it was all a joke made by Poopyhead
protobro and killers:same as Mega
bass:The Zero stuff
bass and duo:Power fighters go play is a good game
bass and copyie:After Willy is arrested Copyie as the brother he is to Bass fights him
bass and poopyhead:same as proto but instead of arrest he tries to kill the Poopyhead
bass and killers:Cliche fight of creations trying to show he is the best
duo:Arrest and go to space
duo and copyie:Duo thanks Copyie for the help
duo and mega:Same in the game
duo and proto:same in the game
duo and bass:you already know right
duo and poopyhead: the poopyhead is arrested for being a crazy bastard
duo and killers:yeah you already know they are evil
copyie:Willy shenanigans
copyie and poopyhead:they fight and do some jokes about my creativity
copyie and killers:again they fight
poopyhead and killers:poopyhead summon how they would be in captain n and they fight
killers or killers and killers:it was all a training that willy made

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Beta Man
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Posted on March 23rd, 2017 at 6:13pm Edited on 2017/03/24 at 3:48pm
Posted 2017/03/23 at 6:13pm Edited 2017/03/24 at 3:48pm
Back in Page 10, Post 15, I created what I came up for the Beta Man and Megaboy games. And here we are, 5 pages later, and here's the sequel (because I felt like making a game here, didn't want to do a sequel to "Adventures of the False Mega" or "Mega Swap 5" too early, and don't really want to make a bunch of posts all focused on "The Mega Challenges" or something else at the moment.):

Name: Beta Man and Megaboy 2: Heroes at War

Players: Beta Man MegaBoy mega-man Mega Man proto-man Proto Man Rotom (Again, a nerfed version so he isn't too powerful for the game.) bass bass ZeroDXZ (Abilities*: Dash, Z-Saber, Wall-Jump) bass Bass Jazz MKII (Yeah, not really the secret-hidden-mysterious character he used to be anymore.) (Abilities: Spreadshot Buster, Dash, Higher Jump, Barrier for shielding, Jazz Laser (A laser that pierces through enemies. Limited use, of course.))
Description: When Wily once again kidnaps Beta and Mega's friends, things go from bad to worse. Instead of using an old set of Robot Masters or reprogramming some of Light's or Cossack's, Wily just decided to reprogram his latest catch and use THEM. With that being the last straw, Beta and Mega declared war on Wily! ...Mega Man, fearing what may happen if he lets this go on, tries to stop the two, but it was in vain. Thus, Mega Man decided to try to stop Wily first, with the help of Proto Man, of course! Speaking of such a phrase, Bass decides to join in too! But it's not just the five in this! Rotom and Zero (somehow uncaught), for power and justice respectively, also joins in! The race is on! ...However, from the shadows is the eighth addition to this race...

Robot Master 1: bass Meta (Weapon: Starforce Saber- A core-powered laser that changes typing based on the user's primary core type.)
Robot Master 2: Ender Man (Weapon: Ender Ring- A purple Ring Boomerang that doesn't have the Boomerang properties.)
Robot Master 3: time-man Musical (Weapon: Musical Note- A rapid-fire musical note.**)
Robot Master 4: Proto Man MKII (Weapon: Proto Blast- A Laser-Core version of Proto Strike.)

Mid-Boss 1: Beta Man vs. Rotom: Bring It, ⑨! bass Megaboy vs. ZeroDXZ: An Old (or probably still relevant) Rivalry mega-man bass Mega Man vs. Bass: Great, THIS Again. proto-man Proto Man vs. Jazz MKII: And who are YOU supposed to be?

Robot Master 5: ice-man NiceIce (Weapon: Ice Striker- An impact-core version of Ice Slasher that starts off as a punch instead of a projectile, but turns into a projectile if it doesn't hit anything.)
Robot Master 6: elec-man Alto (Weapon: Gigavolt Whip- A blue whip made of electrical energy.)
Robot Master 7: Ura (Weapon: Passive Arrow- Disables enemy weapons temporarily and has high Weapon Energy to make up for it's low damaging power.)
Robot Master 8: bright-man Mikey (Weapon: Starforce Nullifier- A wave of energy that nullifies the target's core types temporarily, making their attacks Neutral-Core.)

Mid-Boss 2: mega-man Beta Man vs. Mega Man: A Different Beta and Mega proto-man Megaboy vs. Proto Man: Duel of the Scarves bass bass ZeroDXZ vs. Bass: Something about that sword-fighter rubs me the wrong way... Rotom vs. Jazz MKII: The Fight to Save KRIMAH!

Weaknesses and Fortress Bosses in the next post!

*Had to remove the buster so that he could play out more differently than MegaBoy. Not that Zero's famous for the buster, anyways.
**Was GOING to slow opponents, but it was removed in favor of Ura's "Passive Arrow".
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Posted on March 24th, 2017 at 3:49pm
Posted 2017/03/24 at 3:49pm
Beta Man and Megaboy 2: Heroes at War (Cont.)

Weaknesses: Meta- Starforce Nullifier, Z-Saber Ender Man- Starforce Saber Musical- Ender Ring Proto Man MKII- Ice Striker NiceIce- Gigavolt Whip, Thunder Shock Alto- Passive Arrow Ura- Musical Note Mikey- Proto Blast, Jazz Laser Beta Man- Thunder Shock, Gigavolt Whip, Passive Arrow Megaboy- Gigavolt Whip, Ice Striker Mega Man- Gigavolt Whip Proto Man- Starforce Nullifier Rotom- Beta Blast, Ender Ring ZeroDXZ- Neutral-Core Attacks Bass- Starforce Saber Jazz MKII- Hex

Wily Stage 1: quick-man MegaBossMan
Wily Stage 2: bass Rhythm
Wily Stage 3: Robot Master Rematches proto-man Ninja Man and Phantom Man (Yep, they're double-teaming this.)
Wily Stage 4: dr-wily Wily Machine... Well, it's a Wily Machine, what else?
Final Boss: dr-wily Wily Capsule + Wily Suit Deluxe


Beta Man
You're beaten, Wily! This time I'm sending you to jail!
dr-wily Think again! *Head springs up. It's yet another dummy.*
Ugh, every time! Well, I won't give up until I see you behind bars, Wily!

It's over, Wily! Give it up!
dr-wily I don't think so! *Head springs up. I don't need to say it.*
Grr, Wily... He just doesn't know when to stop.

Mega Man
mega-man All right, Wily, it's time I put you in jail!
dr-wily I think not, Mega Brat! *Head springs up*
mega-man Gah! ...Why do I always fall for that!? *Sigh* No matter... For now, Earth can rest once more.

Proto Man
proto-man No more games, doc. It's time you get sent off to jail for your crimes!
dr-wily That's where you're wrong, Proto Man! *Head springs up*
proto-man Another fake... I should've known. Wily's not one to give up so easily, after all.

I got you right where I want you. Hand over the evil energy, bub.
dr-wily I don't think so! *Head springs up*
Rotom has no pure-blank mugshot, so here's this. ...
...This is IT? THAT'S the ending!? After ALL I went through!?
*REGGAE* it, Beta, you ⑨! I went so far, and all you gave me was this *REGGAE* ending!? You might as well be giving me a piece of paper that says "Thanks for Playing the Game! Now get out." I DEMAND that you give me a proper- ...Hey, where are you going!? Don't you DARE move on to the next e-

bass It's over, Wily! Surrender!
dr-wily Not so fast, whoever you are! *Head springs up*
bass ...Tch. Smart move, Wily, you actually had me fooled... But next time, I WILL end your reign of terror... Once and for all!

bass Hmph. Had enough, old man?
dr-wily Heh. For now. But one day, I shall complete my greatest creation, and then-
bass NO. I heard enough. If you really think that girly-haired robot could be stronger than ME... Then instead of just wasting your time reusing and reprogramming these WEAKLINGS... FINISH your creation and PROVE IT. *Storms off*
dr-wily ...Hm... Prove it, you say? *Starts laughing maniacally*

Sheesh, Rotom's and Bass' endings used a LOT of characters, and this next ending takes up a lot, too. Stay tuned for Jazz MKII's ending! + A secret Final Boss
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Posted on March 24th, 2017 at 4:13pm
Posted 2017/03/24 at 4:13pm
dr-wily ...Hmph. I don't know who you are, but if you think you won, think agai-!
NO. *Destroys "Wily" with a powerful charged shot* ...Now where's the REAL one? *Starts looking around and spots something behind a wall.* Bingo. *Makes a hole through the wall using another charged shot, revealing the REAL Wily!*
dr-wily GAH! *And thus begins the classic begging.* Wh-who even ARE you!?
...Hmph. How easily you forget, doctor. But it matters not. Just know this, however. When the world shall meet its end...
...I'm COMING for you.

Congrats! You beaten the game and unlocked Hard Mode!

...What, you actually thought that was it? Nah. After unlocking Hard Mode, if you manage to beat Wily Suit Deluxe without getting hit, you gained access to the Secret Final Boss!

After Wily is defeated in these terms, instead of the regular ending, Ninja Man and Phantom Man appears once more! Phantom Man teleports off with Wily while Ninja Man stays behind. Then, THIS dialogue happens:

...Did you seriously think I was done with you?
I'm one of Wily's greatest creations, if not THE greatest!
As for you... You have defeated me one time too many. (Beta Man) / ...And I'm not letting you go so easily. (Megaboy/Mega Man/Proto Man) / And I'm not letting some screaming purple MANIAC bring me down so easily. (Rotom) / ...And I'm not letting a futuristic TRAITOR like you get past me. (ZeroDXZ) / ...Not that YOU were a better Wily-bot than you are a fish-head. (Bass) / And I don't exactly know who you are, but I can't... No. I WON'T let you get past. (Jazz MKII)
You see, Wily has been doing some... Research.
...I'm pretty sure you're unfamiliar with something called an Omega Seed, are you?
...These... "Omega Seeds"... Just came out of nowhere, and none of those that found these things know where, not even Wily.
All we know is that these seeds have a very strong power in it. One that might rival the currently hard-to-find (because of Zero (replaced with "You" when playing as ZeroDXZ)) Starforce. AND a lot SAFER.
Which is good. Because now, since Wily gave me permission to be the FIRST to test it out...
At long last, I'll be able to access a form once taken away from me... My ULTIMATE form...
Let's see if you can stand a chance against THIS!

Yep, that's right. For those of you who are veteran MMRPG roleplayers, you MIGHT remember that, back when Ninja Man was just Swift-Core Bass, he actually had a secondary form that makes him stronger and more powerful, known as the Omega Form. However, this was activated by using 4 Shadow Starforce at once, eventually damaging his body, which caused his updates... As well as Ninja being banned from using Starforce ever, unless he wants to damage his body PERMANENTLY. And without Starforce (or ANY object of power usable by robots), Ninja Man was left unable to use his ultimate form for a long time. ...Well, that's wrong. He WAS able to use his Omega Form at any time. ...That changed after the "Mindless Form Incident". ...Yeah, needless to say that ability was completely removed. So yeah, Ninja Man was unable to use his Omega Form for a long time. ...Kinda coincidental that Adrian decided to add in the Omega Seed this year, huh? And now it has appeared in the Roleplay world, and due to this, Ninja Man not only has access to his Omega Form, but his Omega Form also has the Omega Influence of (thanks to randomizers) Shield! And not only that, you also only have 6 minutes to defeat it! Thus begins the boss fight against...

Secret Final Boss: Ninja Man Omega

After defeating Ninja Man, there's no extra dialogue because I'm lazy and the credits roll.
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Posted on April 1st, 2017 at 3:09pm Edited on 2017/04/01 at 7:50pm
Posted 2017/04/01 at 3:09pm Edited 2017/04/01 at 7:50pm
Well, I plan on doing more MegaTale chapters from now on (No joke, I swear!). But first... Let's invert a few things and change up the cast's fates, shall we?

Name: MegaTale: Inverted Fate
Based on the Undertale AU Inverted Fate
Description: Retro Pikachu has successfully reset the timeline. However, by resetting, he lost all the abilities he had when he absorbed the Human SOULs*, though he still got turned back to normal. He thought Forte was the reason it didn't go the way it was supposed to be, but he realized something was wrong: Forte was GONE. Eventually, Rock came, and Retro was actually glad to see him, thinking Rock disappeared, too... But Rock looked at him like he didn't know him. As it turns out, the timeline was changed. The roles of Adrian, MegaBoy, Beta, Zero, Mikey, and MegaBossMan were changed.

Rock- A human that fell into the underground. Is destined to save the world of robots (or kill them all). Thinks of Retro as a crazy robot and doesn't know what he's talking about.
proto-man Retro Pikachu- After defeating Rock "once and for all", Retro went on to reset everything... And then he (REGGAE'd) up. He's normal, yes, but he didn't go as far with the reset as he thought. Not ONLY is he missing his CORE (though still managed to be in his regular form) and ONLY went back to before Rock fell, but now Forte is gone and a whole lot of things have changed. And now, it's up to Rock and Retro to... Well... I'm not sure if they're gonna try and change things or just free them, but we'll just have to see. Or not, because I'm not making AU pastebins anytime soon.
quick-man MegaBossMan- The retired servant of King Adrian, he now resides in a place called "World". His plan is to stop Adrian from stealing human SOULs by making sure no human makes it through World. (Though it's not what happens in the actual Inverted Fate AU, I wanted Inverted Fate MBM to be different from BassSwap MBM.)
disco Spirit Woman- Was StupidStudiosN's best friend until SSN left to become a star. Lives in Waterfall Institute, but likes to visit World every once in a while to practice her drawing by herself. Replaces the NetNavi in World because it was "on lunch break".
MegaBoyX7- Lives with Beta in Arctic City, he made a promise to "a person behind a strange door" to protect any human that comes by, despite capturing one being the only way to join the Royal Guard. He does this with his roomate Beta Man. Doesn't get along with the Royal Scientist and Royal Guard Captain, ZeroDXZ at times.
Beta Serif- Lives with MegaBoy in Arctic City. Likes to make jokes and puns, but can be very serious. Despite MegaBoyX7 asking him not to, Serif faces off with Rock and Retro in order to kill them and stop resets once and for all- which he VERY much remembers, even after the alterations made on the universe.

Now to reveal one of the Snowdin Royal Guard replacements... The replacement of Doggo, Ninja Man!
Ninja Man Omega- Ninja Man is REALLY serious now. In order to be stronger than the Leader of the Royal Guard (who is also the Royal Scientist) ZeroDXZ, Ninja Man attempted to perfect his Omega Form, and is ready for action! He is a member of the Royal Guard, and the first member Rock encounters. Joined the Royal Guard so that he may one day face and defeat ZeroDXZ in battle.
The other Royal Guards are to be determined.
bass Meta- Lives and works in Arctic City. He owns a place called "Meta's", where he makes various foods like Beta's favorite, Pizza. Beta is a usual customer, but MegaBoyX7 doesn't go there because he's waiting to add Steak to the menu.
Ender Man (ThatOneEnderMan)- All you need to know about this guy is that he is a major troll.

I'm considering to have NiceIce to be Nice Cream Guy instead since Mettaur Man is irrelevant, and instead have Ura be one of the guard members (Greater or Lesser Dog, more specifically), but I'll need to see what Ura thinks of this first.

Anyways, to be continued. I'm out of character space.

*I honestly have no idea where you got the Human CORES from.
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Posted on April 1st, 2017 at 4:25pm Edited on 2017/04/01 at 7:50pm
Posted 2017/04/01 at 4:25pm Edited 2017/04/01 at 7:50pm
MegaTale: Inverted Fate (Cont.)
Cyro Man- Replaces Glyde. Not really much to talk about for him.
bright-man ThatGuyNamedMikey- A Royal Guard member that is also an inventor, relying more on technology rather than brute strength. Has a huge hatred towards Starforce, which makes being in good terms with Zero being a bit hard.
Proto Man MKII- A robot that wants to become stronger than ZeroDXZ, and thinks the first step is to, at one point, defeat Mikey. Is brothers with Walter, despite being annoyed by him.
* Walter- Replaces Onion-San. Proto Man MKII's brother, he follows Rock and Proto Man MKII around Waterfall Institute, despite any attempts to get rid of him.
Mad Navi/Rotom- A purple Rotom that possesses a Normal Navi. Is angry at Rock and Retro because he apparently knows about the resets, and only shrugged it off until Retro's reset, which changed the very fabric of the universe itself.
gemini-man TailsMK4- Runs a store in Waterfall Institute, where he sells objects such as Apples and Tea. He used to be a part of the war between Humans and Robots, and even helped Adrian train ZeroDXZ to become the leader of the Robot Master Brigade. However, he has retired, and no longer fights.
bass ZeroDXZ- Captain of the Royal Guard and the Royal Scientist. His goal is to collect 7 human souls so that the barrier that traps all robots in Prototype can be destroyed. Most of his technology is powered by pieces of Starforce, which part of why Mikey uses his own.
StupidStudiosN- The most famous celebrity in Prototype and a Royal Guard Elite, his main stage is in the Underground Laboratory, which is the core of the Prototype. He plans on becoming a star on the surface when the Barrier breaks and Robots takes the surface away from humanity.
time-man Musical (MusicalKitty/SST)- Musical, while not really a star, thinks of herself as one and has a "fabulous and glamorous" personality. She is also greedy and will attack the player when they refuse to buy a Glittery Doughnut (A doughnut with glitter instead of sprinkles) or a Glittery Cider (a pink cider with glitter sprinkled on the jug).
guts-man Guard Man- Protects the elevator in Atomic Furnace. A member of the Royal Guard.
crash-man Crash Man/Crash Bomber- Is in a music club. Likes to compose music (despite lack of hands), and is quick to blame others. (Replaces So Sorry)
dr-cossack King Adrian- The king of the Prototype, his goal is to break open the barrier using the power of 7 human souls and free all robots. However, he is often reluctant on this due to the fact that he doesn't want to harm anyone. His home is in a place called "Community", which is located past Underground Laboratory.
Forte- Originally the first fallen human, Forte was erased from the timeline, and now rests in the Void with REDACTED. Blames Rock and Retro for everything- from his erasure to the very alteration of the universe.
REDACTED- This fellow can't seem to catch a break. From universe to universe, he was once known as the old royal scientist. However, due to an accident in testing one of his devices, he was scattered across time and space, never to be seen, heard from, or even remembered again... ...That is, for the most part...
ERASED- This poor guy is just as unlucky as REDACTED, probably more unlucky. He was somehow erased from existence and was spread across Space and Time like REDACTED was. He is depressed by this and often wonders how others would feel if the same were to happen to them. If he is ever to be found somehow, he would ask someone about his curiosity, and then tells them to forget about him.

And done. Now I'm off to make a new MegaTale chapter.

*Ugh, this is bad. But there are no other Walter mugshots, so here we go.
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Posted 2017/04/14 at 4:42pm Edited 2017/04/16 at 2:02pm
After some time, I have finally finished this game! (Expect more edits though.)

Name: Mega Champions

Players: mega-manMega Man proto-manProto Man bassBass rollRoll
DLC: Mega Adaptors Set MMRPG Character/Item Set Wily Bot Set Light Bot Set
Description: Wily has done it again! He's broughten all of the robot masters together for some special showdowns to try and topple Mega Man and take over the world. Join Mega Man, and more characters as you play through an RPG-Puzzle style phenomenon. But first, there are the basics.

There are 17 gem types.


Each robot controls one as it's own primary gem type. Some robots are weak to certain gems, some are resistant. However, none are immune or use them as affinities. When a robot uses a primary gem, it's type is classified in it's Finishers and get stronger basic attacks based on their primary gem.

Speaking of attacks their are three types.

Basic attacks
Signature attacks

Basic attacks appear when you put three or more gems of the same type together, vertically or horizantally. The more gems put together, the more damage. If you get five or more, you gain an extra turn.

Finishers and Signatures are similar in their own way. Both can be used only when fueled by enough types of the cord needed to activate them, and using them is an optional choice. But they are also very different. When Signatures are used, the user gains 1/20 of its current amount of health, and gives the user an extra turn. Finishers do more damage, and they allow you to try and disable the opponent, or allow it to disable you. In order to avoid be disabled, you need to do a certain amount of point with gems to recover. If you can't, your disabled. If you cant, you avoid getting disabled but gain no health. The less health you have the harder it is to avoid getting disabled. If you have no health left, your automatically disabled. BUT, if you get disabled, and you manage to pay enough Zenny to revive your robot, you get sent back with full-or most of- your health.

When you win a match, your reward depends on how well you do. How successful you are depends on how many turns it takes for you to win or lose. Your amount of success is shown through stars. If you get three stars, you'll probably get a better item for your robot, or a good robot itself. Two stars is a okay item, 1 is a low tier item.

You only have one type of stats- Skill. the higher your skill level is, the stronger you are in battle.

There are also two on two and three on three battles, so that too.

There will be several genres of MM games featuring robots in them, called Worlds in them you must defeat all the bosses. Here is World 1: MM1

Robot Master 1: cut-manCut Man
Robot Master 2: elec-manElec Man
Robot Master 3: ice-manIce Man
Robot Master 4: fire-manFire Man
Robot Master 5: bomb-manBomb Man
Robot Master 6: guts-manGuts Man
Robot Masters 7 & 8: time-manoil-man Time & Oil Man (Two on Two Match)
World Boss: mega-man-copy Copy Robot
Weaknesses: (N/A)
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Posted 2017/04/18 at 7:44am Edited 2017/04/18 at 8:06am
This place was even more dead than I thought. That doesn't matter, I'll push this thing to 300 comments myself if I have too!

Mega Champions

World Two: MM2
Robot Master 1: metal-man Metal Man
Robot Master 2: bubble-man Bubble Man
Robot Master 3: heat-man Heat Man
Robot Master 4: wood-man Wood Man
Robot Master 5: air-man Air Man
Robot Master 6: crash-man Crash Man
Robot Master 7: flash man Flash Man
Robot Master 8: quick-man Quick Man
World Boss: Yellow Devil MKII
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Posted on April 18th, 2017 at 4:07pm Edited on 2017/04/18 at 6:12pm
Posted 2017/04/18 at 4:07pm Edited 2017/04/18 at 6:12pm
@Walter : Good luck with that.
This is a Character List update for MegaTale (Because I have nowhere else to post this).

First off, I want to announce that I'm actually going to rearrange the roles of Ura and Nice. I hope Ura doesn't mind, but "Mettaur Man", NiceIce's old character, has become irrelevant a LONG time ago. However, just replacing Mettaur Man with NiceIce wouldn't really make a lick of sense. As such, NiceIce will have to be moved to- due to lack of other roles that would make sense- the role of Nice Cream Guy. However, since that was originally Ura's spot, I'll have to move THAT around, too. I'm thinking of having Ura take on a more serious version of the role of Temmie, but character-wise, I'll have to see what Ura says on the topic... If they agree to this arrangement, that is. But until I get a response from Ura, these changes will remain.

As for the Snowdin Royal Guard, here are the final results of my choices:
Ninja Man- Replaces Doggo. Joined the guard in order to one day prove that he is better than Zero, despite having no luck. He thinks he is stronger than the other Arctic Jungle Unit members, and wants to kill the player himself believing that taking the human's SOUL to MegaBossMan by himself might finally help him achieve his goal. Just like the original Ninja Man, this version also dislikes Beta, but they get along better than they do in the actual MMRPG Universe (and BaM Classic). His Ninja Katana is Orange instead of Red-ish, thus introducing the player to Orange Attacks.
Jazz MKII- Replaces Lesser Dog. While a vital member of the team, Jazz MKII isn't really the most trustworthy, seemingly hiding secrets from the other Arctic Jungle Unit members. Uses Orange AND Blue Attacks, thus being another introduction.
Sargent Man- Replaces Greater Dog. The leader of the Arctic Jungle Unit, Sargent is a master of stealth. He is also good friends with Beta.
Now you might be wondering, "But Beta, what about Dogamy and Dogaressa?" Well, I don't know of any characters with a "confirmed" relationship to match the two. ...BUT. I have settled on using a dynamic duo instead to replace Dogamy and Dogaressa. But who would this duo be? I'm afraid that's a surprise that will have to be revealed in the future...

But since I finally have all the Royal Guards down, I can get to work on the Snowdin/Arctic Forest (+ City) "Arc" of MegaTale... Whenever I decide to do so.
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Posted on June 6th, 2017 at 7:33pm Edited on 2017/06/06 at 9:16pm
Posted 2017/06/06 at 7:33pm Edited 2017/06/06 at 9:16pm
Well, time to bring this back to life, especially since we're so close to comment #300. And since I can't really think of something else...

Name: Beta Man and MegaBoy 3: Rise of Ninja Ghost

Players: Beta Man MegaBoy Ninja Man (UNLOCKABLE: Beat him Buster-Only) Jazz MKII (UNLOCKABLE: Beat Hard Mode) Mega Man? (DLC) Proto Man MKII (DLC) Rotom (DLC) bass ZeroDXZ (DLC)
DLC: Game Changers: Mega Man? and Proto Man MKII Intense Rivals: Rotom and ZeroDXZ Challenge the SFRs: Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass Bosses
Description: It was yet another peaceful day in Mega City. Beta and Mega were playing games at Beta's place, when suddenly it was interrupted by a news broadcast! The downtown area is under attack, and for whatever reason, Mega Man is nowhere on the scene! It's up to Beta and Mega to try and stop the attack, not knowing what they were getting into...

The end of the Intro Stage, Beta and/or Mega (depending on who you're playing as) will be waiting at the end, facing some kind of robot wearing a blue, hooded cloak to seemingly hide his identity.

Who are you?
robot ...I am the one responsible for this attack in your town.
I'm sure he means it LITERALLY. As in, your name, your identity. It's obvious you are responsible for all this.
robot ...Do you really want to know? ...Fine.
The strange robot takes of their hood, revealing a familiar-yet-different face...
I-it can't be... Sargent!?
It was indeed Sargent, but rather different... Instead of the Proto Man-like scarf, he is wearing- obviously- a blue cloak, and his camo is more of a navy blue rather than the usual green camo. The reflection of his shades are a red instead of a white (#logic), and his skin is rather darker than before.
That is right, Beta. I was tired of being neglected, so for a long time, I have been in hiding, waiting for the right time to strike. And now the time has come!
I... I can't believe this... But I suppose we don't have any other option but to stop you.

Intro Stage: False Sargent Man (Oh, don't act all shocked.)

After defeating "Sargent Man", a strange figure floats in. It was none other than Ninja Ghost!
Hello, Beta Man, MegaBoy(, (Player), if not Beta or Mega). Did you enjoy my little toy?
Ninja Ghost... What did you do to Sargent?
...Why are you... Laughing?
Because I'd never imagine you to be so GULLIBLE! Did you HONESTLY think that was the real deal?
Nah, that was just a fake I made to distract the whole town while I started my REAL plan.
Your... REAL plan?
Well, you know how the news stated Mega Man was nowhere to be seen?
That was actually MY doing... Or, rather, I did something that lead to the beginnings of my plans...
You see, last night I placed a virus in Elec Man that puts him under my control... And upon doing this, I used Elec Man to disable Mega Man in his sleep! It's the PERFECT plan, and that was only the beginning!
After sending out the False Sargent Man, I placed the virus in 7 other robots, and then upgraded them with some new weapons.
Afterwards, I sent them all out. Simple as that... Well, except for one thing...

What is Ninja Ghost's plan? What plans does he have for our heroes and the world? Find out on the next post!
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Posted 2017/06/10 at 6:37pm
Impossible Attack Pattern CONTINUE!

Chapter 2: Story of Evil Accumalation

Industrial Facility (Metal Man)
Pattern 1: Iron Cog Plasma: Metal Man uses a giant guar like a Pierrobot would, and throws Metal Blades while it's moving. Jumping between the two is crucial.
Pattern 2: Walking Generator: Spark Man does as much damage as Elec Man, and the Mini-sparks are as big as regular Spark Shock shots used by Mega Man.
Pattern 3: I'm Gonna Need a Bigger Incinerator: Junk Man's Shield is launched like Water Shield, and his cubes are larger. You can't even REFLECT the things he throws!
Pattern 4: You DO Know Those Things Can Crush You Too, Right?: There are Metal Spikes (the crusher-like things in metal man's stage) in the arena, but breaks in the conveyor belt. Also the blades are bigger.

Sky Ridge (Air Man)
Pattern 1: Fierce Whirlwind: Air Man fires bigger tornadoes instead of jumping.
Pattern 2: Gyros Aren't Very Tasty: Gyro Man can't be hit when he's in the clouds, and comes out with a cloud barrier. Also he can split his gyros into two smaller ones.
Pattern 3: So The Tengu Are in on This?: Tengu Man AWAYS stays in the air.
Pattern 4: Aerial Assault: Air Man fires tornadoes that become electrified and stun upon hit.

Waterfall Insitute (Bubble Man)
Pattern 1: Bubble Machinegun: Bubbleman, instead of using Bubble Lead, fires off a crapton of mini-bubbles.
Pattern 2: Traveling Wave: Whenever Wave Man spouts water, two more join it and chase Rotom, so he'll have to jump over them too.
Pattern 3: Watery Grave: When Pump man reaches half health, he floods the arena to the point where the water is as high as half the screen. However, Rotom will be slowed down even more than the usual water in these waters.
Pattern 4: The Flimsiest Barrier I Have Ever Seen: Bubble Man will make a 3-layer barrier made of bubbles, similar to water shield, and occasionally refresh it.

Underground Laboratory (Quick Man)
Pattern 1: Boomerangs in the Dark: And here's where it's shown that you can't just rely on Cheat Items. You Have to fight Quick Man. In the dark. With limited light sources.
Pattern 2: Get Down, You Fool!: Top Man's AI isn't changed much, though he DOES fire an additional top. However, here's the catch: There's the occasional Force Beam that sometimes fires and is just above the height of a signle jump. No double-jumping here.
Pattern 3: Now's Not The Time to Use That: Nitro Man will leave fire and sparks behind when he turns his motorcycle. Not only that, but he'll also throw Wheel Cutters twice as often.
Pattern 4: Quick Afterimage: Quick Man is not only even FASTER, but his afterimages are also painful to touch.

The rest is loading, please wait warmly...
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Posted on June 10th, 2017 at 7:22pm Edited on 2017/06/10 at 8:47pm
Posted 2017/06/10 at 7:22pm Edited 2017/06/10 at 8:47pm
Finally, time to continue Beta Man and MegaBoy 3: Rise of Ninja Ghost

You see, I planted in them a bomb powerful enough to destroy an entire continent. I sent them all across the world with the bombs set to detonate in 24 hours, wiping EVERYTHING off the face of the world!
...I also sent one to the Moon because there wasn't really anywhere else. So yeah.
You won't get away with this, Ghost!
Oh? So YOU'RE going to stop me? Sure... Good luck with that.

Robot Master 1: elec-man Elec Man in North America (Weapon: Thunder Barrier- The user creates a wall of electrical energy to deal damage.)
Robot Master 2: metal-man Metal Man in South America (Weapon: Metal Cycle- The user summons two saw blades that cycles around the user, dealing damage to anyone who comes into contact.)
Robot Master 3: shadow-man Shadow Man in Asia (Weapon: Shadow Counter- The user turns invisible for a brief moment. When hit with an attack, instead of taking damage, the user throws a Shadow Blade in the same direction as the enemy that attacked.
Robot Master 4: ring-man Ring Man in Europe (Weapon: Ring Orbit- The user creates a shield made out of rings that can be launched like a boomerang. While the shield is surrounding the player, the user can jump higher.)
Robot Master 5: tomahawk-man Tomahawk Man in Africa* (Weapon: Burning Tomahawk- The user throws a Tomahawk that is on fire.
Robot Master 6: slash-man Slash Man in Australia* (Weapon: Slash Dash- The user dashes across the room with a slash. If the user is midair while hitting a wall, the user will be able to climb walls.)
Robot Master 7: Cold Man in Antarctica (Weapon: Ice Spike- The user throws ice shaped like a javelin.)
Robot Master 8: splash-woman Splash Woman on the Moon** (Weapon: Strike Trident- The user fires the end of a trident.)

Pre-Fortress Boss: Ninja Man (or Beta when playing as Ninja Man)

DLC Boss 1: mega-man Mega Man
DLC Boss 2: proto-man Proto Man
DLC Boss 3: bass Bass

Weaknesses: Elec Man- Metal Cycle and Burning Tomahawk Metal Man- Strike Trident and Metal Cycle Shadow Man- Slash Dash Ring Man- Burning Tomahawk Tomahawk Man- Ring Orbit and Slash Dash Slash Man- Ice Spike Cold Man- Thunder Barrier Splash Woman- Shadow Counter Ninja Man- Strike Trident Beta Man- Thunder Barrier Mega Man- Thunder Barrier and Ice Spike Proto Man- Slash Dash Bass- Shadow Counter

There are also some pre-boss cutscenes, but since it would take forever to do them all, I'm just going to pick a few.

Mega Man? vs. Elec Man
Hey, Elec buddy! Why are you helping this Ninja Ghost person, when if you work for Wily, you wouldn't be a living time bomb!
elec-man Fat chance, faker. In fact, working for Ninja Ghost gives me more than enough knowledge to see through that terrible disguise!
Not only did it not work, you also insult my style? Sheesh, you're a real thorn. I should deal with you quickly.
elec-man If you can, that is. Bring it on!

Ninja Man vs. Shadow Man
Ah, Shadow Man! It's time for some ninja vs. ninja action!
shadow-man ...Hmph. With an attitude like that? ...You call yourself a ninja?
...I'm going to enjoy this WAY more than I should.
shadow-man And THAT'S the prideful attitude that brings shame to the ninja title. Let's get this over with.

To be continued because some of Beta's mugshot links take up a lot of space because I only recently started using Imgur.

Also, yay 300, I guess we aren't doing a special this time around. Maybe expect one Post 400.

*I was trying to keep up a system. It CLEARLY wasn't going well.
**Because it HAD to be something completely random.
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