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"Create" a Mega Man Game!

November 3rd, 2014 at 10:33pm
Beta Man
Beta Man
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Did you ever wonder what would it be like if Bass was the main character? Or if past robot masters teamed up with each other? Well, this is a place where you can have fun making up stories/fan games. Unfortunately, you obviously can't MAKE one here, but if you have experience in making them and are interested in using these as a body for them, go ahead and do it.
Here is an example:
Name: Mega Man Powered Up 1 1/2 or Mega Man 1 1/2

Player: Mega Man mega-man

Robot Master 1: Cut Man cut-man
Robot Master 2: Air Man air-man
Robot Master 3: Bubble Man bubble-man
Robot Master 4: Quick Man quick-man
Robot Master 5: Bomb Man bomb-man
Robot Master 6: Time Man time-man
Robot Master 7: Fire Man fire-man
Robot Master 8: Wood Man wood-man

Robot Master Weaknesses: Cut Man-Fire Storm Air Man-Leaf Shield Bubble Man-Rolling Cutter Quick Man-Time Slow and Hyper Bomb Bomb Man-Rolling Cutter and Fire Storm Time Man-Leaf Shield Fire Man-Air Shooter Wood Man-Fire Storm and Rolling Cutter

Wily Stage 1 Boss: Mecha Dragon
Wily Stage 2 Boss: Yellow Devil
Wily Stage 3 Boss: Guts Man guts-man
Wily Stage 4 Boss: Boobeam Trap (Really, that's what it's called)
Final Boss 1: Wily Machine 1
Final Boss 2: Wily Machine 2
Here is a blank version:


DLC (Optional):
Description (Optional):

Robot Master 1:
Robot Master 2:
Robot Master 3:
Robot Master 4:
Robot Master 5:
Robot Master 6:
Robot Master 7:
Robot Master 8:


Wily Stage 1:
Wily Stage 2:
Wily Stage 3:
Wily Stage 4:
Final Boss:
Oh, and you can now make MegaTale AUs. Here is the list of characters from the regular MegaTale if you need it:

Rock as Frisk
bass Forte as Chara (Alternatively, you can use Rhythm.)
proto-man Retro Pikachu as Flowey/Asriel
dr-cossack Adrian as Toriel
disco StupidStudiosC2 as Napstablook
MegaBoy as Papyrus
Beta Man as Sans
Ninja Man as Doggo
Jazz MKII as Lesser Dog
Sargent Man as Greater Dog
bass Meta as Grillby
Ender as Annoying Dog
ice-man NiceIce as Nice Cream Guy
bass ZeroDXZ as Undyne
Proto Man MKII as Monster Kid
Walter as Onion-San. (Mugshot is not really good, but in a way things work out, I guess.)
Ura as Temmie (currently)
gemini-man TailsMK4 as Gerson
RotomSlashBlast as Mad Dummy (with a random Rotom as the Ruins Dummy)
proto-man StupidStudiosN as Mettaton
bright-man ThatGuyNamedMikey as Alphys
proto-man StupidStudiosA as Burgerpants
time-man MusicalKitty -SST- as Muffet
quick-man MegaBossMan as Asgore
REDACTED as Gaster
ERASED as Goner Kid
"Create" a Mega Man Game!
Posted by Beta Man on November 3rd, 2014 at 10:33pm
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Beta Man
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Posted on June 10th, 2017 at 9:46pm
Posted 2017/06/10 at 9:46pm
Blah blah blah, continuing game from earlier

Beta Man vs. Ninja Man
Ninja Man!? You're working for Ninja Ghost, too?
What, no! I'm just here because it's a perfect opportunity to face you!
Of course. Look, I'm too busy for this, so if you could just let me go on my way-
Ha! Fat chance, Beta Man! This ends now!

MegaBoy vs. Ninja Man
Ninja Man? What are you doing here?
Well, I WAS waiting for Beta Man, but I GUESS you'll do.
Ok...? In that case, bring it on!
May the best man win.

Ninja Man vs. Beta Man
Ah, Beta Man. Just the man I was looking for!
Ugh, what do you want, Ninja Man?
Oh, the usual. Prepare yourself!
You know what if it'll get you off my back, then fine!

Rotom vs. Ninja Man
What are you... Wait. Beta Man?
Yep. Still waiting for him, too.
Ugh, you're too predictable! You know what, how about you face someone ELSE once in your life!
You know what, sure. After all, I've been meaning to make you pay for what you and Reaper done to me when including me in those... Things... Whatever they were.

ZeroDXZ vs. Ninja Man
bass ...So you're here.
Oh. It's YOU.
bass Let me guess, you're here for Beta Man?
I WAS. But I'm not really a big fan of YOU either, so maybe I should do something to get you out of my business for good.

Beta Man vs. Mega Man
Alright, Rock. You ready for this?
mega-man More or less. You?
Same here. Let's do this!
mega-man Let's rock.

MegaBoy vs. Mega Man
Ready, Mega Man?
mega-man I've got nothing better to do.
Oh, come on, where's you're spirit?
mega-man You would know when you have to go through the same routine for nearly 30 years.

Mega Man? vs. Mega Man
Hey, weaker me? Ready for a beatdown?
mega-man That's some big talk coming from a rip-off.
Oh-ho-ho! I'm going to enjoy this!
mega-man Let's just get this over with.

Jazz MKII vs. Proto Man
So we meet at last, Proto Man.
proto-man You must be that lackey of Ninja Ghost's.
Indeed. Out of my way.
proto-man Fat chance.

Proto Man MKII vs. Proto Man
It's about time we face off, my predecessor.
proto-man ...That's a familiar face.
Whatever. Let's settle this!
proto-man You might look like me... But let's see if you can keep up.

To be continued again.
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Beta Man
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Posted on June 11th, 2017 at 9:42pm Edited on 2017/06/11 at 9:44pm
Posted 2017/06/11 at 9:42pm Edited 2017/06/11 at 9:44pm
And we're back with this again.

Ninja Man vs. Bass
Bass. It's time to see which of us is stronger!
bass We don't have to fight to figure that out. NOTHING can compare to me!
We'll see about that. I AM Wily's strongest, after all!
bass HA! The robots that actually SERVE the old man is nothing but a bunch of rustbuckets! The only title that matters is WORLD's strongest!

ZeroDXZ vs. Bass
bass You constantly said that you were stronger than me. Want to test that theory?
bass I've been waiting a LONG time for this, you futuristic pain in my neck!
bass You're asking for WAY more than you can bargain for.
bass You have no idea how much I hate you. You're lucky I haven't spilled the beans to you to the old man by now.

And finally done with the dialogues until I'm done with the Fortress Bosses.Why did I do this to myself.

Ninja Castle 1- Weapon Archive*- Phase 1: Meta, Ender Man, and Alto | Phase 2: Musical, Ura, and Mikey | Phase 3: Proto Man MKII and NiceIce | Phase 4: MegaBossMan and Rhythm
Ninja Castle 2- robot Shadow Clone- A Robot that copies the players appearance, however only uses a regular buster (and RM Weapons in Hard Mode)**
Ninja Castle 3- Robot Master Rematches Jazz MKII (or MegaBoy when playing as Jazz MKII)
Ninja Castle 4- Ninja Ghost (Phase 1- Behaves like Bass. | Phase 2- A mixture of Super Bass in MM8BDM and the Alien from MM2.)
Final Boss- Ninja Ghost (Phase 3- A mixture of both previous phases + use of RM Weapons from all 3 Beta Man and MegaBoy games***.)

Some Pre-Jazz MKII and Pre-Ninja Ghost Cutscenes + Endings!

Beta Man vs. Jazz MKII
I FIGURED that you of all people would be the last one standing between me and Ninja Ghost.
Oh, no, there's actually the last of Ninja Ghost's mechas behind me. I'm just here to make sure you don't trash them like you did the rest.
Well, I'm more than ready to get past you AND your little army!
Very well then. I'll be happy to finish you off.

MegaBoy vs. Jazz MKII
I made it all the way here, Jazz. You're not going to stop me from reaching Ghost.
Hmph. We'll soon see about that.
Alright then, bring it on!
You will stand no chance against me. But I'll be honest, I TRULY like your enthusiasm.

Ninja Man vs. Jazz MKII
...So the traitor is the last one standing before me, eh?
You know, I can't help but admire that special thing about you. Not your skills, no. The fact that you are STILL loyal to that doctor, despite EVERY deed he's done to his robots in the past.
I will make you PAY for betraying Wily.
I am NOT a traitor towards Wily. He ABANDONED me. And one day, he'll abandon you as well.

This will have to be continued in yet ANOTHER post. The duel of the MKII conversations take up too much space to squeeze into this one.

*The Fortress Boss for people who either have no clever ideas or just want to get it over with. Also, I decided to throw in the bosses from the PREVIOUS Beta Man and MegaBoy game from Page 15, Post 10 because why not.
**Yet ANOTHER lazy idea for people wanting this done and over with.
***For the original, go to Page 10, Post 15.
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Beta Man
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Posted on June 11th, 2017 at 9:45pm Edited on 2017/06/11 at 10:37pm
Posted 2017/06/11 at 9:45pm Edited 2017/06/11 at 10:37pm
You get the memo at this point, so I'm just not going to bother saying it anymore.

Proto Man MKII vs. Jazz MKII
Hey, buster! You ripping off my style or something?
Hm? Who are... Oh, right. You must be my successor... My replacement. Ninja Ghost told me a LOT about you.
What are you talking about? I'm the successor of PROTO MAN, you rip-off.
Ah, so Wily never told you about me... How *I* was supposed to be Wily's counter of Proto Man, until he decided I was "obsolete", and shut me down, replacing me with YOU. Not that it matters, anyways, I'm STILL going to turn you to scrap.

Rotom vs. Jazz MKII
HEY! Stop trying to ruin Krimah, ya ⑨!
...Boy, aren't YOU a simple-minded creature.
It's nothing, really... It's just that FAR more than your "Krimah" is in danger, yet that and power is all you seem to really care about...

Pre-Ninja Ghost Monologue
...Ah, here we are. The Final Boss. The Final Frontier. The Final Battle.
The part of the game where your skills are put to the final test. Everything you have learned from trial and error... All comes down to this.
...But first, let's take a small break and imagine... Imagine a world full of absolutely NOTHING.
No trees. No water. No wind. No Sun. No sky. No sign of life. No hours. Or minutes. Or seconds. Just a blank, empty whiteness as far as the eye can see, expanding infinitely.
...Sounds horrible, right? A place with unbearable living conditions...
...That's the kind of world I lived in, a long time ago. Because Bt- And this universe- once deemed me "obsolete."
And now, here we are, the Final Boss. The Last Encounter. The End of the Game.
(Continues off to other Pre-Battle cutscenes.)

Beta Man vs. Ninja Ghost
...But this is kinda going over your head, isn't it?
The whole "4th Wall" thing isn't something someone like you could easily understand.
There are only a few who could possibly understand... And trust me. None of us are normal because of it.
So perhaps it's better if you NEVER understand. Either way... this will NOT end nicely for you.

MegaBoy vs. Ninja Ghost
...You know, I should really thank you. It's because of YOUR ACTIONS in another universe that I was freed from that void.
But perhaps it's best I leave it at that... After all, that old universe brings up pretty painful memories, now doesn't it? So maybe we shouldn't bring it into focus...
Instead, let's focus on the NOW... What will I do now? What will YOU do now? Who's going to DIE now? ...Let's answer that, shall we?

Ninja Man vs. Ninja Ghost
...And you know? That knowledge is not the only difference between you and I, my newer-model counterpart. But instead of detailing OUR differences... Maybe I'll list differences between me and Bt.
While Bt wants to replace Beta, I just want YOU and the rest of this world to die. While Bt wants to stay true to how he was originally made, I'm not afraid of stepping out of my original comfort zone.
And Bt is a changed villain. As for me... Well. His change of heart is the reason I was sent back into this world, after all... To take up his old role.

These take up too much character space. I'll be glad when it's finally all over... You know the drill...
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Beta Man
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Posted on June 11th, 2017 at 10:37pm
Posted 2017/06/11 at 10:37pm
Jazz MKII vs. Ninja Ghost
...But why am I telling YOU all this? You're my right-hand man, you of all people should know this by now!
That's why I repaired you, after all. Not just because you're the final piece of a man's RM-making puzzle, oh no.
It's because you, too, were pushed away by your own creator and the world you live in... Just as I was.
I awoken you're inner strength and anger... Now it's time to put it to its final test!

Mega Man? vs. Ninja Ghost
...But really, what's there to say about YOU? You're nothing special.
You're nothing but a clone of Mega Man. And I mean literally, more than any other Mega Man look-alike could be. And yet, you'd have to be either stupid or GULLIBLE to think you and Mega Man are the same.
Want to know why you're here? Because you're Reaper's "favorite". And he doesn't even know WHY, yet he gives you enough love and attention to the point of... Well, here you are.
You probably don't even know what I'm talking about, or who Beta Reaper even is. But it doesn't matter. While Reaper might think of you as his favorite "Official Mega Man Character"... To me, you aren't even CLOSE to anyone special.

Proto Man MKII vs. Ninja Ghost
...You, however, are an entirely different story.
You took over your own creator's account... Something nobody else has done before. Congrats!
...But that only accounts for us here in the MMRPG community... But there has been at least ONE person that had some fun beyond the 4th Wall... And he did a LOT more than just taking over and knocking his creators out, oh no.
...But that's enough about references. Time to throw down!

Rotom vs. Ninja Ghost
...But let's be honest. Do you really CARE about what happens to the world?
You seem to only care about two things: Holidays- Christmas especially- and power. And you only seem to help save the world when one or both of those things are a part of it. Otherwise, you'd only get in a villain's way just to fight.
Otherwise, this entire country would be in trouble, and you probably wouldn't care, because it wouldn't ruin your Christmas, saving the day wouldn't give you power... You'd only save the world by mere coincidence.
...But frankly, all that's just assumption. So, tell me... Would you TRULY call yourself a hero? Or am I right on the money?

ZeroDXZ vs. Ninja Ghost
...But truly, what's the point of this conversation? You're ALREADY set on fighting me. After all, I AM the "bad guy".
...Well, OK. Maybe the implication is incorrect, and that I really AM the bad guy, and I won't be the one to deny it. But that is besides the point.
So, Zero... You ready to settle this?

Beta Man's Ending
...This isn't over, you know. I WILL be back.
Oh no you don't. You aren't getting away!
And how are YOU going to stop me? I'm in my ghost form, meaning YOU are incapable of catching me!
Ah, but you're counting someone out a LITTLE early...
*Teleports in while in Ghost Form* It appears I came at the exact right timing.
*REGGAE'D* it, I won't be caught so easily! *Tosses a ghostly Quick Boomerang into Bt Ghost's eye and teleports away*
GAH! Cheep trick, you redish-pink jerk!
Ugh... Better luck next time, I guess...

And of course, out of space again and we're still not done. UGH.
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Beta Man
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Posted on June 11th, 2017 at 11:13pm
Posted 2017/06/11 at 11:13pm
MegaBoy's Ending
...This isn't over, you know. I WILL be back.
Oh no you don't. You aren't getting away!
And how are YOU going to stop me? I'm in my ghost form, meaning YOU are incapable of catching me!
Except you are wrong. There is ONE way to catch a ghost...
What are you...?
...You're kidding. You... Y-you're only joking... Right?
*Pulls out a Protopack and tosses a trap* Booyah! Time to bust me a Ninja Ghost!
*Slowly being pulled into the trap* No... No! It will not end like this! I refuse!
*Continues using the Protopack until he is hit by a random Buster Shot, loosing focus and letting Ninja Ghost go* Ow! HEY!
*Turns around to see Phantom Man* Phantom Man? What the heck were you thinking!?
I'm here to finally take you down, MegaBoy! Bring it o- *MegaBoy hits Phantom in the head with a Metal Blade* OW! Hey, I was distracted!
Well, so was I when YOU hit me when I was banishing a common foe, you psychopath!

Ninja Man's Ending
...I'll be back, you know. Stronger than I ever was before.
...Strength and power isn't always everything. It's also skill. Brain power. Tactics. Defensive abilities. And loyalty.
I might not be the strongest in the world. But to be honest... That isn't really my thing.
Besides, if I set out for world's strongest, I'd end up like Bass. Or even worse, I'd end up like you. I'd lose my loyalty towards my creator.
And if there are two things I want in life, it is to beat Beta Man once and for all... And to remain loyal to Wily.
And that is why I, Ninja Man, will ALWAYS be Wily's GREATEST Creation!
...Good day to you, sir. *Walks out*

Jazz MKII's Ending
Ninja Ghost fades away, turning out to be a hologram, while the REAL Ninja Ghost walks in.
You done very well with your tests, Jazz. I'm impressed.
Thank you. And I apologize for trashing my fellow soldiers.
Oh, please, it was well worth the sacrifice. I could always repair them, after all.
Anyways, Jazz, I believe you are ready for our next plan. And since you already took out MegaBoy AND my newer-model counterpart... As long as you are on my side, NO ONE stands a chance.

Mega Man?'s Ending
...How? How could I lose to you? ...You're nothing but a rip-off of Mega Man. You're nothing SPECIAL. So... How?
...Heh. That's simple... You merely underestimated me and the power Wily gave me... No. You underestimated the power of us Wily-bots altogether.
We don't need these "special weapons" you guys keep giving us. For the most part, we're already at our highest potential.
So why don't you go back to making your OWN robots instead of kidnapping us and giving us your "hand-me-downs", capiche? *Leaves*
...Perhaps he's on to something...
...Yes... Indeed he is...

Blah blah blah, out of space.
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Beta Man
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Posted on June 11th, 2017 at 11:49pm
Posted 2017/06/11 at 11:49pm
Proto Man MKII's Ending
...Hmph. You're pathetic, you know that? You only give yourself these armors to possess because you KNOW that the REAL you is weak. No wonder Bt Ghost abandoned you in the void.
...What's so funny?
...You're not too different from Jazz, you know.
Sure, you don't have his competitive spirit AND you're MUCH more brutal than he is... But you both are very powerful fighters that'll do everything in your power to crush your foes... Also, your names both end with "MKII" and you both REALLY don't seem to like your creators.
Walter CAN be quite annoying.
You should consider joining me. Perhaps, you, Jazz, and I could make an UNSTOPPABLE team. How about it?
...No. I don't work with cowardly weaklings like yourself. *Leaves*

Rotom's Ending
...Hmph. So you beaten me.
The question still remains, however. So, Rotom... Would you call yourself a hero? Or are you just someone that fights only for power, saving Christmas, or just for the sake of-
Yeah, no. I seen all the other endings. All that's going to happen is some random dialogue with it ending with me not taking you to ghost jail or destroying you or something. *Starts writing down something* Personally, I don't have time for yet ANOTHER bull*REGGAE'D* ending like this.
So how about this? *Gives Ninja Ghost a slip of paper* I'll just give you this I.O.U. for my answer to your question, and we don't have to go through any of this bull*REGGAE'D*.
Oh yeah. And expect a LOT of pain next time I see you. *Leaves*
...This is just a drawing of that removed skeleton from Undertale! ...Wait, what is he spelling out with his ha-
*Sudden realization* ...
You flying, purple SON OF A-

ZeroDXZ's Ending
...You beaten me. But what now, are you going to kill me?
Fool. You can't kill what is already a ghost. And fat chance trying to catch me as well.
Face it, you can never catch me, Zero. Even if you trap me while possessing something, I'd just leave that body and escape. You have better chances of getting Beta Man's Field Star than you do stopping me once and for all.
*Starts to float away* ...There will ALWAYS be evil in the world, Zero. It's just the way the world works. *Leaves*
bass ...Tch. What does HE know?
bass ...While it's true that there is always evil... It's also true that there will ALWAYS be a shining beacon of hope and justice, ready to stop it... And that beacon shall be me.

FINALLY, I'm done with this one. Next time when I post something, expect a role update for MegaTale (once I plan a few things out) and a new AU thing because why not.
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Posted on November 6th, 2017 at 8:32am Edited on 2017/11/06 at 9:05am
Posted 2017/11/06 at 8:32am Edited 2017/11/06 at 9:05am
I imagine a game in Megaman Powered Up style that features the robot masters from Megaman 1-10. The game works in a similar concept to Sonic Heroes in the sense that you can have up to three characters/robot masters in your team and there are areas you can only access with a certain robot master in certain stages. To unlock the robot masters, you would have to survive them for two minutes with a timer visible on the screen, and then when you survive for two minutes, they realize you are innocent and have no intention of harming them, then they join forces with you. Whenever you beat one of the generations, Wily moves on to the next one. For example, if you beat Generation 1(MM1) for the first time, you unlock Generation 2(MM2). You aren't able to play as the Fortress Bosses of any generation, but there are two special multiplayer modes where you can. Mode 1 is where everyone plays as Fortress Bosses, and the more times you defeat other players, you transform into stronger Fortress Bosses. Mode 2 is like the Fortress Boss battles in the Single Player mode, but instead one player is the chosen character/robot master, and the other player is the Fortress Boss. If you are a Fortress Boss in any mode, you are able to move around and use it's attacks when you want. In Story Mode when you defeat Wily for the first time in Generation 10, you unlock the Final Area, Wily Tower, but a extended version of it. The extension is that there is a new first stage in Wily Tower, while the other parts of Wily Tower are the same. The first stage plays simular to the first Wily Castle stage in Megaman 10 in the sense that while you go through the level, you encounter at certain points in a room, Ballade, Punk, and then at the end of the level, Enker. You battle them at certain parts, like the Weapon Archives in Wily Castle Stage 1 of Megaman 10. After you beat the game/Wily Tower for the first time, you are able to buy skins for the characters/robot masters, and you unlock Challenges Mode.

quick-man: Lets blast through with SONIC SPEED!

gyro-man: Leave it to me!

elec-man: The 3 of us are UNSTOPPABLE!
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Posted on February 19th, 2018 at 3:14pm Edited on 2018/02/19 at 3:29pm
Posted 2018/02/19 at 3:14pm Edited 2018/02/19 at 3:29pm
Welp, this is still a thing.

Title: Meguh Derpster

In the year 20ZZ, there were these two guys named Dr. Moron and Dr. Jerk. Together, they made about 12 or so robots, including this one guy named Derp and another girl named Rel. However, Dr. Moron took pretty much all the credit, which caused Dr. Jerk to get salty and stole 8 of 'em, leaving only Derp and Rel. Dr. Jerk then made the ones he took EVAL and used them in an effort to take over the world. (OF COURSE) Derp then decided he wasn't having any of that *REGGAE'D* and converted himself into a Weapon-Copying robot of mass destructon known as Meguh Derpster via a dark magic called Mega Evolution. Now he's gonna go kick Dr. Jerk's *REGGAE'D* for chivalry, honor, and crap like that.

Playable Character: mega-man Meguh Derpster: Your basic player character. He has the ability to slide and charge shots, too. His weapon is called the Derpster Gun.

Robot Masters:
RM 1: cut-man Scissors Guy (Weapon: Scissors Launcher; Fires a pair of bouncing scissors in an arc.)
RM 2: guts-man Muscles Dude (Weapon: Super Facepunch; Exactly what it says on the tin.)
RM 3: ice-man Kawaii Eskimo (Weapon: Freeze Ray; Turns enemies into a block of ice for a short amount of time upon hit.)
RM 4: bomb-man Bomb Chicken (Weapon: Flying Bomb; Again, exactly what it says on the tin.)
RM 5: fire-man Walking Flamethrower (Weapon: Hyper Flamethrower; Shoots a ton of fiery shots at things.)
RM 6: elec-man Electrical Moron (Weapon: Lightning Missile; A homing missile made out of electricity.)
RM 7: time-man Kid With A Clock For A Head (Weapon: Clock Burst; fires clock hands in all 8 directions.
RM 8: oil-man Oily Idiot (Weapon: Oil Flood; Basically a screen nuke.)

Weaknesses: Scissors Guy: Super Facepunch and Hyper Flamethrower, Muscles Dude: Freeze Ray and Clock Burst, Kawaii Eskimo: Flying Bomb and Oil Flood, Bomb Chicken: Scissors Launcher and Lightning Missile, Walking Flamethrower: Clock Burst and Super Facepunch, Electrical Moron: Oil Flood and Scissors Launcher, Kid With A Clock For A Head: Lightning Missile and Freeze Ray, Oily Idiot: Hyper Flamethrower and Flying Bomb

Fortress bosses
Jerk Fortress 1: Tedium Blob (Weakness: Electric Missile and Hyper Flamethrower)
Jerk Fortress 2: Bubble Dalek (Weakness: Scissors Launcher and Clock Burst)
Jerk Fortress 3: Super Destruction Eye Pogo Thing (Weakness: Flying Bomb and Freeze Ray)
Jerk Fortress 4: Robot Master Rematches / mega-man-ds Plagarism Machine (Weakness; Oil Flood and Super Facepunch
Jerk Fortress 5: Dr. Jerk's Personal War Machine of Doom and Death and Destruction (Weakness: Corresponds to the RM Weapon it Uses)

Ending: Dr. Jerk had his *REGGAE'D* kicked in the end, but he distracted Meguh Derpster by saying there was an alien behind him, and Dr. Jerk got away after Meguh Derpster turned around. Good thing that's the last we'll see of him, though! It's not like he can just make 8 of his OWN bots in another attempt to take over the world! But in case he DOES do that somehow, Meguh Derpster MIGHT wanna stick around.

Based on Beta's Mega Swap thing, in a way.
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Beta Man
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Posted on February 19th, 2018 at 5:45pm Edited on 2018/02/20 at 4:03pm
Posted 2018/02/19 at 5:45pm Edited 2018/02/20 at 4:03pm
Why is this a sticky?

So I decided to make a new one of these myself. It's the sequel to Beta Man and MegaBoy 3 and first of the new line of Beta and Tone stuff. Obviously because I can't use the name Beta Man and MegaBoy anymore because of the character name change.

Name: Beta and Tone: Rotom's Revenge

Players: Beta Man Tone Ninja Man (UNLOCKABLE: Beat the Game once with Beta Man) * Jazz (UNLOCKABLE: Beat the Game once with MegaBoy) Rotom (DLC) Copy Robot (DLC) Proto Man MKII
DLC: Classic Colors- Alt colors for Beta and Tone (Beta: Bt, True Purple Beta | Tone: Past MegaBoy Colors) Why Are You Hitting Yourself?- Rotom Return of the Game Changers- Copy Robot and Proto Man MKII Face the Legends- Mega Man, X, and Zero boss fights
Description: Welp, Rotom pulled a Rotom, and now he's trying to take over the world. Or something, I don't know. In any case, it's up to Beta and Tone to take down Rotom and his collection of Robot Masters!

Robot Master 1: Circus Man- Weapon: Circus Act- Turns the user into a shadow temporarily to avoid attacks.
Robot Master 2: Paradox Man- Weapon: Time Paradox- Rewinds time to recover from attacks.
Robot Master 3: Prism Man- Weapon: Prism Guard- Generates a shield that reflects projectiles.
Robot Master 4: Shine Man- Weapon: Shining Ray- Gathers light (charges) to fire a laser burst.
Robot Master 5: Whale Man- Weapon: Whale Splash- Fires a burst of water from the buster.
Robot Master 6: Rocket Man- Weapon: Super Rocket- Acts like Super Arrow, but is slower and explodes upon hitting an enemy.
Robot Master 7: Propeller Man- Weapon: Propeller Blade- Tosses a propeller blade like Gyro Attack.
Robot Master 8: Nova Man- Weapon: Nova Blast- Fires out a single star that then splits into 8 projectiles upon contact with a wall or enemy.

mega-man Mega Man
mega-man X
bass Zero (Not ZeroDXZ)

Weaknesses: Nope. Sorry, not this time. Truth of the matter is, the collection of Robot Masters used for this thing is the collection of Robot Masters planned to be used by Rotom for a future Discord RP Arc, provided by Rotom himself. He also provided weaknesses, resistances, and even 2 (possibly) official weapons, and while I could use that, that would kinda ruin the fun of guessing weaknesses when the Arc comes forth. Thus, for doing weaknesses, no can do.

Rotom Mansion 1: Biwa
Rotom Mansion 2: Koto
Rotom Mansion 3: Taiko
Rotom Mansion 4: Robot Master Rematches and Rotom Machine (Giant Robot piloted by Rotom)
Final Boss: Rotom

The pre-battle conversations make a return in this, but I only plan on doing this for Mega Man, Zero, and Rotom. (And none with Jazz. I don't think I can do the accent.)

Beta Man vs. Mega Man
Wanna go another round, Mega Man?
mega-man Sure thing, Beta! Let's go!
You seem peppier than last time we sparred.
mega-man Well, I kinda got some good news since last time. But that's enough of that.

Tone vs. Mega Man
Looks like you got your mojo back since last time. Want another round?
mega-man Sure thing, Tone. Let's do it!
Alright, give it all you got!
mega-man You better not hold back, either!

Copy Robot vs. Mega Man
I'm ready to prove I'm the REAL Mega Man!
mega-man You, uh... You sure this is necessary?
Of course! There can only be one Mega Man, after all!
mega-man ...Uh... Ok...?

*Ech, terrible mugshot. It's going to have to do though, since there really isn't a true Jazz mug.
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Beta Man
1,698,362,367 BP
37 TP | 1553 PP
Posted on February 19th, 2018 at 8:33pm Edited on 2018/02/20 at 4:04pm
Posted 2018/02/19 at 8:33pm Edited 2018/02/20 at 4:04pm
Continuing the above.

Tone vs. Zero
I don't know who you are... But I really want to punch you in the face right now.
bass Strange, me too. I'm usually never like this, but I really want to smack you around myself...
Huh. Weird. ...Wanna fight?
bass Seems to be the only way back to my timeline... Sure.

Ninja Man vs. Zero
So... You're Zero?
bass Indeed... Your point?
I heard you would be the strongest of Wily's robots. And I have come to prove them all wrong!
bass I don't know who this Wily is... But if it's a fight you want...

Rotom vs. Zero
bass ...You have a problem?
...I hate your guts. So I'm gonna kick your *REGGAE'd* in ten different ways.
bass ...I see... I'd like to see you try.

Proto Man MKII vs. Zero
Well, well, well. Didn't think I'd ever see you again...
bass ...Do I know you?
All you need to know is that I will be the one to kill you.
bass Try me.

Beta Man vs. Rotom
You know... I'd be happy to finally see you get to this point if I wasn't so *REGGAE'd* mad at you right now for scrapping all my robots.
We don't have to fight, Rotom. We worked together in the past, why can't we be friends!?
*REGGAE'd* you, that's why! Now prepare to be die, ya ⑨!

Tone vs. Rotom
So, ready to be scrapped? I'll be glad to have revenge over our LAST battle.
First, mind if we address something first? How do you pronounce that thing you say? (9)?
No, no, no! It's ⑨, you baka!
NO! Ugh, stop *REGGAE'd* trying and die already!

Ninja Man vs. Rotom
So, decided to face someone ELSE in your life?
I'm here because as long as you're around, Wily's plans to take over the world will fail.
...Really? I thought you were stepping out of your comfort zone for once.
Shut up and fight me!

Rotom vs. ...Himself? (Player-Rotom will be shadow_electric. Boss-Rotom will be electric_shadow.)
Hey, you! Think you can go on and pretend to be me, huh!?
Uh... Don't know what you're talking about!
Don't lie to me, you ⑨! I'm going to kill you in a hundred different ways!

Copy Robot vs. Rotom
No. No. NO. NO! WHY. Are you here!?
I'm here to defeat you, of course!
Ugh, no. You're here because Reaper has an unhealthy obsession over you. Both Beta AND Grim. Whoever the other guy is. Let's just get this over with.

Proto Man MKII vs. Rotom
It's been a while, Rotom.
And... You... Are...?
You... Don't remember me? We met, like, at least once before.
Nope. All I know is that you rekted all my robots, and now I gotta rekt you.
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Beta Man
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Posted on February 20th, 2018 at 5:31pm
Posted 2018/02/20 at 5:31pm
Continuing again with Endings

Beta Man
You done?
Only if you are.
You know I only gone easy on you because you're a scrub,right?
You know, we would be friends if you weren't such a jerk all of the time. If you just want to go home, all you had to do is a-
Don't want help. Don't want your friendship. *REGGAE'd* off. Get out.

Just gonna say this now: You're done, Rotom. You lost.
Sure. Fine. Whatever. Do know that I've gone easy on you that time, right?
You know, this would've been a fun battle if you weren't such an ***hole to everyone. You just keep wanting more and more and is never satis-
GET OUT. I never asked for your speech!
Ok. Fine. Sheesh.

Ninja Man
And now Wily's plans will go uninterrupted... For now.
Good for you. Don't care. Go away and fight Beta Man or something. Or just go back to Wily Castle 1, the only place large enough to fit that enormous ego of yours.
You know, I didn't come here to get patronized by you.
And I didn't attempt my revenge for you to come here and ruin it all. And yet, here we are, and out you should be going.

Take off that disguise and give up, Cirno.
* Curse you, Rotom! I have been foiled again!
Pretending to be me. That's a low blow, even for a master of ⑨s like yourself. Now it's time to finally destroy you once and for all!
No! I refuse to die here! *Disappears*
Really!? This was the third time I've been in one of these! I was the main villain of this game, and I've already suffered through two bull*REGGAE'd* endings, AND YOU WON'T EVEN GRANT ME THIS ONE THING!?
... *Sigh* I'm starting to be done with Reaper's Beta and *Insert MegaBoy's character's name here* lines of games.

Copy Robot
Alright, I-
No. You don't even deserve an ending. Not in MY game. Get out, you scrublord.

Proto Man MKII
I think I understand now... I've been sent here from outside this universe... This isn't the universe I knew of.
...I think I know who's responsible for this.
...Can you hear me, Beta Shadow? If you don't bring me back to my world... You're next.
...Ah, whatever. I'm done with you anyways. *Sends Proto Man MKII back to his own universe.*
...What... Just happened?
Just... Don't worry about it.

*Ugh, terrible mugshot. I don't think I got even close to their personality either, I never played Touhou. But honestly, I don't care, this is a one-time thing anyways.
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Posted on February 21st, 2018 at 5:42pm Edited on 2018/02/21 at 5:44pm New!
Posted 2018/02/21 at 5:42pm Edited 2018/02/21 at 5:44pm New!
Title: Meguh Derpster Too

In the year 20ZZ, some guy named Derp, now known as Meguh Derpster, underwent a forbidden ritual known as Mega Evolution to beat up this one saltlord named Dr Jerk. However, Dr. Jerk got away and decided to build bots of his OWN this time instead of plagarizing someone else's work, so now Meguh Derpster has to go beat up those ones as well.

Playable Character: mega-man Meguh Derpster: Literally the same as last time.

Robot Masters:

RM 1: metal-man Sawblade Dude (Weapon: Hyper Saw; A melee sawblade that absolutely rips through enemies.)
RM 2: air-man Walking Fan (Weapon: Tornado Barrier; The shield weapon of this game.)
RM 3: bubble-man Soap Scuba (Weapon: Soap Throw; Throws a bar of soap that travels along the ground and bounces when it hits a wall. However, it loses strength every time it hits a wall, and can hit 5 walls before vanishing.)
RM 4: quick-man Fastest Idiot in The Universe (Weapon: Hyperspeed Laser; A beam of energy so fast you can barely even see it.
RM 5: crash-man Overweaponized Drill (Weapon: Area Exploder; A screen nuke.)
RM 6: flash-man Bald Lightbulb (Weapon: IT'S TIME TO STOP; A weapon that stuns all enemies onscreen until they get hit. Things that are weak to this stop until they get hit 9 times instead.
RM 7: heat-man Nuclear Lighter (Weapon: Double Ignite; Sends flame spirals in both directions.)
RM 8: wood-man Tree Guy (Weapon: Branch Storm; Fires branches in every direction EXCEPT in front of and behind you.)

Sawblade Dude: Hyperspeed Laser and Double Ignite
Walking Fan: IT'S TIME TO STOP and Soap Throw
Soap Scuba: Hyper Saw and Branch Storm
Fastest Idiot in The Universe: Area Exploder and IT'S TIME TO STOP
Overweaponized Drill: Soap Throw and Tornado Barrier
Bald Lightbulb: Branch Storm and Area Exploder
Nuclear Lighter: Tornado Barrier and Hyperspeed Laser
Tree Guy: Double Ignite and Hyper Saw

Fortress Stages:

Jerk Fortress 1: Jumpscare Dragon (Weakness: Branch Storm and Tornado Barrier
Jerk Fortress 2 Boss 1: Sentry Bubble (Weakness: Area Exploder)
Jerk Fortress 2 Boss 2: Literally Just A Bunch of Blocks (Weakness: Hyper Saw)
Jerk Fortress 3: MDTTWHAatMfHSiMiiWSL* (Weakness: IT'S TIME TO STOP and Hyperspeed Laser
Jerk Fortress 4: Robot Master Rematches
Jerk Fortress 5: Dr. Jerk's Personal War Machine of Doom and Death and Destruction II (Weakness: Phase 1 is weak to Double Ignite, Phase 2 is weak to Soap Throw)
Jerk Fortress 6: I'M AN ALIEN! (Weakness: Corresponds to the RM weapon being used)

*Abberviation of "Muscles Dude's Tank That Would Have Appeared as the Midboss for His Stage in MD1 if it Wasn't So Lazy".

Ending: Turns out, Dr. Jerk WAS AN ALIEN THE WHOLE TI- Oh, wait, no, it's just a cardboard cutout. However, it looks like he's no longer a saltlord! About time he stopped being one, too. Anyway, since Dr. Jerk's Fortress took A YEAR to get to, it also took a year to get back from, for some reason. I know, time makes a LOT of sense.
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Posted on February 21st, 2018 at 7:48pm New!
Posted 2018/02/21 at 7:48pm New!
you all think whether or not your can, but never stopped to think if you should


here is a game about friendship, unlike all of this

players: the amazing mega man, kirby ($500 dlc), stupid recolor fan characters
plot: kirby loved everyone to death, now mega man has to do it with uhhhh
love lemons
shoot all five of the robot masters to make then faint and then you get their friendship powers
cut man: he shoots rolling cutter, woahhhhhh, shoot him to kill him
love him
yamato man: he pokes you to death, poke him to love him more, like the pure creature he is
stupid fan character: you can kill him
actually good fan character: don't kill him, llove him
slash man the anger boy: kill him with extra extra love
weaknesses: all are weak to love

dr. bad's fortress: just kill him
boom there you go you win

amazing game, so much better than LITERALLY EVERY CONCEPT ON THIS DAMNED PAGE and i put no effort into it
good job, y'all.
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