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"Create" a Mega Man Game!

November 3rd, 2014 at 10:33pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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Did you ever wonder what would it be like if Bass was the main character? Or if past robot masters teamed up with each other? Well, this is a place where you can have fun making up stories/fan games. Unfortunately, you obviously can't MAKE one here, but if you have experience in making them and are interested in using these as a body for them, go ahead and do it.
Here is an example:
Name: Mega Man Powered Up 1 1/2 or Mega Man 1 1/2

Player: Mega Man mega-man

Robot Master 1: Cut Man cut-man
Robot Master 2: Air Man air-man
Robot Master 3: Bubble Man bubble-man
Robot Master 4: Quick Man quick-man
Robot Master 5: Bomb Man bomb-man
Robot Master 6: Time Man time-man
Robot Master 7: Fire Man fire-man
Robot Master 8: Wood Man wood-man

Robot Master Weaknesses: Cut Man-Fire Storm Air Man-Leaf Shield Bubble Man-Rolling Cutter Quick Man-Time Slow and Hyper Bomb Bomb Man-Rolling Cutter and Fire Storm Time Man-Leaf Shield Fire Man-Air Shooter Wood Man-Fire Storm and Rolling Cutter

Wily Stage 1 Boss: Mecha Dragon
Wily Stage 2 Boss: Yellow Devil
Wily Stage 3 Boss: Guts Man guts-man
Wily Stage 4 Boss: Boobeam Trap (Really, that's what it's called)
Final Boss 1: Wily Machine 1
Final Boss 2: Wily Machine 2
Here is a blank version:


DLC (Optional):
Description (Optional):

Robot Master 1:
Robot Master 2:
Robot Master 3:
Robot Master 4:
Robot Master 5:
Robot Master 6:
Robot Master 7:
Robot Master 8:


Wily Stage 1:
Wily Stage 2:
Wily Stage 3:
Wily Stage 4:
Final Boss:
"Create" a Mega Man Game!
Posted by Beta Shadow on November 3rd, 2014 at 10:33pm
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Beta Shadow
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38 TP | 2122 PP
Posted on April 6th, 2018 at 9:38pm Edited on 2018/04/06 at 9:40pm
Posted 2018/04/06 at 9:38pm Edited 2018/04/06 at 9:40pm
Yveltal: Upon working for Wily, they were to capture the two heroes and leave them here as a little pick-me-up for the three of us. They're OUR prisoners now. And we even created a few copies of those who were unobtainable, thus the reason for the copy of Trio.
If Wily were to succeed, we would've killed him and took over this world for ourselves. However, we were rather planning on his inevitable failure. We've prepared a cannon fueled by Omega Seeds, which we'll use to destroy you all along with the Earth from our base!
slur All heroes will be destroyed, and the Universe shall be ours!
Yveltal: And what's more, you won't even be given a chance to stop us, for we placed a teleportation barrier!
It's utterly hopeless. I suggest you kill yourselves now to avoid a much worse death.
The three leave laughing.
dr-wily Why those little... Nobody makes a fool of Albert Wily!
dr-wily ...You three! Take my Wily Saucer and get up to their base immediately! If you three don't stop them, there won't be a world left for me to conquer!
Fine, we'll go, but not because you told us to!
Our heroes take the Wily Saucer to the Omega Station...
You know, this ride would be much nicer if it wasn't so annoying.
You speak for us all.
But upon reaching the station...
Ugh, of course they wouldn't leave the place unguarded.
Wait, I sense someone... Someone with a high ⑨ level...
...They're here. And they won't get away from me this time!
Hey, wait a minute...!
...Hey, Beta. Tell me again why we bother with him?
I don't know, let's just go already.
Mars, Terra, and Sunstar- Weapons: Photon Missile, Spark Chaser, and Sunstar Supernova
elec-man Meta, Ender, and Alto- Weapons: Starforce Saber, Ender Ring, and Gigavolt Whip
trill proto-man mega-man* Trill, Primal Emmelg, and False Symphony- Weapons: Trill Overdrive, Emmelg Buster, Buster Blade

proto-man ** Mid-Boss 7: False Sergeant Man, Orchestra (For origin, see Page 2, Post 18), and Cirno

slur TRUE Final Boss: Ninja Ghost, Yveltal, and Slur (No mugshot was available for Yveltal)
Hard Mode Weaknesses:
Biwa- Cutter
Taiko- Toxic (Nihilego)
Mars- Water
Terra- Impact
Sunstar- Cutter
Meta- Cutter
Ender- Flame
Alto- Time
Trill- Toxic
Primal Emmelg- Explode
False Symphony- Wind
Orchestra- Laser
Cirno- Flame
Ninja Ghost- Time
Yveltal- Electric
Slur- Dimension
*REGGAE'd* it, *REGGAE'd x2* it, *REGGAE'd x3* IT! HOW!? HOW CAN'T WE WIN!?
Yveltal: All it truly was is that they got lucky, nothing more to it!
slur Relax, you two... I had a plan in mind.
Suddenly, Trill comes in using Trill Overdrive to take down Beta and Tone, as a laser cannon of sorts appear from the ground.
slur You see, I integrated one of the prototype cannons into a fully functional, portable cannon, in case these heroes managed to make it up here. And now, with the heroes at our mercy, this laser canon powered by our Omega Stones shall destroy them, right down to their IC Chips!
Slur, you are a diabolical GENIUS! My sincere compliments.
Yveltal: Yeah, that's great and all... But weren't there three heroes?
Wh-what!? Where... Where's Rotom!?

*Fill-In mugshot. I'd say temporary, but let's face it, this is the last you'll ever see of him.
**You know when I said this was a one-time thing? I was wrong.
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on April 6th, 2018 at 9:40pm
Posted 2018/04/06 at 9:40pm
Hey, ⑨s!
The three villains turn to see Rotom holding a sack full of Omega Stones, or assumingly so since Rotom seems to be showing one off to them.
I like your stone collection. I think I'll take it!
slur You... You purple IDIOT! That was the ship's power source! This entire station will crash into the Earth and destroy it, along with the rest of us!
I don't really care what happens to the world. I wouldn't worry about it, though, since I activated the self-destruct after I nabbed these.
slur WHAT!?
slur You... You little pest! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!
Yep, he's annoying like that.
Basically Rotom in a nutshell.
Slur begins charging a powerful Slur Beam as Rotom uses the Theta Sigil. The two then clash with a beam struggle while Beta and Tone tries to escape the station, only to be blocked off by Trill.
trill Now, what makes you think I'll let you go anywhere?
Trill begins to charge another Trill Overdrive.
Simple: We both have a trick up our sleeves.
Tone activates Triple Gear as Beta starts charging up a Beta Burst (an all-out attack that basically uses Beta Man's battery power to apply power to Beta Blast), and the two do their own beam struggle against Trill.
Yveltal: ...Hey, Shogun Phantom or whatever, I think now's our chance to sneak out.
Yveltal and Ninja Ghost sneaks past the clashing heroes and Space-Bots to go to the nearby escape pods. Suddenly, our heroes overpower Slur and Trill, destroying the two of them once and for all. Beta Man suddenly collapses from using Beta Burst, forcing Tone to carry him.
Come on, let's get out of here!
What about Mega Man and Proto Man?
Don't worry about those two, I freed them on my way to steal the Omega Stones. I think they already used one of the escape pods by now.
...That is probably the most non-selfish thing you ever did.
Don't get used to it. Now go, you ⑨!
Tone then heads out to the Wily Saucer, with Rotom tagging behind while carrying his bag of Omega Stones. The Wily Saucer then carries the three out of the space station just in time for the thing to blow up. Beta reawakens along the way, and upon reaching Earth, he and Beta meets up with Mega Man and Proto Man, who thanks them and congratulates them on defeating the villains. Wily declares that he would have revenge, and Rotom heads off with his robots- now back under HIS control- to add the Omega Stones to his collection. Our heroes then head off to celebrate their victory.

Meanwhile in space, however, an IC Chip floats nearby a mysterious, new figure.

The End...?
And now, a few extra Game Modes:

Arcade Mode- Choose 8 weapons you've unlocked from the other Robot Masters and fight against 8 random Robot Masters, 2 random Mid-Bosses, and a random Final Boss!
VS. Mode- Battle against other players or CPUs with any character, boss or otherwise, in a 1v1 or 3v3 battle! (Defeat bosses and RMs to unlock them, get Mega Man and Proto Man from beating Delta Story, and Duo from its Hard Mode. Not playable: Mettall Daddy and Wily Machines)
Training Mode- Practice your skills against either a still or attacking CPU training dummy!

Well, that's done. This was a total of 10 posts, and that fact just makes me glad I decided to do this one small step at a time.

A sequel is not guaranteed, the Slur thing at the end is mostly for their return in the next thing I decide to make when the next set of Dark Alts come in. If I DO make a sequel, I think I'll try to aim for something smaller.
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Posted on April 7th, 2018 at 7:43am
Posted 2018/04/07 at 7:43am
I was never asked for myself or my persona to be put in any of this and nor do I want it to, same for Alto - who goes by Rudy/General now, by the way. Please remove my persona from this. Willing to bet same for Meta as well, but he (and probably rudy, but still was worth mentioning) probably doesn't care all that much.
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Posted on April 8th, 2018 at 2:22am
Posted 2018/04/08 at 2:22am
@ThatOneEnder : I can go with that too, I don't want to be included in this.
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on April 26th, 2018 at 1:19pm Edited on 2018/04/26 at 4:29pm
Posted 2018/04/26 at 1:19pm Edited 2018/04/26 at 4:29pm
Ok, so clearly, everyone's tired of me putting their characters in. I understand, and I will make a promise- starting now- to ensure it stops here. For now on, I'll only use others' characters WITH PERMISSION, and even then it's not going to happen much, if at all.

However, needless to say, Beta can't do much sh** on his own, and thus still needs a partner. Tone is MegaBoy's character, so that's clearly out. Ninja Man is Beta's rival, so that doesn't work either. And while Sergeant WOULD be a good fit (and was Beta Man's ORIGINAL Tag-Team partner back when the MMRPG roleplays began), nowadays he's more of a third-wheel sort-of character. As such... We're going to have to make something new here. So, allow me to introduce...

Beta and Techno: The Noble Light Numbers

Beta Man | Starter Weapons: Beta Buster- A chargeable buster of which the Charged Shot can pass through enemies, even if they hit them without defeating them. Beta Blast- A ball of shadow energy that explodes on impact. Beta Swordplay- Attacks the foe with a rapier (those swords used for fencing). Works similar to Flame Sword. Beta Rush- A dash attack that can also be used in mid-air. If you want to use it like a sort of Rush Jet, you'd need to button mash a bit. | Abilities: Slide. That's... About it.
Techno Man | Starter Weapons: Techno Buster- A buster that can be aimed in 8 directions- even directly down- but cannot be charged, and is certainly no rapid-fire. Techno Flare- A burst of fire that also freezes foes if they managed to survive the attack. Yeah, don't ask. Techno Blitz- Fires a large flame into the air. When it passes through the top of the screen, it starts raining down smaller flames into that one, small area. Techno Incinerator- Surrounds Techno with two fireballs that cycle around him. Despite the shield-core typing, it doesn't really protect Techno from anything. | Abilities: Dash, Wall-Jump | Unlocked by completing the game.
Description: Dr. Light, having thought that he should try and have more robots work for good rather than evil (i.e. Wily), he builds a whole new set of robots... But not just 8. Dr. Light noticed how Beta was trying to find a new partner to help out with facing the recent villain uprising, what with Wily and Ninja Ghost still being at large. As such, Dr. Light made an 9th robot in his new set of Robot Masters, the Noble Light Numbers, to assist Beta Man. However, Dr. Wily, taking this as a perfect opportunity to take down the one robot the newer villains were never able to defeat, steals the 9 robots and has them attack the city. And to make sure Mega Man doesn't interfere, Wily uses Spark Man to short-circuit Mega Man, leaving it up to Beta Man to save the day while Mega Man goes under recovery procedures.

Robot Master 1: Demo Man- Weapon: Wipeout Bomb- Lobs a stick of dynamite that creates a big explosion.
Robot Master 2: Trimmer Man- Weapon: Trimmer Blade- A close-range sawblade attack used for melee purposes.
Robot Master 3: Alarm Woman- Weapon: Snooze Button- Freezes time temporarily. Alarm Woman follows this up with a shockwave attack.
Robot Master 4: Build Man- Weapon: Crush Builder- Drops a block from the ceiling in front of the user.
Robot Master 5: Purify Man- Weapon: Pure Water- Launches a small stream of pure water.
Robot Master 6: Growth Woman- Weapon: Rising Rose- Sprouts roses across the ground in a straight line.
Robot Master 7: Inspect Man- Weapon: Inspection Shine- Shines a light through a magnifying glass to deal damage.
Robot Master 8: Defense Man- Weapon: Emergency Defenses- A flying shield that flies in front of the user to protect them.

Mid-Fortress Boss: Techno Man (+ Copy Beta as Techno Man)

Weaknesses: Demo Man- Emergency Defenses, Wipeout Bomb, Beta Blast, and Techno Incinerator Trimmer Man- Crush Builder and Techno Flare Alarm Woman- Inspection Shine Build Man- Snooze Button Purify Man- Trimmer Blade and Beta Blast/Swordplay/Rush Growth Woman- Wipeout Bomb, Beta Blast, and Techno Flare/Blitz/Incinerator Inspect Man- Rising Rose Defense Man- Pure Water Techno Man- Crush Builder Copy Beta- Inspection Shine

It seems I have underestimated how much text is being put into this, so to be continued (and hopefully concluded, I don't want this to extend over 2-3).
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on April 26th, 2018 at 4:29pm Edited on 2018/05/02 at 8:09pm
Posted 2018/04/26 at 4:29pm Edited 2018/05/02 at 8:09pm
Beta and Techno: The Noble Light Numbers (Cont.)

Meanwhile, Sergeant Man seems to be running an item shop, containing upgrades and items in exchange of bolts, one of which is interchangeable between Beta and Techno.

Sergeant Man's Item Shop
energy-tank E-Tank- 30 Bolts
weapon-tank W-Tank- 30 Bolts
extra-life 1-Up- 20 Bolts
yashichi Yashichi- 50 Bolts (Yashichis are actually inventory items in the game, and can only be found in Sergeant's shop.)
energy-upgrade Energy Upgrade: Increases Max HP- 40 Bolts
weapon-upgrade Weapon Upgrade: Increases Max WE- 40 Bolts
Energy Balancer- 100 Bolts
Spike Guard- 20 Bolts
Sergeant Shield: Gives you Sergeant Man's shield, which works like Proto Shield from MM7.- 70 Bolts
charge-module Charge Module (Beta Man)- Increases the size of Beta Man's Charged Shot, in exchange of longer time for a full charge. Based off of MAGMML2.
Jet Platform (Techno Man)- Basically Rush Jet without Rush. Beta Man doesn't get this because he already has something like this in terms of Beta Rush.

Wily Stage 1: Yellow Devil MKIII (A generic Devil Boss. Less annoying with number of shots able for the player to get in, but does have a few new tricks, such as crushing the player with its arm.)
Wily Stage 2: Flame Joe (A red Joe model inside of a glass dome in the wall that controls a cannon in the ceiling that drops large fireballs.)
Wily Stage 3: Ninja Man (Yeah, he's back once more. But this is less of "I must fight Beta" and more of "Wily requested me to be here" this time around. ...Ok, maybe it has something to do with facing Beta.)
Wily Stage 4: Robot Master Rematches and Wily Machine 10.5 (Eh, I'll be honest. Not entirely caring of Fortress Boss mechanics. Thus I won't explain this one.)
Final Boss: dr-wily Wily Suit (This time, it's a mix between Wily Suit from that Mega Man Soccer Game and Wily Capsule's teleportation mechanic.)

Congrats, you unlock Hard Mode and Techno Man! I don't feel like describing Hard Mode in anything except Ninja Man uses his Omega Form as a Phase 2. Yeah.

I WAS going to do a CD Database thing like MM&B. But after realizing the long line of work ahead (and after losing TONS of progress by not saving said progress on a replacement pastebin for the long wall of text originally planned but not done to limit the number of posts), I got too discouraged to do it, and so I decided to not do that.
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Posted on August 31st, 2018 at 5:02am Edited on 2018/08/31 at 5:27am
Posted 2018/08/31 at 5:02am Edited 2018/08/31 at 5:27am
Wily's Return

Player: Literally every (88) Robot Masters
DLC: Robot Maker
Description: Wily's plan to take over the world is complete but there is one minor flaw, 8 robot master are foiling his plan defeat them, to accquire World Domination

Robot Master 1: Mega manmega-man
Robot Master 2: Rollroll
Robot Master 3: Proto manproto-man
Robot Master 4: Rhythmrhythm
Robot Master 5: Enkerenker
Robot Master 6: Quintquint
Robot Master 7: Punkpunk
Robot Master 8: Balladeballade

Weaknesses: W.I.P

(After you complete the game with at least 8 robot masters you will unlock Bass who can Dash and double jump, if you finish the game once though you will unlock multiplayer,sound test, and Debug Mode)
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Posted on September 21st, 2018 at 2:07am Edited on 2018/09/23 at 4:50am
Posted 2018/09/21 at 2:07am Edited 2018/09/23 at 4:50am
Mega Man and Bass 3 W.I.P

Players: Mega Man Bass

Others: Proto Man

Description: Mega Man and Bass Team up to take down the powered up KING

Robot Master 1:Antar Man
Robot Master 2:Guard Man
Robot Master 3:Night Man
Robot Master 4:Mirror Man
Robot Master 5:Clock Man
Robot Master 6:Swift Man
Robot Master 7:Blade Man
Robot Master 8:Universe Man

Clock Man- Swift wind
Swift Man- Portal Strike
Blade Man- Shield charge
Guard Man- Shadow Slash
Night Man- Mirror shield
Mirror Man- Freeze Spear
Antar Man- Sword Dance
Universe Man- Time Flash
King Tank- Sword Dance
Ultra King- Portal Strike

Auto's Shop


King Fortress 1: Enters the Base...
King Fortress 2: Boss Rush
King Fortress 3: Smash Man (OVERDRIVE MODE)

Final Boss: King's Tank (that lazy)
Final Boss (Phase 2): Ultra King

I'm not a Japanense person AM I?
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Posted on September 22nd, 2018 at 5:57pm
Posted 2018/09/22 at 5:57pm
@Fade Man : dude, this already exists. it's a game on the wonder swan.
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Posted on October 22nd, 2018 at 7:59am
Posted 2018/10/22 at 7:59am
Hey Beta, is me but are we forced to
Make a Mega-Man-Based Fan-games not
Game Ideas like RPGs (yes or Fighting but
everyone is fed up with the idea)
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on October 22nd, 2018 at 1:48pm
Posted 2018/10/22 at 1:48pm
Well, you're able to make any form of game on here as long as it relates to the Mega Man franchise.

So, if you were to make an RPG centered around Mega Man, Zero, or even a Tackle Fire for whatever reason, that's fine. But if it's an RPG about, say, a basketball player with a magic basketball or something, then unless it's some form of Basketball Man robot master, you're kinda breaking the rules on that one.
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Posted on May 18th, 2019 at 11:37am Edited on 2019/05/18 at 12:40pm
Posted 2019/05/18 at 11:37am Edited 2019/05/18 at 12:40pm
Mega Man and Remix
Playable Characters:

mega-manMega Man
Mega Buster- A Chargeable attack, which can do massive damage, that can go through enemies or a small shot that does small damage
Slide- A fast move but it won't attack. You can go through secret pathways though
Mega Ball- A football-like ball that can be kicked around the room dealing heavy damage

Remix Buster/Space Twister- Very Similar to the mega buster but when it's fully charge it will release a fury of buster shots like Bass Or A large Space-Based Laser that can be angle
Dash- Like Slide, however you can't go through secret pathways but you can attack with this.
Jet- Using his jet behind him the user flies into the air for a short time.
Black Hole Barrier- A small Black Hole protect him from Projectiles

Robot Masters:
Clock Man
Slime Man
Warp Man
Diamond Man
Sniper Man
Warrior Man
Speed Man
Night Man

Mega Man- Speed Bullet
Remix- Sniper Shot
Clock Man- Warrior's Blade
Slime Man- Sniper Shot
Warp Man- Speed Bullet
Diamond Man- Slime Missile
Sniper Man- Night Orb
Warrior Man- Diamond Rain
Speed Man- Clock Trigger
Night Man- Warp Attack

Clock Trigger- The User fires a weird beam slowing the user down and deal slow damage overtime
Slime Missile- A Missile that slowly attacks the enemy it touches and it melt down blocks
Warp Attack- The User Summons a portal behind them and one behind an object or the closest enemy. The User can fire anything in it.
Diamond Rain- A hoard of shards come crashing onto the stage
Sniper Shot- The User jumps off the stage and charges up an Energy Shot at that position after they jump back to the stage.
Warrior's Blade- A Large Blade that covers in front of him. It can also be thrown.
Speed Bullet- A Small Bullet that goes as fast as Light. It's very Powerful
Night Orb- Like Rain Flush but it covers the area above their head

guts-man Gut's Man Testing Shop
E-Tank: Recovers of all your Life Energy 20 Bolts
W-Tank: Recovers all of your Weapon's Energy 25 Bolts
Life Up: The User Gains 1 Life 30
Weapon Upgrade: Weapon Energy will be Doubled 40
Energy Upgrade:The User Health with be boosted by 1.5X 50
Rush Set: All of Rush Abilities are packed in this set 70 Bolts
Spike Guard: Spikes will no-longer one-hit-kill but they will take damage instead 25 Bolts
Insta Shield: For 3 seconds, the user generates a shield 15 Bolts
Mega Arm/Arm Buster: The User Attacks with their arm dealing HEAVY Damage/ A Chargeable Shot that is combine with Remix's Arm

Wily's Fortress 1 Boss: Mecha Dragon- Weakness: Warrior's Blade
Wily's Fortress 2 Boss: Copy Robot- Weakness: Clock Trigger
Wily's Fortress 3 Boss: Boss Rush
Wily's Fortress 4 Boss: Super Wily Weakness- Speed Bullet
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