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January 7th, 2015 at 11:25pm
Retro Pookerchu
Retro Pookerchu
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This thread is for all your bio needs! Just list anything you can come up with your own character, or characters you like to use. Just leave a comment for all your characters (though you can make another comment if you run out of space). Here's a blank template:

First Appearance:
In Universe:
Current Status:


Good Point:
Bad Point:

Here's an example:

Name: Retro Pikachu proto-manproto-man-copyproto-manrobot
First Appearance: Dungeons and Robot Masters! Page 2 (You can skip this if this is the second time doing the character, just in a different universe)
In Universe: Dungeons and Robot Masters! (This is what the bio is based on)
Designation: HWN-001 (Hidden Wily Number)
Weaknesses: Suprise Attacks
Resistances: None
Immunities: None
Current Status: Inside Enker's Head
Forms: 3

Form: 1 (Normal)
Type: Electric
Energy: 90
Attack: 140
Defense: 50
Speed: 120
Theme: Lorekeeper Zinnia's Theme) (This is optional)

Form: 2 (Omega Version)
Type: Electric and Shadow
Energy: 50
Attack: 160
Defense: 30
Speed: 160
Theme: Tie a Link of Arcus

Form: 3 (Dark Retro)
Type: Shadow
Energy: ???
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Speed: ???
Theme: Falling Down Remix

Good Point: Focused on a Goal
Bad Point: Egotistical
Likes: proto-manDESTRUCTION HAHAHAHAAHAHA oh and revenge
Dislikes: Peace
Other: This is what you get when you leave Wily with Evil Energy and spare time on his hands. He builds a machine of pure destruction, throwing "mercy" out the window. Retro Pikachu was going to be the first of a line of destructive creatures, known as the Hidden Wily Numbers. These robots were so secret, only about 16 of Wily's massive army knew of his creation. In troubled situations, he will resort to his Omega Version to take down those who stand before him. While even Retro Pikachu is not aware of it, he has a "Dark Mode." When this happens, Retro loses control of his body and goes on an all out RAMPAGE. Retro Pikachu's design is highly based on Proto Man, as Retro Pikachu is indeed the "Prototype" of Zero. While Wily had designed Retro Pikachu to follow orders, a bit of influence from The Master had altered his programming. Permanently. Retro Pikachu has proved his strength multiple times, being able to defeat 8-16 robots at a time. With a SINGLE SHOT. Now that he is released, one thing is certain. If you are targeted by Retro Pikachu, then hopefully, you are one of the strongest.
Roleplay Bios
Posted by Retro Pookerchu on January 7th, 2015 at 11:25pm
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Posted on June 19th, 2016 at 5:51am
Posted 2016/06/19 at 5:51am
Name: Saitō
First Appearance: ELEMENTS manga
In Universe: Classic series
Designation: MLN-002
Weakness: Water and freeze
Resistances: Flame and Earth
Immunities: Electric
Forms: Human, Armored, Primal, God
Current Status: Dead ( destroyed by Neptune )

Form 1: Human
Type: Earth
Attack: 400
Defense: 400
Speed 150
Theme: [link] (

Form 2: primal
Type: Flame and Earth
Stats: Unknown
Theme: Team Flare boss theme

Good Point: Strong
Bad point: Perv
Like : Girls
Dislike: Romance
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Posted on June 21st, 2016 at 5:29am
Posted 2016/06/21 at 5:29am
Name: T-RexNaffects
First Appearance: M E G A M A N! READY TO FIGHT!
In Universe: Classic
Designation: ???
Weakness: Freeze and Nature
Resistances: None
Immunities: None
Current Status: Bored like most of the time.
Forms: 3

Form 1: Working
Type: Cutter and Earth
Energy: 10
Attack: 2
Defense: 1
Speed: 30
Theme: Tinker Man's Boss Theme

Form 2: Devil Status
Type: Flame and Shadow
Energy: 500
Attack: 350
Defense: 100
Speed: 20
Theme: 45 - By Shinedown

Good Point: Creative
Bad Point: Awkward
Likes: Fire
Dislikes: McDonalds (Other than the Ran Ran Ru McDonald)
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Posted on October 22nd, 2016 at 9:05am Edited on 2017/02/23 at 4:45pm
Posted 2016/10/22 at 9:05am Edited 2017/02/23 at 4:45pm
Hey my character had an update time to update this

First Appearance:Backstory Time!
In Universe:(I dont get this part but i will put the name of the universe he is in if thats what it is)The never ending war
Designation:CWN-001(Copy Willy Number)
Weaknesses:Depends armor in use
Resistances:Depends armor in use
Immunities:Depends armor in use
Current Status:Shut Down

Forms1:Normal Body

Forms1:Space Marshal

Good Point:Big weaponry
Bad Point:Easy angered
Dislikes:Easy fights
Other:Copyie is a robot created by Willy that now fights against evil alongside megaman and duo , he had fought many battles and has a rivalry with bass , Copyie is the only that knows about DLN infinityzero,now has been Shut Down due to use of the Chaos Blaster his main arsenal is:
a copy of the duo fist: same strenght but higher speed
star barrage: a combination of star shield and astro crush making a barrage of both
chaos blaster: Copyie combines all his weapons making a gigantic red and black laser of massive destruction but gives a big recoil
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Posted on November 19th, 2016 at 3:30pm Edited on 2016/11/19 at 4:58pm
Posted 2016/11/19 at 3:30pm Edited 2016/11/19 at 4:58pm
Let's get this party started, Ravagers!

Name: bass Kunai Man
First Appearance: MegaManga Adventures Chapter 1
In Universe: Main universe
Designation: TRN-001 (Team Ravager Number)
Weaknesses: Time, Shadow, Space
Resistances: Flame, Water, Earth, Electric, and Wind
Current Status: Sealed away
Forms: 6

Form 1: Original Form
Type: Swift/Shadow
Energy: 200
Attack: 159
Defense: 100
Theme: Strange World

Form 2: bass Konoha(leaf) Form
Type: Flame/Swift
Energy: 200
Attack: 200
Defense: 159
Speed: 160
Theme: Flame Mammoth

Form 3: proto-man Kiri(mist) Form
Type: Water/Cutter
Energy: 200
Attack: 190
Defense: 160
Speed: 199
Theme: Absolute Chill

Form 4: mega-man Suna(sand) Form
Type: Missile/Wind
Energy: 200
Attack: 189
Speed: Unknown
Theme: Fake

Form 5: bass Kumo(Cloud) Form
Type: Electric/Impact
Energy: 200
Attack: 200
Speed: 160
Theme: Plug Electric

Form 6: bass Iwa(Stone) form
Type: Earth/Shield
Energy: 300
Attack: 200
Defense: 250
Speed: 100
Theme: Stone Man stage

Good Point: Good Leadership
Bad Point: Ambitious
Like: Teamwork, Evil
Dislike: Cossack

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Posted on November 19th, 2016 at 5:04pm Edited on 2016/11/19 at 5:36pm
Posted 2016/11/19 at 5:04pm Edited 2016/11/19 at 5:36pm
Name: proto-man Saber Man
First Appearance: MegaManga Adventures chapter 2
In universe: Main universe
Designation: TRN-002
Weaknesses: Freeze, Laser, and Shield
Resistances: Cutter, Electric
Current Status: Deceased ( Destroyed by Ender Man)
Forms: 2

Form 1: Swordsman Form ( standard form)
Type: Cutter/Electric
Energy: 160
Attack: 200
Defense: 150
Speed: 200
Theme: Lorekeeper Zinnia

Form 2: proto-man Origin Form
Theme: Trinity Boss theme

Good Point: Obedient
Bad Point: Bloodthirsty
Like: Swords
Dislike: Humans
Other: The Right-Hand Man of Kunai Man.
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Posted on November 19th, 2016 at 5:37pm Edited on 2016/12/03 at 4:27pm
Posted 2016/11/19 at 5:37pm Edited 2016/12/03 at 4:27pm
Name: proto-man Flood Man
First appearance: MegaManga adventures chapter 2
In universe: Main Universe
Designation: TRN-003
Weaknesses: Electric, Cutter
Resisistances: Water, Freeze
Current Status: Alive
Forms: 1

Form 1: proto-man Walking Fountain form
Type: Water/Freeze
Energy: 200
Attack: 150
Defense: 150
Speed: 150
Theme: Mega Man Time Tangent's Flood Man

Good Point: Intelligent, Ladiesman
Bad Point: Cruel to humans
Like: Soda
Dislike: Soup
Other: FloodMan was a Water Renewal Robot, built by Genius Roboticist Dr. Benjamin Stevens, until an accident seriously damaged his IC chip. KunaiMan rescued his body and built a new IC chip into his neural matrix, giving him a cold, cruel and calculating personality.

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Posted on December 3rd, 2016 at 4:20pm Edited on 2016/12/03 at 4:32pm
Posted 2016/12/03 at 4:20pm Edited 2016/12/03 at 4:32pm
idk. Bored.

Name: Ura's MugshotUra
First Appearance: MegaBound
In Universe: Classic
Designation: AAU-001 (Affable Apprehensitivity Unit)
Weaknesses: Impact
Resistances: Nature
Immunities: Crystal and Haters
Current Status: Alive and Kinda Trying
Forms: Only this one.

Form: Normal
Type: Laser
HP: 50
ATK: 78
DEF: 185
SPD: 100
Theme: Cluck! or Rooftop Run

Trivia: Is really a robot. For real, no joke.
Good Point: Much too friendly
Bad Point: Much too introverted
Likes: Video games
Dislikes: Brash people
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on December 3rd, 2016 at 5:06pm
Posted 2016/12/03 at 5:06pm
Well, the wait was long enough, anyways. Time for the rest of the CENs (Crash Extermination Numbers), starting with Sho-
Name: Jazz
First Appearance: Dark Man's 3rd Annual Robot Tournament, Page 2
In Universe: Main...?
Designation: SWN-00X
Weaknesses: Space Time
Resistances: Explode
Immunities: Laser (Affinity)
Current Status:A̸S̕ F́AR̕ AS Y͘O̡U WÌLL KN͡OW, ͡H̛E'S̕ O̢N̵ SH̵ŲTDO̡WN̢. I͢ WIL͞L̀ ͡N̢O͘T ̴R̴EVEAL ̧THE ̷TRU͠TH ͢ÒF̀ ̨H͟I̢S͝ ̀W̶HERE̶ABO̕U͜T̵S͢...̨ ̛NO͟R͡ W̷ILL̵ ̛Í TEL̕L Y͝O͞U̕ ͝W҉H̴O̡ I̕ AM.
Forms: 1

Form: Basic Form
Type: Copy and Laser
Theme: None (I'm still not the "main theme" sort-of person.

Good Point: Quick on his feet.
Bad Point: Obsolete.B͝U͘T͢ NOT̨ FO͡Ŕ ͝LO̵NG...
Likes: Competition.
Dislikes: Cancelled/Postponed Competitions.
Other: Originally created by Dr. Wily to counter Proto Man, Jazz was eventually replaced with Proto Man MKII (Red's Character), becoming obsolete. However, he appeared to have turned back on somehow after being shut down for a long time. But after a single failure during the Bt Saga (in the Chat's Roleplay Channel), he was told he would be upgraded. In reality, however, Wily decided to shut him down permanently, leaving him in an Upgrade Pod, where nobody would look...At least... U̷n͡ti͜l̸ ͟NO͝W.͟..́

...That was strange. Well, I guess next time I can- ...Oh, come on, someone deleted my files on the other two CENs!
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Posted on December 4th, 2016 at 3:12pm Edited on 2016/12/10 at 8:52pm
Posted 2016/12/04 at 3:12pm Edited 2016/12/10 at 8:52pm
Name: Proto Man MKII
First Appearance: The (Un)Official Random Art/Sprite Showcase Thing!
In Universe: Weird And Wacky Adventures
Designation: SWN-00Ω
Weakness: None
Resistance: None
Immunities: Shield
Current Status (Canon): Inflitrating Light Labs
Current Status (Non-Canon): Complaining about how NiceIce threw up on his shoes

Forms: 2

Form: Base Form
Type: Shadow/Shield
Stats: 595
Energy: 200
Attack: 150
Defense: 170
Speed: 175
Theme: Asrielovania

Form: Reggie Adaptor
Stats: 2500
Energy: 500
Attack: 500
Speed: 1000

Good Point: Excellent at combat.
Bad Point: Arrogant.
Likes: Crushing the souls of the weak.
Dislikes: Losing.
Other: During his creation, Dr. Wily attempted to make a clone of Proto Man, one that had similar abilities, but more stable. After meeting other Wily bots and being called a pushover and whatnot, Proto Man MKII soon made it clear to them time and time again that he had the strength to be Dr. Wily's strongest robot yet, and he made sure to get that message through their artificial brains. But just because he's a good opponent, doesn't mean he is. Proto Man MKII does have his cons though. He is very cocky, assuming he is "immortal"* and invincible. But if all of his weaponry and attacks fail to beat the opponent, he uses his strongest attack yet..The Reggae Adaptor. Oh, go on. Laugh. Unless you are some demigod or immortal being, chances are, your screwed. This form not only boosts his arsenal, but gives him a immense amount of agility and speed and is very hard to hit, although the form lasts slightly less longer than other Adaptors.

*Despite being saved from near death by Ninja Man in the Chat Roleplay Channel
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Posted on December 7th, 2016 at 12:25pm Edited on 2016/12/07 at 1:03pm
Posted 2016/12/07 at 12:25pm Edited 2016/12/07 at 1:03pm
Name: Nova Man mega-man
First Appearance: Megaman RPG Prototype
In Universe: Travelling through time
Designation: HTB-01 (Hyperspace Traveller Beta)
Weaknesses: Shadow
Resistances: Space
Immunities: Space
Current Status: Lost in time.


Form: Big Bang Nova Man
Type: Space Explode
Stats: ???
Energy: 1200
Attack: 1200
Theme: Hypernova

Good Point: Is a kind person
Bad Point: Easily angered
Likes: Saving people
Dislikes: Evil
Other: Nova Man was built by a man called Dr. Neo. He built Nova Man so he could travel through time and space and discover new planets and prevent events from the past like the World War, etc, but the experiment went wrong and Nova Man´s core absorbed too many energy and ended up travelling through time forever. When he gets real angry, he can transform into Big Bang Nova Man, but, when he uses that form, at the end, he ends up travelling through time again because of all the energy his core absorbs to use that transformation.
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Posted on December 10th, 2016 at 5:26pm Edited on 2016/12/10 at 5:50pm
Posted 2016/12/10 at 5:26pm Edited 2016/12/10 at 5:50pm
Don't worry about the other Robots.

Name: crash-man BlastMan
First appearance: MegaManga adventures chapter 1
In universe: Main
Designation: TRN-004
Weaknesses: Water, Freeze
Resistances: Flame
Immunities: Explode
Current Status: Deceased (Destroyed by MegaBoy)
Forms: 2

Form 1: Ryūka Uchiha
Type: Neutral
Stats: Unknown.

Form 2: BlastMan
Type: Flame/Explode
Energy: 200
Attack: 200
Defense: 50
Speed: 200
Stage Theme: Blazing Magma

Good Point: Strong
Bad Point: Hot-Headed, Evil
Like: Destruction
Dislike: Justice
Other: Dr. Light created BlastMan to demolish old buildings. However, Things changed when he installed an unfinished failsafe. the failsafe corrupted his IC chip, which made him go rogue. later, KunaiMan, the renegade robot, modified BlastMan's weaponry, which allowed him to use a series of shockwaves known as the Blast Wave, which is powerful enough to take down an entire building.
Before he was destroyed, he seemed to be in a relationship with Disco...

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Beta Shadow
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Posted on December 10th, 2016 at 8:12pm
Posted 2016/12/10 at 8:12pm
Well, since the bios of the other CENs have mysteriously been erased (but I GUESS they were underrated characters anyways), it's time to reveal information on the "mysterious and illusive" (but not really) Bt Ghost. And for this, I added a few things to the forms to explain bonus information and Weakness/Resistance Changes.

Name: Bt Ghost
First Appearance: The Yveltal Saga, Chat RP
In Universe: Chat RP Universe
Designation: ASN-001 or BTN-000 (All-Star Number and Bt Number, respectively.)
Weaknesses: Time and Electric (Mainly)
Resistances: None (Mainly)
Immunities: Shadow (Mainly)
Current Status: Doing who knows what.
Forms: Nearly Infinite (Though mainly uses 2 of them.)

Form: Ghost Form
Type: ...None?
Energy: 150
Attack: 0
Defense: Infinite(?)
Speed: 200
Theme: None
Bonus Information: In Ghost form, Bt can't be hurt. Fortunately, Bt is also unable to hurt others in ghost form. This is different when facing other ghosts, however.

Form: Bt Armor MK-I: Metagross Armor (Currently Unusable)
Type: Shadow
Energy: 200
Attack: 200
Defense: 200
Speed: 200
Theme: None
Weaknesses: Time and Electric
Resistances: None
Immunities: Shadow

Form: Bt Armor MK-I: Metagross Armor Phase 2 (Currently Unusable)
Type: Shadow and Crystal
Energy: 350
Attack: 400
Defense: 400
Speed: 400
Theme: None
Weaknesses: Time, Electric Earth
Resistances: Crystal and Flame
Immunities: Shadow
Bonus Information: The reason he has Flame Resistance instead of Flame Weakness is because in this Phase, he also fuses with a Floating Dragon Head that he has for whatever reason.

Form: Bt-*robot*
Type: Shadow and Varies
Energy: 200 (at minimum)
Attack: Varies
Defense: Varies
Speed: Varies
Theme: None
Weaknesses: Time and Electric Other Weaknesses Varies
Resistances: Varies
Immunities: Shadow Other Immunities Varies
Bonus Fact: This is the reason Bt has such a number of forms: His main ability is the ability to Possess other robots, Robot Masters and Mechas alike! However, it's easier for him to possess Mechas and Empty Suits/Shells. In order for Bt to possess Robot Masters, the Robot Master has to either be weakened enough for him to do so, or the Robot Master would have to be willing to let him do so. When he possesses a robot, his stats, Weaknesses, Resistances, and, yes, even the new form's name changes accordingly to adapt to the Robot's body, as well as enchanting the robot with the Shadow Immunity, if not present. However, if not Resistant to Electric or Time, the body will also be cursed with those as weaknesses! If the Robot's HP is lower than his, then Bt's HP replaces it. If it's HIGHER, then the HP of the robot he possesses will be left alone. Below is an example featuring Spark Man as the base.

Form: Bt-Spark
Type: Shadow and Electric
Energy: 200
Attack: 86
Defense: 116
Speed: 94
Theme: None
Weaknesses: Time and Crystal
Resistances: Water and Freeze
Immunities: Shadow

Good Point: Can't be hurt when not possessing anything.
Bad Point: Can't hurt anyone when not possessing anything.
Likes: Messing With Rotom
Dislikes: Puns
Other: Bt Ghost was created (or summoned, one of the two) by Corrupt Man (Rotom's Character) during the Yveltal Takeover from Beta's memories of his old self to counter Beta. However, after Yveltal was defeated, Bt was left as a ghost to roam the world. He then started to question how much of a "hero" he was, which led to him becoming a more Evil Spirit. He then "tried" to take over the world in order to face and defeat Beta... Only to be shown mercy by Beta and change. ...However, Rotom decided to mess with the timeline and reverses it to be able to face Bt himself. Since then, Bt became a... Well, "Good-ish" would be a better word to say than "Kinder" or "Better". However, Rotom's actions also created a small rivalry between the two. Bt Ghost was created as a glitch (the reason he's a ghost to begin with), and thus he also has the ability to breath the 4th Wall, though he has the tendency to do it around those who doesn't have such an ability, leaving those around him in a state of confusion. He is also the first ghost of a Robot to ever exist in his world (or second, if you consider Beta and Mega's Rockman Shadow).
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Posted on December 14th, 2016 at 2:24pm Edited on 2017/01/29 at 12:56pm
Posted 2016/12/14 at 2:24pm Edited 2017/01/29 at 12:56pm
I may as well throw my hat in the ring. I'm new to this role playing, so I thought I'd do this

Name: proto-manCape
First Appearance: Save the world for christmas meme edition 2016
In Universe: Universal
Designation: DSN-00P
Weaknesses:Electric, Energy draining attacks
Current Status: Travelling the world

Theme:Rusty Ruin Zone 1 - Sonic 3D Blast Genesis

Form:Data Form
Theme:Battle 2 - Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Good Point: Will stand by friends
Bad Point: Quick to Anger
Likes: Sarcasm, Winning
Dislikes: Memes, Undertale, Idiots
Other: Originally a prototype of the Copy Bot designed to be able imitate any robot Master, there was an error with his programing, causing him to be unstable in anything but his main form. Attempts to imitate Robot Masters fully results in instantaneous power loss, so in combat he mainly uses only the limbs of a robot(for instance, if he used Slash Claw, he would change his arm to Slash Man's, rather than fully changing his whole body). Wily quickly scrapped him, but he was brought by using nanotech to hijack an unfortunate Sniper Joe who had been searching one of Wily's old fortresses for useful scraps. He then travelled the world, looking for Wily so he can get revenge for his scrapping. He is rather cocky in combat, and is alright to talk with on the street, as long as you don't press his berserk buttons. His Data form sacrifices his physical body and copy abilities in favor of an intangible form that is pure data, and allows for him to assimilate some other poor robot for new copy powers. This Data form also puts a large strain on his programming, and it will break within about 5 minutes of going into it.
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Posted on December 17th, 2016 at 9:21pm Edited on 2016/12/17 at 9:53pm
Posted 2016/12/17 at 9:21pm Edited 2016/12/17 at 9:53pm
Welp, time to get more bios on the rest of those goons.

Name: stone-man CannonMan
First Appearance: MegaManga Adventures chapter 2
In universe: Main
Designation: TRN-005
Weaknesses: Electric, Explode
Resistances: Flame
Immunity: Neutral
Current Status: Destroyed
Forms: 2

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Posted on March 14th, 2019 at 1:44pm Edited on 2019/03/14 at 1:57pm
Posted 2019/03/14 at 1:44pm Edited 2019/03/14 at 1:57pm
-Let's eh, redo mine..-

Name: oofSakuya-Woman
First Appearance:Discord's Fanart/Artwork Section
In Universe:
Designation:THN-00X (TouHouNumber)
Weaknesses:Swift and Electric
Resistances:Cutter, Time, and Shadow
Immunities: Ice and Flame
Current Status: She be here, somewhere.
Forms: Two

Form: Basic
Type: Cutter and Time
Energy: 200
Attack: 100
Defense: 100
Speed: 250
Theme: Flowering Night: Sakuya Appears!

Form: Sakuya's World
Type: Time and Swift
Energy: 150
Attack: 150
Defense: 150
Speed: XXX
Theme: Night of Nights: Enter Sakuya's World!

Good Point: Loyalty to those they protect.
Bad Point: Loyalty tends to begrudgingly blind judgment.
Likes: Tea, Her mistress's Remillia and Flandre Scarlett
Dislikes: Shrine Maidens, Magical Girls, Laziness, and improper work ethic.
Other: Although she's from another world completely different to Mega Man's, she is cutting edge to figuring out and utilizing a foes weakness and flaws in battle. Her "Sakuya's World" form is weaker to her normal one, however each stat is balanced except for her speed, this meaning she could be as fast or slow as needed.
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- deleted -
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Posted on March 15th, 2019 at 2:59am
Posted 2019/03/15 at 2:59am
Name: Salt
First Appearance: The Absurd RolePlay Thread
In Universe: Roleplay and More
Designation:SRMN-00X (Super Robot Master Number)
Weaknesses: Fire and Snipers
Resistances: Shadow Impact Nature
Immunities: Space Time Haters
Current Status: Getting Salty somewhere
Forms: 3

Form: Salt
Type: Cutter and Time
Energy: 250
Attack: 235
Defense: 105
Speed: 270

Form: Salt Z
Type: Copy and Swift
Energy: 210
Attack: 225
Defense: 150
Speed: 340

Form: Salt Armor
Type: Copy and Shield
Energy: 210
Attack: 1640
Defense: 255
Speed: XXX
(Too OP)

Good Point: Powerful and Intelligent
Bad Point: Cocky and Short-Tempered
Likes: Salt
Dislikes: Haters
Other: Although the name Salt sounds like a joke he is over powered robot travelling across universes to find the strongest robot there is. If he needs power he transform int Salt Z use the Salt Crystal if he needs more he can transform into the OP Salt Armor even though his defense is slightly buffed he can go as fast as he want he can even surpass the Flash speed by flying.

If there is a cap then I'll change it
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Johnny B. Good
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Posted on March 15th, 2019 at 9:29am Edited on 2019/03/15 at 10:08am
Posted 2019/03/15 at 9:29am Edited 2019/03/15 at 10:08am
Name: Death Rattle
First Appearance: The Absurd Roleplay(TBA)
In Universe: [Emperor Wily Timeline]
Designation: EHW-03 (Experimental Heavy Weapons[E])
Weaknesses: Cutter, Electric, Explode
Resistances: Nature, Missile, Laser
Immunities: Neutral
Current Status: Waiting Activation

Form: Death Rattle(Tank Form)
Type: Missile

Energy:450(10 Armor)
Theme: WIP

Notable Weaponry
Weapon A: Fang Cannon. Fires off a rapid assortment of fang-shaped missiles. Can infect easily hack-able machines with with viruses. (Cannot infect Robot Masters)
Weapon B: Tremor Shaker. Uses a drill to cause a earthquake.

Good Point: Heavily Armored
Bad Point: Slow, Lacks a personality
Likes: Devastation, Hissing at Foes
Dislikes: Pizza Cutters, Chargers, Mentos+Coke

Other: In the Emperor Wily timeline, Wily created his 2nd generation of Robot Masters to be heavy weapons to protect his cities from resistance members and other possible enemies. So far, none of the machines have been activated. The Death Rattle is notable for its ability to cloak.
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Posted on March 17th, 2019 at 11:09am
Posted 2019/03/17 at 11:09am
Name: Clash
First Appearance: The Absurd Roleplay Thread (TBA)
In Universe: Classic (Same for Salt)
Designation: SRMN-001
Weakness: Snipers
Resistance: Haters
Immunities: Shadow and Light
Type: Copy
Forms: 1
Form: Normal

Health: 235
Attack 250
Defense: 270
Speed: 200

Clash Cluster: Rises into the and summons an energy ball that fires tiny particles.
Remote Buster: Fires at least 4 shots surrounding the target then the buster shot will home into the enemy

Good Point: Strong and Immune to almost everything
Bad Points: No Forms
Likes: Action
Dislikes: Hates Salt
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This game is fan-made by Adrian Marceau, not affiliated or endorsed by Capcom at all, and is in no way official. Any and all feedback is appreciated. :)