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Roleplay Bios

January 7th, 2015 at 11:25pm
Retro Pookerchu
Retro Pookerchu
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This thread is for all your bio needs! Just list anything you can come up with your own character, or characters you like to use. Just leave a comment for all your characters (though you can make another comment if you run out of space). Here's a blank template:

First Appearance:
In Universe:
Current Status:


Good Point:
Bad Point:

Here's an example:

Name: Retro Pikachu proto-manproto-man-copyproto-manrobot
First Appearance: Dungeons and Robot Masters! Page 2 (You can skip this if this is the second time doing the character, just in a different universe)
In Universe: Dungeons and Robot Masters! (This is what the bio is based on)
Designation: HWN-001 (Hidden Wily Number)
Weaknesses: Suprise Attacks
Resistances: None
Immunities: None
Current Status: Inside Enker's Head
Forms: 3

Form: 1 (Normal)
Type: Electric
Energy: 90
Attack: 140
Defense: 50
Speed: 120
Theme: Lorekeeper Zinnia's Theme) (This is optional)

Form: 2 (Omega Version)
Type: Electric and Shadow
Energy: 50
Attack: 160
Defense: 30
Speed: 160
Theme: Tie a Link of Arcus

Form: 3 (Dark Retro)
Type: Shadow
Energy: ???
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Speed: ???
Theme: Falling Down Remix

Good Point: Focused on a Goal
Bad Point: Egotistical
Likes: proto-manDESTRUCTION HAHAHAHAAHAHA oh and revenge
Dislikes: Peace
Other: This is what you get when you leave Wily with Evil Energy and spare time on his hands. He builds a machine of pure destruction, throwing "mercy" out the window. Retro Pikachu was going to be the first of a line of destructive creatures, known as the Hidden Wily Numbers. These robots were so secret, only about 16 of Wily's massive army knew of his creation. In troubled situations, he will resort to his Omega Version to take down those who stand before him. While even Retro Pikachu is not aware of it, he has a "Dark Mode." When this happens, Retro loses control of his body and goes on an all out RAMPAGE. Retro Pikachu's design is highly based on Proto Man, as Retro Pikachu is indeed the "Prototype" of Zero. While Wily had designed Retro Pikachu to follow orders, a bit of influence from The Master had altered his programming. Permanently. Retro Pikachu has proved his strength multiple times, being able to defeat 8-16 robots at a time. With a SINGLE SHOT. Now that he is released, one thing is certain. If you are targeted by Retro Pikachu, then hopefully, you are one of the strongest.
Roleplay Bios
Posted by Retro Pookerchu on January 7th, 2015 at 11:25pm
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Johnny B. Good
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Posted on March 17th, 2019 at 1:28pm Edited on 2019/04/03 at 6:46pm
Posted 2019/03/17 at 1:28pm Edited 2019/04/03 at 6:46pm
Name: Sniper Jack
First Appearance: The Absurd Roleplay
In Universe: Emperor Wily's Timeline
Designation: SNJ-N/A(Sniper Joe Model, Modified)
Weaknesses: Fire
Resistances: Explode
Immunities: None
Current Status: Deactivated

Form: Base Form

Type: Neutral

Energy: 130
Attack: 140
Defense: 120
Speed: 130

Good Point: Great at assassination.
Bad Point: Not as strong as a robot master
Likes: The color blue
Dislikes: Moving Targets

Other: A modified Sniper Joe. Has extra armor and an almost inpenetrable shield. However, the most impressive feature is the multi-purpose sniper rifle that can fire off lighting-fast shots.
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Posted on March 17th, 2019 at 1:46pm
Posted 2019/03/17 at 1:46pm
Welp I think its time

Name:The Letter L
First Appearance:The Absurd Roleplay
In Universe:Wherever he wants
Designation:DWN ∞ to the second power
Weaknesses:Depends on his form
Current Status:Gathering more power
Forms:Any robot it has fused with

Form:The Letter L as a whole

Trivia:Is originally the form of Toad Satan and Pharaoh God
Good Point:Sense of Justice,tries not to overpower others
Bad Point:Will bends towards main robot in control
Other:No real one robot,but was created by a prototype was created by Dr.Wily,before he made more powerful versions of Toad and Pharaoh man,but they fled to another dimension,Wily programmed them to fuse,he is making stronger versions of every robot master,only one is part of The Letter L currently,Bass.Soon,The Letter L will find its true brethren,Wily hopes, that if they all fuse,it may tear apart the fabric of space-time,and let him destroy everything,as Wily is now possesed by Evil Energy...
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Johnny B. Good
32,618,600 BP
1 TP | 208 PP
Posted on April 3rd, 2019 at 6:46pm Edited on 2019/04/03 at 6:52pm
Posted 2019/04/03 at 6:46pm Edited 2019/04/03 at 6:52pm
Name: Proto Man DS?
First Appearance: The Absurd Roleplay
In Universe: Prototype
Designation: None
Weaknesses: ???
Resistances: ???
Immunities: ???
Current Status: Fighting to possibly save the omiverse, though for what purpose remains to be seen...


Form: Unstable

Type: {ERROR}

Energy: 80/80
Attack: 25*
Defense: 30*
Speed: 35*
Theme: Slowed Down Proto Man Whistle


Good Point: {ERROR}
Bad Point:{ERROR}
Likes: Purple
Dislikes: OP Entitles.
Other: (PRE)Proto Man DS. Nothing more, nothing less. Or so it seems...
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Posted on April 10th, 2019 at 6:20am
Posted 2019/04/10 at 6:20am
Name: Enka
First Appearance: Practice RP Dojo
In Universe: Anywhere
Designation: EKN-001 (Elite Robot Master Killer)
Weakness: Impact
Resistance: Swift Shadow Laser
Immunities: Electric and Earth
Current Status: Hunting a Robot Master
Form: 1

Basic Form (Normal)
Energy: 130
Attack: 137
Defense: 190
Speed: 213
Theme: Thunder Tornado

Powered Up (By Power Core)

Energy: 390
Attack: 411
Defense: 570
Speed: 639
Theme: ???

Good Point: Intelligent and Powerful
Bad Point: Arrogant
Likes: Killing Robot Masters
Dislikes: Heroes like Mega Man and he hates Enker
Other: He think memes are overrated.
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Posted on April 11th, 2019 at 6:08am
Posted 2019/04/11 at 6:08am
Name:Toad Satan
First Appearance:The Absurd Roleplay
In Universe:I dont even
Designation:GCN(Godly Cossack Number) 26 Satanic Rain Robot
Current Status:Gonna beat the shee out of skull reaper
Forms:The Letter L

Stats:Same as L
Energy:Same as L
Attack:Same as L
Defense:Same as L
Speed:(same as L and before you ask if they decided to split,which is a better strategy,the universe would implode)
Theme:Mainly the beginning

Trivia:His Rain Flush is the strongest weapon in the omniverse,other than the Shaggy blade and the sort
Good Point:Laid Back
Bad Point:Demonic
Likes:Kind People
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29 TP | 725 PP
Posted on April 11th, 2019 at 7:03am Edited on 2019/04/11 at 7:23am
Posted 2019/04/11 at 7:03am Edited 2019/04/11 at 7:23am
@Toad Satan : Empty is a place holder like none, how does empty heal your character

Dark Enka
I like this one the most
First Appearance: The Absurd Roleplay TBA
In Universe: Same as Enka
Designation: EKN-001 (Upgraded)
Weakness: Impact
Resistance: Swift Shadow Laser Flame Water
Affinity: Electric
Immunity: Earth

Type: Copy and Shadow
Energy: 20,000
Attack: 19,000
Defense: 25,000
Speed: 500,000,000,000,000 VERY BALANCED I KNOW

Trivia: He's still thinks Memes are overrated and He might just be the Fastest and Strongest
Same as the original so if I leave it there are no changes
Good Point: OP
Bad Point: Anyone who tease him will get obliterated
Likes: His own abilities
Dislikes: Other OP things

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Posted on April 11th, 2019 at 12:11pm
Posted 2019/04/11 at 12:11pm
Empty represents the evil energy
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29 TP | 725 PP
Posted on April 11th, 2019 at 12:42pm Edited on 2019/04/11 at 12:45pm
Posted 2019/04/11 at 12:42pm Edited 2019/04/11 at 12:45pm
Evil energy is Shadow
Evil is Shadow
Let’s move this to Personal it’s a waste of space here
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