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ChargeMan ForMMRPG
Make-a-Moveset Super Smash bros edition
ChargeMan ForMMRPG on August 24th, 2018 at 8:27am
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Posted 2019/03/20 at 10:56am Edited 2019/03/20 at 2:06pm New!
Yo Salt, that moveset blows chunks. let me show you how it's done showoff

Archetype: Unique

Gimmick: Mirror Body - Energy and magic projectiles are reflected back so long as the user faces the attack, but the user takes more knockback from flame attacks. Too much damage causes the mirrors break, reducing the weakness to flame attacks but removing projectile reflection and increases knockback from normal, battering attacks.
Onscreen Appearance
Rises out of the ground, wreathed in frost

Jab: Two swipes, then a stab with Skewer Spike. Does multiple, albeit sluggish stabs when held.
Up Tilt: Uppercut
Down Tilt: Sliding Kick
Forward Tilt: Hook
Dash Attack: Side Kick

Forward Smash: Prepares and violently jabs with Skewer Spike.
Down Smash: Split Kick
Up Smash: Spins, then performs a scissor kick

Neutral Aerial: Backflip
Forward Aerial: Cartwheel
Back Aerial: Reverse Dropkick
Down Aerial: Stall-then-fall Stomp, has a meteor smash effect
Up Aerial: Reverse Backflip

Grab: Reaches out and grabs the foe by the neck
Pummel: Headbutts the foe
Up Throw: Throws the foe above and stabs them with a Skewer Spike.
Down Throw: Slams the foe on the ground and blasts them with Virus Breath, dealing darkness damage.
Forward Throw: Drags the foe on the ground for some distance.
Back Throw: Underhandedly tosses the foe backwards.

Normal Special: Diamond Dust - Deals ice damage with a breath of frost. Causes extra recoil if hurt while charging.
Forward Special: Cross Chill - Slides and slashes at the foe with a long blade. Leaves a sheet of slippery ice behind for a few seconds
Down Special: Luster Mirror - Summons a mirror to reflect all energy and magic-based projectiles, except fire. Can be held and thrown to deal damage, but makes the holder move very slowly. Shatters after hitting something or being hit by non-energy damage.
Up Special: Tidal Jet - Launches self using a torrent of water. Has a meteor smash effect.

Final Smash: Lux Elysium - Releases a devastating two-streamed blast of dark, freezing plasma, leaving anyone directly in the way frozen and launches them away. Instantly KOs after 100%.
Idle Poses
Idle 1: Exhales frost and shudders slightly
Idle 2: Looks around cautiously

Up Taunt: Rears back and guffaws
Side Taunt: Gives the foe a beckoning gesture with a sharp grin
Down Taunt: Punches open palm with fist, while eyes glint red (or cyan for Alt 4)

Victory Poses
Animation 1: Performs Diamond Dust and screeches at the sky, eyes blazing
Animation 2: Violently snaps thrice before raising fist to the air with a battle cry
Animation 3: Crosses arms and looks upwards, glaring at the camera
Master ModeFighter Mode Vampiric Master Mode Spacial Mode/Nix totally not emerald gemini literally just emerald gemini
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