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Mikey's PERMANENT ideas thread.

March 29th, 2015 at 8:36pm
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So, since Boss is sick and tired of me making these, and SNC's sometimes go by without me saying more than 4 or 5 sentences [everyone's talking at once during and Adrian sighting, you know], I've decided to post any ideas I can't show off in SNC's in THIS thread from now on. The previous 5 threads will still be open for your convenience and reference [if you actually CARE :P ], but this is the last [and permanent] thread for all my idea that don't make it in a SNC because of Adrian showing things off.

As with the previous 5 threads, please refrain from flaming or swearing. Disagree all you want, but, do so respectfully, pleaseandthankyou.
Mikey's PERMANENT ideas thread.
Posted by Mikey76500 on March 29th, 2015 at 8:36pm
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Posted on March 29th, 2015 at 8:39pm Edited on 2015/03/29 at 8:39pm
Posted 2015/03/29 at 8:39pm Edited 2015/03/29 at 8:39pm
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Posted on March 29th, 2015 at 11:53pm
Posted 2015/03/29 at 11:53pm
#1-#3: I'm not really gonna say anything here as it's mainly up to Adrian to respond, but just a quick note on #2: a limited SNC may cut down slightly on the inclusive factor of development. Again, idk how much Adrian wants to open up to community opinion (because obviously some things need be decided by Adrian and co.), but even if he does decide to restrict this particular topic, it's not a biggie; I'm not gonna vehemently argue here.

#4: You've brought this up quite a few times in chat, so I'm glad it can be officially addressed now. Idk why you want to restrict it to Normal and Difficult, but if you want to discuss its canonicity, MM10 (idk about 9 didn't play it) had Easy, Normal, Hard. In fact, Rockman 2 technically didn't have difficulty levels (the Japanese version).

If you're saying that 3 difficulty levels is too much unnecessary work,'re not wrong in my eyes, but I think that's Adrian's decision to make, considering he's the one doing it. From where I"m standing, I agree that 3 difficulty settings seems like overkill, but that's because I haven't seen the full fleshed-out game yet.In fact, as a whole, I'm very uncertain of how I feel about these difficulty settings because I'm unsure how they're going to affect gameplay. For example, more BP and less turns does not make something more difficult.

#5: I've said this before: speaking for Adrian then appealing to the community to urge Adrian to slow down isn't fair to him. Let him decide how much he's "overworking" himself and how much content can wait. If he works himself into the ground, that's his choice; let him live his life. He's already busy without the community telling HIM what the update/prototype is going to have. I'm not trying to oppose you being considerate to him, but it's not our place to suddenly decide what Adrian does and doesn't make when he hasn't said anything on the matter. He does have a plan for this update and this game.
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Posted on March 31st, 2015 at 7:23pm Edited on 2015/03/31 at 7:42pm
Posted 2015/03/31 at 7:23pm Edited 2015/03/31 at 7:42pm
Alright, it's time for me to give out my view on these ideas. After all, it's been a few days....

1). Nononono, I think this has already been made clear. Gameplay first, story after that. Personally, I like it that way. At the most, I could only imagine Adrian would just go ahead and make those comic-based story posts if story is such a huge matter, but of course it wouldn't be finalized and would just be there because people want a reason for their actions.

2). I like the meeting, but first we'd need a chat that could limit people, and it'd have to be done when Idea: #1 is a priority. Although, seeing as how most major enemies show up in the database in the "Boss database", that'd mean people would already know who they are. Unless Adrian can keep them hidden in the database.

3). Yeah, I can agree with this. Fortunately, it's something that has been discussed before, so no worries on that part :)

4). Eh, I can't agree with this. It's not like it was something that took Adrian days of programming, so it's not like it wasted too much time on his part. The more options to play the game, the better. If Adrian feels that a Difficulty system just isn't needed, he can cut out the system. Otherwise, we can't say or decide.

5). I would address this further, but the guy above me(Doc) addressed this perfectly. Let Adrian decide when he thinks enough is enough for him. One of the ideas behind RPG Prototype for Adrian(last time I checked) was some sort of Subspace Emissary, so he'd probably want to see how many robots he can put in before he decided he's tired of it. Something to remember is that ONLY Light's First line, Wily's Second line, and Cossack's Fourth line are mandatory: Robots from games like Mega Man 3 are not necessary and are more like....Extra Robots, you know? For example, think of the lines mentioned above as your Starter Pokémon, and robots from games like Mega Man 3 are more along the lines of Pokémon you can catch, but aren't necessary at any point in the game. They're just there if you want to catch them. At least, that's how I always thought the system was, dunno if that's Adrian's final plan.
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Posted on April 12th, 2015 at 6:56pm
Posted 2015/04/12 at 6:56pm
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Posted on April 12th, 2015 at 7:16pm
Posted 2015/04/12 at 7:16pm
@ThatGuyNamedMikey : Hey Mikey, I'd figure I would post a few of my opinions here like you had wanted, considering everyone is wanting to talk in chat. I am not going to post responses on every idea simply because people who truly understand could do them much more justice than I could.

Subject 3: To me, this is like saying "You can't have your cake and eat it too." Let's say Blue Ring Man is restricted to use Water abilities. Now, I may prefer this Ring Man color scheme to the original, but what if I want my Ring Man to use Wind moves, and not Water moves? If we just have the held item mechanic, I can have my Blue Ring Man AND use my Air Shooter too.

Subject 4: I can about half agree with this, because it seems you are suggesting adding one tedium and removing another. I think items should be able to be spent at any store. If each store sells different items, but bought items get shared between the three doctors, what if the point? If every shop sells every item, then I don't have to go specifically to Wily's game to sell a core when I was playing with Cossack. However, I don't see the harm in holding 99 items. If you really have the zenny to do that, power to you. It doesn't prevent excessive item usage for younger players or collectathon-mentalities for more experienced players.
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Posted on April 14th, 2015 at 2:52am Edited on 2015/04/14 at 3:04am
Posted 2015/04/14 at 2:52am Edited 2015/04/14 at 3:04am
@Tobyjoey : To your response to Subject 3: With the Held Items mechanic, everyone pretty much becomes a Copy-type bot all at the same time, and DIVERSITY is what's needed, here.

To your response to Subject 4: Nono, I said nothing about them SHARING Items, only that Items, Abilities and Fields are SPLIT between them--That is, Auto has ~1/3 of them, Reggae has another ~1/3, and Kalinka has the last ~1/3, so that none of them become useless quicker than the other 2.

Also, you said that, "It doesn't prevent excessive item usage for younger players or collectathon-mentalities for more experienced players", ...and that's the problem, T.J.: It's too easy and predictable that way. Find a hard battle? Farm money, buy a bunch of Extra Lives and Yashichis, and then, spam the heck out of them. Battle won. Remember, there's currently no plans to cost you a turn for using an Item, so buying 99 Extra Lives and/or Yashichis for a battle is basically a guaranteed win. That'd be ridiculous.
Also, to try to make a battle OUT of spamming Extra Lives and Yashichis would be more of a chore than any form of fun, and fighting even the most powerfully awesome optional Boss in any game can be both very difficult AND very fun, at the same time, so why not make it so without still treating people like they're kiddies still learning how the game works, you know?
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