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gemini-man ...This thread houses any ideas I come up with, plain and simple description. Because of the general theme of my ideas, though, they have been separated based on their themes. Aside from that, expect this post to get updated every now and then. New content since the last time I updated my ideas are in bold.

6/27: Tidying up the thread prior to an idea thought of by someone else that I am taking time to refine. That idea will be placed in its own section at a later time.

AI Ideas

...I used to have a somewhat lengthy discussion on difficulty modes, but since those are removed from the update, this is just a general idea list of AI tweaks that could be applied in general or under some special circumstances like a boss:

- = Normal AI
+ = Harder/Boss/Late Game AI?

The changes that shouldn't require much new code:

-Never switch out under any circumstance (or switch out less often).
-Ability List updated to not include abilities from other robots (like Metal Man not using Quick Boomerang, but allowed the moves he learns normally and also Neutral abilities that are global to all robots) [The Copy/Shadow/Neutral robots can be excluded from this].

+More likely to switch out as WE gets used up (much like how the AI is more likely to switch out the lower their LE gets).
+In later battles, give AI more Starforce on their side to work with (could even go so far as to include Laser and Shield Starforce for AI).

Changes that may be a bit more difficult to implement:

-More likely to use lower WE cost moves, including Buster Shot, even at full or near-zero LE.
-Lessen the effect of bench modifiers for the enemy team.

+Favor abilities that are super effective against the target, reverse if not very effective.
+Have them more likely use their held items as their LE gets low.
+Prevent them from using abilities that either do nothing to them or only harm them (like using Repair Mode at full LE).
+Favor higher WE abilities at the start, like perhaps Field Support to make their abilities much more effective. Higher WE moves should become less favorable as WE goes lower.
+Favor abilities that attack sooner as LE gets low.
+Favor abilities that reduce the target's stats (Hard Knuckle) or increases own stats (Thunder Beam).
+If Attack or Defense hits 0-1, give priority to increasing that stat instead of attacking.

The change that definitely will require some careful thought:

+Prevent them from using abilities that do nothing to their opponent or heal them (not using a Flame ability if their target is Fire Man, for example, opting instead either to use Buster Shot or switching to a better robot if that's not too hard/tedious to code). The only exception to this is if the AOE ability will work against some robots in the bench, but not the active target, in which the move should be allowed.

Other Ideas

-Change the value of Cores to be based on unlocked robots instead of Starforce (1,000 base price, or number of robots x2,000 if robot count of said element > 0)
-Allow players to see what overkill their robots sustained when they get dealt a blow that disables their robot.

Retired/Irrelevant Ideas (for ideas that are either already implemented or cut for some other reason like a removed feature)

-Higher chance of Dark Elements appearing in battle.
-Make dark elements appear less often.
-Favor Neutral abilities if Dark Elements are present in battle.
-More fields that have a negative effect on Time. Only one field at this time does it, that being Sky Ridge.

...That's all for now. ring-ring
TailsMK4's Idea Brainstorming (last updated 6/27)
Posted by TailsMK4Omega on April 6th, 2015 at 11:15am
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Posted on April 6th, 2015 at 11:35am Edited on 2015/04/06 at 12:17pm
Posted 2015/04/06 at 11:35am Edited 2015/04/06 at 12:17pm
Field Change on Hard: Higher chance of Dark Elements appearing in battle.

Totally agree with this. Doing it will make it much harder to abuse starforce in the later missions for the first few turns in a given battle, which is the whole point of the Dark Elements so I approve of this change.

AI Changes: Hard:
The changes that shouldn't require much new code: [...]
Changes that may be a bit more difficult to implement: [...]
The change that definitely will require some careful thought: [...]

I agree with every single one of these and may use a few of the more obvious ones for normal mode as well. Normal mode AI is pretty dumb right now so I few common-sense tweaks would be okay. Special attention to...

-In later battles, give AI more Starforce on their side to work with (could even go so far as to include Laser and Shield Starforce for AI).

I like this, but we'll need to think about how to represent it visually. It wouldn't make sense for a field star to give the enemy +100 (for example) if you only get +10 when you collect it... so do we give the enemies more stars? Do we give them something else that has the same overall effect on starforce levels but cannot be collected by the player? Maybe some kind of tower or spire on their side of the field? Just brainstorming here, but if it doesn't make sense in context it might be better to power them up in some other way.

-Prevent Dark Towers from appearing.
-Disable bench modifiers for the enemy team.

I agree with all these but the last two, for different reasons.

Regarding the Dark Towers... they may actually end up being story-related and tied to the early parts of the game so that might not work. "Why would Dark Towers appear before Starforce?" you might ask, but it's possible for these to serve other purposes in the early game and it's not until much later that the player realizes the full scope of their power.

I think I might use the Dark Towers as MacGuffins in the early game. In Chapter Two there may be a Dark Fortress or other form of blockade that prevents you from progressing to Chapter Three and can only be removed by destroying the Dark Towers in the other eight RM missions. The player would technically be doing the same thing as they're doing now - going into each of the eight missions and disabling all the enemies - but the "goal" would be less ambiguous than downloading their data (whatever that means) and wouldn't be tied to unlocking the RMs for use in battle.

Imagine going through the story mode in the first pass, destroying Dark Towers along the way as a means to remove Dark Fortresses blockades at the end of each chapter and progress to the next. Dark Towers will be destroyed and removed once a mission has been completed and will appear in all single and double RM missions all the way to the conclusion of phase 1 when you meet Slur and get introduced to starforce. On your second run through the game in phase 2 those original single/double missions now have field/fusion stars to collect instead of towers to destroy. Collecting all those stars unlocks the last few chapters of the game where Dark Towers are present once again in triple missions (stardroids) but have a new meaning to the player given how much starforce they would have been collected by that point.

Maybe I went a bit too much into that idea though... expect it to be tweaked and played around with before launch. :P

The problem I have with the bench modifiers should be simpler to understand - there may be future abilities that use this as their gimmick (ignoring bench modifiers) so I feel that putting as a core mechanic of Easy Mode might make those abilities redundant... I'll have to think about it.

Otherwise, WOW. These are fantastic ideas and most of them will surely be implemented into the game before the update. Thank you!!
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Posted on April 6th, 2015 at 11:58am
Posted 2015/04/06 at 11:58am
"Favor Higher WE at the start" YES... That is perfect...
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Posted on April 6th, 2015 at 10:16pm Edited on 2015/04/06 at 10:28pm
Posted 2015/04/06 at 10:16pm Edited 2015/04/06 at 10:28pm
I like all the ideas presented here(well, except the "giving more starforce to the opponent", but that's just me), and I think you did a great job here, Tails. One change I would like to see be implemented for the Hard side of things(might be a little harder to implement though) is when an enemy uses a multiple-stage attack, they follow through with it, or at least have a higher likelihood of picking that move next turn. For example, if you're in Chapter 3 and Mega Man charges up his Buster, I'd expect him to fire the Mega Buster the next turn, since keeping the charge doesn't really do anything for him(*Unless Adrian suddenly gets the idea of keeping the charge keeps adding benefits I.E Keeping the Mega Buster charge will continue to boost your defense until fired, but I'll save that for another day*). Likewise, if Heat Man attacks me with Atomic Fire, I should expect that he keep on attacking me with Atomic Fire and not switch to another move until it's done. Granted, it sounds pretty hard to implement, and seeing as I don't know a lick of programming talk, unlike Tails and Adrian here, I can't say for sure. Also, another problem that comes into the fray are the Elemental Busters, which continue to benefit you when you don't use it, and might even prove MORE useful than firing the shot in some cases. Yes, it sounds hard to implement and there are moves that counteract this, a few of those being Elemental Busters and Shields(Especially Shields!), but I'm just bringing up an idea here. Providing an idea never killed the cat, right?.....Right? It's just kinda laughable when Heat Man starts up an Atomic Fire and throws something completely different next turn.
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Posted on April 7th, 2015 at 2:49am
Posted 2015/04/07 at 2:49am

gemini-man ...I assumed that Dark Towers would be a random occurrence when I suggested that, but if it's going to be story related, I guess that would make sense. I guess you could change it to Dark Elements maybe only appearing in Starforce/Late-Story battles on Easy.

Also, the idea by MBM sounds good too. I think it could have been partly covered by the desire for increased stats, but I guess following up on charges wouldn't be a bad idea either. ring-ring
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