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Hello there, everyone! This thread that you’re seeing right here is known as The Official Community Rules and Guidelines, and the title says it all. We’ll be going over appropriate behavior in the Community, as well as clearing up a few things. So, without further adieu, pack your bags, buckle in your seatbelt! Please save your questions for the end of the ride, and please follow all the [soon-to-be] aforementioned rules. That’s how we keep this Community metaphorically clean, after all!


The Moderating Team
First off, you have to know the Moderating team! If these guys state you're creating an issue, it's best you decide to listen to that judgement! Cooperate with these mods and you'll be fine, they’ve all proven to do their jobs well!

Adrian Marceau



As you can see, the community is divided into 7 categories:

Personal, News, General, Roleplay, Strategies, Mechanics, Development, and Bugs

mega-man- The Personal section includes your personal messages, sent and received. Don't pester a user and don't attack them either! Nobody appreciates that!

bass- The News section includes news by the developer, Adrian Marceau! You can also see threads here on how various contributors make their work. This is where you need to go if you want to catch up on recent events.

proto-man- The General section includes everything else, just user created threads for fun and enjoyment. Yes, you can put threads in this section, all by yourself. This section is for anything not relating to the other threads, and mostly everything here is for fun. Don't spam threads for silly purposes or no purpose, don't ask everyone what they're doing, don't announce your return here unless it's in Official Player Introductions or Goodbye/I'm back and don't be a jerk period. Also, don't make a thread on how do you do something in-game because the Strategies section is for that.

freeze-man- The Fanart and Fanfic Section section is specifically for user content regarding Prototype, from the likes of writing to showing off your artistic chops.

flash-man- Play as your favorite robot masters (and maybe yourself) in the Roleplay section! Create your own threads for roleplay use or join one other's.

air-man- If you need a bit of help beating the game, or want to give advice to random users, check out the Strategies section of the community. This is where you go if you need help with the game.

dr-cossack- The Mechanics section includes updates on mechanics of the game, though not many updates are made here. This is where you go if you don't understand a certain mechanic. If it's a mechanic, it's probably there.

knight-man- The Development section is used for user ideas for the game. Suggest your ideas here and who knows? Perhaps your idea could be in-game. The Prototype depends very heavily on fan interaction and ideas, so if you're able to help make it grow, then by all means help.

hornet-man- Finally, the Bugs section includes bug reports. Please keep your general posts out of this one, no need to give Adrian false alarms. If you see something weird that shouldn't be there, put your reports here. Pictures and detailed explanations are very welcome here. Small bug reports should be posted here

shadow-man-While it's not technically a section of the community, the chat section has you on a live chat with other players. Meetings are held there every Sunday night (more details here), unless there's a hiatus in progress.

Community Rules
Next up, we have the Community rules! After all, how are you going to follow the rules if you don’t know ‘em, eh? It’s very simple, and if you’ve ever been on some sort of previous Community before, you’ll most likely know what to do. Heck, if you have a moral sense of right and wrong, you should’ve figured it out here, but might as well have our rules in paper, right?

#1: Please do not spam in the Community
You should know the difference between spamming and posting. Posting has a reason to be posted, and isn’t just general conversation. General conversation goes in the Chat, by the way. Second off, posting repeatedly in the same thread or posting the same thing in multiple threads is not the way to go. Please review your posts before you post them, and ask yourself if you’re spamming or not. Nobody likes spam, OK?

#2: Please keep proper posting etiquette in the Community
Everyone has a different sense of etiquette, but we’d like to ask you follow these specific things. Please, no disrespecting other users, that’s incredibly rude. No attacking of other users as well, that’s also rude. If your post is generally going to offend users in a way, you’d better rephrase your saying. Slight cursing can be excused, but we’d like to ask you to refrain from that if possible. Any heavy cursing isn’t allowed in the Community, and if you're going to take the effort to censor it, then rephrase it instead. Also, correct grammar is always appreciated around here! While we're not asking you to be an English major, don't speak in broken tongues. Also keep in note this is a primarily English-based Community, so please keep that in mind!

#3: No Multi-posting in the Community
Leave at least 24 hours between two consecutive posts in the same thread. If you need to add something, just edit your original comment. Otherwise, don’t double-post. Don’t get surprised if your comment is altered in some way by mods, as double-posting's really obnoxious.

#4: No pointless bumping on a thread in Community
If a thread has been inactive for some time, please don’t bring it back “just because” you felt like it. If you do, it’s either because you want to refrain from making the same thread about a topic, or you have a significant update or contribution for it. Otherwise, please don’t necropost.

#5: Speaking of, no pointless threads in the Community
Before you decide to make a new thread, think about if it’s necessary or not. If someone else is covering the same topic, post your thoughts in that thread. If it’s just a thread because you wanted to make one, you could either post it in another thread, or talk about it in the Chat. Pointless threads can flood the Community and cover other, bigger topics, so please think about the necessity of your thread before you post it.

#6: No flaming other users in the Community --Relates to keeping proper Community etiquette--
Debates are completely fine in the Community, as long as it’s kept civilized. However, if it’s resorted to swearing, name-calling, or just downright insulting other people, it’s gone too far. It really just falls into demonstrating the type of person you are, and while you don't have to be a saint don't be a downright jerk.

#7: Please respect and listen to the Mods/Admins
These guys were put up as mods for a reason, so respect the guys, won't you? They try their hardest each day to make the Community a fun place for YOU, so make their job a little easier, too. These guys know what they’re doing, ok?

#8: Please keep religious/political/sexual discussions out of the Community
These things just scream flame wars, so please don’t try to start a conversation about these things. Posts and/or threads that focus on these three topics can be expected to be deleted for the safety of everyone on the Community. That shouldn't need explaining.

#9: No inappropriate links/images
No posting of inappropriate links or images in a Community post. This is fairly obvious, so please use common sense when dealing with this rule. No links that conflict with #8 either. ROMS and Emulator links aren’t allowed in the Community either. These things just SCREAM legal trouble, and that’s something we want to avoid.

Disclaimer!: If you happen to need to post a link that contains cursing, please put a disclaimer or "NSFW" before.


Some Miscellaneous tips on navigating the Community
Here are some misc tips on the Community! Please keep this in mind as you go along the Community!

>First things first, you'll need 5,000 battle points to post and 10,000 battle points to create a thread. You can get that much in about 5 minutes, so don't panic!
>If you want details on how to use some fancy text techniques, then click here to read an article on how to use these amazing formatting techniques.
>If you want the people of Community to meet you, introduce yourself on this thread! This is also the place you post in if you’ve come back from a long break. Please do not post a thread for any of this!
- Suggestions (put them here for game-related stuff and here for website-related stuff)
- HELP ME! stuff (put them here or here)
- Spam
- Bugs (quick-manquick-man Quick! Put them here)
- and finally, Chat stuff (you can chat here) and rules you can look through here.

Well, this is the Community Rules thread! Took us long enough, yes, but this is all common sense! This thread is mostly for the people who are new to the online community lifestyle, so if you’re already an experienced user on here, chances are you already know most of this! As always, this thread is subject to change and new rules as time passes and changes, so please keep that in mind! If you feel we missed anything, please post below! If that’s it, I’ll be heading off! See ya next time!

[Special thanks to Retro Pikachu, TheDoc, and of course Adrian]



[This section was written by Community Moderator Brorman, special thanks to him for this massive write-up! I owe you one!]

Hello! I'm going to give you a quick show-off of all the great formatting features, with explanations on how to use them!

The Basics

Everyone who has ever used any kind of word processing program knows about bolding, italics, and underlining. Some online forum users or more advanced WP program users might also know about striking!

How to use these simple, yet so amazing features?
Like the features themselves, it indeed is, very simple. Just do the following:

Depending on your effect of choice, choose the letter bold, italics, underline or strike, and type it inside square brackets, like this: [b­]

Next, type something, like: [­b]What a great guide there, Bror!

And then to finish the whole thing off, after the text, type in: [/­b]

Result should look like this: What a great guide there, Bror!

You can also use multiple effects at once, just do the same as earlier, but type them like this [b­][­i][s­][u­]TEXT HERE[/b­][/i­][/s­][/u­] and so on...

Media and Colors

So, how do I link cool websites like MMRPG? Simple, like this: MMRPG

First off, type some more square brackets, like this: [insert your message here]
You don't have to put in a message, but if you want to have some fun or look really cool you should definitely do it.

After typing in the coolest message of human history, paste in your link of choice, of course you don't want to link anything harmful or shocking since other people have feelings as well. If you enjoy mischief, you hopefully also enjoy getting banned.

[Click Here to Play MMRPG!]­(­

Click Here to Play MMRPG!

That's enough about linking. Next up we have images!

Images are really great, picture tells more than a thousand words they say, and this goes for making bug reports as well! When calling the exterminator (or in the case, sending bug reports to the programmer), remember to send them some definitive proof of those pesky bugs existing!

Just like earlier, square brackets is the way to go: [image]

You can change "image" to anything you want and it will appear as a mouse-over tooltip for the image. It's a great way to add a description or name to an image.

Next, upload a pic or find an existing one from wherever, remember to keep it safe though. No one wants to see anything unpleasant or shocking. So we were making a bug report, right? Well let's put the image link inside parentheses.

[imag­e] (h­ttp://

That's all for images. At this point, I'd probably like to preview my post (wink wink) before sending it, just to see that everything is like it's supposed to be.

Well then, let's move on to the coloring part.

To make things more colorful, you need 2 things.

Square brackets, and a type.

This time, inside those square brackets, you'll type in the message, just like when linking stuff.

[It's great to know how colors work!]

Well, that guy doesn't really know how to use colors yet apparently. Let's try adding in some curly braces and types.

[It's great to know how colors work!] {explode­}

It's great to know how colors work!

But how to create dual-type text? Simple, inside the same braces, add an underscore = _ and then add another flavor of your choice. Like this:

[It's great to know how colors work!] {expl­ode­_freeze}

It's great to know how colors work!

The list of types is the same as the list of Player Colors, found from the "Edit Profile" menu.

Yay! Now you have mastered the basics of formatting, there are some features that I don't know of because they aren't listed here... But I'll add more in as soon as I know.

Comment guidelines are pretty easy to follow - stay on topic, don't be rude, don't double-post when you can easily edit, and don't create 100 topics in a row just because it's fun. Oh, and no adult stuff or bad language. Ever. This is a kids' game, people! ;)

Official Community Rules, Help, and Guidelines
Posted by MegaBossMan on April 28th, 2015 at 6:24pm
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Posted on April 28th, 2015 at 6:39pm
Posted 2015/04/28 at 6:39pm
Alright. Thanks for making this. (By the way, Adrian OK-ed the Celeb thread, so PLEASE don't try to request to Make it un-stickied. :)) Don't forget to Be nice, too. :)
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Posted on April 29th, 2015 at 10:33am Edited on 2015/04/29 at 10:44am
Posted 2015/04/29 at 10:33am Edited 2015/04/29 at 10:44am
This is awesome! Thanks Boss, Doc, and Retro. :D

Regarding the locked threads and community sections... I have two ideas.

Locked Threads

For the locked threads... why are they locked anyway? To prevent people from posting? I'm not sure that's necessary. I think it might be a better idea to edit and update the relevant threads with recent changes (just in case the update isn't complete for another 6 months) and then re-open them so users can ask questions and comment. When this update is eventually released and everything changes, THEN we'll lock these ones and create new threads. Until then it just feels weird to have everything locked.

Either update them or put a notice at the bottom saying "information in this thread may be out of date and requires updating, if you have questions please see [insert link here]". Does that sound reasonable? You, TheDoc, Rhythm or any other mod can edit my posts, and we should only lock the truly irrelevant threads. I know lots of those mechanics are still completely valid in-game. If you guys have any questions or need clarification, just let me know.

Community Categories

I'm both open and anxious to create new categories in the community so we can filter things better. Please, please let me know if you or anyone else has ideas for new sections I can create that would apply to several or many existing threads so we can move them. I feel the General category has become an anything-goes section with way too many threads so I'd like to organize it a bit better.

My first idea for a new section would be titled "Help" and appear right at the end after bugs. This would be completely different from the Strategies section, of course, and relate more to community guidelines, rules, events, and that kind of stuff. We could move this thread and all others like it to that category, un-sticky the ones that do not need it, and clean out the other categories a bit. I also considered calling this new section "Rules" but that felt too restrictive... Do you guys have any other ideas for a name? Or maybe a different section all-together? Let us know.

I'm also open to more rooms in the chat, by the way, so let us know if that's a thing you guys want to see added. :)

EDIT: Oh! What about a community section for fanart and fanfic and that kind of stuff? We could move the sprite showcases and stuff to the new section. Maybe call it "Media"? No, that sounds too official... "Creations"? Any ideas for a better name? This would be different from Roleplay, of course, with individual users to showing off their creations in their own threads, rather than collaborators making play-by-post stories. It might be fun.
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Posted on April 29th, 2015 at 12:37pm Edited on 2015/04/29 at 12:53pm
Posted 2015/04/29 at 12:37pm Edited 2015/04/29 at 12:53pm
@Adrian Marceau : Aw, thanks! Took long enough, but we got the job done, we did!

Regarding Locked Threads-Completely understood, and I'm going to start on it right after this post. No disagreements here.

Regarding Community Categories-I was going to suggest a "Rules" category on the Ideas Sunday Night Chat, but I might as well address it here! I think Help is a bit too misleading, and I was going to suggest rules, but if you feel it's too restrictive....Perhaps Guidelines? It still gives off the rules vibe, but it has much more of a positive connotation, as if we're guiding the user in the right direction. Does this seem right to you? After all, many of our "rules" threads have guidelines in the name. As for possible threads we can move to "Guidelines", this thread, the Chat guideline thread, Formatting Help and Comment Guideline.....Maybe the Offical Question and Answers thread? Or do you think it would stay here, in General? Or perhaps even in Strategies....If we're pushing it, maybe the Website Suggestions? Ah, I digress. That way, there's much more room in the General Section for people to create threads, which makes sense because it's General and it belongs to the users.

Now, as of placing, I think perhaps below the Bugs thread is the wrong place. Rules are something that a new user would most likely like to see first in the Community, but it wouldn't make sense for it to be above News, so perhaps below it? Or maybe where the Mechanics section would be, since that's being replaced and moved, right? I wouldn't want to go lower than that, though. Sound like a nice compromise?

Extra Chat Channels-I think while it'll be needed for the future, not as of now. Roleplay doesn't get too many visitors anyway, so adding another channel might separate the Chat more and create a channel that doesn't get too many visitors in the first place. I'm sure there are other users who'd argue with me here, but I don't think the Chat needs anymore channels as of now.

Fanfic section-Doing this will create 1 more section in the Community, making our count from 9 to 10. That wouldn't be a problem, but I think it could be morphed with the Roleplay section. Just call it a new section, like "User-created Media" or "User-created Creations". After all, I consider Roleplay to also be user-created material, and we already have a few fan-fics down there. Does this sound like a good compromise to you? Feel free to let me know.
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Posted on April 29th, 2015 at 4:46pm Edited on 2015/04/29 at 5:06pm
Posted 2015/04/29 at 4:46pm Edited 2015/04/29 at 5:06pm
I meant to post here sooner, but oh well.

Locked threads
It depends on the thread, although I haven't looked through any of the locked topics yet, and I'm assuming that most (if not all) of them would be okay to unlock. The Mechanics section you could potentially unlock strictly so that people can ask questions for the individual issues they may be having.

Community Categories
I disagree they there should be more categories as opposed to a bigger hierarchy of categories. For example, have a category that says, say, "Fanfic". Then when you go into that, there would be two more sub-categories: Roleplay and Creations. This way you can have a more organized forum without crowding the Community menu bar with categories. In addition, you could also clean up the current categories; Bugs would go under Development, Mechanics and a new category called Guidelines could go under Help, etc. Adding more categories currently wouldn't be too bad, but if it's something you would want to continue to do in the future (which it probably is), you'll want to create different levels of categories.

As for the Chat, currently I think the number of channels is fine as is. The only reason RP and Development channels exist is that they won't interfere with one another. Those are necessities imo. I'd be much more keen adding categories to the forum as opposed to the Chat.
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Posted on April 29th, 2015 at 5:08pm Edited on 2015/04/29 at 5:25pm
Posted 2015/04/29 at 5:08pm Edited 2015/04/29 at 5:25pm
A bigger hierarchy of categories, eh? Not a half-bad idea, only that it might overdo it a bit. One thing I have pride about within this Community is it's simplicity; tons of other Communities out there are pretty much completely impossible to find topics. Also, it'd look a bit confusing when on the main Community page, as people might get lost trying to find Roleplay when it was hidden with some other thing.

Also, how would we be able to post in one of these categories? Would a mod have to manually put the thread in it's proper sub-category, or does the user have the option to choose which sub-section it goes in? In that case, what about the "Create a New Thread" on the main Community page? What would you do in that case? It's going to provide to be a lot of work, and not something I think Adrian can get done by the Update. However, in the far future, it'd be something that I could see.
Also, I disagree with calling the Roleplay/Creations's main section "Fanfics." If we were to go with subcategories, Roleplay AND fanfics can be "Written User Material" and things like sprite showcasing and other being "Sprite/Other User Material"? I dunno, it's just a name thing, don't take that into mind. Combining Bugs with Development could be a bit...Impressionable, I guess? They're similiar, but bugs are much more negative in nature and it might be a bit strange to categorize it with Development. However, I see where you're going with that, and just a small detail. Last time I checked though, Mechanics are being moved to a completely different page, I'll have to find the image for it, so you couldn't categorize it with anything :(

Either way, I like the idea, and I do want to see something like that implemented in the future. It just brings up a lot of questions that I think should be discussed in detail, you know?
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Posted on April 29th, 2015 at 7:02pm Edited on 2015/04/29 at 7:20pm
Posted 2015/04/29 at 7:02pm Edited 2015/04/29 at 7:20pm
@MegaBossMan : I do understand a lot of the points that you brought up (moving a thread definitely would become more complicated if this happened), but I feel like it's going to get complicated anyways. You say you like the simplicity of the MMRPG Community setup, and the way it is now I agree. However, can you really call it simple and convenient if the menu bar is lined to the teeth with categories? If I'm a new member viewing a line of 14 categories, it'll get confusing as to which category to check for my thread even without the hierarchy system. The hierarchy (my goodness, can I call it the subthread system? My brain is getting tired of saying hierarchy.) subthread system also allows for easier classification in this thread. Notice how you had to describe the contents of each category. Similar to what you were saying with merging fanfics with Roleplay, it's easier to put similar categories under one banner so that viewers don't have to read through each and every category description and you don't have to go through the trouble of writing it in the first place. I do agree there are definitely some conflicts between this concept and the current features of the MMRPG forum. Some things would need to be discussed and changed.

On a smaller note, Bugs are a main aspect of Development; even if the topic itself may seem "negative", you can't deny the listing and squashing of these bugs is a vital component of improving MMRPG, which is the essence of the Development thread. It's really more of an opinion thing, though. :P
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Posted on June 25th, 2015 at 6:28pm
Posted 2015/06/25 at 6:28pm
There's a Rule #9, now. Just saying.
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Posted on August 31st, 2015 at 8:41pm Edited on 2015/08/31 at 8:42pm
Posted 2015/08/31 at 8:41pm Edited 2015/08/31 at 8:42pm
Bumpity, so that this thread is on the Community section's front page.
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Posted on August 31st, 2015 at 8:42pm
Posted 2015/08/31 at 8:42pm
@ThatGuyNamedMikey : That's still an unnecessary bump. The thread is stickied, after all. I appreciate the concern but it's just fine where it is.
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Master Alicia
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Posted on December 21st, 2017 at 9:39pm
Posted 2017/12/21 at 9:39pm
Very good rules
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Posted on September 3rd, 2018 at 5:46pm
Posted 2018/09/03 at 5:46pm
Is having multiple accounts allowed? I am asking because I want to make a guide of the whole game but don't want to lose my save.
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Posted on September 3rd, 2018 at 11:45pm
Posted 2018/09/03 at 11:45pm
@Yoshi2018 : Multiple accounts aren't prohibited in the slightest. Well, that is, I'm pretty sure they aren't; I personally have a couple of extra accounts so I certainly don't wanna get in trouble :>

Yeah they're perfectly fine. Much more convenient creating a new account than deleting your in-game save data over and over
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Posted on September 4th, 2018 at 6:57pm
Posted 2018/09/04 at 6:57pm
@MegaBossMan : That's what I wanted to know. I'll get to work instantly.
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Posted on September 5th, 2018 at 6:01pm
Posted 2018/09/05 at 6:01pm
Hi! I am that alternate account Yoshi2018 made! Click on me to see the progress of the guide!
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