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Games invlolving MVC2 Mugen

January 21st, 2016 at 5:56pm
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Here's a Game involving Marvel vs Capcom 2 MUGEN.
How much battles can you last In Survival Mode?
This is Made for a Competition, and there is no Prize for the Highest Score.

Single Character Battle (1v1): Winner: Rounds:
Double Character Battle (2v1): Winner: Rounds:

The link to download MVC2 Mugen
Its in the words.
Have fun, and there may be Certain rules added Every once and a While.

Current Rules:
Nothing (You can have 1 or 2 characters vs 1)
Any character, Heck, Cyber Akuma is allowed. (I wont allow Him later, since his Air Gadouken Super is Pure Op)
Game 2:
Basketball Hitting

This is Pretty much like how it is in Street fighter 3, except it ends once you miss one.
You have to get Sean as P2 (Use his taunt, if your Computer has the 2nd set of numbers, with a 2nd enter button, 0 will be the accept/taunt button), And then you start. Game ends once you exit or miss.
No 2nd chances, you cant Miss a ball and continue.
You can compete as much as you want, just dont spam with your score.
You dont have to play as Sean, Just P2.
Game 3:
Combo Contest
Just try to get the highest combo Possible.

Combo's can Include supers, specials, and Normals.
Dont try to use any OP Supers.
Games invlolving MVC2 Mugen
Posted by Meta on January 21st, 2016 at 5:56pm
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13,507,600 BP
54 TP | 1664 PP
Posted on January 24th, 2016 at 7:16pm Edited on 2016/01/24 at 7:20pm
Posted 2016/01/24 at 7:16pm Edited 2016/01/24 at 7:20pm
Bump, this includes the SF3 basketball hitting thing where Sean will throw basketballs at you now.
Edit: Im gonna add a Combo contest thing, see how high you can get your combos, Supers are Included. (Try not to use Batman's super where he sends out bats, though, it's just too OP)
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