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Chat Game: The Prototype Mega Man Mega Quiz!

February 2nd, 2016 at 8:54am
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This even has THANKFULLY ENDED. It was an event where I sucked at doing a quiz. Here are the results. :P

.....................Pt. 1.....Pt. 2.....Pt. 3.....Pt. 4.....Pt. 5.....Pt. 6.....Pt. 7...Final....Total
Rank and Name.......[1-10]...[11-20]...[21-30]...[31-38]...[39-42]...[43-46]...[47-50]....[51]...[1-51]
01. MegaBossMan.........70.......149.......246.......235.......269........90.......210....-120....1,149
02. Meta................20.........0.......191.......107.......107.......109.......110.....-75......549
03. MegaBoyX7............0........66.......142.......174........89........99.......120....-135......476
04. TailsMK4............72.........0.......266.......317.......188.......180.........0....-750......273
05. TobyJoey............62........50.........0.........0.........0.........0.......210.....-50......272
06. MusicalKitty.........0.........0........66.........0........89........90.........0.......0......245
07. StupidStudiosN.......0.........0.........0.........0.........0.......100.........0.......0......100
08. Sylveon..............0.........0........60.........0.........0.........0.........0.......0.......60
09. DarkMan..............0.........0.........0.........0.........0.........0.......120....-119........1
10. Rhythm_BCA:.........50.......104.........0.......228........80.......180.......210....-852........0
10. ThatOneEnderMan......0.........0........88........95.........9........99........10....-301........0

Chat Game: The Prototype Mega Man Mega Quiz!
Posted by Mikey76500 on February 2nd, 2016 at 8:54am
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Posted on February 3rd, 2016 at 4:42am
Posted 2016/02/03 at 4:42am
Ah crud, bad timezone strikes again
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Posted on February 7th, 2016 at 4:38pm
Posted 2016/02/07 at 4:38pm
Part one of the Mega Quiz starts in the Chat in 21 minutes! Get over there. Remember, no sign ups necessary, just show up and you're in!
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Posted on February 7th, 2016 at 6:33pm Edited on 2016/02/07 at 6:53pm
Posted 2016/02/07 at 6:33pm Edited 2016/02/07 at 6:53pm
Part one is complete! Here's how it went down:

Question #1
Category: Classic Series
Difficulty: Simple [1/10]
Who has the serial number "DLN-001"?
Answer: Mega Man
While Proto Man is the first robot made by Dr. Light, he is a Prototype. Rock--before he became Mega Man-- was the first robot meant to be made for personal use [as a housekeeping robot].

Max Points [10]: MegaBossMan, Rhythm_BCA, TailsMK4, TobyJoey
Rhythm pointed out that Both Rock and Mega Man are the same robot. I screwed up on the FIRST ONE!
Question #2
Category: General Fill-In-The-Blank
Difficulty: Simple [1/10]
That fancy little arm cannon that characters in many different MM universes use is called a ______.
Answer: Buster.
If you wanna know how a Buster works, watch this:

Max Points [10]: Rhythm_BCA
Question #3
Category: Classic Series
Difficulty: Simple [1/10]
What was the full name of the person that created Metal Man?
Answer: [Dr.] Albert W. Wily.
Metal Man, going by serial number, is the first robot master officially designed by Dr. Albert Wily, himself; the first 6 from the original Mega Man were all designed by Dr. Light; note their official serial numbers.

Max Points [10]: MegaBossMan, Rhythm_BCA, TailsMK4, TobyJoey
I forgot to add the W. *facepalm*
Question #4
Category: Classic Series Math
Difficulty: Simple [1/10]
Count the total number of Robot Masters that appear in Mega Man 1 and double it. What number do you get?
Answer: 16.
Mega Man, Roll, Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man. 8 * 2 = 16. :P

Max Points [10]: TailsMK4.
Question #5
Category: X Series
Difficulty: Simple [1/10]
Who's the main villain in the X series?
Answer: Sigma.
Sigma was actually made by Dr. Cain, who found Mega Man X in what remained of Dr. Light's Lab before the events of the GAME, Mega Man X. He wasn't always the lunatic he is in the X series, though; You'll have to play Zero's side of Mega Man X4 to see what happened to the poor guy.

Max Points [10]: MegaBossMan
Question #6
Category: Classic Series Who Am I?
Difficulty: Very Easy [2/10]
"I'm that little guy that always has that little something you could use to keep you going. I used to just be support, but, I did "drop the bomb" in a couple of stages in Mega Man 8. Who am I?"
Answer: Eddie.
"I first appeared in Mega Man 4. Dr. Light wanted a way to keep Mega Man supplied, while he's fighting the bad guys, so he made me!"

Max Points [20]: TobyJoey


Question #7
Category: World Series
Difficulty: Very Easy [2/10]
Alongside the Classic Series, there is another series of games, released for the Game Boy. The first of these games [referred to as the "World" series] were released in North America in 1990. What was the full title of the first game in this series?
Answer: "Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge"
This will NOT be the last question that has something to do with the World series. While they have a lot in common with the Classic series, they do have their differences, and I will be covering some of them. You've been warned.

Max Points [20]: MegaBossMan, Rhythm_BCA, TailsMK4, TobyJoey
I never specified as to whether I wanted the Japanese or North American title. I had "Dr. Wily's Revenge" and "Mega Man World" thrown at me before we all realized that, yes, Mikey fudged up again.
Question #8
Category: X Series Math
Difficulty: Very Easy [2/10]
Triple the number of maximum reserve lives that you can carry in Mega Man X2. What number do you get?
Answer: 27.
9 lives * 3 = 27.

Max Points [20]: TailsMK4
Question #9
Category: General
Difficulty: Very Easy [2/10]
In what year will Mega Man's 35th anniversary be?
Answer: 2022.
The original Mega Man was released in Japan and North America in 1987, so, the 35th anniversary of Mega Man would be in 2022. Should've been a Math question, I know. :P

Max Points [20]: MegaBossMan
Question #10
Category: X Series Who Am I?
Difficulty: Very Easy [2/10]
"Careful. Offensively, I was easily one of the weakest optional bosses in the entire X series, but, using my speed, I could make damage add up QUICK. If you did happen to beat me, I would escape, only to meet you again at my base of operations in a room with a spike pit that would turn into a bottomless pit as we got higher and higher. I was solely devoted to HUNTING and destroying Mega Man X under the orders of my lord and master, Sigma. Who am I?"
Answer: Agile
"Look for me in Mega Man X2. Also, if you REALLY think you're good, try to take me on in the Maverick stages using just the X-Buster.....if you dare."

Max Points [20]: Meta.
Participation Points [2]: TailsMK4, TobyJoey
So after 10 Questions,
TailsMK4: 72
MegaBossMan: 70
TobyJoey: 62
Rhythm_BCA: 50
Meta: 20
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Posted on February 7th, 2016 at 9:18pm
Posted 2016/02/07 at 9:18pm
Were these the only questions that were done? Or will you be posting more from this session?
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Posted on February 8th, 2016 at 12:02pm
Posted 2016/02/08 at 12:02pm
@TheDoc : That was all. I WANTED to do more but Rhythm and Boss suggested that 10 questions missed was enough for people that didn't make it, so, I'm assuming that the next session [which, by the way, has been planned to take place AT 6:00, since 4 of the 5 people in the room preferred it this way] will also have 10 Questions.....or thereabouts.

It's also worth mentioning that Questions 11-15 are worth triple points, and 16-20 are worth quadruple points, so, it's still anybody's game for any late bloomers. Not too late for you to enter.

Remember: Sunday. Chat. 6 PM, Eastern. You show up and you're in.
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Posted on February 21st, 2016 at 3:51pm
Posted 2016/02/21 at 3:51pm
My apologies for the lack of updating for Part 2: amazingly enough, Adrian showed up, and in the excitement, I completely forgot to take down who correctly answered what, so, while I do have the scored, aas well as the questions, I don't have an accurate enough memory for who correctly answered what. I'll post both Part 2 AND Part 3 after we complete Part 3, tonight.

Remember, 6 PM eastern in the Chat. Simply come and you're in. Questions 21-25 are worth 50 points each, and 26-30 are worth 60, so, there's still time for you catch up with the leaders.

Here's the scores so far, after part 2:

1. MegaBossMan: 219
2. Rhythm_BCA: 154
3. TobyJoey: 112
4. TailsMK4: 72
5. MegaBoyX7: 66
6. Meta: 20
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Posted on February 21st, 2016 at 8:57pm Edited on 2016/02/21 at 8:58pm
Posted 2016/02/21 at 8:57pm Edited 2016/02/21 at 8:58pm
Speaking of part 2.....

Question #11, coming up!
Category: Classic Series 2-Parter [You must give me both correct answers in the same official guess to win max points; "My answers are That Bozo and Named Mikey".]
Difficulty: Easy [3/10]
In what year was the first Mega Man game with the word "Collection" in it's title release in North America, and how many games did it feature?
Answers: 2001, 10 games.
The game was called the "Mega Man Anniversary Collection", to celebrate Mega Man's then-upcoming 15th anniversary. The games featured were the 1st 8 main Classic Series games, and 2 Arcade games that--before the release of Anniversary Collection--were only ever officially released in Japan.
Question #12, coming up!
Category: World Series Video Challenge
Difficulty: Easy [3/10]
Take a look at this of a Youtube user by the name of Sliider doing a no-damage, buster-only run of Metal Man's stage from Mega Man World 2.
How many Blockys appear in that stage?
Answer: 0.
Not a single blocky to be found in that stage.
Question #13, coming up!
Category: Battle Network Series
Difficulty: Easy [3/10]
You just combined 3 or more specific battlechips into an even more powerful attack. This upgraded attack is known as.....?
Answer: Program Advance.
PA's for short. PA's are ridiculosly broken in the BN series. Don't use them. The games are way more fun without them.
Question #14, coming up!
Category: Classic Series Fill-In-The-Blank
Difficulty: Easy [3/10]
"____________________" was the first Classic Series MM game to feature actual difficulties for each individual level, rather than one big "Normal or Difficult" setting that affected the entire game.
Answer: "Mega Man: Powered Up"
Terrible art style, IMO, but, a good game, nonetheless, if you can see past it.
Question #15, coming up!
Category: X Series 2-Parter
Difficulty: Easy [3/10]
There is a secret, hidden Light Capsule in each of the 1st 3 Mega Man X games. The hidden capsules in MMX's 1 and 2 unlock special techniques that instakill nearly any enemy and boss in that move's game. Name these 2 techniques.
Answer: Hadouken, Shoryuken.
These are both Street Fighter moves, of course. :P
Question #16, coming up!
Category: General Who Am I?
Difficulty: Easy-Medium [4/10]
"To make an extremely long story short, I'm INAFKING. Who am I?"
Answer: Keiji Inafune
"See? No long story about how I was one of the main creators of Mega Man needed. =)"
Question #17, coming up!
Category: Battle Network Series.
Difficulty: Easy-Medium [4/10]
The official names of the 4 main elements in the Battle Network series are Fire, Aqua, Elec and what 4th element?
Answer: Wood
Wood beats Elec beats Aqua beats Fire beats Wood in the BN series. No real exceptions to this rule, either.
Question #18, coming up!
Category: X Series Fill-In-The-Blank
Difficulty: Easy-Medium [4/10]
One of the weapons you can use on the Weather controlling orbs in Wire Sponge's stage in Mega Man X2 is the _____________, which actually cancels out all other weather effects, temporarily.
Answer: Strike Chain
...which you get from Wire Sponge. His stage happens to be the one where you find said orbs. :P
Question #19, coming up!
Category: Zero Series 2-Parter
Difficulty: Easy-Medium [4/10]
There are 4 Guardians of the "utopia" known as Neo Arcadia. 2 of their names are Sage Harpuia and Hidden Phantom. Give me the full North American names of the other 2.
Answer: Fairy Leviathan, Fighting Fefnir.
Funnily enough, all 4 of them are modeled after Mega Man X; who better to model the guardians of what was supposed to be a shining utopia after than the robot who made it possible to build said utopia in the 1st place?
Question #20, coming up!
Category: General List
Difficulty: Easy-Medium [4/10]
Look at the following list:
1) Mega Man Legends
2) Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge [Mega Man World]
3) Mega Man X
4) Mega Man 2
5) Mega Man Zero
6) Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar
List these Mega Man Games in order according to their U.S. release dates, from EARLIEST TO LATEST. ["My Answer is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6." Your ENTIRE List must be correct.]
Answer: 4, 2, 3, 1, 5, 6
Mega Man 2? 1988. Mega Man World? 1990. Mega Man X? 1994. Mega Man Legends? 1997. Mega Man Zero? 2001. Mega Man Battle Network 6? 2004.
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Posted on February 21st, 2016 at 9:00pm Edited on 2016/02/21 at 9:38pm
Posted 2016/02/21 at 9:00pm Edited 2016/02/21 at 9:38pm
...and here's part 3:

Question #21
Category: Zero Series 3-Parter
Difficulty: Medium [5/10]
Name the 3 Cyber Elf types that can be found in Mega Man Zero 1.
Answer: Nurse, Animal, Hacker.
Cyber Elves are creatures that boost your abilities, be it by giving you HP, or making spikes just hurt you instead of Kill you, or eve becoming Sub-tanks. They're one-hit wonders though; if you use the intended abilities of a Cyber-Elf, it's gone. Forever. and It's not coming back.

Full Points [50]: MegaBossMan.
Part. Points [5]: MegaBoyX7.
Question #22
Category: Battle Network Series Fill-In-The-Blank
Difficulty: Medium [5/10]
There are 4 classes of Battlechip in the BN series: Standard, Mega, Giga and ____.
Answer: Dark.
Dark Chips only appeared in BN's 4 and 5, but, they WERE a thing.

Full points [50]: TailsMK4
Question #23
Category: X Series
Difficulty: Medium [5/10]
What is the full NA name of the final boss of Mega Man X3?
Answer: Kaiser Sigma
Only the X-Buster and Z-Saber could damage this annoyingly difficult beast.

Full Points [50]: TailsMK4
Part. Points [5]: ThatOneEnderMan
Question #24
Category: General Math
Difficulty: Medium [5/10]
Take the number 100, divide it by the number of robots that make up Super Mega Man in Mega Man 7, then multiply that by the total number of forms that Sigma has in Mega Man X5. What number do you get? (Please do NOT use the PEMDAS method.)
Answer: 150.
100 / 2 robots [Mega Man and Rush] = 50
50 * 3 forms [BIIIIIG Head Sigma [at the start], Sigma and Gamma Sigma] = 150.

Full Points [50]: Tails
Part. Points [5]: MegaBossMan
Question #25
Category: Legends Series 2-Parter
Difficulty: Medium [5/10]
Technically, there's a 4th Mega Man Legends game besides "Mega Man Legends", "The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne" and "Mega Man Legends 2". Name the game and the console it was released on in North America.
Answer: "Mega Man 64", Nintendo 64.
Really, it's just "Mega Man Legends" with some differences.

Full Points [50]: Tails
Part. Points [5]: Boss, Meta, X7, Ender
Question #26
Category: Xtreme Series Math
Difficulty: Medium-Hard [6/10]
This can also be found in Mega Man X2
This is an image of the Ride armor found in Chill Penguin's Stage in Mega Man Xtreme for the Game Boy Color. Multiply the number of letters in the name of that Ride Armor with the number of letters in "Chill Penguin". What number do you get?
Answer: 72.
6 [Rabbit] * 12 [Chill Penguin] = 72.

Full Points [60]: MegaBossMan
Part. Points [6]: Tails, X7, Meta, Ender
Question #27
Category: Star Force Series 3-Parter
Difficulty: Medium-Hard [6/10]
Name the 3 "Satellite Admins".
Answer: Leo Kingdom, Dragon Sky, Pegasus Magic.
Beasts, these 3. They can actually be fought in the series, too.

Full Points [60]: MegaBossMan
Question #28
Category: X Series List
Difficulty: Medium-Hard [6/10]
Look at this list:
1) Infinity Mijinion
2) Soldier Stonekong
3) Split Mushroom
4) Magna Centipede
5) Bamboo Pandamonium
6) Toxic Seahorse
7) Grizzly Slash
List these 7 Mavericks in order by the Mega Man X game that they first appear in, from LATEST to EARLIEST.
Answer: 5, 2, 1, 7, 3, 6, 4.
Bamboo Pandamonium, Soldier Stonekong, Infinity Mijinion, Grizzly Slash, Split Mushroom, Toxic Seahorse and Magna Centipede appeared in MMX's 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2, respectively.

Full Points [60]: MegaBossMan, ThatOneEnderMan, MusicalKitty, Sylveon, Meta, MegaBoyX7, and TailsMK4 [I posted the answer like a **********************************. Ugh].
Question #29
Category: World Series [Last 1-part question]
Difficulty: Medium-Hard [6/10]
See this guy?

In the World series, whose stage does this guy appear in?
Answer: Drill Man's [Mega Man World 4]
He's one of those Big Eye-ish jumping robots that are durable as heck. That's actually what he looks like when he's on the ground. When he jumps, you see the reason he's in Drill Man's stage:

Needless to say, he doesn't appear in the NES games at all. In fact, he doesn't even have an official name, so far as I've been able to see. Makes one wonder why no one like this appears in Drill Man's Stage in MM4.....

Full Points [60]: Meta
Part. Points [6]: ThatOneEnderMan
Question #30
Category: X Series Schmeopardy! [Remember, I give the ANSWER, you give the correct QUESTION; "My QUESTION is 'Who is That Buffoon Named Mikey?'"
Difficulty: Medium-Hard [6/10]
Answer: The technical name for the X-Buster. Also, it's much harder to say than "X-Buster".
Question: What is the Mega Buster Mk17?
Look at this; Keep an eye out at 35 seconds.

Full points [60]: Meta
Part. points [6]: MegaBossMan, ThatOneEnderMan, MusicalKitty
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Posted on February 21st, 2016 at 9:38pm
Posted 2016/02/21 at 9:38pm
After Part 3:

1. MegaBossMan: 465
2. TailsMK4: 338
3. Meta: 211
4. MegaBoyX7: 208
5. Rhythm_BCA: 154
6. TobyJoey: 112
7. ThatOneEnderMan: 88
8. MusicalKitty: 66
9. Sylveon: 60

Ah, but, don't fret; absolutely no less than 750 points are available in Q's 31-40. the only problem is that 31-35 will be Hard and 36-40 will be Very Hard. Same time, same place; 6:00 PM, Chat. See you there.
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Posted on February 23rd, 2016 at 4:25pm
Posted 2016/02/23 at 4:25pm
some one tell me this before it happens so i can remember
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Posted on February 28th, 2016 at 3:19pm Edited on 2016/02/28 at 3:21pm
Posted 2016/02/28 at 3:19pm Edited 2016/02/28 at 3:21pm
Updated score in opening post with points scored in each part.

Over 750 points can be scored in Q's 31-40, so, don't miss Part 4. It starts in the Chat in 2 hours, 40 minutes.
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Posted on February 28th, 2016 at 8:20pm Edited on 2016/02/28 at 8:27pm
Posted 2016/02/28 at 8:20pm Edited 2016/02/28 at 8:27pm
Question #31
Category: ZX Series 2-Parter
Difficulty: Hard [7/10]

Look at these guys:

North American names of both these guys, pleaseandthankyou.

Answer: Powmettaur, Prometheus
.....I got nothing. I've never played the ZX series. Never will, either, I think; I'm still too scarred from how mercilessly difficult Mega Man Zero 4 was.

Full Points [70]: MegaBossMan
Question #32
Category: Classic Series Fill-In-The-Blank
Difficulty: Hard [7/10]

________ is the name of the metal that Dr. Wily accidently discovered [and subsequently made Bass from].

Answer: Bassnium.
Bassnium was first discussed in Bass's ending to Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. It.....hasn't been brought up again, since [as far as I know of].

Full Points [70]: Rhythm_BCA
Question #33
Category: Star Force Series 3-Parter
Difficulty: Hard [7/10]

Look at this guy.

[b]What is his North American name, what element is he, and what game does he appear in?

Answer: Terra Condor, Wood, Mega Man Star Force 2.

Full Points [70]: Rhythm_BCA
Part. Points [7]: TailsMK4, MegaBoyX7.
Question #34
Category: X Series 4-Parter
Difficulty: Hard [7/10]

Besides Double and Sigma, name the other 4 Bosses in Mega Man X4 that are NOT aligned with Repliforce [North American names only, please].

Answer: Cyber Peacock, Split Mushroom, Magma Dragoon, Eregion. When this Part is over, go look at the logos underneath each of their HP bars. That should say it all.

Full Points [70]: MegaBossMan
Question #35
Category: Xtreme Series Math
Difficulty: Hard [7/10]

Do NOT use the PEMDAS method. Of all the characters in both games in the Xtreme series, take the number of Mavericks that appear in MM3, and add it with the number of Mavericks that appear in MMX4. Then, take that answer and multiply it by 1,587. What number do you get?

Answer: 1,587.
0 [I said MM3, not MM*X*3] + 1 [Iris] = 1.
1 * 1,587 = 1,587.

Full Points [70]: TailsMK4
Part. Points [7]: MegaBossMan, Meta, ThatOneEnderMan
Question #36
Category: Battle Network Series Who Am I?
Difficulty: Very Hard [8/10]

Long story short, I created what is basically the most powerful Navi ever....or so, I thought. Who am I?

Answer: Dr. Cossak.
"The entire story about me making Bass.exe is explained in Mega Man Battle Network 3."

Full Points [80]: TailsMK4
Part. Points [8]: MegaBossMan, MegaBoyX7
Question #37
Category: General 2-Parter [last 2-parter]
Difficulty: Very Hard [8/10]

Besides the Heart Tanks of Mega Man X and the HP Memories of Mega Man Battle Network, give me the North American names of 2 official characters or objects in the Mega Man universe that increase your maximum HP.

I know of ONLY 2 off the top of my head: HP Memories [Star Force], and Cyber Elves [Zero].

Full Points [80]: MegaBossMan, Meta, Rhythm_BCA, TailsMK4, ThatOneEnderMan.

I forgot to do my research on the items that do as such in both Mega Man X: Command Mission, and the Mega Man X series. Pretty sure I missed ZX, too. Did less research than I thought I did, all things told, so, my mistake, not yours. Sorry.
Question #38
Category: Zero Series List [Remember, "my answer is "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6"]
Difficulty: Very Hard [8/10]


Rearrange these bosses in order of when you face them for the 1st time in "Mega Man Zero" in order from FIRST to LAST.

Answer: 4, 1, 2, 3, 5
Aztec Falcon, Anubis Necromancess III, Maha Ganeshariff, Hanumachine, and Rainbow Devil [he changes colors].

Full Points [80]: TailsMK4
Part. Points [8]: Rhythm_BCA, ThatOneEnderMan
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Posted on March 7th, 2016 at 12:20am Edited on 2016/03/07 at 12:50am
Posted 2016/03/07 at 12:20am Edited 2016/03/07 at 12:50am
Question #39
Category: Star Force Series 3-Parter
Difficulty: Very Hard [8/10]


Give me the North American name of this Battle Card, the North American name of the Virus that drops it, and the first game in the Star Force series to feature it.

Answer: Buki 1 [Buki], Raid, Mega Man Star Force 2.
Raid has 2 bigger brothers; the blue-legged Ravage, and the yellow-legged Ransack, each stronger than the last in 4 ways; their speed, their total HP, the attack power of their hammer, and the attack power of the Card that they drop should you happen to attain it after beating a group with one in it.

Full Points [80]: MegaBossMan
Part. Points [8]: Meta, MegaBoyX7, TailsMK4.
Question #40
Category: Classic Series Schmeopardy! [Remember, "my Question is"]
Difficulty: Very Hard [8/10]

Answer: Like Yashichis? Well, using this can help you find some if you use it in some pretty specific places.

Question: What is Rush Search?
In Mega Man 7; you have to use Rush Search in some specific spots in order to get Rush to dig one up, but, they ARE in there. I'll let you all look up those locations, yourselves. :P

Full Points [80]: MusicalKitty, MegaBossMan, Meta, MegaBoyX7, TailsMK4, Rhythm_BCA.

The video that originally showed a Yashichi being found seems to have been deleted from YT [This quiz was prepared over a month in advance from starting it], so, I just called it another eff up on my part. Ugh.
Question #41
Category: ????? 4-Parter
Difficulty: Crazy [9/10]


Correctly tell me in which game each of the characters in this image made their 1st official appearance in the Mega Man universe (North American game names only, please).

Answer: Mega Man 4, Mega Man Battle Network 5, Mega Man X6, Mega Man Zero.
That's Mummira, Meddy, High Max and Asura Basura, in that order. General Question, needless to say.

Full Points [90]: TailsMK4
Part. Points [9]: ThatOneEnderMan, Meta, MusicalKitty
Question #42, coming up!
Category: ????? Math [last Math]
Difficulty: Crazy [9/10]


Add the number of letters in the North American names of the characters depicted on all 4 images, then, multiply that total by 30. What number do you get?

Crown Thunder + Wolf Woods + Spade Magnes + Cancer Bubble = 44
44 x 30 = 1,320.
Star Force Question, duh.

Full Points [90]: MegaBossMan
Part. Points [9]: TailsMK4, ThatOneEnderMan, Meta, MegaBoyX7.
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Posted on March 13th, 2016 at 8:36pm
Posted 2016/03/13 at 8:36pm
Question #43
Category: ????? 5-Parter
Difficulty: Crazy [9/10]

There are 5 characters that ALL appear in Mega Man's Soccer, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Mega Man: Battle And Chase AND Mega Man: Powered Up. Give me the North American names of all 5.

Answer: Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Wily, Ice Man, Mettaur.
Classic series question, obviously. Dr. Light and Roll gets MENTIONED in Soccer and Dr. Light gets MENTIONED in Battle and Chase, but, he there's no APPEARANCES in those games. All 5 of these characters make actually APPEARANCES in all 4 games [i.e., you actually SEE them].

Full Points [90]: MegaBossMan, MegaBoyX7, Meta, MusicalKitty, Rhythm_BCA, TailsMK4, ThatOneEnderMan

Dr. Light and Roll qualify for that list, too, and they were both named multiple times by almost all parties involved. Ugh.
Question #44
Category: ????? Who Am I?
Difficulty: Crazy [9/10]

"A maverick?! Me?! How DARE you call me a maverick! YOU'RE the one stopping progress. YOU'RE the one denying change. Maybe YOU'RE the maverick! People and society are destined for change. They must shed their hate-filling hearts and suffering bodies. We must move forward! We must have change! On a planet...Life is born...Humans and machines...Waves of war and peace roll on, and in every age, a fool like you tries to fight it. You don't want to see anyone get hurt. You want to protect the ones you care about. You don't want to lose anything. By acting on that desire, you continue to make choices that avoid the pain. The Mega Man destined to save the world? Unchanging life...A world devoid of the light of hope. What's the point?! The destiny of destruction still awaits. So long as you have hearts, hate will lurk in the shadows. You who possess the wellspring of emotion known as the heart.....YOU are the true mavericks!" Who am I?

Answer: Serpent.
" final words in Mega Man ZX. Ugh."

Full Points [90]: Rhythm_BCA
Part. Points [9]: Meta, MegaBoyX7, ThatEnderMan
Question #45
Category: ????? 3-Parter
Difficulty: Crazy [9/10]


Give me the North American name of this....whatever it is, the maximum amount of base damage it can do, and the most recent official game in the Mega Man universe to feature it.

Answer: Custom Sword [CustSwrd], 256, MegaMan Battle Network 5.
SO hard to get 256 out of this without Slow Gauge. Battle Network Question, by the by.

Full Points [90]: TailsMK4
Question #46
Category: ????? List [last List]
Difficulty: Ludicrous [10/10]

Note the following list of 7 Bosses:
1. Bospider
2. Crush Crawfish
3. Crystal Snail
4. Godkarmachine O Inary
5. Spark Mandrill
6. Wire Sponge
7. Wolf Sigma

Correctly list these bosses in order of how much damage their most powerful attack does in the first official Mega Man game they appear in order from LEAST to MOST.

Answer: 3, 5, 6, 1, 2, 7, 4
Contact with Crystal Snail in any way does only 4 damage in MMX2.
Contact with Spark Mandrill--be it via his dash Punch. or simply touching him--does 6 Damage in MMX1.
Contact with Wire Sponge while he's electrified does 7 damage in MMX2.
Contact with Bospider in any way does 8 Damage in MMX1.
Crush Crawfish's overdrive move--the backwards tail cutting dash--does 10 Damage in MMX3.
Wolf Sigma's fire breath does 14 Damage in MMX1.
Finally--and most people don't even know this, so, I'll let you see for yourselves--get behind GOI and uhhhhhh, well, they do 16 damage. Put it that way.
This is obviously an X series question. :P

Full Points [100]: StupidStudiosN
Part. Points [10]: Meta
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There's now a Rule #12.
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Question #47
Category: ????? 4-Parter
Difficulty: Ludicrous [10/10]

[b]ropap itrocapec
eleoltv ibilob
urbbel etoelkh
lzkazibc grfasgtfo

The above names are scrambled. Correctly unscramble all 4 names.[/b]

Answer: Popra/Popla Cocapetri, Volteel Biblio, Burble Hekelot, Blizzack Staggroff.
Popra Cocapetri is a Maverick in Mega Man Zero 4, Volteel Biblio is a Maverick in MMZ3, Burble Hekelot is a maverick in MMZ2 and Blizzack Staggroff is in MMZ1.
Zero series question, of course. x)

Full Points [100]: Rhythm_BCA.
Question #48
Category: ????? Schmeopardy!
Difficulty: Ludicrous [10/10]

Answer: In an alternate Earth where everything has been obliterated and destroyed by him and his minions, he is the being that reigns supreme. He's later revived, having been made even stronger.....supposedly.

Question: Who is Apollo Flame?
The omniboss of Mega Man Star Force 2. Apollo also later appears in Mega Man Star Force 3, with a couple of new attacks in his arsenal, albeit with 500 less HP [that's where the 'supposedly' comes in].
Take a wild guess what series THIS is. :P

Full Points [100]: MegaBossMan, Rhythm_BCA, Meta, MegaBoyX7, TobyJoey, Darkman.
Question #49
Category: ????? 5-Parter
Difficulty: Ludicrous [10/10]

Besides Frost Man's stage [MM8] and Wily Stage 1 [MM8], name 5 stages in the Classic series that has a portion where the screen auto-scrolls.

Answer: There's WAY more than 5 to choose from; here's 7: Wily Stage 1 [MM2], Cossack Stage 3 [MM4], Wave Man's Stage [MM5], Wily Stage 4 [MM6], Wily Stage 3 [MM7], Tengu Man's Stage [MM8], Wily Stage 2 [MM8].

Full Points [100]: MegaBossMan.
Part. Points [10]: Meta, MegaBoyX7, TobyJoey, DarkMan
Question #50/51, coming up...
Category: ????? Who Am I?
Difficulty: Ludicrous [10/10]

In the game I appear in--my first appearance in a game in the MM universe, mind--I have the strongest single attack in the entire game. I'm also mentioned in only one other game in the series I appear in [by a friend of mine]. Oh, and the sub-boss of my stage was a boss in Rockman X-over. Who am I?

Answer: Launch Octopus
"My friend referred to me by my japanese name, "Octopardo" [that friend being Squid Adler in MMX5, of course]. The sub-boss was Ouroboros, and the strongest attack in all of Mega Man X was my Leech attack; if you leave me alone and never fight me off, I'll suck 15 HP from you--Wolf Sigma's fire breath only did 14 damage. Come visit me and see for yourself."

Full Points [100]: TobyJoey.
Part. Points [10]: MegaBossMan, Rhythm_BCA, Meta, MegaBoyX7, ThatOneEnderMan, DarkMan.
Q51 had it's own set of rules:

You have the option of answering this question or not. No penalty against you if you don't, but, you also score no points, as well.
If you do decide to answer this question, there's no turning back. Failure to answer this question correctly WILL result in you losing points.
I'll show you the category, for free. From there, you have to send me a PM here in Chat confirming that you ARE in, as well as what your bet is.

Minimum bets are 1 pt. No maximum. However, you cannot bet more than your current total.
You get only ONE chance at answering this question. ONE. NOT THREE. NOT TWO. ONE.
Multiple people CAN theoretically answer this question correctly and get the theoretical max points from it, so, be sure to take that into account.
From the time that the question appears in Chat, you'll have 3 minutes to answer. Failure to input the correct answer in the Chat log before the 3 minute window is up results in your answer being counted as wrong.
You will NOT know that your answer [or anyone else's, for that matter] will be right or wrong until the 3-minutes are up.
You also won't know what the the other players' bets are until the 3-minute window is up.

Question #51
Category: Classic Series Final Schmeopardy!
Difficulty: ????? [??/10]
Answer: Going by the screen count rules in Mega Man 9's Endless Attack Mode, this stage is the longest NES Robot Master stage in the entire Classic series.

Question: What is Stone Man's Stage? [MM5]
31 screens long.
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