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Hello! I'm going to give you a quick show-off of all the great formatting features, with explanations on how to use them!

The Basics

Everyone who has ever used any kind of word processing program knows about bolding, italics, and underlining. Some online forum users or more advanced WP program users might also know about striking!

How to use these simple, yet so amazing features?
Like the features themselves, it indeed is, very simple. Just do the following:

Depending on your effect of choice, choose the letter bold, italics, underline or strike, and type it inside square brackets, like this: [b­]

Next, type something, like: [­b]What a great guide there, Bror!

And then to finish the whole thing off, after the text, type in: [/­b]

Result should look like this: What a great guide there, Bror!

You can also use multiple effects at once, just do the same as earlier, but type them like this [b­][­i][s­][u­]TEXT HERE[/b­][/i­][/s­][/u­] and so on...

Media and Colors

So, how do I link cool websites like MMRPG? Simple, like this: MMRPG

First off, type some more square brackets, like this: [insert your message here]
You don't have to put in a message, but if you want to have some fun or look really cool you should definitely do it.

After typing in the coolest message of human history, paste in your link of choice, of course you don't want to link anything harmful or shocking since other people have feelings as well. If you enjoy mischief, you hopefully also enjoy getting banned.

[Click Here to Play MMRPG!]­(­

Click Here to Play MMRPG!

That's enough about linking. Next up we have images!

Images are really great, picture tells more than a thousand words they say, and this goes for making bug reports as well! When calling the exterminator (or in the case, sending bug reports to the programmer), remember to send them some definitive proof of those pesky bugs existing!

Just like earlier, square brackets is the way to go: [image]

You can change "image" to anything you want and it will appear as a mouse-over tooltip for the image. It's a great way to add a description or name to an image.

Next, upload a pic or find an existing one from wherever, remember to keep it safe though. No one wants to see anything unpleasant or shocking. So we were making a bug report, right? Well let's put the image link inside parentheses.

[imag­e] (h­ttp://

That's all for images. At this point, I'd probably like to preview my post (wink wink) before sending it, just to see that everything is like it's supposed to be.

Well then, let's move on to the coloring part.

To make things more colorful, you need 2 things.

Square brackets, and a type.

This time, inside those square brackets, you'll type in the message, just like when linking stuff.

[It's great to know how colors work!]

Well, that guy doesn't really know how to use colors yet apparently. Let's try adding in some curly braces and types.

[It's great to know how colors work!] {explode­}

It's great to know how colors work!

But how to create dual-type text? Simple, inside the same braces, add an underscore = _ and then add another flavor of your choice. Like this:

[It's great to know how colors work!] {expl­ode­_freeze}

It's great to know how colors work!

The list of types is the same as the list of Player Colors, found from the "Edit Profile" menu.

Yay! Now you have mastered the basics of formatting, there are some features that I don't know of because they aren't listed here... But I'll add more in as soon as I know.

Comment guidelines are pretty easy to follow - stay on topic, don't be rude, don't double-post when you can easily edit, and don't create 100 topics in a row just because it's fun. Oh, and no adult stuff or bad language. Ever. This is a kids' game, people! ;)
Official Formatting Help and Comment Guidelines
Posted by Brorman on January 15th, 2014 at 9:33am
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Testing Testing 1, 2, 3.Test... There's a bit you can do...Yep... Yes, i have found the secret color codes!.!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!!! Well, on the formatting options but probably the first person to use them since i cant do the purple one.
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