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February 12th, 2014 at 11:15pm
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There's a game I have been playing a lot lately called Mega Man RPG Prototype, it's a beta PBBG (Persistent Browser-Based RPG) and it was
in turn-based battle style like Final Fantasy. I loved it like nothing else. I had already completed but I decided to do a boss rush.
Everything went smoothly... until I was at a Cossack rival team battle, with Bass & Disco against Proto & Rhythm. I finished Proto Man off with a Crash Bomber from Bass,
and Rhythm stepped out to the front line, but from that moment until the end of the round, every time attacks were exchanged,
I could see a faint phantom image of Proto Man still standing behind her, playing the death animation.
He vanished once the attack phase ended and reappeared when the next one began. I thought it was just a glitch.
I had to go to eat dinner so I was gone for about an hour, but I left the game running, well, for an hour and when I got back the Phantom was still there.
Then, when I switched from Bass to Disco (the only two in my party). It reset the turn counter, Bass said a blank line.
Then "Robot" appeared as a shadowy gray MegaMan with what looked like red eyes, and every robot master was put into my in game party
(Not MM3 RMs or anything, just limited to who was unlockable.) However every one of them only had 1 ability "ATTACK".
I tried using it but everytime I did, it only did 1 damage and hardly ever hit, but stats said it had 0% accuracy and 9999 base damage.
At this point I was severely creeped out but I attacked many more times to see if anything else would happen. About 10 minutes later,
The game loaded unusually long for the game. It usually only takes 2-3 seconds to proccess an attack and show it on screen, but this
time it took almost 1 minute. I attacked again and this time it loaded, and never stopped, as if it crashed. I closed the entire browser
(I was using Google Chrome) and when I closed it, My computer shutdown. Upon booting up, this message popped up in a Windows 95 font:

"ROBOT.exe has stopped working."

I thought this was a PBBG not an exe, I didn't download anything.
I immediately ran a thorough virus scan with MalwareBytes, and nothing came up. I told on the forums what had happened,
and yet every thread in the bug report section except mine was getting replies in less than 24 hours, except mine.
I made another thread about a random bug I made up and people replied. To this day I don't know what happened.
My mini-creepypasta about this game
Posted by RonanZer0 on February 12th, 2014 at 11:15pm
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