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Make a Good Mega Man Contest 2!

January 10th, 2017 at 5:59am
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insert and prototype too probably???

LINK TO MAGMML2 DISCORD (fair warning, the discord as a bit of...looser rules than compared to prototype's, if you know what I mean.)

Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest, or MaGMML for short, was a contest that happened in Super Mario Bros X site Talkhaus, and Sprites Inc. The basic idea of the contest was for people to submitt levels made in the Game Maker engine and see how well ranked it would do compared to other levels by the five judges. Well, they are doing it again, this time better than ever!

You don't need any Game Maker experience to take part in. The engine is extremely easily to use, and if you need any help, ask on the sprites thread or better yet for faster results, the Discord.

1. One stage per person. Pretty self-explanatory.
2. Teams of two are allowed to work on levels together.
3. Custom assets are allowed, but make sure to include all of them with your submission files.
4. Don't modify any existing objects without permission from SnoruntPyro.
5. No NSFW content inside levels. If the judges catch any of this, your level will be disqualified.
6. You can have up to three energy elements in your level. When sending your level, tell SnoruntPyro on Sprites Inc or on the Discord how many your level has.
7. Make sure to title your room lvl(Level Name)_(Username) filling in username and level name with the relevant info. No parantheses. For example, lvlButts_Ender. If you have multiple rooms, just make it something like lvlButts_Ender_1, lvlButts_Ender_2, etc.
8. Suffix your custom assets with your username. For example, objMet_Ender.
9. Judging this time is supposed to be pretty much anonymous. Keep all level spoilers to #level-showcase on the Discord, or Private Messaging on the forums. If you leak your level, there will be score penalties.

1. There are no lives! In my opinion (and many others) lives really only serve to make you redo stuff you already beat, so we got rid of them. 1-Ups just give you a full health refill now.
2. This game will be featuring a new collectible, the Noble Nickel. The object isn't actually added to the devkit yet. You can have up to 5 in your stage, but you don't have to have any if you don't want to have them. Collecting all of these items will give a unique reward :3 (it's been decided on already)
3. Not all energy elements will be required to fight Wily. I'd say about 75% of them will be required?
4. If your stage is too hard/obnoxious/long/glitchy/whatever that makes it super incredibly not fun to play, your level might be made skippable, with all energy elements and collectibles available in one special room. This (hopefully) won't happen to too many levels, though.
5. Make sure to test your level!!! City War from the original is infamous for not being tested thoroughly!!!!!!!!
6. Enemy variety is important!! Please don't just make your level filled with Mets, Sniper/Hammer Joes, and Croakers! There's a ton of stuff to work with so don't just stick to the basics!
7. Place checkpoints frequently! No one likes having to redo a ton of stuff whenever they die!

1. Go to the top left, and click "File" and find the dropdown menu.
2. Select "Export Resources".
3. Name your .gmres file your username.
4. A menu will pop up. Hit "Select None". Check "Rooms" and nothing else.
5. If you have any custom sprites, save them as PNGs via Game Maker and be sure to provide a text file with info on masks and sprite centering.
6. If you have any custom objects, go to the object editor, click "Show Information", and copy paste all of that info into a .txt, word document, whatever idrc. Just as long as it's there.
7. Provide PNGs or WAVs for any custom backgrounds or sound effects, respectively.
8. Send all of these files to SnoruntPyro via either PM on Sprites Inc., a Discord DM (SnoruntPyro#9758), or email ( (nice email, pyro)

...are avaibile on ACE_Spark's YouTube channel.

- SnoruntPyro
- JupiHornet
- ACESpark
- Enjl
- Garirry

The deadline will be February 13th, 2017 at midnight, EST, although the deadline may be extended to the 18th, if Sprites Inc isn't up before the deadline. The deadline is officially February 18th, 2017. Aaaand the submission period is over, no new late submissions can get in!

Is here.
If you have submitted your level, your name will appear on the list, as well as if your level has been inserted into the main .gm81.

And that's everything. I hope to get at least one or two submissions for level coming from here!
Make a Good Mega Man Contest 2!
Posted by ThatOneEnderMan on January 10th, 2017 at 5:59am
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37,622,600 BP
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Posted on March 1st, 2017 at 3:07am
Posted 2017/03/01 at 3:07am
Well the submissions are now closed with a insane 81 submissions! When it comes out, it will be the biggest Mega Man fan game ever. Neat.
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