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What is up, mentlegen, I have compiled here a bunch of typings and/or weaknesses/resistances that do not make sense, at least initially.

I kind of feel like a moron putting these in the main post though, so, see you in the comment section! Also, feel free to post any stuff you feel doesn't make sense ingame.

"Type/Robot Matchups That Make No Sense" Compendium
Posted by RotomSlashBlast on April 14th, 2017 at 3:07pm
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Posted on April 14th, 2017 at 3:24pm
Posted 2017/04/14 at 3:24pm
Let's start with the first odd elemental affinities for Bass, going by Database order.

Bass has three elemental affinites: Weakness to Flame and Shadow, and resistance to Space. Now, I have a slight problem with all three of these.

You see, in MM7, Bass is weak against Noise Crush and supposedly has his hide handed to him by Shade Man. However, He's also weak to Danger Wrap, Thunder Bolt, and Freeze Cracker. So, why can't he be weak to Electric or Explode? Oh wait, TWO COPY ROBOTS ALREADY HAVE THOSE WEAKNESSES! However, Bass Crush is ALSO Shadow-type. I kinda find it odd for a robot's natural ability to bee that which they're weak against.

Now let's talk about his Flame weakness. This is due to Scorch Wheel being one of his other weaknesses, even though it wasn't mentioned previously. However, in MM8, he only takes 1 damage from Flame Sword. So, why not make him weak to Swift or resistant to Cutter? Does the Treble Boost make him less vulnerable to Flame or Cutter? I find that to be bullcrap, since he takes the same amount of damage from Scorch Wheel and Slash Claw regardless.

Speaking of Slash Claw, Why couldn't they make it Cutter/Nature and have Slash Beast be Slash Man's T1 as a pure Nature-type attack? Why must this ability stick out like a sore thumb among the rest because it doesn't have even partially the same typing as its own robot master AT ALL?

Regardless, Let's talk about that Space resistance, shall we? My main beef with this is that BASS IS WEAK TO ASTRO CRUSH IN MM8! Are we just gonna write that game off as non-canon? Apparently not, because there's a good chunk of MM8 things in the database. Inconsistencies ahoy, ladies and mentlegen!

Well, that's gonna wrap up THIS analysis, but feel free to let me know what you think about it.
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Posted on April 14th, 2017 at 6:36pm
Posted 2017/04/14 at 6:36pm
You know these are some great suggestions and all, but you REALLY need to stop being so....passive aggressive. Things like... "Inconsistencies ahoy, ladies and mentlegen!" Make people not want to listen, but just want to be like... "Uuugh no one cares, jerk", or something along that. Like, if you can make that not so...angry sounding and outright passive aggressive, then these would be good, alright? Even the thread's name is aggressive sounding.

Anyways, this thread is just pointing out inconsistencies. People make mistakes, and not do their full research. Things like this have been pointed out at lot before. In fact, I do think you have pointed these things out yourself in the chat, when you weren't banned there. Eck.
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Posted on April 14th, 2017 at 7:29pm Edited on 2017/04/14 at 8:16pm
Posted 2017/04/14 at 7:29pm Edited 2017/04/14 at 8:16pm
@ThatOneEnder : I know, but there may as well be a way to actaully see some of the errors when (and by when i mean if) they get updated.

However, let's focus less on inconsistent things, and take a look at robots that have a bit too many/little resists.

Now, I should probably explain what I think should be "standard" among this type of thing: 3 Resistances? Neat! 1 Resistance and an immunity? Solid! 1 Absorb? Cool! These, I feel, should be standard database stuff unless they have some sort of trade-off, like Mega Man being a Copy core or Disco getting more weapon energy. I know many RP characters don't follow this little rule of mine, including a good chunk of my own, but that's not a topic I wanna delve into. For now, I wanna take a look at some robots that have a little too few resistances in my opinion.

Cut Man only is resistant to Missile. You know, I think that cutter would actually be GREAT for leading away Magnet Missile, but let's get back on topic. Why isn't he resistant to the same type as his core? Is it because it would be hard for them to come up with other good resistances? How about one to Nature? The guy WAS designed to chop down trees, after all. Besides, it's not like the cutter is gonna help with the OTHER Missile weapons.

Guts Man is only resistant to his own type, Impact. You know, I personally think Earth and Shield would be neat resistances, but I guess they didn't want player to be able to start with robots that at most 3 elements would be bad against.

Bomb Man is resistant to Water and absorbs Explode. Now, aside from the fact that they literally just handed us a robot with both a resist AND an absorb, Danger Bomb would be a tad overpowered in this bot's hands, being able to both heal AND do extreme amounts of damage for just 4 WE. And this is coming from a guy who used to be one of the most OVP blokes in the RP chat. I say tone that down to a resistance.

Fire Man has- Oh you have gotta be kidding me. I can understand the affinity to Flame, but what logic is there behind him being resistant to Water? You see, ice is frozen water, and Fire Man just happens to be weak to a weapon called Ice Slasher. I say get rid of that resistance, and we have a good bot.

Elec Man- ...I'm starting to notice a pattern with MM1 bots. Anyway, Elec Man, in addition to absorbing Electric attacks, is resistant to TWO things; Freeze and Time. I can understand the two MM1 robots being weak to Thunder Beam having their types resisted by [Elec Man,][electric} but this is just WAY too many resistances.

Air Man resists Water, Probably because the winds turn the tides and Air Man likes to surf. No, seriously, he does. Though, I'd scale the Wind affinity back to an immunity, not because it's too many resists, but how exactly would the winds heal him?

With Needle Man, we'll also be taking a look at his weakness. No, not the Crystal weakness; I'm talking about the Wind one. This would be slightly iffy if Top Man's T2, Top Twister, wasn't also wind-core, not that it's released yet. Also, fun fact, in MM2 GB, Needle Man is weak to Top Spin. Anyway, I like the Battle Network reference, because Needleman.exe is Wood-element, but that's his ONLY resistance. I personally think he should be resistant to Missile as well, makes more sense than on Cut Man.

Ring Man is only resistant to Wind. Why not a resistance to Cutter or Space, the same types that Ring Boomerang are? It feels like a missed opportunity to me.

I'm starting to run out of post space here, so I may revisit these at a later date.

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