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Nominations for the 4th PMMCT!

November 9th, 2018 at 9:30pm
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That's right. It's back.

With the release of Mega Man 11 [about a month ago], and with it being 18 months since the 3rd one, I think it's time for a 4th PMMCT.

What's a "PMMCT"? Well, the Prototype Mega Man Character Tournament is something I've done once a year since 2015; it lets you, the people of Prototype, decide who the greatestestestestest official MM character off all time is [at least for now].

How does it work? Simple. Through a series of 24-hour voting poll matchups, you, the people of prototype decide which characters advance, and which ones fall to the wayside. The last one standing is the greatest for forever and all time [at least for now]!

However, we first need the characters that will be in the tournament to start with, and you all have a hand in that, too. How do you nominate? Simple:

You nominate up to 40 characters [You don't HAVE to nominate 40, but, you can nominate UP TO 40]. These can be LITERALLY ANY CHARACTER IN THE MEGA MAN UNIVERSE, so long as they've appeared in at least one official Capcom-made Mega Man video game; fangames don't count. The video game doesn't even have to have been released in North America to count; All official games are recognized as long as they're non-crossover, Capcom-licensed Mega Man video games.

This year, I'm adding a twist, though. Your list of 40 Characters are allowed to contain DOUBLES! That is, 2 of the SAME CHARACTER [but, ONLY two]! You can even have 20 double nominations if you want to!

The [64/96/128] characters that get the most nominations will make it into the tournament! If there's a tie for the bottom that creates too much of an excess of characters, You'll get to break that tie before the Tournament starts.

If you need help on even remembering or naming 40 Characters, feel free to look at these links showing how the 1st 3 PMMCT's went. You might be able to get inspirations for characters, there.

The 1st PMMCT:
The nominations thread.
The PMMCT thread.
The final results.

The 2nd PMMCT:
The nominations thread.
The PMMCT thread.
The final results.

The 3rd PMMCT:
The nominations thread.
The PMMCT thread.
The final results.

You can post your nominations here in this thread or you can PM them to me, either here on Discord. You're allowed to edit your list of nominations as many times as you want, before the final nominations deadline is reached. The deadline in question will be on Friday, November 23 at 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

If there's any questions, post them here, or find me on the MMRPG Discord. I have the same name there as I do, here.
Nominations for the 4th PMMCT!
Posted by Mikey76500 on November 9th, 2018 at 9:30pm
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Retro Pookerchu
24,416,900 BP
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Posted on November 9th, 2018 at 10:32pm Edited on 2018/11/18 at 4:27pm
Posted 2018/11/09 at 10:32pm Edited 2018/11/18 at 4:27pm
Ouchie no Xander Payne
Ouchie no Mariachi

1. Ciel (Zero series) (x2)
2. Shademan.exe (BN4/5/Boktai 2) (x2)
3. Pooker (MM6) (x2)
4. Blast Man (MM11) (x2)
5. Blastman.exe (BN6) (x2)
6. Joe Mach (BN6) (x2)
7. Alouette (Zero series) (x2)
8. Vent (ZX series) (x2)
9. Volt Man (DOS1) (x2)
10. Soil Tycoon (Rockman Strategy) (x2)
11. Dr. Wily (Battle Network) (x2)
12. Eraseman.exe (BN6) (x2)
13. Baryl (BN5/6) (x2)
14. Megaman.exe (BN series) (x2)
15. Lan Hikari (BN series) (x2)
16. Giro (ZX) (x2)
17. Dr. Yuichiro Hikari (BN series) (x2)
18. Aile (ZX series) (x2)
19. Grey (ZX Advent) (x2)
20. Ashe (ZX Advent) (x2)

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29,225,800 BP
11 TP | 776 PP
Posted on November 9th, 2018 at 10:34pm Edited on 2018/11/11 at 10:26pm
Posted 2018/11/09 at 10:34pm Edited 2018/11/11 at 10:26pm
Ring.exe is gonna win this time Mikey don't deny it
1. Ring.exe
2. Ring.exe
3. Fan
4. Fan
5. Gemini*
6. Gemini*
7. Gemini Man
8. Solar Man
9. Higsby
10. Higsby

11. Roll
12. Roll
13. Pharaoh Man
14. Pharaoh Man
15. Auto
16. Auto
17. Soil Tycoon
18. Time Man
19. Cut Man
20. Shade Man

21. Tomahawk Man
22. Gravity Man
23. Flame Man
24. Plant Man
25. Clock Man 1
26. Clock Man 2
27. X
28. Zero
29. Vile
30. Neon Tiger

31. Slash Beast
32. Flame Mammoth
33. Chill Penguin
34. Storm Eagle
35. Boomer Kuwanger
36. Armored Armadillo
37. Sting Chameleon
38. Launch Octopus
39. Spark Mandrill
40. Yai Ayanokoji
*Gemini, as in the Rockman Strategy character, not the Mega Man 3 robot master
Vote for Ring.exe you cowards
Vote for her!
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Beta Shadow
36,893,732 BP
38 TP | 2129 PP
Posted on November 9th, 2018 at 10:49pm Edited on 2018/11/13 at 10:51pm
Posted 2018/11/09 at 10:49pm Edited 2018/11/13 at 10:51pm
1. Mega Man? (Mega Man Powered Up)
2. Mega Man (Classic)
3. Bass (Classic)
4. Proto Man (Classic)
5. Roll (Classic)
6. Dr. Wily (Classic)
7. Cut Man (Mega Man 1)
8. Time Man (Mega Man Powered Up)
9. Rush (Classic)
10. Gemini Man (Mega Man 3)
11. Pooker (Mega Man 6)
12. Quint (Mega Man II)
13. Volt Man (Mega Man DOS)
14. Volt Man (Mega Man DOS)
15. Skull Man (Mega Man 4)
16. Crystal Man (Mega Man 5)
17. Ballade (Mega Man IV)
18. Sunstar (Mega Man V)
19. Centaur Man (Mega Man 6)
20. Ra Thor (Super Adventure Rockman)
21. Freeze Man (Mega Man 7)
22. Frost Man (Mega Man 7)
23. Luna (Rockman Strategy)
24. Apollo (Rockman Strategy)
25. Capricorn (Rockman Strategy)
26. Soil Tycoon (Rockman Strategy)
27. Magic Man (Mega Man & Bass)
28. Aircon Man (Rockman & Forte 2: Challenger from the Future)
29. Rockman Shadow (Rockman & Forte 2: Challenger from the Future)
30. Galaxy Man (Mega Man 9)
31. Fake Man (Mega Man 9)
32. Chill Man (Mega Man 10)
33. Block Man (Mega Man 11)
34. Tundra Man (Mega Man 11)
35. Mega Man X (Mega Man X)
36. Zero (Mega Man X)
37. Roll.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network)
38. Duo (Mega Man 8)
39. Omega (Mega Man Zero)
40. Ring.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network)
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27,250,899 BP
6 TP | 450 PP
Posted on November 9th, 2018 at 11:32pm Edited on 2018/11/10 at 12:11am
Posted 2018/11/09 at 11:32pm Edited 2018/11/10 at 12:11am
Alright. Here we go! Once more, with feeling this time!

1. Ballade (Classic) [x2]
2. Proto Man (Classic) [x2]
3. Terra (Classic) [x2]
4. SunStar (Classic) [x2]
5. Astro Man (Classic) [x2]
6. Galaxy Man (Classic) [x2]
7. Star Man (Classic) [x2]
8. Duo (Classic) [x2]
9. Soil Tycoon (Classic) [x2]
10. Volt Man (DOS) (Classic) [x2]
11. CosmoMan.EXE (Battle Network) [x2]
12. LaserMan.EXE (Battle Network) [x2]
13. StarMan.EXE (Battle Network) [x2]
14. ClockMan.EXE (Battle Network (And Star Force too, I guess)) [x2]
15. Bass.EXE (Battle Network) [x2]
16. Duo.EXE (Battle Network) [x2]
*17. Mega Man SF (Star Force) [x2]
18. Rainy Turtloid (X) [x2]
19. Dr. Weil (Zero) [x2]

*If you count Mega Man SF as Geo Stelar and Omega Xis separately, then just give one vote to each instead

And finally... Last but CERTAINLY not least...

20. POOKER (Classic) [x2]
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16,047,400 BP
15 TP | 660 PP
Posted on November 10th, 2018 at 12:07am Edited on 2018/11/11 at 10:24pm
Posted 2018/11/10 at 12:07am Edited 2018/11/11 at 10:24pm
1: Charge Man (MM5)
2: Elec Man (MM1)
3: Maverick Hunter X's Sigma (MHX)
4: Vava Vile (MMX)
5: Luna Platz (SF)
6: Pedia (SF)
7: Blast Man (MM11)
8: Blast Man again
9: Quint (MMW2)
10: Enker (MM:DWR)
11: Shimobey (MM11) (for cuteness factor)
12: Nitro Man (MM10)
13: Ballade (MMW4)
14: Tornado Man (MM9)
15: Gravity Man (MM5)
16: Roll
17: Met (original)
18: Spring Man (MM7)
19: Treble (MM7) (He's a good boy)
20: Glyde (BN)
21: Charge Man (MM5)
22: Block Man (MM11) (I love his voice)
23: Magnet Man (MM3)
24: Gamma (MM3)
25: Beat (MM7)
26: Dark Man 3 (MM5)
27: Wheel Gator (MMX2)
28: Wheel Gator
29: Gravity Man (MM5)
30: Galaxy Man (MM9)
31: Solar Man (MM10)
32: Omega-Xis (SF)
33: Aqua Man
34: Dr. Wily (Battle Network)
35: Dr. Light
36: Ciel (Z) (I was going to put something regarding lolis in the space, but I think it's not a good idea)
37: Storm Eagle
38: Harpuia (Z2-4)
39: Harpuia
40: Alouette (Z3) (more lolis)
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Posted on November 10th, 2018 at 12:19am Edited on 2018/11/12 at 12:23am
Posted 2018/11/10 at 12:19am Edited 2018/11/12 at 12:23am
1. Astro Man [Mega Man 8]
2. Ballade [Mega Man World 4]
3. Bright Man [Mega Man 4]
4. Centaur Man [Mega Man 6]
5. Charge Man [Mega Man 5]
6. Cut Man [Mega Man]
7. Dark Man 4 [Mega Man 5]
8. Double [Mega Man X4]
9. Duo [Mega Man 8]
10. Dynamo [Mega Man X5]
11. Enker [Mega Man World]
12. Frost Man [Mega Man 8]
13. Galaxy Man [Mega Man 9]
14. Gemini Man [Mega Man 3]
15. Gravity Man [Mega Man 5]
16. Gyro Man [Mega Man 5]
17. Higsby [MegaMan Battle Network]
18. Knight Man [Mega Man 6]
19. Launch Octopus [Mega Man X]
20. Mega Man [Mega Man]
21. Mega Man X [Mega Man X]
22. MegaMan.exe [MegaMan Battle Network]
23. MegaMan [MegaMan Star Force]
24. Mikhail Cossack [Mega Man 4]
25. Napalm Man [Mega Man 5]
26. Pharaoh Man [Mega Man 4]
27. Punk [Mega Man World 3]
28. Ring Man [Mega Man 4]
29. Roll [Mega Man]
30. Roll.exe [MegaMan Battle Network]
31. Skull Man [Mega Man 4]
32. Shade Man [Mega Man 7]
33. Sigma [Mega Man X]
34. Star Man [Mega Man 5]
35. Storm Eagle [Mega Man X]
36. Sword Man [Mega Man 8]
37. Tengu Man [Mega Man 8]
38. Terra [Mega Man World 5]
39. Thomas Light [Mega Man]
40. Tomahawk Man [Mega Man 6]
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75,327,213 BP
3 TP | 200 PP
Posted on November 10th, 2018 at 5:57am Edited on 2018/11/14 at 12:41pm
Posted 2018/11/10 at 5:57am Edited 2018/11/14 at 12:41pm
oh boy can't wait for gemini man to cream the competition

1. Mega Man
2. Proto Man
3. Bass
4. Elec Man
5. Time Man
6. Mega Man?
7. Magnet Man
8. Spark Man
9. Gemini Man
10. Star Man
11. Centaur Man
12. Tornado Man
13. Chill Man
14. Blast Man
15. Enker
16. Pluto
17. Magma Dragoon
18. Storm Eagle
19. LarkMan.EXE
20. BurnerMan.EXE

All x2.
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Posted on November 10th, 2018 at 7:57am Edited on 2018/11/18 at 11:48am
Posted 2018/11/10 at 7:57am Edited 2018/11/18 at 11:48am
oh gods look at all these joke entries y’all have
1. Ring Man (MM4)*2
2. Ring.exe (MMBN)*2
3. Elec Man (MM1)*2
4. POOKER (MM6)*2
5. Skull Man (MM4)
6. Knight Man (MM4)
7. Cut Man (MM1)*2
8. Cut Man.exe (MMBN)*2
9. Galaxy Man (MM9)*2
10. Volt Man (DOS1)
11. Blast Man (MM11)
12. Tundra Man (MM11)*2
13. Sigma (MMX)*2
14. Fan (Rockman Strategy)*2
15. Spike Rosered/Axle the Red (MMX5)*2
16. Duff McWhalen/Tidal Whale (MMX5)*2
17. Soil Tycoon (if this garbage meme actually gets in the primaries vote this trash outta here)
18. Terra (World 5)
19. Quint (World 2)*2
20. Enker (World 1)*2
21. Solar Man (MM10)*2
22. Block Man (MM11)
23. Astro Man (MM8)
24. Acid Man (MM11)*2
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4,635,400 BP
1 TP | 42 PP
Posted on November 10th, 2018 at 7:01pm
Posted 2018/11/10 at 7:01pm
I've come back from the dead ONCE MORE to do my part
SSN isn't forcing me to do this or anything...don't be silly...

1. Centaur Man (x2)
2. Astro Man
3. Pooker (x2)
4. Gemini Man
5. Ring Man
6. Terra
7. Hard Man
8. Bass (x2)
9. Ring.EXE
10. Tundra Man
11. Nitro Man
12. Axl
13. Magic Man
14. Clown Man
15. Cinnamon
16. Top Man
17. Heat Man
18. Quint
19. Toad Man
20. Star Man

due to my extremely limited knowledge of the megaman universe, basically all of these were chosen because i like their designs
or i just think they look dumb
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Yu but Mii
32,907,619 BP
0 TP | 10 PP
Posted on November 10th, 2018 at 7:31pm
Posted 2018/11/10 at 7:31pm
I have decided to make my first post thing this

1.Frost Man (MM8)
2.King (MM&B)
3.Sigma (X)
4.Toadman.exe (BN1)
5.Bubble Man (MM2)
7.Zero (MMX)
8.Auto (MM7)
10.Shield Attacker (MM4)
11.Splash Woman (MM9)
12.Block Man (MM11)
13.Doc Robot (MM3)
14.Metall Daddy(MM4)
15.Hell Metall DX (MMV)
16.Buster Rod G (MMWW)
17. Mega Water S (MMWW)
18.Hyper Storm H (MMWW)
19.Anko/Lantern Fish (MM2)
20.Nitro Man (MM10)
21.Pump Master K (MM11) *2
22.Air man (MM2) *2
23.Copy Robot/Megaman? (Powered Up) *2
24.Dr. Cossack (MM4) *2
25.Quint(MMII) *2
26.Fire Man (MM1/PU) *2
27.CUT MAN(MM1) *2
28.Charge Man (MM5) *2
29.Sheep Man(MM10) *2
30.Galaxy Man (MM9) *2

I either love the designs of the characters or I think these characters need more love.

for Sheep Man it's bo
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Brash Buster
45,830,565 BP
0 TP | 45 PP
Posted on November 10th, 2018 at 11:53pm Edited on 2018/11/11 at 12:31pm
Posted 2018/11/10 at 11:53pm Edited 2018/11/11 at 12:31pm
I'll admit this list gets a bit silly with the final two, but all characters I've chosen are ones I sincerely like:
1. Fire Man (Mega Man)
2. Bubble Man (Mega Man 2)
3. Heat Man (Mega Man 2) (x2)
4. Hard Man (Mega Man 3)
5. Spark Man (Mega Man 3)
6. Pharaoh Man (Mega Man 4) (x2)
7. Gravity Man (Mega Man 5)
8. Napalm Man (Mega Man 5) (x2)
9. Knight Man (Mega Man 6) (x2)
10. Slash Man (Mega Man 7) (x2)
11. Sword Man (Mega Man 8)
12. Frost Man (Mega Man 8) (x2)
13. Splash Woman (Mega Man 9)
14. Hornet Man (Mega Man 9) (x2)
15. Galaxy Man (Mega Man 9)
16. Sheep Man (Mega Man 10) (x2)
17. Nitro Man (Mega Man 10)
18. Block Man (Mega Man 11)
19. Acid Man (Mega Man 11)
20. Torch Man (Mega Man 11) (x2)
21. Cold Man (Mega Man and Bass)
22. Magic Man (Mega Man and Bass)
23. Punk (Mega Man III, AKA Rockman World 3) (x2)
24. Ballade (Mega Man IV, AKA Rockman World 4)
25. Mercury (Mega Man V, AKA Rockman World 5)
26. Time Man (Mega Man Powered Up)
27. Dyna Man (Mega Man, DOS) (x2)
28. Duff McWhalen/Tidal Whale (Mega Man X5)
39. Flame Hyenard (Mega Man X7)
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Posted on November 11th, 2018 at 9:14am
Posted 2018/11/11 at 9:14am
I just updated the opening posts with direct links to the nomination and actual tourney threads for all 3 previous PMMCT's, as well. Just for COMPLETE reference.

I also added in the rule that one can edit their list as many times as they want to before 11/23's deadline; this was a rule during all previous nomination periods, as well; just forgot to list that this time. :)
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crimson zero55
5,058,100 BP
1 TP | 32 PP
Posted on November 12th, 2018 at 12:22pm Edited on 2018/11/12 at 12:35pm
Posted 2018/11/12 at 12:22pm Edited 2018/11/12 at 12:35pm
1 zero
2 mega man x
3 axle
4 torch man
5 elec man
6 shadow man
7 doc robot
8 megaman.exe
9 flame man
10 burn man
11 mega man zero
12 sword man
13 search man .exe
14 bio metal zx
15 vent
16 sigma
17 blaze heatnix
18 ice man
19 cut man
20 punk
21 quick man
22 sheep man
23 pump man
24 proto man
25 acid man
26 yellow devil
27 moon devil
28 black devil
29 bubble man
30 chill man
31 dark dizzy
32 bio metal a
33 grey
34 stone man
35 zero.exe
36 coronal.exe
37 flash man
38 vile
39 bass
40 Gate
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Posted on November 13th, 2018 at 11:35pm
Posted 2018/11/13 at 11:35pm
For those of you that have listed "Copy Robot" and "Mega Man?" as the same character, they're recognized by Capcom as two completely different entities.

Mega Man? is not a Copy Robot. It's only a fake Mega Man. It doesn't copy the abilities of it's opponent.

Here's a video showing what Mega Man? is capable of,

...and here's a video showing what Copy Robot is capable of.

Therefore, these 2 characters will be treated as 2 separate characters. You may want to adjust your list accordingly, if either of these characters are in your list. I've also amended the opening post to state that only the 1st 40 nominations listed in all lists will be accepted.
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52,738,632 BP
38 TP | 909 PP
Posted on November 14th, 2018 at 2:03am
Posted 2018/11/14 at 2:03am
1.Mega Man
3.Quick Man
4.Magnet Man
9.Slash Man
10.Chill Man
11.Toad Man
12.Snake Man
13.Bounce Man
14.Fuse Man
15.Block Man
16.Air Man
17.Crash Man
18.Cut Man
19.Dust Man
20. Yamato Man


R.I.P Proto Man 1990-2018 by me of course
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Posted on November 18th, 2018 at 9:09am Edited on 2018/11/18 at 9:43am
Posted 2018/11/18 at 9:09am Edited 2018/11/18 at 9:43am
With only 5 days remaining before nominations close, I feel like I gotta point out some of the problems in your lists, especially since, as things stand now--we'd only have enough for a 96-character tournament [instead of a 128-character one]

In order fron the top down:
Retro Pikachu: Alouette and Prairie haven't been confirmed as the same character; similar appearances doesn't make them one and the same--is Mega Man the same as Mega Man X?
Your list, as is, has 42 nominations as a result, so your 2 nominations for Ashe won't count [though you can still edit your list within the next 5 days in order to fix this].
ThatOneEnder: Your list IS entirely valid as is, but, there's only 38 characters in it. Just sayin'.
Charchar: Your list IS entirely valid as is, but, there's only 23 characters in it. Just sayin'.
46namilort: Copy Robot and "Mega Man?" haven't been confirmed as the same character; similar appearances doesn't make them one and the same.
Your list, as is, has 42 nominations as a result, so your 2 nominations for Galaxy Man won't count [though you can still edit your list within the next 5 days in order to fix this].
crimson zero55: Though the REST of your list [38 characters] is valid, there are 2 problems with it.
#1: Regarding your 3rd nomination, I can't tell if you mean Axl from MMX7 or Axle The Red from MMX5. I assume it means Axl, but, I'd rather not assume, so for now, I'm disregarding it. I'll need you to specify before Friday is out.
#2: Regrading your 11th nomination, "Mega Man Zero" has been disregarded. There's no character called "Mega Man Zero", and I have no idea who or what you mean, especially as you already have a nomination of both Mega Man X AND Zero. Please clarify before Friday's out.
If your name ISN'T in the above list, your list has 40 valid characters and has no problems whatsoever, as is. :)
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37,633,400 BP
52 TP | 1729 PP
Posted on November 23rd, 2018 at 2:52pm Edited on 2018/11/23 at 3:43pm
Posted 2018/11/23 at 2:52pm Edited 2018/11/23 at 3:43pm
1. Cut Man (Classic) (x2)
2. Elec Man (Classic)
3. Metal Man (Classic)
4. Gemini Man (Classic)
5. Tundra Man (Classic)
6. Fuse Man (Classic) (x2)
7. Blast Man (Classic) (x2)
8. Reggae (Classic)
9. Dr. Cossack (Classic)
10. Dr. Wily (Classic) (x2)
11. Dr. Light (Classic)
12. Proto Man (Classic) (x2)
13. Roll (Classic) (x2)
14. Sniper Joe (Classic)
15. Duo (Classic)
16. Yellow Devil (Classic)
17. Auto (Classic) (x2)
18. Buster Rod G (Classic)
19. Ra Thor (Classic)
20. Ballade (World) (x2)
21. Terra (World)
22. Enker (World)
23. Mega Man X (X)
24. Vile (X) (x2)
25. Bit (X)
26. Sigma (X)
27. Flame Stag (X)
28. Magma Dragoon (X)
29. Tron Bonne (Mega Man Legends) (x2)
30. CutMan.EXE (Battle Network)

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Posted on November 24th, 2018 at 12:20am
Posted 2018/11/24 at 12:20am
Nominations are now closed. The actual tournament thread will open with the Eliminator in a few minutes.
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52,738,632 BP
38 TP | 909 PP
Posted on November 27th, 2018 at 3:05pm
Posted 2018/11/27 at 3:05pm
I’m Confused Mikey...
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