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Make yourself in Bio Form!

May 28th, 2014 at 6:47pm
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I'm pretty sure we all have personalities. If you don't, you're a vegetable. Bland and tasteless. Anyway, remember that whole CD data from Mega Man and Bass. The point of this thread is to write one for yourself! You have the option of putting it into a robot that represents yourself too! Here's one to start it all off!

"Hahaha....Where's the party?!"

Bio: "The robot MegaBoss Man was created by..... well, no one knows! He also doesn't seem to have a purpose either, besides living! His main weapon, Zany End can literally break reality and can randomly do actions that almost seem impossible to the average Bot! MegaBoss Man appears to not have a side to fight for and has a major flaw in his circuits, making the robot incredibly crazy! He loves movies, video games and his girlfriend(when she isn't steaming mad, which is likely to happen....A LOT) and has an incredibly annoying Eastern-European accent. This robot is the strangest ever documented and has power that only a responsible robot can handle.....This isn't good."

Good Trait: Optimist
Bad Trait: Unpredictable
Likes: Video games and shows from his childhood
Dislikes: Terrible movies/games and plot holes you could fit the Titanic into
Make yourself in Bio Form!
Posted by MegaBossMan on May 28th, 2014 at 6:47pm
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Icy Rshek
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Posted on May 28th, 2014 at 7:06pm
Posted 2014/05/28 at 7:06pm
Ok. I don't exactly express the same views as my brother but I guess it is his bio......

Bio: "Shrek Man was created when Dr. Wily watched the movie "Shrek". He thought a Shrek Man could scare enemies away and at the same time, have extreme power without weighing much, unlike the Hard Man unit. His weapon "Mighty Roar" can scare any warrior and can move fast and strike hard. Despite his angry appearance, the robot just wants to be treated like any other robot and only pretends to be angry, actually having somewhat of a heroic personality. Shrek Man likes to be left alone and you don't want to go to his level....err swamp."

Good Trait: Helpful to allies
Bad Trait: Angry due to being misjudged
Likes: Donkeys
Dislikes: Insults to his appearance
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Posted on May 28th, 2014 at 8:19pm Edited on 2014/07/31 at 9:49pm
Posted 2014/05/28 at 8:19pm Edited 2014/07/31 at 9:49pm
here is my go...

Gaming Man

Bio:"Gaming Man Was Created When Wily Actually played some kind of video game. Gaming Man's abilities were: gaming strike, where he would throw a video game console, Heal Pulse, which would send out a ally while he would heal health. Gaming man is a game console turned into a robot, with good powers,and yes, he has more abilities. And... here is his good and bad traits and likes/dislikes...

Good Trait: Entertains everyone...
Bad Trait: lazy.
Likes: Video Games
Dislikes: Going Outside.

His Stage would be like a wily level except handicaped to be a robot master level.
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Posted on May 31st, 2014 at 7:42am
Posted 2014/05/31 at 7:42am
A bit of a silly concept, but entertaining none the less. Here’s my take:

“The pen is mightier than the sword!”

Bio: Spinstrike was created by a student of Dr. Light’s “Light University” project, an attempt to create a college campus for humans and robots alike. Programed with knowledge of classic literature, Spinstrike helped his creator cheat on homework and tests. Disgusted by what he saw as a misuse of his potential, Spinstrike joined Dr. Wily during his ill-fated attempt to infiltrate Light University. Following that escapade, Dr. Wily assigned Spinstrike to spread misinformation about his schemes online, hoping to mislead Mega Man and Dr. Light.

Good Trait: Knowledgeable
Bad Trait: Socially Awkward
Likes: Books
Dislikes: Censorship
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Posted on June 1st, 2014 at 2:28pm
Posted 2014/06/01 at 2:28pm

Elecspark Man
"I have better things to do today...."

"Built to be more efficient than Elec Man, this robot was created by Dr. Light to help with the advancements of electricity. His weapon, Thunder Shock is a blast that can separate into as many beams as the user wants and reform at any time. This robot likes to be on time and prefers to have others to work with, wanting to finish with as much time left as possible. Elecspark Man doesn't fight naturally but has plenty of robots minions to help him."

Good point: Never quits projects
Bad point: Doesn't check with someone before doing something that affects someone else
Likes: Work
Dislikes: TV
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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on July 9th, 2014 at 1:30am Edited on 2014/07/13 at 2:12am
Posted 2014/07/09 at 1:30am Edited 2014/07/13 at 2:12am
Thought I'd give it a try

Retro Pikachu
"Welp, here goes nothing"

Retro Pikachu was a nothing but a Pikachu from the Viridian Forest. One day, however, somebody dropped their DS inside. When the Pikachu began playing, he became addicted to how fun they were, so much so that he accidentally played too long and began absorbing the data from a dropped Game Boy, and gained powers similar to other games that he played (Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby, Mega Man, etc.). Since then, he has mastered the power of his Retro Abilities, which has made him the longest Pokemon to not be caught inside the Viridian Forest, Kanto, and maybe even the entire Pokemon Universe as a whole! He does have a bit of a cocky attitude, and can become a serious Pokemon to a couch Pikachu. However, this keeps him as an unpredictable foe, and will not stop until... Who knows what?

Good Point: Uhh.... Unpredictable
Bad Point: Cocky/Random/Lazy
Likes: Video Games
Dislikes: Homework
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Posted on July 31st, 2014 at 9:19pm Edited on 2014/07/31 at 9:47pm
Posted 2014/07/31 at 9:19pm Edited 2014/07/31 at 9:47pm
Let me try...

Blaze Man
"Better savor your life if you have the chance."

Blaze Man is a robot as his creator's reflection. With an attitude same to his master, Blaze Man treats him as his father, and his subordinates as brothers. However, his dependency to his master is of the great extent, that he can only move with a detailed instruction. Without a guide, Blaze Man is more likely to mess thing up. He did, however, made a lot of achievements without his creator's help, and is proud of it. His weapon, the Phoenix Blaze, which shoots a burst of flame energy in the shape of a charging Phoenix, makes him sometimes ponder with depression of his real purpose.

Good Point: Family-oriented, Loyal
Bad Point: Dependent, Lonely
Likes: Role Playing Games
Dislikes: First Person Shooter games
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Posted on September 26th, 2014 at 3:25pm Edited on 2014/10/01 at 10:29pm
Posted 2014/09/26 at 3:25pm Edited 2014/10/01 at 10:29pm
Alright, this'll probably suck...


"Do we really have to fight? Ok... Don't kill me too bad, okay...?

Created by a guy in has basement, Uraccountcrashed was created to make peace and negotiate to end wars. How ever, when his creator was killed in a burglary, Uraccountcrashed was lost. His creator always taught him how to make peace, but when he was killed, what kind of peace is that? Now self-programmed to stop everyone who even looks suspicious and negotiate against crimes, the rogue is a lesser known as a major crime interceptor and hitman, with his weapon: the Vulcan Shockblaster, originally designed to be a stun gun, if he believes the criminal cannot truly be stopped, regardless of how he hates killing.

Good point: intelligence
Bad point: spontaneous
Likes: making friends
Dislikes: philosophy and excuses

Start quote: "Do we really have to fight? Ok... Don't kill me too bad, okay...?"
Taunt: "I still love you! We can stop the fighting!"
Victory quote: "I'm so sorry, it was for the greater good..."
Defeat quote: "But, I can't lose, I don't want, you to... hurt... others... no..."
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