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Reposting this for those who haven't seen it in the Discord. (Or those who don't have a Discord.)

(copied from the description of the video:)

"You know those videos where people take only a single, weak Pokemon though a tough challenge like the Elite Four? This is like that, only in Final Destination 3 of Mega Man RPG Prototype. However, the recording is VERY boring due to the fact that it takes so long to beat each robot master.

Now, I had to mess with Magnet Man's equipped abilities so that I could pass them on to my squad of Mag Flies. Also I had to mess with the fields so I could make sure my Mag Fly squad wasn't hit with attacks it was weak against.

I don't own any of the stuff in this video, MMRPG Prototype is a fangame, et cetera."

For even more context, Mag Flies usually only have one attack, and its only function is to lower the weapon energy of the target. However, if the Robot that summons the Mecha has certain abilities, they can be passed on to the Mecha. Also, I FINALLY found a situation where Energy Break is useful.

Click this brownish-yellow space and it'll take you to the video, folks. Apologies about the video quality, though.
Beating Final Destination 3 with a team of Magflies
Posted by RotomSlashBlast on January 25th, 2019 at 8:54pm
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