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April 24th, 2019 at 11:37am
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I know it's been a long time since it came out (2018)
But Recently It came to EU so now others people who live in the EU can watch it

Here's episode 1 so you can see how good or bad it is
What are your guys thoughts.
Mega Man Fully Charged Discussion
Posted by THE WORLD on April 24th, 2019 at 11:37am
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Posted on April 28th, 2019 at 6:13pm
Posted 2019/04/28 at 6:13pm
As far as the long plethora of Mega Man series go, I'd make the bold decision to say Fully Charged is probably one of the best televised adaptations of the Classic series -- but that isn't saying much.

First and foremost, as a grown man still watching children's programs, I could recognize that perhaps I'm not exactly the proper audience for Fully Charged. Granted, it's a moot observation when one considers some of the insanely well-crafted younger-skewed shows that can very much so still be enjoyed by adults (The Last Airbender, Steven Universe, etc), but Fully Charged is definitely more interested in teaching behavioral lessons than in crafting something engaging beyond fifteen minutes. This can be noted in its episodic format, where plot threads about 'Namagem' (great name btw) are loosely carrot-and-sticked above the viewer as they watch the villain of the week engage in havoc while Aki Light hopefully learns a thing or two about humility or friendship. An issue I find here is that while the lessons and battle stick with the episode's theme, but it is a little much for it to be accompanied with the frenetic battle stuff. It's a little too violent for the little kids that the teaching stuff is designated for, so a Mr. Rogers's Neighborhood this is not. It's still all decently well-constructed at the end of the day; the writing (generally) can be humorous at times, and the characters, from the viewpoint of a Mega Man fan, will find the characters enjoyable. Except for Peter Punkowski. Ugh.

Visually though... This is where I personally start to get distanced with Fully Charged. Don't get me wrong; if you've seen any of the promotional 2D material, they look absolutely phenomenal while straying away from the bargain-bin anime style you practically see on mass these days. But, that doesn't mean a thing when.... the entire show's animated in 3D. Well, disregarding the pixelart sections, which while admitabbly beyond my own capabilities as a sprite artist, I and about any average Joe-schmo will recognize the sprite stuff tends to come across as pretty dopey. Those are few and far between though, as again the show is primarily animated in 3D, and unless you have the budget of a Disney or Despicable Me this stuff just never looks great to me. The lighting and colors look like soup, characters move in aperiodic fashion, and effects (not counting Mega Buster shots) and impact lack any sort of oompf to them. But, I do feel like the show's improving on this front, and there are the occasional "Oh!!" moments with some of the choreography they pull off.
A massive offender in visuals however is how they choose to interpret the Robot Master designs. Taking a look at Inafune's robot designs, all of the Robot Masters are insanely simple and pleasant in design; consider that Mega Man (Classic) only has two colors as his apparel, and he looks less robot than he does a little fella in a high-powered suit. This simple robotic nature I feel is integral to how I view Mega Man, and you can see this in almost every single Capcom-designed Robot Master; it's obviously ripping off Tezuka's Astroboy aesthetic, but it keeps these designs universal across cultures and suggests more of cartoon-ish elements versus anime designs. So, with designs simply begging to be animated in cartoon format... Fully Charged chose to go full robotic for most designs, slap Rock AKI in some Tron lights, and generally overcomplicated a lot of the fun robot characters. Human characters still look great though, and perhaps they wanted to thematically illustrate the great civil divide between humans and robots?..... Or perhaps just really robotic designs sell better as action figures. Most of the robots have this obnoxious robotic filter over their voices as well, masking subpar voice acting into indecipherable subpar sounds. Blasto Woman and Hypno Woman are also awful designs through and through, so it's a shame that with how few female Robot Masters we have we have even less actual good female designs. I guess that there may be nothing objectively wrong with more robotic designs, but for me it's just intrinsically counter-intuitive to what I like about Mega Man's aesthetic.

But hey the writing's still pretty fun, and the story's got places to go, and oh my god Suna Light as a surrogate for the Roll (uh) role is probably even better than her Classic counterpart! She actually occasionally does stuff and provides a genuine family dynamic that the much-too-amiable Roll could never provide. And it doesn't really matter what I think regardless; this show's for kids, and hey, I'm sure kids will love the explodey-action stuff and the learning of a lesson at the end of the day! If I was 25 years younger I probably would too, especially with the name Mega Man!

though I'm still miffed this basically ended up replacing the Archie comics Mega Man goshdarnit I want my Ian Flynn back
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Posted on April 28th, 2019 at 7:12pm
Posted 2019/04/28 at 7:12pm
Originally, the show was supposed to be more like the comics,resembling the original series.
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Posted on May 2nd, 2019 at 3:00am Edited on 2019/05/02 at 3:21am
Posted 2019/05/02 at 3:00am Edited 2019/05/02 at 3:21am
@MegaBossMan : Woah there's awfully long but it's your opinion

This show is 100% for kids

My biggest problem with this show is the RMs themselves
Like Wood Man (spoilers) Fought Mega Man since robots and Humans were technically at war still
Guts Man Tried to trick Light if I'm correct
And the worst one ICE MAN He is apparently a hero then he freezes everyone and he looks disgusting

Also what's the point of calling him Mega Man when he looks like a Mega Man X hybrid
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