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June 29th, 2014 at 9:55pm
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As the title implies, this topic is for anyone to post their headcannons, fan theories, and the like regarding Mega Man. Every series and subseries (Classic, X, Zero, ZX, Legends, Battle Network, Star Force, Misc. Spinoffs, Adaptions, etc.) is far game. Discussing theories is allowed, but any criticism must be constructive and fair.
Mega Man Headcannons and Fan Theories
Posted by Spinstrike on June 29th, 2014 at 9:55pm
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Posted on June 29th, 2014 at 10:00pm Edited on 2014/06/29 at 10:05pm
Posted 2014/06/29 at 10:00pm Edited 2014/06/29 at 10:05pm
The Cataclysm theory was caused by the Maverick Virus, not Zero.
Sigma died at the end of X5, and X6 Sigma was a copy made by Gate.
X's kids did not die unceremoniously to Omega farting or whatever, but rather while leading a glorious, devastating attack that ended with their heroic deaths, and them protecting Neo Arcadia from Omega.
ZX3 will feature a Biometal based on Vile for the main characters. And they'll steal the other Biometals and use them to make the weapons do cool stuff, like Model F giving a flamethrower, punches, or a burst fire cannon.
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Posted on June 29th, 2014 at 11:11pm Edited on 2014/06/29 at 11:14pm
Posted 2014/06/29 at 11:11pm Edited 2014/06/29 at 11:14pm
I'm tired of writing, so just watch this.

"Also another fan theory... Maybe Serges is Wily. In the Japanese version of X2, Serges's death statement says something like "To be killed by one of Light's...". Why would he care so much by being killed by Light's creation? How does he even know?! Another theory is that he's Issac, due to his intrest in Zero. Sigma also states he has a partner who hates X even more than him. What's most accepted is that Wily put his mind in the virus!"

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Posted on June 30th, 2014 at 7:44pm Edited on 2014/06/30 at 8:02pm
Posted 2014/06/30 at 7:44pm Edited 2014/06/30 at 8:02pm
no se como luchar conmis amigos

not like fighting conmis friends
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Posted on July 1st, 2014 at 7:48pm Edited on 2014/07/01 at 7:49pm
Posted 2014/07/01 at 7:48pm Edited 2014/07/01 at 7:49pm
Alrighty, here’s my theory. It’s long and complicated, but I’m fairly proud of it overall. So I was playing Mega Man 3 the other day, when I realized something. Why exactly are the Robot Masters revolting? It’s implied that Wily reprogramed them, but why would he want to delay Gamma’s construction if he was planning to steal it? Was Wily even involved in the first place, or did he just capitalize on the chaos the Robot Masters were causing? Maybe the energy elements the Robot Masters were collecting be responsible?

To understand this, we need to start at the beginning: more specifically, Mega Man 3. After his second defeat at the hands of Mega Man, Dr. Wily abandons his evil ways and begins working with Dr. Light on the peace-keeping robot Gamma. Being a 50-story titan brimming with weapons, Gamma’s power requirements exceed any practical method of generating electricity (fossil fuels, solar, nuclear, etc.). While the doctors try to find a solution, geologists investigating a meteor impact in some distant corner of the world discover strange crystalline formations. These crystals are found to output massive amounts of power, and are dubbed “energy elements”. Believing that more energy elements are located on the earth, Light and Wily construct a third set of Robot Masters to find said energy elements and establish facilities to mine and refine them.

At first, all goes well. In addition to the first site, the Third Numbers locate 7 more energy elements in various locations, and initial excavation goes off without a hitch. However, the energy elements slowly begin to corrupt the Robot Masters’ AI, eventually causing them and their mechanical underlings to go berserk and attack humans. Shadow Man, being of alien origin, is exempt from this, but Wily orders him to go along with his comrades in order to A) hide his true nature, which could arouse suspicion in Light and Mega Man, and B) gather intel on why the Robot Masters have gone rouge. Proto/Break Man is dispatched as well, but he forgoes the mission to get revenge on Mega Man for “replacing” him as Dr. Light’s son.

Of course, that wily Wily is secretly planning to steal Gamma for his own nefarious ends. While Light and Mega Man are distracted with the robot rebellion, Wily begins to reprogram Gamma. But the Blue Bomber defeats the 8 Robot Masters quicker than Wily expected, forcing him to deploy his experimental “Doc Robot” line (which had been safely hidden away in his third Skull Castle prior to his second defeat) to stall our hero further. While Mega Man has his (not very) climatic showdown with Break Man, Wily overpowers Light and makes off with the incomplete Gamma. The energy element’s virus seems to affect Gamma as well, leaving Wily unable to complete colossal peacekeeper before Mega Man destroys it, along with the energy elements themselves. Wily, having faked his death with a robotic duplicate (Wily had a body double piloting his Wily Machine, so why wouldn’t he have one controlling Gamma), escapes his ruined fortress and reviews the data Shadow Man collected on the energy element’s negative effects.

Flash forward to Mega Man 7. While analyzing the data files Bass stole from Light Labs along with the Super Adaptor plans, Wily discovers that Light is building a next-generation robot: Mega Man X. An infuriated Wily decides to build his own next generation robot (with blackjack and hookers!). However, Wily reasons that since he is using Light’s blueprints, his will (as usual) be inferior to Light’s. That’s when it hit him: what if his robot could infect others with the virus spread by the energy elements? Light’s robot would not just be squaring off against Wily’s, he’d potentially be facing a millions-strong army of renegade robots! One small problem: the only known energy elements were destroyed along with Gamma. Wily desperately scours the globe for more energy elements, building dozens of small outposts in remote corners of the world. (Cont.)
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Posted on July 1st, 2014 at 7:50pm Edited on 2014/07/01 at 7:51pm
Posted 2014/07/01 at 7:50pm Edited 2014/07/01 at 7:51pm
Now we move ahead to Mega Man 8. But first, we need to go back a bit. Now, we assume that the battle between Duo and the Evil Energy Robot (who I shall refer to as EER) occurs right before the events of the actual game. However, space is far more massive than science fiction portrays it (TV Tropes has a nice article on this), and by current estimates, it would take 3 years to travel from Saturn, where the battle seems to take place, to Earth. What’s not to say that a few parts of the EER (more specifically, those big ol’ jewels on his head and chest) broke off as it hurtled towards Earth, particularly during the rough trip though the asteroid belt? And what’s not to say those parts reached Earth first?

That’s right! The energy elements from Mega Man 3 are actually fractured parts of the Evil Energy Robot from the opening of Mega Man 8!

Just as luck would have it, Duo and the EER land on a desert island those houses one of Wily’s outposts. The mad doctor whisks away the EER’s power core for further study, and sure enough, it’s the source of the energy elements. Wily uses the EER’s corrupting virus, which is actually the “Evil Energy” that Duo seeks to eradicate, to power up Bass his new line of Robot Masters. Fortunately, Mega Man is able to defeat Wily with the help of a rebuilt Duo. This time, Wily is gene-savvy enough to hide a few Evil Energy samples before the destruction of Wily Tower. He continues his experimentation with the extraterrestrial substance while beginning work on his own magnum opus: Zero. Robots don’t come cheap, though, and Wily is strapped for cash post-Mega Man 8. By reprograming Dr. Light’s expired Robot Masters and pinning the blame on him, he manages to extort funds from the naive public with the promise of combat robots to put down Light’s supposed rebellion.

Previously, Evil Energy could on spread to robots that were in direct contact with its original source: the EER. Wily’s experimentation allowed infected robots to spread it, creating the Roboenza Virus. Wily pretends to help Light manufacture a cure in order to infect Mega Man, but his scheme fails thanks to Roll sacrificing herself to save her brother. Even so, Wily realizes that Roboenza is far too easy to cure, and decides to start from scratch. To give himself a blank slate to work with, he gives Light enough of the cure to eradicate Roboenza.

With his health rapidly declining, Wily quickly finishes Zero and uploads a new version of Evil Energy into his system. Christened the “Zero Virus”, this form of Evil Energy not only causes robots to lash out at whatever they see, but also alters their mind to conform with Wily’s twisted dream of a human-free world. Wily seals Zero away, dying soon afterward.

Zero awakens a century later. The Zero Viruis is far more effective than Wily could have imagined; rather than being a simple carrier (ala Typhoid Mary) , Zero becomes a savage berserker, killing any Reploid that crosses paths with him. What few Reploids survive Zero’s rampage are repaired, now unwilling carriers of the Zero Virus. Instantaneous teleportation allows the Zero Virus to become an epidemic in mere days. Since Wily did not account for advances in robot technology, the virus lies dormant in highly-advanced Reploids, only causing primitive Mechanaloids to become what the media dubs “Mavericks”. Disturbed by this course of events, Dr. Cain creates the Maverick Hunters to protect innocent humans and Reploids. Cain appoints Sigma, one of his most advanced Reploids, as the unit’s commander. Sigma manages to track down Zero, and the two get into a scuffle. Sigma shatters the gem on Zero’s forehead, which simultaneously frees Zero from the Zero Virus and infects Sigma with it. Unlike the Mechanaloids, Sigma is smart enough to infect other Reploids and begin an organized rebellion against humanity. I trust you all know how the story goes from here.

In summary, Mega Man 3 is the first sighting of the Maverick Virus that literally plagues the rest of the timeline up until Mega Man Zero. Funny how something that started with a peacekeeping robot named after a Greek letter ended with a peacekeeping robot named after a Greek letter.
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Posted on July 1st, 2014 at 10:04pm Edited on 2014/07/01 at 10:07pm
Posted 2014/07/01 at 10:04pm Edited 2014/07/01 at 10:07pm
I have a whole thing written out regarding Quint...i'm just gonna leave the link here:
Theory on Quint's Effect on the Mega Man Universe
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Posted on February 1st, 2015 at 8:53pm Edited on 2015/02/01 at 8:54pm
Posted 2015/02/01 at 8:53pm Edited 2015/02/01 at 8:54pm
Wise fwom youw gwave!

Anyone remember this thread? Just me? Aw, well. There isn't a chat tonight, so I may as well take the time to post a few headcannons I've had lying around for a while.

o Metal Man is a skilled mechanic, and Wily often tasks him with repairing the other Robot Masters after Rock roughs them up. He isn't very gentle, though, and his bedside manner is lacking...
o Heat Man and Crash Man are best buddies. They hang out a lot on and off duty, and Heat is usually the one to calm Crash down whenever he gets riled up.
o After the events of Mega Man 4, Dr. Cossack employs Skull Man as a sort of lab assistant/butler/bodyguard. Oh, and as a babysitter and playmate for Kalinka.
o Proto Man is more musical than he lets on. Besides his trademark whistle, he's composed quite a few tunes while wandering the Earth. Whenever he visits Cossack Citadel, he and the similarly-minded Toad Man get together for a jam session or two.
o Fire Man enjoys watching reruns of Gunsmoke and old John Wayne westerns.
o Plug Man's favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop, followed closely by Space Dandy.
o Top Man is a total nerd for 70's-80's pop music, and has a ton of old-school tape decks in his quarters in Wily Castle. Magnet Man regularly scrambles them with stray electromagnetic pulses, much to Top's dismay.
o Rock is a rabid FIFA fan, especially when World Cup season rolls around(he always roots for Japan, of course). Mega Man's Soccer is the result of Bomb Man spiking one of Rock's E-Tanks during a particularly wild victory party.
o Guts Man isn't as thick-headed as his brothers think. He actually has incredible knowledge in civil engineering and classical architecture.
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Posted on March 9th, 2015 at 10:45pm Edited on 2015/03/09 at 10:49pm
Posted 2015/03/09 at 10:45pm Edited 2015/03/09 at 10:49pm
needle-man Needle Man is a perfectionist to the point that people have labeled him OCD. What seems random and overly complicated to others has a completely reasonable algorithm or formula too it, and Needle doesn't understand why other robots can't see them. Needle Man uses these seemingly pointless attack patterns when firing his Needle Cannon, but it is planned for each possible way the opponent could try to counter. He knits as a past time, but not crocheting. Knitting is precise work, unlike crocheting, which seems too unorganized too him.

magnet-man Magnet Man can be described as incredibly loyal and faithful to those he knows well. The problem is, he is often take advantage of his gullibility, as he can pretty easily be tricked into relationships. He's able to turn his magnets on and off at will, so he is not constantly getting attracted to robots like some assume. Magnet Man is not really a romanticist either, but he plays it up when someone makes an attracting joke. Unlike his brethren, he struggles on whether to serve Light over Wily. It is a very polarizing decision to him.

gemini-man Someone who has to constantly look at himself has to love his own face, but Gemini Me-err, Man, goes beyond that; he is obsessed with himself. However, only the first Gemini Man truly has personality. The clones are more like echos or reflections of the original. He's not necessary narcissistic, either. He has a good deal of respect for his fellow third generation robots and even some Light bots like Mega Man and Elec Man. The only thing Gemini Man loves almost as much as himself is playing tricks, which tends to come naturally when having clones. Mirror Pranks? Check. Costume Pranks? Check.

hard-man Contrary to popular belief, Hard Man is not dumb. He is soft spoken and a gentle giant, not always seeing the need to talk. Any time Hard Man isn't being asked to do manual labor, he enjoys forming ceramics with clay he can find in his canyons. He is closest friends with Heat Man, their more easy going attitudes complementing each other. Hard Man often will transport any ores Heat Man wants to smelt, and Heat Man fires any ceramics Hard Man has formed in return. Although this isn't really incorporated into his battle strategy, he loves fighting films such as the "Rocky"s and the original "Karate Kid".

Part 2 is below.
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Posted on March 9th, 2015 at 10:46pm
Posted 2015/03/09 at 10:46pm
top-man Everything is a game for jolly Top Man. Life is a bowl of cherries that Top Man is gulping down after being dared by one of his Spin Fiends. He doesn't take his work too seriously, being naive to Wily's heinous intentions. Top Man is just here to dance, spin, and maybe fight a robot, if that is what he has to do. He is put at odds with all work no play robots like Shadow Man or Proto Man, but often goofs around with Gravity Man, seeing who can go through their stages fastest.

snake-man Snake Man's job is too use his Search Snakes to map out and scout areas he is sent too, but this feature is often used for espionage when in combat. Due to the constant observation from the outlines, he has become detached from those around him. Snake Man looks upon others cynically, even his own brothers and Dr. Wily. The only hobbies Snake Man has outside of his work is caring for his robo-snakies in his stage and stalking Toad Man, just to elicit a frightened response. Snake Man uses a whistle like sound similar to that of a pungi to give commands to both his Search Snakes and his robo-snakies.

spark-man If he has just discharged, Spark Man seems like a relaxed, slow going robot. However, when Dr. Light and Wily were designing Spark Man for high output and input charges, they had to design power sources around the personality chip on his core. This means as Spark Man gathers more and more electricity, he starts to become erratic and anxious due to the electrical interference to his personality chip. Spark Man has been taught how much electricity he can withstand be measuring his electrical interference levels before burning himself out. Spark Man will eventually get to the point where he will be desperate to discharge on anything with his Spiked hands for fear of his own life. In long term situations he can control his current easily. However, in short term high power situations, such as combat, he is a ticking time bomb that only his opponents can delay.

shadow-man Due to his alien origin, Shadow Man had to have almost six full months of reprogramming done by Dr. Wily all under Dr. Light's nose. Wily has left parts of Shadow Man's original program that seem aid in making strategies for combat, but this sometimes leads to conflicts with his new programming, creating minor glitches. Shadow Man is fully aware of his disconnect to the fellow third generation robots, but Shadow Man does not care. He focuses solely on the mission given by Wily and nothing else. As a matter of fact, Shadow Man only seems to only trust and interact with Wily, as he feels it his responsibly for being reactivated by him.
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