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Retro Pikachu's Guide to the Communtiy

July 9th, 2014 at 1:03am
Retro Pookerchu
Retro Pookerchu
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Hello newcomers! I bet your wondering what this wonderful community is about, but don't worry, I'll fill you in on most things you need to know about the community!
proto-manRetro Pikachu's Guide to the Community!shadow-man
version 1.012
Three things first, one, you'll need 5,000 battle points to comment (or post) and 10,000 battle points to create a thread. You can get that much in about 5 minutes, so don't panic. Two, if you want details on how to use horrible some fancy text techniques, then click here to read an article on how to use these amazing formatting techniques! Three, introduce yourself on this thread.
I'm not a staff member, but here are some obvious rules to follow in the community.
ice-man- Don't spam*
gemini-man- Don't double post, if you want to add something, click "edit" on your comment. However, if you think that you absolutely NEED to double post if you're saying something completely different, than go ahead.
punk- Don't be a jerk/flame
shadow-man- If you're gone for a bit and returned, DO NOT MAKE A THREAD ON SAYING "Hi everyone! I'm back!"!!!!!!!! You can say that in this thread or this thread
yamato-man- While not a rule, using proper grammer (with spelling and capitalization) would be appreciated
napalm-man- Don't cuss. If you do feel you have to (which you never should), please censor it with your #@* keys. (Please refrain from doing it though, this is a family friendly website, let's keep it that way!)

While you probably won't be banned for breaking one of these rules, you WILL be warned, if you're warned, listen to what the moderator/admin has to say. *Unless you're spamming, in which case, you're banned.

As you can see, the community is divided into 7 categories:

Personal, News, General, Roleplay, Strategies, Mechanics, Development, and Bugs

mega-man- The Personal section includes your personal messages, sent and received. Don't pester a user and don't attack them either! Nobody would appreciate that!(more information on that later).

bass- The News section includes news by the developer, Adrian Marceau, and moderators MegaBossMan, Rhythm_BCA, CHAOS_FANTAZY, and Acting Mod Reisrat. You can also see threads here on how various contributors make their work. This is where you need to go if you want to catch up on events.

proto-man- The General section includes everything else, just user created threads for fun and enjoyment. Yes, you can put threads in this section, all by yourself. This section is for anything not relating to the other threads, and mostly everything here is for fun. Don't spam threads for silly purposes or no purpose, don't ask everyone what they're doing, don't announce your return here unless it's in Official Player Introductions or Goodbye/I'm back and don't be a jerk period. Also, don't make a thread on how do you do something in-game because the section below the one below is for that.

bomb-man- Play as your favorite robot masters (and maybe yourself) in the Roleplay section! Create your own threads for roleplay use or join one other's. Also, the "No Double Post Rule" is diluted, but it still is a thing.

slur- If you need a bit of help beating the game, or want to give advice to random users, check out the Strategies section of the community. This is where you go if you need help with the game.

concrete-man- The Mechanics section includes updates on mechanics of the game, though not many updates are made here. This is where you go if you don't understand a certain mechanic. If it's a mechanic, it's probably there (in the "locked threads" section on the bottom).

knight-man- The Development section has the developer giving us information on upcoming updates is used for user ideas for the game. Suggest your ideas here and who knows? Perhaps your idea could be in-game.

fire-man- Finally, the Bugs section includes bug reports. Please keep your general posts out of this one, no need to give Adrian false alarms. If you see something weird that shouldn't be there, put your reports here. Pictures and detailed explanations are very welcome here. Small bug reports should be posted here

shadow-manWhile it's not Technically a section of the community, the chat section has you on a live chat with other players. Meetings are held there every Sunday night (more details here)

I did say I would go into more detail about how Personal Messaging would work, so here it is!
proto-manHow to Send a Personal Message/Making a Threadmega-man

First, let's go to the leaderboard and click on one of the profiles:

or click on a person's profile in the community:

Then, click on "message" on their profile:

While I'm pretty sure you can figure out how to make a message, I'll provide instructions just in case

Hit send and you'll be in a private discussion between you and the sender! Make sure you aren't pestering the user and don't attack them either.

elec-manMaking a thread is done in a similar matter, but you don't need find a player to do it.

*Remember the rules above on what threads you can make in the section you want to create a thread in.
By the way, DO NOT create threads for the following below:
- Suggestions (put them here for game-related stuff and here for website-related stuff)
- HELP ME! stuff (put them here or here)
- Spam
- Bugs (quick-manquick-man Quick! Put them here)
- and finally, Chat stuff (you can chat here)

Just click the circled button
bassSending a Commentenker

Very simple, just find a thread and click it...

... Then see the instructions below

dr-light Quick FAQ dr-cossack

Has been moved to a comment below. Sorry for Inconvenience.
Retro Pikachu's Guide to the Communtiy
Posted by Retro Pookerchu on July 9th, 2014 at 1:03am
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Posted on July 9th, 2014 at 2:08am Edited on 2014/07/09 at 2:32am
Posted 2014/07/09 at 2:08am Edited 2014/07/09 at 2:32am
Cool, does the opposite of comment guideline, focuses on rules of the Community and just a little paragraph of formatting options. Might even sticky this when you're done with it. :-)

By the way, CHAOS_FANTAZY and Rhythm_BCA are also mods. I don't think SpinStrike is a mod either(despite being a positive influence, but there are already enough mods for this Small Community. Maybe one day......)

By the way, the Develop section is more suggestions than anything. There's only two updates mentioned there, and both are from non-developers, and more really big contributers.

Anyway, keep it up, much appreciated. Makes my job easier! Might add a few things to it, feel free to revert any changes I make if you don't agree with it.

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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on November 15th, 2014 at 6:39pm Edited on 2015/01/23 at 10:25am
Posted 2014/11/15 at 6:39pm Edited 2015/01/23 at 10:25am

Seriously guys, I'll add a few things here and there, but the guide is pretty finished in my eyes. Here's the quick FAQ that the thread wouldn't let me add...
dr-light Quick FAQ dr-cossack

I'm going to be honest, it's fairly annoying to see the same questions here over and over and OVER again. Thus, this happened.
Q: How do I unlock/Are you planning to make the Megaman Killers/Quint/Megaman 5 Robot Masters Etc. Etc.?
A: "...You just can't unlock them as of yet." ~MegaBossMan
A: Better answer for the above question? Fine. Adrian has a life, and I wouldn't say it's on this game. This game is really more of a side project while he deals with life 'n' stuff. Adrian DOES plan to make pretty much everything unlock-able at one point, but we are very far from that point.
Q: How do I unlock the Mega Man 3 Robot Masters?
A: First, begin to grind in Bonus Field II after beating the Final Bosses. You should find some MM3 Masters there. Scan them, beat the level, and head to Kalinka's Shop. They're quite pricey, so you might need to go on more than one Zenny Grinding session.
A: *dodges thrown table* Calm down! I may not be a staff member, but I feel like this would make things a bazillion times easier for the mods.
Q: I'm back! I'm going to MAKE A THREAD ON-
A: STOP RIGHT THERE! Don't do this please. Why am I restating this from the rules? It's because some extra insurance since it always happens every now and then.
Q: When's the next update?
A: Whenever Adrian's done. He'll make a thread when he's almost done/ready to announce some details.
Q: How do I do (X)/I have a question!
A: See this thread to check if the question has been answered before. If it hasn't, post a comment in there and someone will most likely answer it.
Q: Some pictures look... outdated.
A: This thread took WAAAAAYYYYYY longer than it should've. Many updates were made during the creation period. I might occasionally update any pictures if something happens.
Q: Where's [insert robot here that some people might think is in the game]?
A: I'm going to make this quick and clear. The only robot masters that are available are in the Data Base. On the bottom of each Robot Master's page, there is a number that states "Unlocked By ______ Players." If that number is higher than 0, than you can unlock him/her.
Q: Why is this so short? I can read it in 5 minutes!
A: Because there isn't much to say. It's really just here for people who've never been on the internet/need help on this community. If you have a suggestion, just place it as a comment. I might just add it on the guide if necessary.
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Posted on November 16th, 2014 at 9:42am Edited on 2014/11/16 at 9:44am
Posted 2014/11/16 at 9:42am Edited 2014/11/16 at 9:44am
shadow-man And dont forget about the celebration thread i made to... CELEBRATE!
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Posted on November 16th, 2014 at 11:10am
Posted 2014/11/16 at 11:10am
Yeah good point Retro you are in right
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