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Photographer War! [Name in Progress]

July 11th, 2014 at 7:16pm
Retro Pookerchu
Retro Pookerchu
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A forum game, don't see those everyday. Anyway, for those of you interested in the game and what's it about, here is a brief description:

Photographer War is a small game where every week, i'll give the description of a location on the game OR the website, all you have to do is get a screenshot of the location. If you're the first one to get the right photo, then you get a "Photo Point" for bragging rights. A leaderboard is kept below to see the top ten players, while I keep a personal, more advanced leaderboard for myself, if you want to see your place on the board, just PM me.

Don't know how to upload photos, or take screenshots? Here are the instructions for how to make screenshots and upload them to this website:

1. To make a screenshot, press that small button on the keyboard called "Print Screen." Easy as that.
2. You can't directly upload photos to this website, so use any image uploading site (I use Imgur) and upload your photo there.
3. Hopefully, if you click on your uploaded photo, you should see a list of weird codes, one of which is called "Direct Link (email and IM)." Copy that URL.
4. Use the [image] formatting technique and paste the URL in the parentheses right after the [image].
5. Hope you got it right!
Combo Bonus

If you can manage 3 points in a row, then you will get a combo bonus, which will add an extra point for every time you get a point (combo 3 = 2 extra points while combo 4 = 2 extra points still). Try and get the point first for extra points!
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See ya next week

Next Challenge: ????


1. MegaBossManquick-man (4 points)
2. TailsMK4gemini-man (1 Point)
3. Shadownnicopharaoh-man (1 Point)
4. Nonerobot
5. Nonerobot
6. Nonerobot
7. Nonerobot
8. Nonerobot
9. Nonerobot
10. Nonerobot

Oh, by the way, if you have at least 10 Photo Points, then you may request a place for the challenge, be sure to send via PM, and you can't compete for that week.
Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. And yes, I asked Adrian before posting this.

shadow-manMy name is Shadow Man Retro Pikachu, and I will be your endshadow-man
Photographer War! [Name in Progress]
Posted by Retro Pookerchu on July 11th, 2014 at 7:16pm
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Retro Pookerchu
24,416,900 BP
30 TP | 691 PP
Posted on July 21st, 2014 at 10:52pm Edited on 2014/07/21 at 10:56pm
Posted 2014/07/21 at 10:52pm Edited 2014/07/21 at 10:56pm
Shadownnico wins this round!pharaoh-man

MegaBossMan has lost his combo...quick-man

shadow-manMy name is Shadow Man Retro Pikachu, and I will be your endshadow-man

By the way, I'm gonna test something.. robot
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