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Robot Master Battle Cycle

September 10th, 2014 at 9:16pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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Want to beat a Mega Man game? Or defeat robot masters here with their weaknesses? This post is here to help. I shall start with the first game and it's remake.

Mega Man 1
guts-man super-arm-2 cut-man Guts Man can defeat Cut Man with the Super Arm.
mega-man buster-shot cut-man However, pathetically, he can be taken down easily with the Mega Buster, which helps out more when facing him first or fighting him in Wily Castle.
cut-man rolling-cutter elec-man The rolling cutter can beat Elec Man. BTW, did you know that this grid also helps with Mega Man Powered Up's Old Style Mode? Oh, and be careful... this tip on Copy Robot is also a pain in YOUR side, too...
elec-man thunder-beam mega-man Yep. Thunder Beam can take YOU down as well. Which is bad... unless you do this on Copy Robot.
elec-man thunder-beam ice-man Elec Man can beat Ice Man with the Thunder Beam, too.
ice-man ice-slasher fire-man Fire Man is weak to Ice Slasher. However, as our fellow user, Mikey76500 said...
ice-man ice-slasher mega-man Mega Man is also weak to Ice Slasher.
fire-man fire-chaser bomb-man And Bomb Man is weak to Fire Storm. What? Why is it shown as Fire Chaser? Well... that's basically what it is in the original game. Kinda.
bomb-man hyper-bomb guts-man Bomb Man can beat Guts Man with the Hyper Bomb. Which, of course, starts the cycle all over again.

Sadly, Mega Man Powered Up is different on New Style Mode...

guts-man super-arm-2 cut-man As always, it's Super Arm Cut Man in the face. Not sure if it's the same with the Mega Buster thing, though... maybe someone can test it out?
cut-man rolling-cutter bomb-man However, with Oil Man and Time Man added to the mix, most weaknesses are switched. For instance, you now can beat Bomb Man with the Rolling Cutter.
bomb-man hyper-bomb ice-man And our winter soldier goes down because of the Hyper Bomb.
ice-man ice-slasher fire-man Fire Man and Cut Man are the only ones to keep their weaknesses... Like Cut Man and Wood Man are secret bosses in a certain game... shh... no telling! While in secrets, Cut Man is also in Mega Man X8.
fire-man fire-chaser oil-man And the new guys come in here. Oil Man is weak to the Fire Storm... which still looks kinda like Fire Chaser.
oil-man oil-slider elec-man Elec Man is now weak to Oil Slider. However...
elec-man thunder-beam mega-man You're still weak to Thunder Beam. Luckily for you, that's not true! ...Only for Mega Man and Time Man...
elec-man thunder-beam time-man ...Yeah... That...
time-man time-slow guts-man Guts Man really wants to be done on time... which might explain this weakness.

This guide will come in handy for Mega Man 1 and it's remake, Mega Man Powered Up. ...Oh yeah, and the MM1 section of the Wily Wars for the Genesis...
time-man Time's up! We shall see you later for a guide on Mega Man 2.
For more information on the RPG weaknesses, check the database! Because this is manly for the normal games.
Robot Master Battle Cycle
Posted by Beta Shadow on September 10th, 2014 at 9:16pm
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That was really helpful!Thank you BetaMan!
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on July 29th, 2016 at 6:43pm
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@Laser : ...Thanks. I'm actually surprised ANYONE came to this old thread. ...I'm probably not going to post more...
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@Beta Man : Would you like this locked then?
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@TheDoc : Eh, sure, why not.
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