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Mikey's Ideas #3: Mechas

October 27th, 2014 at 4:35pm
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So, for this weekend [last weekend [10-24-14 to 10-26-14]], actually, my ideas concern Mechas, mainly how weak they are, the bugs some of them have and blahblahblahblahblah. Read them for yourselves.

As always, criticism is all well and good; just don't bring insults, flames, curses and rulebreakingness into it, and you're fine. I'll likely answer you back, even.


Idea #1: Some Mechas have bugs.

Not gameplay-related ones. Just visual ones. Any Mecha that has a direct collision attack has this visual bug; when they Level Up, they completely disappear while their stats pick up, and then they reappear when their stats finish going up.

This includes Fleas, Pengs, Fire Tackles, Spines, Spring Heads, Killer Bullets and Ribbitrons, and these are just the ones I remember.

Killer Bullets should just be eliminated entirely, but, I'll cover that later.


Idea #2: Some Mechas are the wrong type.

Spines and Tellys, in particular. There's Electric Spines [Spark Man's stage], and Fire Tellys [Flame Man's Stage] already exist. Regular Spines should just be Impact-type, seeing as how ramming is it's only attack.

Tellys should ALSO just be eliminated entirely, but, I'll cover that later.


Idea #3: Mechas should [also] gradually get stronger as you progress through the game.

I've talked about this in Ideas #1, but, I was most specific towards Robot Masters, there. What about Mechas, though?

Well, let's look statistically at Mechas for a second. Every single v1 has a base stat total [Energy + Attack + Defense + Speed] of 200. v2 Mechas, 300 and v3 Mechas, 400.

As with the Robot Masters, they have to gradually increase as you go further into the game so that the game doesn't run the risk of being boring and simple.

I'm suggesting 200 [Ch1 Mechas], 205 [Ch2 ones], 210, 215, 220, 225 for v1 Mechas, 300, 305, 310, 315, 320, 325, for v2 Mechas, and 400, 405, 410, 415, 420, 425, etc. for v3 Mechas.

Mechas also seem to be randomly leveled, too. Play any random Chapter 4 Mission, and you'll see what I mean; some mechas are Level 5, others are Level 25. Meh. Again, I'm aware that they're supposed to be a distraction, but, again, no one will shoot anyone if there's an occasional fun, challenging mecha in there. a Level 1 Flea with a Level 2 CutMan is alright, since they're the first enemies in the game, but. beyond that, it could at least be randomized to that they're no EXCEEDINGLY weak.

I have a [seemingly] simple solution for this, in all battles that contain robot Masters, randomize the Mechas' Levels as you will, just impose a minimum limit of no less than 15 levels below the Robot Master's Level.


Idea #4: Differing Mecha Types.

Adrian has already clued into this; Look at the Nitrons. v1 is Flame-type, v2 is Freeze-type and v3 is Electric-Type. I'm pretty sure that this will likely primarily work toward original mechas that Adrian and the rest of the staff thnk up. Oh, speaking of.....


Idea #5: More original Mechas.

I don't remember seeing Flutter Fly [Time Man's Mecha] or Beetle Borg [Oil Man's Mecha] seen in ANY of the 8 Classic MM games I've played, and last I checked, they're not in 8.5, 9, 10 or any of the World [GB] games either.

They're obviously original creations, and considering how difficult it may or may not be to 8-bit-ify MM7, MM8 and MM8.5 sprites, that might be the best way to go for any Mechas from these 3 games; optional Mechas that can attack in crazy patterns, or give Statuses with their attacks or--crazy idea, I know, Boss--HAVE MORE THAN ONE ATTACK, even, would be great for keeping players on their toes later. Besides, I wanna see what clever deviations of Mettaurs and Sniper Joes that can be brought to life by Adrian or Rhythm or *gulp* Boss or any other Prototype spriters as Mechas and/or Mini-Bosses [or heck, even Bosses].


Idea #6: New Mecha ideas.

Finally, there's this conundrum I've been dealing with. Here's the list of MM5 Robot Masters with the Mechas I'm suggesting on the right. The Staffers can do with this list what you will; 'tis only suggestions.

These are already official-made Mechas, by the by. I'd appreciate new Mechas that can attack in different ways, patterns and annoyances all the same; they're starting to play all the same, really.

Gravity Man: New Shotman [MM3, possibly Missile-Type]
Wave Man: Kerog [MM2, Either Aqua- or Explode-type [exploding baby frogs]]
Napalm Man: Bomb Thrown [MM5, Explode-type]
Stone Man: Rock Thrown [MM5, Earth-type]
Gyro Man: Tondeall [MM5, Missile-type]
Charge Man: Mousubeil [MM5, Swift-type]
Star Man: M-445 [MM2, Space-type]
Crystal Man: ????????????????

Couldn't come up with one for Crystal Man. Sorry. His should be anything but Crystal Joe, because Sniper Joes--any Sniper Joes used, really--should be Mini-bosses, seeing as how they usually have higher AI than most other Mechas. That's just me, though.


Any questions or concerns can be posted below or [for more discretion] can Personal'd at me directly.

MMKB links to be added very, very, soon.
Mikey's Ideas #3: Mechas
Posted by Mikey76500 on October 27th, 2014 at 4:35pm
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Posted on October 27th, 2014 at 4:55pm
Posted 2014/10/27 at 4:55pm
Nice, nice. I feel good-points are made here. One thing though, I don't get the *gulp in front of my name.

1. Yes, Mechas are pretty buggy. That's still being worked on, of course. And I still don't see the reasoning to just throw away Killer Bullet, he's supposed to be a suicide bomber, and does INSANE damage. Pretty unique compared to the others.

2. Yep, can't argue here.

3. 3 sounds good in the latter half, but I can't agree with the first. It could just be more leveled-up Mechas, which would create a constant base for the Mechas instead of adding a new base each time. I still dislike the fact that Mechas can be as powerful as Robot Masters, only mechas like Sniper Joe should be able to do anything like that.

4. I have an alternative for this idea. I presented a while ago, three different Mechas for each stage. The first would be a "weak" mecha, second would be another, only a stronger mecha from that stage(With perhaps two moves), and finally, a Dual-core Mecha from that stage with two or three moves. Different colors could just be used as some sort of Mecha alt, or something like that. Perhaps have a new section of the main tabs where you can customize which Mechas to use, and what alts to use?

5. Yeah, I like it. If my idea from earlier is used, this could just make up spots for absent Mechas, like if a certain Robot only had 2 mechas in his stage.

6. Yeah, sounds good. We could use Pukapucker for Crystal Man, despite the fact he doesn't match Crystal's theme, because I believe that's the only Robot Master stage he's in.
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Posted on October 27th, 2014 at 5:13pm
Posted 2014/10/27 at 5:13pm
I see what you mean Boss since i did not saw Adrian so long online and im relly happy to be back on this site
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Posted on October 28th, 2014 at 9:42am
Posted 2014/10/28 at 9:42am
Ummm... Beetle Borgs are from Rockman and Forte: Marai Naka no Chosensho
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