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January 6th, 2015 at 9:06pm
Retro Pookerchu
Retro Pookerchu
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This is my Achievement System redone. I was going to do this big speech BUT I just wanted to start this up again (not because I HAD to, because I wanted to). Why do I call it "Challenge System"? Seeing as you will get your own category of "challenges," it made more sense. Check the bottom on page 2 of the comment list to see an important announcement. Read it before you make any challenges. Anyway, there are some rules before adding up your challenges:

1. While you will get a category called [username]'s challenges, you can send challenges to "easy challenges" if it doesn't seem challenging enough!
2. Read through the Challenge List before making an challenge. This is to prevent "similar" challenges.
3. Try to get creative with your challenges!
4. Don't send a challenge at ONE person (i.e. Have Retro Pikachu say "ham"). Make it doable by all people!
5. Have the challenges be related to either this game or somewhere on the community!
6. Don't post 20 challenges at once. Try to limit the challenges to 5 a day.
7. Check off challenges either on your own profile page OR a comment below (just edit it when you have an update!).

While it seems like there are a lot, these should be easy to follow. Onto the challenges!!!
Easy Challenges:
Victory! - Beat the Intro Stage for the first time
Better Victory! - Complete 1 story
Ultimate Victory! - Complete all 3 stories
Supreme Victory! - Complete the Bonus Fields at least once on all 3 stories
League of Mets - Get Field Support on all 3 stories
Introduction - Introduce yourself on this thread!
New Friends - Transfer a robot

Retro Pikachu's Challenges:
Last Man Standing - Start a match with 8 robots against 8, but win with just 1 robot.
Near Death - Start a match with 8 robots against 8, but win with just 1 robot on low health and no weapon energy
Sorry, I Blinked - Win a Chapter 4 match in one turn (you may use items!)
Insane Strength - Win a Chapter 4 match only using Super Throw WITHOUT causing the target to switch
Mirror Match - Win Final Destination III using the SAME robots that you are facing
Blood of the Prototype - Set the doctor's story to normal (MMPU robots for Light, MM2 robots for Wily, and MM4 robots for Cossack). Only use their Copy Core Robot and destroy each stage from Chapter 1 to the Bonus Chapter without closing the browser, changing the screen to anything BUT "home," or pressing the "pause" button.
Queen of Busters (A.K.A. oops I posted a reference) - Fire off a regular buster shot with the power of 26. Figure out how to do that.

TheDoc Challenges:
1337 H4x0rz - Find a way to use a "Mode" ability without suffering from a decrease in stats.
Now I've Got Your Power! - Copy an ability THAT YOU DON'T HAVE EQUIPPED using Copy Shot, then score a super-effective hit against an RM with the copied ability in the same battle.
Who Needs Starforce? - Win a Player Battle using only Neutral-type abilities.
One-man Army - Win a match of 1 v. 8 in Player Battles.
Second to None - Gain the Star symbol on your profile.
History Repeating - In Player Battles, Defeat Wily 1 v. 8 where your 1 bot is Mega Man and Wily's 8 bots are DWNs (currently MM2-MM3).
Betcha Thought! :) - Use an E-Tank to refill a robot's health at 5% or lower.
Showstopper - End the battle with a Flash Stopper (killing at least 3 robots).
Nope - Throw up a Skull Barrier right before your opponent uses an ability that would've been super effective on the protected robot.
Quick on the Draw - Kill a robot with Quick Boomerang who's speed is higher or equal to yours.
Getting Around the Rules - Defeat an enemy (robot OR mecha) with an ability containing an element that he/she/it has an immunity or affinity to.
Core Vulture - Get a core off of every enemy in one battle (Must have at least 4 core-giving opponents to get this).
Umm...Do You Want These? - Sell 99x of a Core all at once.
Money to Burn - Buy 99x Yashichis all at once.

Meta's challenges:
Perfect Team: Have all robots you pick in a fight be maxed out win all stats
Greater Level: Have all robots in the game at lv. 100
Starforce Perfection: Win a battle without using Neutral and Copy type abilities
Gut Defender: Have 9999 stats Defense for Gut's man.
BP Unlocker: Defeat Urracountcrashed or FemaleForte in 3 Turns.
Like a Grinder: Gain 100 Billion BP in 3 days or less.
Beated his Team: Defeat Meta in Player Battles without Toad Man in your team.
Top 10 Clearer - Beat At least 3 of the Top 10 People on the leaderboard
Chit-Chatter - Get on The Chat 50 Times.
A Huge Grinder - Gain 100 Billion BP in 1 Day
Grinding Veteran - Gain 75 Billion BP in 1 Day
Better Grinder - Gain 50 Billion BP in 1 Day
Grinder-Adept - Gain 25 Billion BP in 1 Day
Grinder-Median - Gain 20 Billion BP in 1 Day
Grinder Novice - Gain 10 Billion BP in 1 Day
Grinder Starter - Gain 5 Billion BP in 1 Day
Aged By ranking: Surpass 11th Place

ThatOneEnderMan's challenges:
What's a Weakness? - Beat a full battle with only not very effective moves
A Bit of Help... - Unlock Roll, Disco, and Rhythm.
The Final Star! - Unlock ALL 1024 Stars!
Strange New Foes... - Beat all of the Mega Man Killers! (Enker, Punk, Ballade, and Quint once he is added)
Got to Scan Them All! - Scan all robots. (MM5 MM6, MM7, all of robots masters mostly, but not the Mechas)
Mecha Database Complete! - Scan all Mechas.
BY THE FLAMES OF JUSTICE! - Win 100 battles (player battles or normal ones) with Fire Man
Supporter - Use 50 supporting attacks! (Roll Buster, Attack Swap, you know...)
Powerful Fighter - Win 25 battles with ALL robots (That you can use)

Bt Man's challenges:
Master of the Shadows: Win using ONLY Shadow Man. (That means just Shadow Man on your team)
The Law: Win using ONLY Quick Man. (Just like the above one, but with Quick Man.)
World's Strongest Robot: Beat Punk, Ballade, and Enker with only Bass.
Super Fighting Robot: Have a level 100 Mega Man.
Big Bang Strike: Have a level 100 Proto Man.
Bassnium: Have a level 100 Bass.
You Cheater!: Discover the Secret Codes area.
Gameshark: Figure out one of the codes.
Powered Up: Have all the Mega Man Powered Up robot masters. (Not including Mega Man and Roll)
The Second Lineup: Have all the Mega Man 2 robot masters.
Cossack Attack: Have all the Mega Man 4 robot masters.
Scan, Search, Destroy, Collect: Have all the Mega Man 3 robot masters. (Not including Proto Man)
Humiliation: Win a battle (That CAN'T be the Met battles) using only the Buster Shot.
Even the Strongest Meet Their End - Defeat a level 100 RM with 9999 in all stats (Aside of Health and WE)
Get Dunked On - Complete a mission only as Skull Man.
Nyeh Heh Heh! - Beat Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, or Dr. Cossack 3 times in a row only as Skull Man.
Dark, Darker, Yet Darker - Get the sigma Skull Man alt in the dev*

* I haven't been on the beta version, so I'm not sure if this is currently possible... if you know it's impossible/possible, please notify me via Private Message. Include a screenshot to prove your statement.

Nagasaki's Challenges:
Mecha Trainer: Have all Mechas levelled up to Level 100.
Ultimate Move Tutor: Have all doctors learn all moves they can possibly learn.
Kamikaze!: Have all robots wiped out (yours and enemy's) using Danger Bomb.
One-Hit Wonder: Win a Player Battle with only 1 robot, in just one hit!
Filling the Database: Complete the database with all information on all scannable robots and mechas.

TobyJoey's Challenges
Salt in the Wound: Lower an opponent's stat to either 1 or 0.
Meeting the Deadline: Win a mission in the exact number of turns suggested.
New Domain: Purchase a Robot Field.
Keep the Receipt: Sell 10 of an item at once.
Pawn Shop: Sell 25 of an item at once.
Entrepreneur: Sell 50 of an item at once.
It's Not Useless!: Win a mission using Top Spin as the final blow.
Technician: Use nothing but Super Effective abilities during a mission.
Ricochet Rabbit: Use Gemini Laser to destroy a robot that is not active.

ZeroDXZ's Challenges
Strongest Mega-Man: Reach the 1st page and pass ZeroDXZ himself on the leaderboards.
Wily's Worst Nightmare: Reach about 4,000 for all stats using Bass only. (Must use either Dr.Light or Dr.Cossack battles)
Starstruck: Obtain 120+ stars (WARNING: All Field Stars must be obtained, the rest is all Fusion Stars)
Image of the End: Use Metal-Man to obtain (AT LEAST) 10 Stars.
Mega-Killer: Beat Enker, Punk, and Ballade in 1 or 3 turns using Mega-Man, Bass, or Proto-Man (Mega-Man 10 inspired challnge)
Maximum Guts!: Have ALL Robots max stats!
All about the Bass: Defeat all 3 Chapter 3 battles against the rival Doctors(players) using Bass, ONCE!
Mega-Champ!: Reach level 100 for the Robot Masters from Mega-Man-1 and Mega-Man Powered-Up!
Rock-Man's Shadow: Reach Level 100 with Proto-Man and Defeat the Chapter 3 fight against Mega-Man and Roll with Proto-Man only!
Wooded Avenger: Reach level 100 with either Wood-man and/or Toad-man
Pyro-Bot: Reach Level 100 AND defeat all 3 Dr's.(Player's) Chapter 3 Rival Battles with Fire-man and Heat-man
Kill Denied!: Beat any Robot of any level with 1 or 3 Hp Left
I...Am WOOD!: Beat all Rival Battles, Mega-Man Killers, and the Intro Stages at least once with Wood-man
Be the Tree...: Accumulate at least 2,000 points for all 3 Wood-Man's stats.
Gamer by Heart: Defeat every Robot Master with their Weakness
For the Win!: Achieve the Rank of 40th+!
Shadow of a Doubt: Use Shadow-Man ONLY for 50 battles straight, you must win ALL of them.
Iron-Gut: Guts-Man must be over 3,000 for all 3 stats for this challenge
Ability Finish: Use any Copy-Robots special abilities (like Mega Slide, Bass Baroque, and Proto Strike) to win a battle
MASTER OF THEM ALL! - Reach 9999 Stats with all bots,..and defeat EACH of the Big 3!
A strange new foe - Encounter a new Robot Master from the update
The Master - With a Level 100 robot that has 9999 accumulated stats for Attack, Defense, and Speed... defeat at least 3 of the top 20 RPG Players in Player Battles
A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES! - Clear the first mission of the prototype!
A New Story Unlocks - Unlock Dr. Wily's Story!
A New Fighter Approaches - Unlock a new Copy Core Robot
Story Clear - Clear all 3 of the Dr's. Stories
Character Clear - Reach Level 100 with each Copy Core Robot!
The Finale?: Defeat all of the Trill Battles on all 3 Storylines
Megalovania: Manage to sweep an entire 8-RM team without using items, only using one robot at Level 100 with or without max stats.
UberHaxorNova: Defeat an Opponents RM with Bass Crush and Mega Ball
Five Night's at Freddy's: Reach the 2nd Page of the Leaderboards.

TailsMK4's Challenges
The Big Boost: Earn at least 100 million BP from a single battle.
Tougher Competition: Have top 50 members start appearing in Player Battles.
Among the Elite: Beat a top 20 member.
Fighting the Best: Beat a member who has a Star next to their name.
Power Training: Obtain the maximum amount of bonus stat increases from an opponent (download from a defeated RM 99 ATK, 99 DEF, AND 99 SPD).

MusicalKitty's Challenges
Lemon Buster - Defeat a Player's robot using only the buster shot
Panic at the Disco - Maximize Disco's stats
Rolling in the Deep - Maximize Roll's stats
The 1337erboards - Reach the top 50
Green Greens - Maximize Nature Starforce
Hank Hill - Maximize Flame Starforce
Mine Turtle - Maximize Explode Starforce
The Fault in Our Starforce - Gain 200 Stars in one day (using an alt account is acceptable)
Lord of the Ring Man - Defeat a user in a 8v8 Battle only using Ring Man.
J.K Rolling - Gain 80 Stars only using Roll (using an alt account is acceptable)
Sardonyx - Defeat a user's robot without taking hit or exploiting weaknesses and multipliers.
Rhythm and Blues - Defeat a user in a 8v8 battle only using Rhythm and Proto Man

StupidStudiosN Challenges:
Blue Phantom: Max out the stats on a Swift core Robot Master
Ultimate Life Form: Max out the stats on a Shadow core Robot Master
Psychic Warrior: Max out the stats on a Crystal core Robot Master
RoahmMythril: Clear every stage as Mega Man, without taking any damage
CORE: Collect 10 of every elemental core
Metal Crusher: Disable 1,000 Robot Masters in a day.
Death By Glamour: Encounter Elec Man, Star Man, Freeze Man, and Jewel Man on the Bonus Field at the same time
Omnislash: Win 10 player battles, only using Cut Man
Phoenix Down: Use 5 Extra Lives in one battle

Dustman Hates RNG Challenges:
Return of the Doc Robots: In Final Destination III, beat a Megaman 2 RM with the Megaman 3 RM
The New Generation: In Final Destination III, beat a robot from the MMPU, MM2, and MM3 line with an MM4 line robot.
It was better, before...: In Final Destination III, beat a robot from the MM2, MM3, and MM4 lines using a robot from the MMPU line.
The Luck Is In The Opposite Side: Beat Bonus Field using Robots which exploit Multipliers less than 1 (x0.6 for instance)

Check the bottom on page 2 of the comment list to see an important announcement. Read it before you make any challenges. Placing this again just to make sure.
Challenge System
Posted by Retro Pookerchu on January 6th, 2015 at 9:06pm
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Posted on January 22nd, 2016 at 10:02am
Posted 2016/01/22 at 10:02am
@StupidStudiosN : EVEN MORE....YESH!!
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DustMan hates RNG
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Posted on January 23rd, 2016 at 9:33am
Posted 2016/01/23 at 9:33am
Here's my challenges suggestions :

Return of the Doc Robots :
In Final Destination III, beat Megaman 2 RM with the Megaman 3 RM

The New Generation :
In Final Destination III, beat MMPU, MM2, MM3 RM with MM4 RM

It was better, before... :
In Final Destination III, beat MM2, MM3 and MM4 RM with MMPU RM

The Luck Is In The Opposite Side :
Beat Bonus Field with using Robots which exploit Multipliers less than 1 (x0,6 for instance)
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