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Robot Cores

April 28th, 2013 at 7:37pm
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Robot cores are one of many collectible items in the Mega Man RPG Prototype and are relatively easy to find. Cores can either be thrown at enemies to deal elemental damage like an attack, or can be sold to Reggae in his shop for large amounts of zenny.

core-nature    core-electric    core-water    core-flame   

Robot cores are primarily used to defined which abilities any given robot is capable of using in battle. Each robot has a core inside of them with a type matching one of the 20 types available in game and can be equipped with any ability that matches that type.

Weapon Energy and Damage Bonuses

Robot cores also boost the effectiveness of abilities sharing the same type as the user in battle, not only increasing damage and recovery but also decreasing the required weapon energy for certain abilities.

As an example, Ice Man is a Freeze Core robot and that allows him equip same-type abilities using the Robot Editor. When using these Freeze abilities in battle, Ice Man will deal 50% more damage and/or recovery and require 50% less weapon energy to use when compared to other abilities that do not match his core type (like Neutral type abilities).

While Copy Core robots like Mega Man, Bass, and Proto Man are undoubtedly more versatile in battle, those with elemental cores like Ice Man tend to be much more effective when used properly.

New Core Throwing Mechanic

Thanks to the April 2016 update, it is now possible to throw robot cores at your opponents! A core can be used one time like any other item before an attack and thrown at an enemy on the opponent's side of the field to deal percent-based elemental damage.

This new mechanic replaces the old one wherein a Copy Core robot would change colours mid-battle and the Field Multipliers would change upon using one of these items.
Robot Cores
Posted by Ageman20XX on April 28th, 2013 at 7:37pm
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Posted on March 30th, 2017 at 8:44pm Edited on 2017/03/30 at 8:47pm
Posted 2017/03/30 at 8:44pm Edited 2017/03/30 at 8:47pm
Sorry for barging into this thread, but if dual cores actually DO become a thing...

It'd be a missed opportunity if Search Man wasn't dual core.

Eh? Eh??
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