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Prototype Devroom : Update Megathread 2018

January 5th, 2019 at 11:32am
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While most updates are posted to the News & Updates board, there are sometimes smaller additions, tweaks, or fixes that don't make it to the front page. Historically, these have only been posted to our chat room but going forward I'm going to be copy/pasting those transcripts here for the rest of the community to see. I'll be posting each update here in the opening post and in the comments below in order to facilitate a more organized discussion. Now then, let's get started!

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2018 Minor Game Update #1: (2018/12/09)
Kalinka's Shop has been adjusted. Kalinka no longer *buys* your Field and Fusion Stars but instead scans them and gives them back. Kalinka will be interested in up to 20 different stars per day, and you can earn money simply by showing her you've found those stars. At the end of each 24-hour period she'll have a new list of stars she wants to see. This can be done over and over again with no consequence. To balance this new change, the actual price she'll pay for seeing the stars has been decreased slightly. Yes, this means people in the 1024 club are guaranteed easy money every day of the week.
2018 Minor Game Update #2: (2018/12/09)
Kalinka's Shop has been adjusted again. Instead of unlocking "Field Codes", players will instead unlock "Legacy Codes" once they've progressed to a certain point in the game. The Legacy Codes grant access to the Field Shop and the new Robot Shop simultaneously. This means battlefields and robot masters are sold separately and new robots can be added to the shop even if they don't have their own battlefield to call home. New battle fields are now added to the shop as soon as they're available, while new robot masters will still need to be encountered naturally and scanned before they can be built and purchased. Robots unlocked this way start at Level 99 and are automatically assigned to the doctor who's stat bonuses best match their fighting style. Six new robots have been added as unlockables as of this update, which included any MM5+ robot that already had a robot sprite *and an ability sprite* completed and shown in the database.
2018 Minor Game Update #3: (2018/12/12)
Special weapons for Gravity Man and Wave Man have been added to the database and now two more Mega Man 5 robots have been added to Kalinka's Shop. Awesome.
2018 Minor Medium Game Update #4: (2018/12/19)
The mechanics of stat "boosts" and "breaks" for Attack, Defense, and Speed have been completely revamped. Stats are now raised or lowered in *stages* rather than percentages during battle and are readily visible in the battle window (as little up or down arrows beside each robot's stat). All items and abilities that affect these stats (as well as a few others) have been updated to work with the new mechanics and *many* have received buffs or tweaked functionality to make them more useful or unique. Also of note, the level-up boost to the Energy stat has been reduced to only 1% per level (the other stats are still 5% per level). This is a small change with a big effect, and should make battles a lot less tedious at higher levels. A full list of changed abilities will be posted to the site in the coming days, but you can always review the database descriptions now if you don't want to wait.
2018 Game Update #5: Winter Robot Special: (2018/12/25)
As a holiday treat, three new Freeze-core robots wielding three new Freeze-type abilities have been added to the Prototype. Blizzard Man (MM6) with his Blizzard Attack, Freeze Man (MM7) with his Freeze Cracker, and Frost Man (MM8) with his Ice Wave can now be purchased in Kalinka's Shop. Cool! Speaking of Kalinka's Shop, the default price in the Robot Shop has been reduced and loyalty discounts are now available to high-level customers. Awesome! Now get out there and buy some new robots!! What's that? You say new robots are great but grinding for maxed-out stats can be tedious? Well then, it's your lucky day because robots that have reached level 100 now receive 100 times the normal amount of knock-out bonuses in battle! Amazing! Last but not least, Roll has received two new alternate outfits based on her appearance in Mega Man 11! Isn't that great? Okay, I think that's everything so.... wait I feel like I'm forgetting something... Oh, never mind - it's nothing. Anyway, wishing you a "Happy Holidays" from the whole team!
2018 Game Update #6: Explore the Star Fields: (2018/12/26)
As a final treat for the year and in the lead-up to New Years Eve, we've added a new feature to the Prototype that makes hunting for Starforce so much easier and more convenient it's almost maddening we didn't think of it sooner. A new tab labelled "Stars" will now appear in the mission select screen once you've beaten the main campaign and unlocked the post-game "bonus" chapters. The new "Star Fields" chapter will randomly generate missions for *any field or fusion stars you don't already have* to help you on your quest to collect all 1024. Because these are post-game missions, they reward zenny instead of battle points and are there for the sole purpose of collecting new stars for those who opt to take advantage of it. The robots found in these missions start at Level 50 but grow stronger as you inch closer to 100% completion, making some of these the toughest non-player fights in the game. In addition to the new Star Fields chapter there are a two other small changes to the bonus chapters. Firstly, the "Bonus" tab has been renamed "Random" (as that's what it really is) and both randomized missions within now have a full eight targets to fight (so its easier to encounter new bots). Secondly, the zenny received from Player Battles has been greatly increased and should now be be worth the extra effort needed to clear them. Okay, that's it - enjoy!
2018 Game Update #7: Super Blocks and Foamy Bubbles: (2018/12/30)
A new mechanic has been introduced to the battle system and several old abilities have been upgraded to take advantage of it. The mechanic has to do with attachments (the things that abilities create and "attach" to you in battle like shields, auras, and buster charges) and has some really fun consequences. It is now possible for an ability to attach something to a target robot or to the field itself. That means an attachment like the Leaf Shield can follow the user to the bench, while an attachment like the Super Block can remain in-place and benefit the next robot to occupy that position on the field even if the summoner is disabled. Several abilities have had their attachments made "static" like this including; Super Arm, Oil Shooter, Bubble Spray, Ice Breath, and Disco Fever. Other abilities revised in this patch include Field Support and Mecha Support, both of which are far more useful now IMO. This patch also includes a few small bug fixes and small tweaks to campaign and UI, but overall the focus was on the aforementioned abilities. Please check the Ability Database on the website for revised ability descriptions and let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy!
Prototype Devroom : Update Megathread 2018
Posted by Ageman20XX on January 5th, 2019 at 11:32am
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