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Sooooo apparently, ever since we released the winter Robot Master trio, a polar vortex has struck over half of the United States and cold temperatures have rapidly seeped in. We at MMRPG have chosen to own up to our actions and take responsibility. Due to this obvious correlation, we have also elected not to release any new Space, Time, or Flame robots ever again; sorry but I’d like to get to work on time without the risk of the space-time continuum snapping.

This format may be a little unfamiliar to some of you, but to get the disclaimer out of the way now, there is the chance that there’s no new news for you more up-to-date users here. These specific threads going forth will act as a ‘roundup’ of sorts, chronicling some of the generally more mechanical changes subtly published throughout the course of the month for convenience and cataloging. Of course, entirely new aspects of the game merit their own separate thread as we see fit, but these round-ups will serve as a nice compromise towards disclosing a more traditional patch list. “But wait!”, you cry out. “What’s the difference between this thread and the existing Update Megathread?!" Well, to answer that question, I’d like to ask that you direct your attention towards this inconspicuous image that’ll explain absolutely everything.

….. Sooooo apparently, ever since we released the winter Robot Master trio, a polar vortex has struck over…..

Update Roundup
2018 Game Update: Super Blocks and Foamy Bubbles: (2018/12/30)
Super Blocks and Foamy Bubbles
Super Blocks and Foamy Bubbles

A new mechanic has been introduced to the battle system and several old abilities have been upgraded to take advantage of it. The mechanic has to do with attachments (the things that abilities create and "attach" to you in battle like shields, auras, and buster charges) and has some really fun consequences. It is now possible for an ability to attach something to a target robot or to the field itself. That means an attachment like the Leaf Shield can follow the user to the bench, while an attachment like the Super Block can remain in-place and benefit the next robot to occupy that position on the field even if the summoner is disabled. Several abilities have had their attachments made "static" like this including; Super Arm, Oil Shooter, Bubble Spray, Ice Breath, and Disco Fever. Other abilities revised in this patch include Field Support and Mecha Support, both of which are far more useful now IMO. This patch also includes a few small bug fixes and small tweaks to campaign and UI, but overall the focus was on the aforementioned abilities. Please check the Ability Database on the website for revised ability descriptions and let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy!
2019 Game Update #1: Let Sidequests be Side Quests!: (2019/01/05)
Let Sidequests be Side Quests!
Let Sidequests be Side Quests!

Starforce was always meant to be a casual, post-game sidequest that players could opt-in to. Unfortunately, my overemphasis on balancing throughout the years morphed it into something else entirely until it was overbearing and loathsome. While a lot of its other issues have been fixed by now, mandating the collection of stars during the campaign was probably my biggest sin. Well... that ends today! Collecting stars is now a 100% optional side-quest that is not in any way required to progress through the campaign. In fact, stars can only be found in the optional Star Fields chapter now, making the campaign significantly less frustrating to get through. I'm aware of the effects this will have on the leaderboard, but given the fact that another leaderboard / battle point reboot is imminent I'm not too worried. Now then, what else does this patch include?
2019 Game Update #2: The Great Battle Point Reboot of 2019 (2019/01/12)
The Great Battle Point Reboot of 2019
The Great Battle Point Reboot of 2019

As part of a major update to the game's mechanics, all battle points and leaderboard standings have been reset and recalculated. Your score is no longer based on your turn count in missions, but rather the progress you've made in the overall game and the items, robots, abilities, etc. that you've collected. Please check the "Points" tab of your leaderboard profile for a detailed breakdown of where all your points are coming from. Additionally, you can check the Item Database page on the website for the BP values of every item in the game. All details and specific point values aside, the main takeaway from this update should be this; It is no longer required or necessary to OHKO every robot in a single turn in order to climb the leaderboard and doing so will affect nothing but how much zenny you earn from missions. Let us know what you think and/or any questions you have in the #game-discussion Discord channel or right here in the community. Thank you all for playing!
2019 Game Update #3: Minor Tweak to Reggae's Weapon Shop (2019/01/13)
Minor Tweak to Reggae’s Weapon Shop
A new "Core Gauge" has been added to Reggae's Shop that makes it easier to keep track of how many of each core type have been sold to Reggae. This is important as *all* elemental abilities in Reggae's Shop now require you to have sold him the relevant core types (a mechanic which was previously reserved for the Shot/Buster/Overdrive abilities). Tier 1 abilities for an element will start to appear after you've sold at least 3, Tier 2 will appear after at least 6, and Tier 3 after you've sold at least 9 (at which point the gauge will simply show a star icon). Not all abilities have Tier 2 or Tier 3 weapons (yet), but they function the same as any other type for consistency (and to facilitate future content, of course). This addition is more geared towards newer players or those still in the middle of the campaign, but some veterans may find it useful as well. Thanks again for all the testing and bug-reports from yesterday's BP reboot, and don't forget to vote in our new robot master poll!
2019 Game Update #4: Rogue Stars Have Entered Orbit (2019/01/19)
Rogue Stars Have Entered Orbit
A new event mechanic referred to as "Rogue Stars" has been introduced to the game and is available as soon as you complete the main campaign. Rogue Stars appear every weekend, come in every elemental type, and last for 48 hours before disappearing until the next event. Rogue Stars act as a kind of global Starforce, granting all core-matched robots in the game with a huge power boost for a limited time. The element of orbiting Rogue Stars will change from month-to-month, starting out as Freeze-type for this month but changing to something new in February, and then again in March, and so-on. Take this opportunity to level-up and power-up your winter robots if you haven't already, and *maybe* if they try hard enough they can help you win some player battles. Enjoy!
Other Miscellaneous Minor Patch Notes….
- Each doctor has a custom "current chapter" marker now, showing where they are in their campaigns
- All three doctors have had spiffy new sprites created by Rhythm_BCA and they all look fantastic and way better than before
- Each of the doctor's campaigns can now be completed *independently* of each other, no more going back-and-forth if you don't want to
- Popups for when a doctor unlocks a new chapter, better popups for a doctor completes their campaign and for when they unlock their bonus chapters
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and UI tweaks to mission select screens
- Veteran players may see a lot of popups for the bonus chapters *and I'm sorry*
- The demo’s kill switch has been flicked and is no longer accessible. I’m sorry for the two masochists out there who mourn its loss, but based on Community public opinion it only made for a poor first impression to Prototype
- Bug fix applied on switching tabs during battle crashing. If this issue persists, let us know
- Custom dialogue has been implemented for each doctor’s Chapter 3 battles for narrative clarity
- Support Robots (Roll, Disco, Rhythm) can be unlocked alternatively through completing Intro Field twice
- Bosses may drop cores now when hit with super-effective weaponry
- Robot Admin Panel now instated for convenient uploading and editing (For the staff only, obviously-- Sorry everyone!)
- General Stability Updates
- 24,048 hours since last Rain Flush Nerf
That should conclude January 2019’s monthly round-up! We worked extra hard this month to squeeze out every fresh bit of content we could, so we can only hope that this serves to enrich your Prototype experience! We’ll do our best to keep up this momentum going into February, though what modifications we’ll make only the stars may unveil!

Check out our Github page to find the latest updates, no matter how minute they are, for all of you budding programmers.

Comments, questions, and general feedback about the update can be posted below this thread.
For bug reports, typos, and other issues please post in the Official Bug Report Thread.

Hey there! Thanks for playing!
- MBM eddie
January 2019 Roundup: Leaderboard Reset, Rogue Stars, and More
Posted by MegaBossMan on February 1st, 2019 at 12:08am
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Posted 2019/02/01 at 7:39am
The thing about no more Flame, Space, or Time bots is a joke, right?
Also, this will be my (P. Eon) commenting account from now on (until I get unbanned)
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So lets see
In febuary we're getting astro man added and playable galaxy man
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