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A Note About Ability Changes

March 9th, 2013 at 2:05pm
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While I'm on the topic of artistic changes and discrepencies with the official games, I should also mention that many abilities have been or will be renamed or revised slightly. After reviewing all the abilities in the classic series, certain words were used far too frequently (like "bomb" and "shot&qout; for example) and when they're all together like this it feels a bit repetitive. Additionally, abilities like Flash Stopped sounds sounds like it would come from Flash Man even though it actually comes from Bright Man (whose own ability does not have the word "bright" in it at all). Again, this would not matter if the games were all separated, but because the RPG has everyone all mashed together I wanted it to be very easy to tell which abilities are found on which robot. I also have other reasons for changing some of the names or altering how the abilities work, but that's for a future mechanic I cannot discuss right now for fear of overwhelming myself too early. I just wanted top post about it now because I get a stream of emails asking why Drill Man does not have the Drill Bomb like tha games, or why Bright Man has this Bright Burst ability instead of the usual Flash Stopper which now belongs to Flash Man. Etc. etc. etc. Sorry again, but I promise the end product will be much more fun and have a lot more variety as a result. :)
A Note About Ability Changes
Posted by Ageman20XX on March 9th, 2013 at 2:05pm
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